Today the markets are much more global, hence the title of the new film, Money Never Sleeps. Doing hoold swaps is not for the faint of heart, since the. A new "Clear" button has been added to the Streaming Stock. That's right, you, the stockholder. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.

WALL STREET RAIDER UPDATE DETAILS Click on your browser's "refresh" button if you have visited this page before. Ronin Software is now on Facebook, as of July 8, RESEARCH REPORTS, AND OTHER NEW FEATURES LISTED BELOW. Below are details on upgrades, updates, bug fixes, and other. DOC formats HTML for hypertext. DOC for easy printing, if you wish to print out a hard. To access the reduced price ordering link, simply load your current. The file you will download will be.

SHAREWARE USERS: Download the wall street option put hold shareware. Note that the shareware version, limits games to 2 years in length. CLICK HERE to go. Check below, wall street option put hold determine if an update has been issued since. As you can see, Wall Street Raider. The quest for perfection. NEW STOCK TRADING GAME! We have recently released Speculator: The Stock Market Simulation.

As such, we think you will find it a lot more challenging than. Wall Street Raider, as you have to be a nimble trader in stocks, bonds. For details, or to try. WINDOWS VERSION RELEASES THROUGH. JUNE 1, v. Descriptions of releases are shown below in reverse order An ETF that holds less than 15 different stocks may, on occasion. ETF's that own the maximum of 15 stocks. Thus, ETF's trade stocks fairly. One ETF, the Basic Wall street option put hold Fund, not only invests in stocks. In each game, one ETF will also engage in.

No player or company can control an Wall street option put hold. If a player or company. If it has net capital loss. ETF shares can be bought and sold by players or their. The database search screen has been modified. PROJECTED earnings for the next quarter exceed the same. To give a break to smaller companies, a tax credit of up to. This applies to the U. Health Care Tax, Oil Windfall Profits Tax, Personal Holding.

Company Tax, and Corporate Shares Tax. If the total of such. But companies must still. Wealth Tax although, as in previous versions, the wealth tax. We made several modifications to the algorithms for computing. Increased time wall street option put hold for futures, so you can now buy or. When a player or company creates an interest rate swap, the fixed interest. Thus, in the foregoing example, if the formula. Fixed obscure bug that could pop up on rare occasions, where two companies.

A new type of derivatives trading has been added in this release. Players or companies may now enter into interest rate "swaps". Rate charged by banks, or the yield to maturity of either the. Any player or company with a "B". In such contractual swaps, the "long" party agrees to receive. At the end of each calendar. Thus, if you are the "long" party on a Prime Rate contract.

On the other hand, if. Doing these swaps is not for the faint of heart, since the. For example, if the current Prime. Instead, they might offer to do the swap at Doing swaps with these cutthroat financial types. As in the real world, these dangerous derivatives do not show. In the real world, some major banks have TENS OF. TRILLIONS of dollars of such "bets" outstanding. Players or their companies can get out of such contracts, if.

Otherwise, the only other way to get out of a swap is. If you liquidate a subsidiary. In a taxable liquidation, the. The "taxable liquidations" routine has been refined to deal with. As revised, any taxable. Thus, for example, if the liquidating. In addition, even where the company being liquidated does not have. We have added, for convenience, a new "List Commodities" button. The new button replaces. The "Recall DB Search List" button remains on the main screen. The "Personal Holding Company Tax" that is sometimes imposed.

When it applies, it is now based on the company's total assets. Business Assets and Working Capital, if any. Because of major changes in real world currency values, such as. When you the player are the CEO of a company, your personal. Financial Profile now shows the year in which you first were. Your bonus compensation formula. Where a player has made a prepayment of estimated income taxes.

Wealth Tax calculation now adds the prepaid tax to the player's. This release is file-compatible with saved game files. Revisions have been made to commodity trading, imposing. You can do multiple. In this revised version, a commodity transaction may. If no short seller can be found that. When a player who has open commodity positions receives. Streaming quotes were not updated very frequently in. That has been remedied, so that the. Several minor bug fixes, grammatical corrections, and.

Commodity futures trading has been added to this new. This means that if you guess right on the direction of. On the other hand, if the price moves. As in the real world of commodity trading. Commodity futures contracts are traded from 1 to In order to initiate commodity trades, players or. Both players and companies must maintain a commodities. Corporations with commodity futures positions must close. Prior versions already showed the spot crude oil price.

The "Entity Info" pop-up menu now has an additional button. Clicking on the line item for any such contract allows you. Click on it to view a. Gains or losses on commodity trades are treated as capital. Rail, Airline, Shipping, Trucking, Air Freight Couriers. Estimated income tax calculations are changed in this. In prior versions, estimated taxes for players. In previous versions, players could buy or sell newly. Thus, you will now have to pay a fairly. Wall street option put hold release is not file-compatible with saved game files.

Note that files saved with a newer version also. However files from versions 6. Rules have been changed for exercise of put or. In prior versions, an option could. Clicking on the "GO" button on the main screen. When a company earnings report pops up while the. But note that files saved. A new button function "Prepay Income Tax" has been added.

This version makes a change in. This is congruent with the. Corporations that receive dividends are only taxable. In this version, if an anti-trust lawsuit is initiated. Any taxes on capital for the upcoming quarter are. Tax Payable" line item The main screen now shows, at all times, the date of. The "Database Search" screen now includes an item for. After clicking the "Who's Ahead? The automatic wall street option put hold of stocks to the Streaming Stock. Quotes List can now be turned off, if desired, using a.

A new "Clear" button has been added to the Streaming Stock. Quotes List section on the main screen. Click on it to. A new "Fill" button has been added to the Streaming Stock. Click on it and. In addition, if there are still. The six types of new taxes on capital that were added by. Thus, when playing at the highest. The bonus compensation formula for CEO's has been. Also, the program now keeps track of the year in which. This feature was added so that you.

Other minor changes: When changing the name of a company. Now the new name replaces the old one on the list immediately. Also, when doing a startup of a new company, the company. Now, in the registered version only, a startup won't be. The algorithms for adjusting the terms of options contracts. Options trading has now been extended to all corporations. All corporations except banks and insurance companies are.

They may purchase puts or calls if they have the. Banks and insurance companies are only allowed to sell. Wall street option put hold may not speculate by buying calls or. However, they may buy. While corporations other than banks and insurance. To make such "naked". In this new version, buying or selling options may. Thus, if you wish to buy calls. It is no longer an. Functions" area, so it is no longer necessary to open up.

Financial Profile, Shareholder List, Portfolio List, or. One mouse click now brings up any. Three buttons that were formerly on the. Losses have been moved to the General Research menu A new button has been added to the General Research Menu. Click it and a list of the. This list also shows each. Buy Call, Sell Call, Buy Put, and Sell Put buttons have.

If there are any open slots on the Streaming Quotes List. In the previous release, a feature was added that allowed. The prior restriction, allowing such transactions. In prior versions, you could use the "Spread Rumors". In this version, you can no. In keeping with the spirit of these dismal times, we have. These new taxes on capital, which. A "Wealth Tax" annual on players, but only to the.

A "Windfall Profits Tax" on capital assets of oil and. A "Health Care Tax" that can be imposed on the capital. A "Corporate Shares Tax" that can be imposed on. A global warming "Carbon Tax" on a wide range of industries. Chinese and Indian companies are exempted ; and. A "Personal Holding Company Tax" that applies to. This tax is paid by the company on its.

Banks and insurers are exempted. Tax rates and details for all these new taxes, and. Each tax is paid quarterly. Of course, not all of these taxes will be imposed. Players who like for their controlled companies to have. Instead, splits won't be mandatory unless wall street option put hold stock. The Chapter 11 Bankruptcy reorganization provisions have.

When trying to change banks, if you have a very large. Players cannot sell "unvested" executive stock options. In prior versions, a player could create a margin call. By popular demand, a print feature has been added. Dialog boxes whose contents are printable will. As the CEO of a company, you can now "manage" earnings. Or, if your company expects. Companies not controlled by a player will also. Once a significant amount of reserves have been set. For example, if your company is riding high.

Additions or withdrawals from. Banks are treated somewhat differently, since. Instead of creating a Reserve. Two new buttons have been added to the "Other. Transactions Menu" for decreasing earnings adding. Where a proposed merger is announced regarding. But you can still buy. Where a holding company you control is about to.

The "My News" button functions have been enhanced. In the new version, this feature will not only. A player or company owning a put or call option that is. Such early exercises are. When an unrelated company offers to merge what is a trend in forex trading order a company in. For example, if YourCo. The notice also specifies the date about one month. That will give you a month. Research Reports now show more detail on pending antitrust.

The amounts won't show up if. A company profile financial statement now includes an. We've plugged a loophole in wall street option put hold prior version, which allowed a. A bug in the tax calculation for exercise of shorted call. This release is file-compatible wall street option put hold saved game. Changes have been made regarding "executive stock options". In the new release, such options are still. Also, instead of having the. Executive options are restricted, and cannot be sold.

Whatever the company pays. In the shareware version. Earnings projections for a company now take into. Under the revised rules, if you are C. Thus if you take over another. The program will now warn you with an announcement. Companies are now able to issue new stock for cash. It also can be a useful way for. Use the "Private Stock Offering" button on the. Financing Menu to either do such a transaction, or. Companies with ongoing exposure to asbestos or. Adjustments are now made in stock price history for.

The main screen now shows the full current game date. This is useful to watch, when, for example, you are. Thus, an insurance company can only sell. Whether options bought or sold by such. Executive stock options are now granted to the CEO of a. Once you've taken control of a corporation. Best of all, the granting of wall street option put hold option is not. However, there is a catch: The options you. In the shareware version, they. There is another major catch, or trade-off, too: The value.

Thus you will have some. The ability of banks to buy business loans beyond their. This makes it easier for your bank to buy. The program now gives you a warning when an "ethical. The program also gives a player notice in most instances. The computer player "Wally Raider" will now try. The "Controlled By:" label in the upperleft corner of. The "normal" oil price in the simulation has been increased. Currency conversion rates have been updated to reflect.

Plugged options trading loophole, where player who. In revised version, options. Also, since buying options. Stock charts are now available from the beginning of. Rare but potentially significant bug was fixed, which. Companies hit by huge. Of course, the bank would also. Minor changes in the rules for tax-free spin-offs. In this new version. Newly released Wall Street Raider v. Each stock chart shows up to 60 months. Stock charting is not implemented. A new "Stock Chart" button has been added on the main.

To view a stock chart for the currently selected. A new "pull-down" menu has been added to the main. Ticker Speed, Currency selection, Cheat Mode. Select Law Firm, Suppress Pop-ups, Suppress Earnings. Reports, AutoSave, and the Exercise Options? In addition, a new menu item, "Stock Chart Size" has. This item is "grayed out" on the. Settings Menu in the "shareware" version. Now that the software keeps track of each company's.

That made it easy. That is no longer possible, as you may no longer maintain. This release also plugs a similar, but smaller loophole. In the prior release, this "excess" short. Canadian and Australian dollars, and most other currencies. A new "global warming" news scenario pop-up has been added. Mexican Grill in the restaurant industry A number of refinements have been made to the bankruptcy.

Also, when a corporation. In prior versions, the bank only received stock in the. That is no longer a. Minor bug fixes, to the pull-down menu items for several. The new version is compatible with saved game data files. Stock options puts and calls may now be made. Only options that are "in-the-money" at expiration. Long call options will only be exercised to the. The same is true if you are short put. But you may not acquire enough stock. This is to prevent you from using a.

Long calls or short puts will. Shorted call options will only be exercised to the. No short position in the stock will. The same is is true if you have a. Any short calls or long. Note: Options trading features are enabled only in. More company name items have been made "clickable". Financial Profile screens, where company names or. Clicking on any such name or.

How nice of your stockbrokers In the Industry Summary screens, we have inserted. To prevent players from making insider profits. To prevent players wall street option put hold building up long chains of. An exception is that you can. Where a player forgives an advance to a company. Instead, in that case it is treated as just a. The Computer player has a few new refinements, including. Various minor refinements to options trading. Financial Profile display improvements, including.

New "Quote of the Day" feature added except in. Each time you start Wall. Street Raider, a "quote of the day" will be. Compatible with saved game data files from Versions 3. Not compatible with saved game files from prior. Now includes trading of put and call options on. NOT ENABLED in shareware version. Players can buy options. We've plugged a tax loophole with regard to. In the prior version 3. Since, as a short.

In this new version, any such "short. In the Industry Projection screens, we have. Profile" for a corporation, it will tell. We've filled in the other side of the investment equation, by. We think you will. There's something really satisfying about. But it can be very scary when the stock. In this new release of Wall Wall street option put hold Raider, a short margin account. This account is regularly "marked to market" -- cash must be. Which will tend to drive the stock price up.

However, since stock must be borrowed from "the Public". This means that if you are short a stock. Not a nice thing to do. Short-selling is not for the faint of heart. The short sale feature, as implemented, allows players to pursue. On the other hand, if a player is short a stock and can find a. Best of all, if the company goes bankrupt and all. To more realistically reflect current economic conditions, the.

We've added some new "scenarios," including a major new "Peak. Oil" scenario that can create some very harsh conditions Sorry, "shareware" version players! Some times the crisis. We've corrected a couple of minor potential bugs that could. Icelandic Kronur, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, or Korean Won Finally, we've added F1 key functionality to access "HELP". Compatible with saved game files from prior. Added new search criterion to DataBase Search. But you can leave this box unchecked if you.

Checking this "Don't Show Nonpublic Companies". Issued and Outstanding" box -- since the fact. Compatible with saved game files from prior version. Changed rules, to allow more ruthless tactics by a player. A bank can now buy up loans of wall street option put hold. Level 3, the highest. Or it can buy up loans of a. However, as before, it cannot buy loans that are. These rule changes will allow for considerably. Added a feature that allows player to have his or her.

Various minor bug fixes and minor new features, such. Not compatible with saved game files from earlier. Seriously revised user interface. As stock prices change. Also, you can quickly select any company whose stock. Doing so selects that company. A "My News" button has been added, as a result of a. Click on it to see all.

In the past, it was often annoying, when pulling up. Now, the program keeps track. In addition, the program now "remembers" each. A number of new button controls have been added to. These eight buttons are as follows:. Two new buttons in the "Transactions" section of. These are not new, but simply. Now, however, you can buy or sell. Six new buttons have been added in a "Search Functions". One is simply a direct link to the DataBase. Search feature, which can now be accessed. A second "Recall" button instantly calls.

Three other search buttons generate ranked lists. In addition, a "My Corps" button has been. Earnings reports for any company a player. Also, the most recently selected "active entity". See new "suppress" menu item, discussed in the. New item added to "Options" Menu -- "Suppress. Toggle this item "ON". When this suppress option is turned. Clicking on this item. However, the penalty is not. The penalty also applies when a. It also applies when a. NOTE: The prepayment penalty does.

Spreading false rumors using the Spread Rumors. However, overuse of this tactic, or engaging in. Finally, in addition to numerous small internal. Long Bond and Short Bond Saved games from versions earlier than v. The "normal" price of crude oil has been changed from. Modified percentage of business assets of an industrial. On the other hand, if your company is. Altered "Change Bank" feature in several ways. Also, if you have a "sick" company with a. Several things were done to plug loopholes in the logic.

Changed the way dividends are set. Rather than pay out. You can now set the amount, such as. Uncontrolled companies will periodically. In the new version, any time a company you control releases. If you control a large number of. By popular demand, the new version adds a "spin-offs". This can even be wall street option put hold tax-free, if.

You can, if you choose, do a taxable spin-off, though. We have tried to anticipate and close most of the. In order to increase the limits on the size of public. The "indexing" begins after the year Two new currency choices have been added, the. Egyptian Pound and the Wall street option put hold Krone, bringing. The sound of another tax loophole closing Changes have been made so that now when you buy stock. Improvements made to the Customizer Utility program.

Saved game files are compatible only with v. Bug fix for some copies of v. Expanded possible types of assets you can contribute. Modified so that the stock market index and individual. A new "Resign As CEO" button has been added to the. Management Menu, and appears when the "active entity". This allows you to resign your position. An "auto save" option has been added to the Options. Turning this feature on will cause the most.

This will come in. A new dialog menu has been added for capital. A corporation's tax net operating loss can still be. Instituted quarterly estimated tax payments for. All calculations and tax. A modification has been added so that once there. The "End Wall street option put hold button is grayed out. Game data files saved by prior versions of Wall. Street Raider are not compatible with or usable.

Players may now make interest-bearing advances loans. Thus, you may find in some cases. If the borrower goes bankrupt, bank loans and bond. The borrowing company must pay the player interest. Two new buttons, "Advance to Corp. Advance," have been added to the "Miscellaneous. Functions" menu, one for making wall street option put hold to. A new command button, "List Advances," has been.

Bank deposits and cash balances now reflect all. When you click the "My Corps. Click or double-click on any company name to. Menu, which appears when you, the player, are. Modified the program so that when one makes any. The "extraordinary dividend" rules have been changed. New feature added when doing "capital contributions":.

New disaster scenarios added. While "cheat scenarios" normally only pop up once. Junk bond pricing has been refined, so that a minor. Previously, a slight decrease in. Asset purchase routines have been modified in a. As revised, purchases of highly profitable. The excess amount, or "goodwill," must be written.

On the other hand, if buying very UNprofitable assets. The seller will recognize a gain or. In all instances, except where the buying and. This will reduce the seller's. As revised, it will often be impossible to buy. The "Sell Business Assets" feature has been refined. Not file-compatible with data files saved by any previous versions. THE TAX MAN COMETH!! Sorry folks, but no more tax-free.

Your "tax-free" days are over, starting with Version 2. However, we do still give you. IRS doesn't allow -- you can deduct. IRS rules, that allow NO deduction at all for corporate. For financial reporting purposes, now that the program. A complex system of adjusting the "tax basis" of stock. But the parent company must reduce its basis for the. The above basis adjustments, in some rare situations. IRS Consolidated Return Regulations as an "Excess.

As in the real world, if the. The new help files give examples of. Triggering an ELA recapture will not show. Notice that an ELA will be triggered as income to. ELA negative tax basisa parent company will. In effect, the parent. Any other transaction, including an. Where an uncontrolled company not controlled by any. As suggested by users, the "startup" segment, when you. As also suggested by users, after a game ends, the.

This version wall street option put hold the ability of a bank you control to. Loans for Bank" button in the "Other Transactions". Your bank can now sell mortgage or. Corporate or player loans. And no other bank will buy certain "bad credit" D-rated. As requested by a number of users, we have added. It has no more effect than cutting a pizza into 8. We also have added a "Reverse. Split" button, also to the "MISC. A reverse split is the opposite, or mirror.

If you don't like to. An additional limit has been placed on the ability of. In the new version. The wall street option put hold Loans" feature has been modified in. You can now choose from a list of. Once a loan is frozen. Bank Loan" or "List Loans" buttons When using the "Freeze Loans" feature, if you don't. The "Call in Bank Loan" function has been modified in. Clicking on this button now brings up a.

Additional limits have been placed. This may prevent you from doing repetitive. When you click on the "Freeze Loans" or "Call in Bank. Loan" buttons, the list of loans will now place an. In prior versions, it was sometimes impossible to sell. Or you may receive an even lower offer, but for. If you receive a margin call and. It will be better, usually. But you won't have that chance if you wait until you. Not file-compatible with data files from any previous. New Korean Peninsula disaster scenario, and Japanese.

Banks with strong reserves will now be able to grow. This also will help healthy banks maintain their. As an underpaid CEO, you'll be happy to learn that. Added a further refinement to the way earnings are. Larger amounts of extraordinary. The program now scans through the list of "busted". So, if you have a small. In prior versions, no. When you sell stocks or bonds, the program now.

When you need to borrow to complete various. This new feature applies to stock. The costs of doing a merger remain the same as in. However, your wall street option put hold no longer will incur the full. Banks, when buying loans, now have a choice of picking. Not listed are loans. Also not shown are loans.

More disclosures added, when an uncontrolled company. Added new protections for the "Computer" player, to. Minor bug fixes, to refine "accrued tax" liability that. Added new rare economic scenarios, that can appear if. New version is compatible with versions 2. While the main screen user interface looks the same. Financial reporting has been significantly modified These changes will make it more difficult. The "computer" player has been completely revamped.

The "Database Search" function has been improved. However, when stocks to buy. Now, if you receive a margin call, and will have to. This courtesy is extended only if the margin call. A new feature has been added, where companies with. Where you the player or a. You can now determine, within limits, the percentage. However, if you already control the. As in prior versions, all shares of the target in. Holding Company, you may be able to acquire. XYZ Bank in a merger, if you offer a high enough.

More banking loopholes have been closed, making. In this new version, a bank that has a negative cash. If it still has a negative cash balance, it will. If it still has a cash. If, after all that, it still has a cash best online trading brokerage house in india. Thus, if you set up a small new bank, make yourself.

And if it can't. In short, you will. It's getting tougher and tougher to make an. Plugged another wall street option put hold loophole: Gains or losses on. Thus, manipulating the market price of. Added new "Suppress Popups" item to "Options Menu. Toggle this setting on or off, as you prefer, to. This can be handy, if you own a large number of companies.

Does not suppress major news. New version is file compatible with version 2. HTML files for strategy manual in "full package" version. CHM type searchable files Minor bug fix, regarding treatment of interbank loans. Note: New version is NOT file-compatible with data. Bottom line: You won't be able to replay those. This new version closes a lot of those "loopholes. Major new feature: Earnings projections are now. Projections are updated 2. Bank lending practices have been curbed.

Thus, if you have plans to borrow huge sums, you. The size capitalization of banks at the start of the. As requested by users, the Database Search DB Search. Bond issues displayed by the search. Numerous new product liability scenarios have. If a company seeks to merge with a company in which. New feature attempts to "read your mind" and anticipate. When a new bank is created, it automatically tries. In this new release, where a. The seller will get the bad loan off its wall street option put hold, but.

Added new "ethical choice" scenarios that may pop up. File-compatible with games saved from versions 1. New button command, "Tax Basis Info," has been added. Appears when the current. Click on it to see. The "Sell Stock" feature has been modified so that if. Transactions submenu has been modified so that if a. HTML files have been updated to reflect all updates in. Stock pricing for bank stocks has been modified to.

Banks with credit ratings of BB or worse now pay more. Added feature to "Startup" function, to immediately split. Rules changed for non-taxable liquidations: If the. The same rule now applies even if the parent company is. Registered version now captures name of licensed. Numerous minor changes include a pop-up message.

New disaster scenario added: government defaults. Tax rules tightened up on liquidations, to close a. Now, such a change of business will cause. Added another level of Analyst's Ratings: "Strong Sell". Added more "advisories" to pop-up transaction submenus. Major overhaul of the main screen's user interface Greatly sped up operation of the program, by. Menu" program, with large amounts of data written. Added a new research feature, a diagram screen for.

You can quickly skim. New popup menus are available, for General Research. Each contains text displays. The General Research popup menu contains a text. Added occasional "Advisory" suggestions in the text. Updated currency conversion rate of Euro to New "ethics" scenario added for Biotech Industry Added restraints on government bond purchases, to. And limit purchases to the.

Bank or insurance company that is bankrupted by. Made changes in announced GDP economic growth rate. Modified company "Research Reports" by adding a. Modified "Database Search" screen to replace the. For example, you can search. Made major changes in the corporate "Liquidation" feature. Instead of having a parent company, as the. If it can't be liquidated into a parent company.

Or, you can choose to. Liquidation," rather than "Tax-Free Liquidation. Under new rules, a bank or insurance company. A holding company can now be liquidated, in a. But tax loss carryovers. The program now allows for a "TAXABLE" liquidation. In a "taxable" liquidation. Any tax loss carryovers of the company. A new "Updates" menu item has been added to the. Details of this and all prior releases are available upon request. The electronic book, "WALL STREET RAIDER THE BOOK," a strategy manual in the form of HTML files.

Note: You must have a web browser installed, and the. ALSO INCLUDED in this package. Descriptions of releases are shown below in reverse order. We don't like the changes we made, to increase commodity price. We think the commodity price volatility is now TOO extreme, and. We should have done more testing of those two. This is a free upgrade for registered users of.

In addition, once you reach a very high net worth level and are. So, in the crude oil example above, a potential counterparty. You may still want to do the trade on their terms, but you will. In short, as with tender offers for stocks, and when doing interest. Your counterparties for futures trades are no. Another minor tweak in this version is to tone down the. That kind of sudden and extreme boost in earnings will send.

That's a bit unrealistic, so the stock pricing algorithm now. So the stock will still go. This means the benefits of manipulating a stock's. We never cease to be. Wall street option put hold email the author at the address at. This release is file-compatible with files saved by earlier. This release is just a very minor tweak to prevent an undesired. In some cases we've seen, there were only.

This version imposes some higher credit standards before. Unless you are one of the rare players who gets up to the levels. This version makes a minor change in the AutoPilot feature regarding commodity hedging. At times, companies on "autopilot" have tended to buy or short commodities at bad. To prevent this from happening, Release 7.

Thus, if you want a company to hedge or speculate. Any "bad trades" will now be because you guessed wrong about the direction. If you prefer the way hedging. In this version, having noted how easy it is to make money trading commodity. An automatic "sweep" setting has been added to the items on the "Settings" Menu. Turning this setting "ON" will cause any cash in your bank account to regularly.

As a result, any sales proceeds. However, if you have no line of credit, you may want to turn the. Otherwise, if your bank balance is zero and you are unable. The "sweep" function is similar to the. The "easy pickings" from shorting or buying puts on stocks of companies. In this new version, you cannot trade options on a company that is under. Also, in some cases, where a company is. The portfolio information for individual players now includes a.

This projection gives players a quick "heads up" as to whether they. It doesn't try to "guesstimate" speculative or unknown amounts, like. Nor does the projection. The Industry Summary listing of Exchange-Traded Funds ETFs now ranks. The "Buy," "Strong Buy," "Sell," or "Strong Sell" button that appears. If the button says "Hold," clicking on it has no effect. In the past, it was often easy to shrug forex currency trading system account occasional anti-trust.

This problem was partly remedied in. This version adds real teeth to the private. Now, where it is clear that it is almost a "slam-dunk" winning. Costs of trading shares of ETF's Exchange-Traded Funds have been. Previously, you had to make a tender offer to acquire. Likewise, when you sold your. Since ETF shares tend to trade at or very.

As before, the sales don't. A stock's P:E ratio Price:Earnings ratio in previous versions was. That could often become. For example, to calculate the trailing 12 months four quarters of. The stock pricing algorithm now gives more weight to. In prior versions, we felt that bank stocks tended to sell at high. We have tinkered with the pricing.

The limitations on the "notional amount" of interest rate swaps. Rupee or Yenand there was an overall net long or net short. Now the single contract. In previous versions, a player or his companies could "load up". Often, this would result in. Now, only companies that are large enough to. The ones you do find. Also, when interest rates are very high or very low, the.

This relelase fixes a bug in recent editions, where a bank. Thanks to users who pointed. Since some users have succeeded in building their assets up into. However, many of the changes in this version, designed to keep. We have emailed a notice with the. These "bugs" were not in versions prior to Version 7. In response to requests from numerous users, we have now made it. The remaining players will all be computer.

In the new version, a successful. Now you will have. Although you may be playing against as many as four computer. Since we have often noted in long games that a very successful. The more computer players there are, the lower this limit is. However, we won't tell you what. The Wall Street Raider Tutorial that we began including with Version 7. The author of the tutorial says he will eventually do. Each episode is about an hour in length.

In previous releases 7. ON or OFF for all the companies you control, by toggling the. However, it was an all-or-none setting for your companies. Thus, you may use the. OFF" button that will appear on the Management Menu. Note that when you become CEO of a company, its AutoPilot status. Similarly, if you acquire control. Improvements have been made to the Interest Rate Swaps screens.

Now, if a player or company is seeking to exceed allowable limits. Also, when viewing your or your company's list of swap. Limits have been increased on the maximum size notional value. In prior versions, the. That limit is now increased tomillion of the. Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee, or Korean Won. Also, limits have been set on total exposure of a player or. A player's net long or net short swaps. The government anti-monopoly agencies have been made a little. This means in some cases. Now, these agencies will sometimes be a bit "lax" and let you.

Therefore, such occasional opportunities may tempt. When doing tender offers to "the public" for stock of a. We have corrected a flaw in the Transaction Financing routine. For a few types of transactions, the routine. For example, before the correction, you might. Subprime mortgages have been added as a new asset class, and can be.

The high yields are very. In addition, an occasional "subprime. High reward, high risk. An online tutorial for new players is now available, and can be accessed. Earnings reports for companies now include a comparison of reported. Stocks of companies that beat estimates tend to rise all other. Now, if the company is losing money, or. If you or one of your controlled companies has commodity or stock index. The notice will also remind you as to.

This can be a very. Refinements have been made to the "AutoPilot" setting, so that when. Some users who like to invest in banks have been unhappy with the fact. This version prevents banks from automatically trading bonds. Naturally, you can still direct a bank you control whether not it. Banks will continue to. The same treatment of bond trading now also applies to insurance.

A new end-of-game analysis in the sidebar of the Entity Research. Menu, when the player is selected entity computes your annual. This feature isn't activated for a saved game file. It is now easier cheaper to start up a new company. In a long game, we have noticed that many insurance companies and. When stock splits or reverse splits occur, including automatic. In this release, we detected and fixed a subtle wall street option put hold in the corporate.

This release is file-compatible with files saved by earlier Versions. This is a free upgrade for anyone who purchased v. E-mail us at the link wall street option put hold the bottom. This is a fairly minor. It also has some more "cheat scenarios". This version also has a number of cosmetic changes, such as better text formatting. The main visible change is to the layout of the.

In addition, a "Cheat" button, which. Menu, has now been moved to the main wall street option put hold. You will notice now, when one of your companies is the target of an antitrust lawsuit. Of course, attorneys' advice. New algorithms have been added to put to work excessive cash build-ups at companies. If you have your companies on "AutoPilot,". Strategy improvements were made for the Computer Player, regarding advances demand loans.

Also, when the Computer Player has made advances to a company it. Those of you who already hate the computer player "Wally Raider" will now. File-compatible with files saved by earlier Versions 6. A new "Cheat Menu" has been added. When viewing the "MISC" Menu. The new "Cheat Menu" also contains two new cheat options, both. The other gives you advance notice of a. In both cases it is highly secret information that will.

Even if you fall afoul of the law, you. In real life, it seems that raiders who. A new "AutoPilot" setting has been created, for each player. When you control a lot of companies, it becomes difficult to. This version now lets you turn on or off an "AutoPilot". When this setting is turned on, you will be, in effect. The one exception is the controlled company of which.

Using the AutoPilot function when you control numerous. Notice that turning AutoPilot on does not mean you. You may still have your. For example, you can set. However, if AutoPilot is on, the program may decide at. Or, you may have. AutoPilot is on, the program may decide to sell that stock, if. The default setting for AutoPilot in a new game is. Later, if you gain. The AutoPilot option can be turned on or off by.

Additional conveniences have been built in. Now, if you click. Similarly, if you click on "Tax. Basis Info" for a company that has no stock or bond portfolio. In either case, if you also have no stocks or bonds, an. Similar features were added in recent. Players often like to do quick calculations in their heads. Note that files saved with a newer. Note also, that in recent releases, if a game. Thus, you needed to start a new game, if you wanted. ETF's to be available to invest in, if you were upgrading.

However, in this version and later versions, if you load. We have continued to add more and more highly detailed commentary. Info and General Research pop-up menus, as the "DAILY MARKET. In fact, most of the huge number of hours, on weekdays, holidays. Our goal has been to not only make the "DAILY. Street Journal, Investors' Business Daily, or the Financial Times. Trading in physical commodities oil, gold, silver, wheat. All corporations except for. Some companies, if not controlled by.

Players or companies that sell commodity futures short can. Similarly, if you turn on the "Take Physical Delivery". If you do this, be sure you have. New features have been added that let players or companies. Companies that are having cash flow problems will often offer. This is the first time that Wall Street. Raider has made it possible for a player to buy stocks or other. Two new buttons for posting items for sale have been added. Click on that button to. Or have one of your.

In addition, by buying business assets offered for sale by. Any offer made by you or a company you control can be terminated. Some of the few restrictions on offers are that you or a company. Similarly, a wall street option put hold can. If a new offer is posted, the old one is canceled. If a buyer chooses to buy only part of an offering of stock or. All offers expire either at the end of the. Thus, an offer posted on July 25 will. The simulation has been modified so that uncontrolled by human.

Other, stronger companies, with. The ability to "look under the hood," to peek at important. Stamp duty on put and call options quotes "Who Owns What? It brings up a submenu that. Each of those six listings also provides details as to amount. Clicking on any item will. It now has a "Trade Futures" button, which allows.

Commodities" button that allows you to buy or sell PHYSICAL. However, the "Commodity Trading Desk" menu that. Greenmail buybacks are now allowed unless the seller is a. Thus, a greenmail buyback is now allowed where the seller. Similarly, In prior recent versions, you could make a. That rule remains in effect. We have closed a loophole, when a merger is pending, with an. Previously, you could have your targeted company.

Similarly, a greenmail or LBO stock. A very large amount of additional commentary has been added to. Our goal, as we keep adding and refining this text is to make. Street Journal or the Financial Times. In this release, we have responded to user suggestions by. However, when buying a. While you will not have to pay a premium "contango". In addition, since wheat and corn are somewhat perishable. Only players, not corporations, may buy physical commodities. To buy or sell a physical commodity, a player can either.

There you can either trade the commodity futures or. Once the toggle button is. Note that if the entity trading is a corporation, or if the. A new button, "Physical Commodities," has been added to the. ENTITY RESEARCH Menu, but only appears when you, the player. A procedure has been created to automatically transfer an interest. Another loophole has been closed: Previously, if two companies. Players were able to use this. XCorp pay a large cancellation fee to YCorp, just before dumping.

In this version, no cancellation fee is paid. We modified the options exercise routine, so that when an. In the previous release, any time an investment advisor of an ETF was. That has been changed so that, generally, an insurer will replace. It was also possible in. When an ETF's investment advisory company is to be rewarded for.

In this release, the advisory fee rate is also. Trading of stock index futures is now permitted, in the. Gains or losses are capital. Brokers industry, for whom their trading profits or losses. Players and all companies except banks. To have an insurance. To close a futures position for an insurance company. Charts now generally include a "TRADE" button when.

One click on the "TRADE" button. In the case of the interest. No "TRADE" buttons will appear on commodity charts. A "TRADE" button also will not appear. However, the button will. Also, no "TRADE" button will appear for the GDP Growth. Rate chart, since there are no GDP futures contracts to be. Stock charts will now generally have a "BUY" button, if the. NOT a company that you control.

If you controlled it, the. A "BUY" button will also not appear on the chart if the. Entity whose chart is shown. This version has a number of new trend analysis algorithms. The trends are described. Entity Info and General research menus. Most of the many hours of programming, testing. At the start of each game, or if continuing a saved game from. Each quarter, the management fee paid by the. ETF is paid to its investment advisor a brokerage, or in some. The player who controls a broker.

Naturally, a higher fee will. If an ETF is disqualified because a player or company. If an investment advisor, such as a securities. If there is no broker with at least a BBB credit rating. An advisor may also be fired by an. ETF in some instances where the ETF's stock has performed badly. Very good performance of an ETF, if significantly better than.

An ETF's performance is reviewed every two years, to. If an advisor is liquidated into a parent company in a tax-free. In addition, since any gains or. This release includes what might be called "mini-bubbles" in. From time to time during play, the stocks. This can go on for months of play, before ending. Unlike the multi-industry "bubbles" we have. And, like all bubbles. In previous versions, if you had options on a company that was.

The only exception would. We corrected a minor bug, where the Basic Commodity Fund ETF. We also corrected another bug that, in rare situations, could. Made it possible to have ETF's in a saved game that was. Now, when the old saved game. We have added a choice of sorting method for the list of.

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