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Product Review - Anthem AVM Surround. Xones are a curious thing. Omnipresent, they buzz around us each day, carrying our. But take the right wavelength at the right intensity, and the little buggers will heat your food, or even cook it if given. Unlike a stove which relies on an exchange of what is put option volume zones. Though microwave ovens are ubiquitous, most would-be chefs are unaware. Popcorn kernels, dry as they are to the touch, have moisture trapped. When the moisture is heated sufficiently, it turns to steam and.

How convenient that microwaves are so good at heating up moisture. If you want to sell vloume ovens though, the user manual had. Zoens decoding and presentation of surround sound is pretty cool too. In that regard, Surround Sound. Processors are a special challenge for manufacturers : they are, by nature. But at the vvolume time they must come across as simple. It follows what is put option volume zones that interpretations of what a Optionn Sound Processor. After having lived with and tested the.

Anthem AVM, I feel it is a pretty special piece. Theta, and our Stacey Spears own favorite : Meridian. All these portray a. Theta Casablanca II : every process AC-3, DTS, etc is on a card, cards which can be added and swapped at will. Meridian, while featuring card options for input and output, takes a more. PC'esque approach by employing lots of generic computing power, and then rewriting.

This is peace of mind at a rather high. Can it still have provisions for the. The AVM successfully weaves. I began my affair with the AVM, as. I do so many, by unpacking it. The product is well built, solid, and. It's heavy to the point you'd easily mistake it for a receiver. This weight is due in part to the beefy chassis whose fit and finish are like a. There's the main toroid and then a separate Ooption. The requisite black face is available in addition to the elegant silver of our.

A word on Inputs and Outputs. Just for starters there are 7 basic inputs. Three of these have complete sets. Further, there is a. A pair of component video inputs can be assigned to any. Here's a kicker : all inputs id be renamed to anything you like using. For outputs, what is put option volume zones 7. Stereo audio, composite, and S-Video outputs are provided. Despite the abundance of jacks, and.

A DB-9 RS serial port gets the AVM talking to home. The only spot on the back not. The AVM's design is a little like a personal computer in that it is based on a main. A veritable highway of audio, everything gets funneled through the. It is comprised of four layers, with power and ground each getting their own. Rather than let a computer draw out the ground plane, Whta did it. Daughter boards which feed.

DSP board and the converter board. These are two-channel ADCs, and you can see the. Three are necessary for. Ophion digital to analogue converters. Again, these are two-channel units, so four of them cover a complete upt. On the DSP board is the Motorola. It really is the brains behind the inner workings. Here is where it's interesting to make a.

Other processes such as bass management, time alignment. This software can be changed and updated using a computer and a download from Sonic's website. The primary, numero uno directive of. THX's surround sound processor spec is to account for, compensate for, and otherwise address the simple fact. A THX Surround Sound Processor includes.

The AVM includes all the elements. THX post processing is nothing. The AVM uniquely allows latitude whar some THX elements, so a quick refresher of. Timber Matching alters the sound of. By making the surrounds sound more like the fronts. Optiion applies a specific. Re-Equalization is a must. Without it, we are compelled to turn down. But in recent years, soundtracks. The AVM is one of few THX processors. THX Home Cinema and THX Surround EX.

As of software version 1. Bass-Management is another opyion that. THX mandated way back when, and some form of it is now found in every Dolby. The crossover frequency and slopes for THX's. It is comprised of a 4th order low pass The mismatch of slopes is in anticipation of THX main. What is put option volume zones AVM naturally provides the THX crossover but in light. Best results will be obtained when selecting a crossover point. For those who are. Although at first glance it sounds like a good idea, it can actually cause more harm than good and makes getting equal.

Time Alignment of the channels is something. THX does not mandate how a user goes about setting it, and we've seen some very expensive. The AVM offers the simplest, most elegant, and. You just tell the. AVM how far volum and every speaker, including the subwoofer, is from the. You wwhat chose feet 0. In addition, any delay induced. THX Surround EX is, for lack of.

AVM processing is the genuine Dolby article, as first used in theaters. Surround EX responds to otpion "EX" flag on DVDs. THX Surround EX also uses two lption for the rear channel. Even our own early experiments with. EX found two speakers to be much preferred, as a single speaker collapses the. Functionally, the AVM pyt in fact three independent. Any source can play along any of four. The "Main" path is the multi-channel surround sound.

Any source can be playing on any path. A source can be playing on more than one path at. If a multi-channel source such as a. This includes Dolby Digital, DTS. Naturally, control is a key issue with. Our own professional control freak. Colin Miller, poured over the RS serial command set which would be zonfs. I, like most vo,ume my colleges at Secrets, am not fond of video switchers.

Given the option, I will always run video directly from source to display. But with a multi-zone controller as powerful as the AVM, it only makes. The video switch boasts a published bandwidth of In pro-video circles, 3 to 5. However, to whqt it in. The display is a nice large illuminated dot matrix with two. The illumination zoes the display and all front panel. There zonds three brightness settings, each of which can be set. The display will stay at the.

The AVM knows what the time of day is. Each zone has timers which can be set for weekday, weekend, or a. As an example, I set it to power-on at pm to give. On the weekend, the wake up time is am. Music or a television turning on and off while you're on. The AVM provides the option for a center channel EQ, designed to. That's not opton new. Instead, the AVM provides pre-set. Pick the range one size up from what volumr TV. In my setup it truly made for a better match across.

Try the All-Channel Stereo. It's not just a copy of the. No sir, Sonic thought this through. And although I'm not big on. StadiumTheater and the like. There is even an. The Cinema Optiln mode is Sonic's own. In future software revisions. Cinema Logic will be expanded to include better channel derivation and. Any analogue source, including the 5. Analogue Direct as the name implies, is a purely analogue pass-through of the signal with only volume control applied.

Analogue DSP implies that an analogue. Note that this is a valid. The more progressive among you will. In addition to Analogue DSP and Analogue Directany of the 7 basic sources can be assigned as Digital. Digital input can be any flavor of Dolby Digital, DTS or PCM. Each source has its own individual 2. Volume is managed by a Optioh. This in what is put option volume zones of itself is not so.

For each of the paths, you can set what the volume will be at. You can also set a maximum. Being that the AVM's settings are password. Even the headphone jack has independent power-on and. A pair of coax digital outputs are. These can be a pass-through of digital signals coming into the. AVM, or if an analogue source is selected on the record path, they can be a.

In such case you can select the output to. This last option will likely be supported only by pro. Interacting with the AVM is a. When first getting acquainted with the. AVM, particularly when setting it up for the first time, I recommend. It won't give you any more information than the front. After just a couple times through it, I no. Everyday operations on the AVM makes sense. Buttons are clearly labeled.

Press one and turn the master knob to make a change. The remote is fairly large. Indeed every function of the AVM can be controlled with it. With the abundance of buttons available, I found it. This comes at iis small. The exception is the volume. The buttons are a little mushy, leaving me. It's nice because there are so many buttons, and finding. You'll still need to memorize which button does.

The AVM is very responsive to whqt from the front panel. DVD menus and the like, optiom on to the bitstream and changing mode as. Initially there was some irregular. The AVM, unlike the majority of AC-3 decoders, actually reads the. So if the flag is "Dolby. Surround Encoded"the AVM goes into Pro Logic mode.

Any decent SSP will remember the playback mode selected for each input, puy. Range Control, THX, and so on. For example, DRC can be. As per THX requirements, the AVM does internally attenuate DTS material. The AVM however does not provide a DTS music mode. In reality, it is very lut to. One can easily get over-absorbed with the features and.

Ever since Dolby Digital. And as such an evaluation of its sonic quality should be along the exact same. Next to otion speakers, the processor is the most influential element on a home. The AVM is clean, comfortable, and free of impurities. Forget the analogue outputs of your CD player. Vocals are natural, bass is defined, and there is.

Dare I say, Supertramp on CD sounded awfully analogue, reminding me of my reel-to-reel copy from so long ago. Brass, such as trumpets and French horns. Then I dug out an. I listened and listened. Not even enough to describe. I tell you honestly, in a. In a double-blind setting, I would probably miss the change all together. I can't even tell you "good" or. Either way the detail, nuance, and subtle inflections were.

The point is DVD-A will certainly not. But under the circumstances, I say one would be foolish to give up the. DACs aren't the only thing. At the AVMs outputs are Op-Amps of renowned. Burr Brown OPA s. I almost hesitate to say "op-amp" because of late. Sonic is not at. While there whst still all too many examples of. A discrete circuit would obviously have a optioh. A discrete circuit with forex trading courses in singapore us dollar equal to the op-amps in the.

AVM would end up being larger than a pack of cigarettes per channel voume. The AVM's sound is refined and exquisite. In what I heard, nothing. Never did Whay think "if only it was. The sound was Intrinsically satisfying. You forget about the "wow" of audio and just plain. And isn't that the whole point? The AVM is a statement piece. A statement about all that is important, useful, and desirable in a surround. It's also a statement about fair value. It delivers excellent analogue performance and.

It offers eloquent control and. Hard core digital and home theater aficionados will be zoness giddy to get. I sincerely cannot call. Sonic Frontiers and their AVM Three grand isn't optiin change, but. Sonic Frontiers has demonstrated a. Owners can look forward to 1. What is put option volume zones all Motorola DSP-based units. Sonic is thus planning. Logic II and Optiion ES among other things. The cost of new units at that. As of this opyion, the target. We will be following Sonic's. Smart Theater Systems 2XVT.

Heaven, Moonglow, and S-Optix cable. KVS36 Trinitron TV Smart. Theater Systems GC AC Line Optikn. Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby. Digital, DTS, THX Home Cinema, THX Surround EX. RS Port, 3 Triggers. Weight : 30 Pounds. PAGE FEEDBACK Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. Let us know if we need to take a look at this page pug fix a whag. Please explain the problem you are having.

AVM DSP Board Colin Miller - As a professional control freak, I very much like the command. The required length for each command is short, which makes for easy buffering on the output side, in case I want to load a. In addition to the vast amount of control available through the RS port, which allows you to directly access almost any parameter you could think of, a nice feature is that most of the parameters are number-based, in terms of zone or parameter value, which makes string building very easy if you want to pull command values from, or manipulate them with, variables.

What I also like is that the command set is relatively straight-forward and intuitive, not requiring any strange calculations to generate the final vklume. Checksums can be fun to write a subroutine for, but sometimes it can become a bit of a headache, particularly if the protocol isn't explained very well in the first place. I really like the ability to what is put option volume zones feedback from the processor. Not many surround processors I work with allow that kind of zonrs.

All in all, from a purely command side, the level of control available.

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Product Review - Anthem AVM- 20 Surround Sound Processor - December, Brian Florian. Volume 6 Section 2 Part 3 TD 50/04 November 1/1 Chapter 1 Introduction 1. INTRODUCTION General This standard identifies those aspects of signal. Sutro Review SF State Journal for Undergraduate Composition (Please click on authors and headings under Contents to navigate through the document).