The interface is quite comfusing. Foreign exchange rates of major world currencies. We do our best to offer our clients the lowest commissions, and we will maintain this important competitive advantage for many years to come. Louise Trwding on Evolution of Technical Analysis. Real Money Management Tips to Improve Your Forex ….

My wife crwck I decided to start a small RRSP and TFSA trading account on her behalf, basically to top up her pension. So, we had some thinking to do, which discount brokerage is best for her situation? To help with the decision, I dove back into the Million Dollar Journey archives and found my review on Traring Discount Brokerages.

The title probably gave it away, but from our criteria, we decided to go with Questrade. The WebTrader Basic option the free one has a fairly intuitive interface with FREE real-time charts US ONLY, CAD stocks have 15 min delay. They also forfx more expensive, non-free platforms for more aggressive traders. The sign up was quick and easy which required only a few minutes online and some foerx signed paper work to be mailed in. Any questions that I had was quickly answered by the live chat option on the Questrade website.

It only took Questrade 1 day to approve my application trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u receiving it in the mail. Very impressive so craci. Update : Questrade now offers the lowest cost TFSA discount brokerage account in Canada. Update: Questrade was the first brokerage in Canada stratgey accept USD stratdgy an RRSP. This is a huge advantage because now you can hold USD in your RRSP and reduce those dreaded FOREX fees. We consistently use the USD RRSP to settle US stocks and dividends in USD without any added fees.

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using a Questrade RRSP. Update : Million Dollar Journey readers have voted Questrade as their 1 discount brokerage. Update May : Questrade now allows clients to purchase ETFs without any commission! U ETFs at Questrade to reduce your conversion fees from CAD to USD reduces your fx fee from 1. Questrade also offers a referral program. The link will bring you to a Questrade URL that will automatically recognize you as sfrategy referred client.

If you are a webmaster and would like to take advantage of the new affiliate system that they have, you can join their new affiliate system here. Make sure to use MillionDollarJourney as your parent affiliate ID for quick approval. If you would like to read more articles like this, you can sign up for my free newsletter service below we will not spam you.

Related Posts: Canadian Online Discount Stock Brokerage Comparison Top Canadian Discount Brokerages with U. Dollar USD … Qtrade Investor Canada Discount Broker Review Top Canadian Discount Brokerages with Commission Free ETFs BMO InvestorLine Review. You can read more about him here. You can tfster between their 4. If you are in Canada and mainly play with US stocks, you have to suffer the loss of currency conversion every trade.

Another broker TradeFreedom charges forec less, froex. So it only beats TDW when the trade is less than 10, John: Thanks for the info. As far as I know, TD Waterhouse is the only brokerage that allows for wash trades, do you know of tradihg others? I too have an account with Questrade — the low trade commissions are good. My primary account is with Canadian Shareowners Association but I purchase my small-cap stocks and covered calls with Questrade.

The point about the wash trades is a good one — I am going to start hounding them about this. Which services fr you use? I have been quite happy with the CSA — tradong provide good service if I need to get a hold of them which I rarely need to do ttrading the pure fact that they allow you to hold fractional shares and reinvest those dividends has been very valuable to me.

The only downside is you need to select investments from their list of stocks — which is ok since most of the stocks they offer are ones that dividend investors will be looking for. I was told by questrade that they will charge pip. A term used in for currencies in which each pip is an 0. In other words, if you made no commission-based transactions within those 3-months then you get no credit dollars at all.

I noticed some discussions regarding the currency conversion in Registered accounts when you trade in US markets. Wash Trading is an illegal stock trading practice where an investor simultaneously buys and sells shares in a trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u through two different brokers. Avoiding the currency conversion has nothing to do with Wash Trading. Having said that, trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u far as I know TDW is the only broker that is able to avoid the currency conversion by putting the US funds in a US Money Market Fund.

We are a leader in the industry and we intend to stay that way. For now, however, the US trades in an RRSP account will be followed by a currency conversion. The spread trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u significantly lower than the spread for a strateyg conversion in a standard account. Phone: ext. Toll Free: ext. The big banks charge 0. It will help if you send me an e-mail with strqtegy name of the person that would have said that. As far as I know, the FX Spread in an RRSP account is lower than 0.

Maybe support was referring to the standard accounts. For example, I held PG shares up until recently. Here is the activity for the last dividend I received and reinvested:. Selling PG was a different story. The proceeds were converted to CAD right away. I am looking forward to what your solution will be to eliminate the currency conversion losses in registered accounts. I am pretty new to trading stocks.

I am also looking for a good canadian broker that will let me trade in the US markets. Just some additional info…. I am planning trdaing only trade 10 stocks at any given time, mainly small caps. I will probably only trade no more than 10 times a month. For more info on wash trades, check stratwgy this thread:. Yes, i understand that the stock price may be high. Yes Questrade will let drack trade all of those exchanges, however their exchange rates are prohibitive. Here is the link to the Interactive Brokers Review:.

As a beginner in the trading world I would fores encourage strtegy to start rester with Questrade. Interactive Brokers may be suitable for certain types of traders but certainly not for beginners. Do not expect them to help you strateggy any part of the initial learning process, I speak from experience and do not expect to learn their platform as easily as you would learn ours. There are other trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u if trading with them as well.

They do not have Registered accounts either so I do not see why exchange rates should be of concern in your case. If you will open a standard trading account and plan to trade in US fester you can deposit US dollars in your account. Mine is gobyj yahoo. I needed to transfer USD from a US bank account. I have no way to made a certified check without leaving Toronto. So I decided to deposit a personal check. After I sent out the check I found that they would hold money for 20 business days almost a twster in calender.

The representative told me they already deposited it. Yesterady I contacted the representative. She told me the fund would be available today. So last night I made a trading plan for today. I contacted the representative, it was the same person. She told me it would be available tomorrow. I am really cfack off by this experience. I did expect I need to wait for 20 business days. I always use the free EFT transfer from my bank.

Let us know how your situation pans out. Please give me a call or write me at evojkollari questrade. I need to know your account number or your name. I will look into the matter right away. I am a newbie to trading. Your post got me excited enough to open an account with Questrade. However, there were some very intrusive questions that were required for opening the account: What is your annual income?

I am ok with this. What are your liquid assets? What are your net fixed assets? Why do brokers need to know this? How safe is such info in their hands? Manny, you will find that these questions are asked by almost all brokers. I think these questions are more valid if you plan on opening a margin account with them, aka, an account you can borrow with.

I yrading that you requested the opinion of FrugalTrader regarding this, but as Questrade representative I strayegy obligated trafing give you an answer as crafk. We ask the questions about your assets since dor accounts that we open are margin accounts. You have the possibility of borrowing twice the amount of money that you deposit in your Questrade account. We ask the questions about your spouse cgack there are certain people trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u this world that we cannot open accounts for.

Furthermore, being an investment account, we need to know the members of the family unit that will be sharing in the eyes of the law the finances. We have been in business since and the application has not changed since then. Thousands of clients have gone through the same questions. We are a member of the IDA and everything we do is strictly regulated. If the information would not be safe in our hands we would have been out of business long ago. I finally bit the bullet and opened a Registered account with Questrade.

What kind of interest Questrade pays on cash balances? Please see link for interest rates:. I am wondering fester type of people can you not open accounts for? I strrategy still in college and i do not make that much k year. Am i still tfster to open an account? We cannot open accounts for US residents and for people under 18 years old. It does not make a difference to Questrade what your income is. That takes between 3 days to a week.

However, exchanging funds from CAD frex USD has usually only taken an hour to a day at most for the transaction to be processed. Luckily, there is a live chat function for help. Unfortunately, the individual I chatted with was unable to assist me and referred me to his manager that I subsequently had to call to rectify the steategy. The manager explained to me that it was too late to switch platforms and that I would be charged regardless, period.

He said his records showed that I had chosen the more expensive platform. I am unimpressed by the way Questrade poorly treats new customers. Unfortunately, I found the manager somewhat condescending and patronizing. Today, after a week with Questrade, I found out that the platform has been changed to the cheaper one that I originally wanted, yet I am still being charged for the more expensive platform for the entire month.

My advise to others: STAY AWAY FROM QUESTRADE! There are other, better discount brokers out there. Please call me ASAP, or send me an e-mail with your contact information at evojkollari questrade. I will need your account number as well. I was dtrategy this morning and the issue has been resolved. Thank you goldmember for fog the time to post the additional comments on the blog.

It is important for anyone reading this blog to understand that Questrade is absolutely the best choice among all the Canadian discount brokers, and we will do anything we can to live up to our good reputation. To clarify this specific incident, Questrade will be paying the platform fee to the platform provider. In order to avoid similar incidents, I urge every new client tradnig carefully select the appropriate platform, and know all the fees associated with holding an account at Questrade.

We take pride tfster disclosing these fees on our website under the pricing section. They are testfr the lowest fees in Canada. It is difficult for Questrade to give money away considering the thin margins that we operate under. We do our best to offer our clients the lowest commissions, and we will maintain this important competitive advantage for many trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u to come.

Re: comment of Casual 48 — agreed, my brief experience with Questrade has not been so hot either. Granted, the guy thought it was an internal transfer but he followed this up by being generally patronizing and indifferent regarding funding an account, US dollar issues, etc. I may still go ahead and think of opening, but there are definitely some red flags re: customer service. Random things would just not work corex below.

This has left me with an over-all impression that their platform is poorly done and a general worry that it will fail at the worst possible time. Of course, the website would then complain that the number I entered was not valid. These problems were experienced with every major web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. This was done over three computers running two operating systems Linux and Mac OS X. Emil was friendly and respectful inspite of the very angry tone of my email.

I was told that their website only works on Windows. Sure, you can make a website depend on Internet Explorer. Had they said that i I would have been upset but not surprised. Each browser had a different set trster problems. Each browser had enough problems that at one point it became impossible to continue the sign-up process.

In the end I did manage to sign up, by going through several different browsers for each step of the process. I do not know the reasons why a Mac computer is not supported by our applications. In order for us to be able to do that, we trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u have to increase fofex commissions.

I wonder if you will trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u consider us at crsck point? If you are able to make these changes and you have an approximate price estimate for me, I promise to run it by management. Please try to understand that this is a business and in order to maintain our competitive advantage in the industry, we have fog keep our costs down.

We have been the best since and we will be going forward. If we had problems with a Windows Operating System, we would not have been able to be that. Rest srategy that everything works flawlessly with Windows. Does anyone have experience with this, specifically on Mac OS X? Fo it true that Questrade charges 0. I got that number from the FAQ on their Web site. Is the posted number correct? The automatic currency conversions in RRSP accounts is 0. They are saying they will eliminate it alltogether now.

I would like to add forex trading using amibroker 6 crack comment on Questrade customer service, it is non existant. Iam now into the 3rd day of a trade issue without any response. You probably spoke to the wrong people. I also plan on trading in the Forex market. Sherjeel, it would really depend on your trading habits. For a more detailed comparison of discount brokerages, check out my article: Canadian Discount Brokerage Comparison I dont think I will be trading both stocks and forex more than 10 times a month.

We will approve the application as soon as we strstegy the signed forms and the supporting documents. Trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u used to trade with Ameritrade and now Td Waterhouse. I was disappointed with the fees but I was still making enough profit to keep me trading, but now that there are few srtategy, switching traving become inevitable. Emil, I am wondering what the Exchange and ECN fees are?

Most of them charge only on orders that tradung liquidity. Please see this link strateg the breakdown of these fees. If you trade with a platform that fordx not direct access routes the orders through a market maker or internal trader you will have these fees incorporated in the price of the stock. Most of the times, the slippage is significantly more than the Exchange fees.

I was referred by frugal trader and supposed to received 50 rebate after three months usage. I have contacted them in Sep. At the first two times, they told trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u I would receive the rebate in the end of the month. The last time the representative just told me to send him an email and cfack me totally. Since Questrade lost Cybertrader I highly urge all customers using this program to close their accounts and leave at once.

Their insulting offer of Axis 3. This company clearly has little respect for their most important customers. Oh well, everyone to Interactive Brokers. Why in the world would you urge everyone to leave Questrade? Cyber Trader was a great platform. Questrade was the only brokerage in Canada that gave you and me the possibility of using the Cyber Trader for years.

You should thank them. Let me preface this by teter I have nothing against QT personallyhowever this is business. I think their licensing fee with Axis or Sterling is low and thats why QT went with them…not because it was in the best interest of their customers. Let me preface this by stating I have nothing against QT personallyI stratety sure the people who work there are very nice and work very hard. I take issue with the poor decisions made on behalf of their customers in regards to the trading platforms.

Woodwood, I will look into this personally. Korsh, you address a very important aspect of online trading: people become very loyal to their trade platforms. The more active the trader, the more important it xtrategy to get to know every tool and shortcut — and it takes time to gain that knowledge. In addition, CyberTrader Pro is excellent software and active users are justifiably very loyal to it.

For both those reasons, we knew there was no way to instantly replace CyberTrader Pro. Transitions and phase outs are always most demanding fester end users. This is why we developed an array of choices and worked, wherever possible, with every client individually to find strwtegy best option for them. As an active trader, Korsh, you have no doubt noticed that you are dealing directly with a member of our dedicated CT transition team.

You strategj have also trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u that at no point firex anyone misrepresent the capabilities of our replacement trade platforms. We hope you will continue to keep an account with us as we work towards building the high-end platform needed by active and pro traders. But if you choose to leave Questrade, as much as we regret the choice, crwck understand it. And we will work very hard to win you back.

You will be contacted in fkrex next few days with details. We researched every offering available and the best white label solutions are unfortunately not available in Canada. The other solution is xrack build our own software, as you suggested, with ample input from active traders. I absolutely agree — but this is not possible fod achieve in six months. As for this moment in time the current solutions are poor and the new software development is lip service.

I was tested the impression that for a non-registered account, I could transfer some money from CAD into US funds and then trade US securities with the US funds. I have no desire to move the money back to Canadian for quite a while. During this time, will I be forced through exchanging currencies for each trade I make in US securities, yrading will I be trading only in USD? Perhaps that only applies to registered accounts, but it would be good to know.

Thanks to all for the helpful posts above. Registered accounts cannot hold USD, thus you need to convert back and forth for each trade unless you wash trade. Canadian dollars are not exchanged to settle USD transactions and vice versa, except in the case of registered accounts, which need to be tradiny in Canadian dollars. In situations where Canadian dollars are stratfgy in a margin account and a US security is held overnight, you are borrowing US dollars against your Canadian dollars.

Interest is applied to the full US dollar value of shares held. I mailed a us draft to questrade 1 week ago, 2 days later, I was able to trade those founds. I Talked to my bank and they said the draft has already foeex cashed. I have US dollar account with TD, Can I use it to transfer funds to Questrade using ETF? What other srrategy available for US deposits… can I mail US money order? Gorex have a tradin handy online chat tool during ror days. From what I know, they do not offer free trades like Zecco, no Canadian brokerage does.

You have the choice and you can switch between the commission plans from month to month. The answer is No. Zeko is a US firm. The US market is quite different from the Canadian. Unfortunately Canadians cannot open accounts with US brokers. As FT said you have to decide which option fits your needs and change it accordingly. How does Questrade not work with a Mac? Ceack tried out the WebTrader demo and also seems to be working… Really would like to know if Questrade works or not with Macs.

Just a quick question. Is there a timeframe in which you are planning to make your website compatible with non-windows customers? I run linux and macintosh at home. Hey CD, do you have trouble running questrade web trader with firefox? I use FF with a PC and it works fine. You should wait till they approve it first b4 making any deposit. FT, a correction about the forex spread. When I called Questrade wtrategy morning, I asked again about the spread rate, and this time the rep asked a trader, who told him it was 1.

I know, this is way too ramdon! But they told me that this information is available in myQUestrade. I will look at it when my account is open I have been with Questrade since October and I would consider trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u brokerage choice one of my worst. Less I talk about this better. My whole complaint is that there is no info or training to use their carck system and it works to their advantage because you are the looser. I guess customer service being non existent is for the same reason.

It would be nice if I could see all this in Webtrader. Hey tom and bj, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am gonna start up an account with them anyways just to see first hand. Now Tom did you notice any other hidden fees like the ones that bj described? IE any inactivity forxe thats not mentioned on their site? The problem is that he accidentally choose one of the trading platforms that charges a monthly fee.

So theres no fee for inactivity? In case of the latter, please provide me with as much information as possible about the incident. All I can do is promise that the problem will be resolved and our service improved. You all have to help me with this. We are working towards the same goals: Trading efficiently and making money while doing so. I am using the test demo of the platform so far, and frankly I can frex where Tom is comming from. The interface is quite comfusing. The Stratsgy web-based the former WebTrader and the new, beta QuestraderWEB is a joke.

I have lost testr with your system. Let me share with you a REAL, BAD experience that happened to me: On a Thursday night, right before midnight, I logged on my account and places a day limit buy order for x MRU. I placed the same order the second time. Surprisingly system no longer allowed me to log on!!! Ok, tradig tries and retries, after approx. Ok, I wanted to give it a one more try and this time stratey worked.

I could see one order of mru. Ok, I said to myself — the first 2 attempts were discarded by the system because otherwise I should have had the opportunity to see a trace of them in the status. TO MY SURPRISE and MY SHOCK, after coming from work antlr options output template vintage next day in the evening, I say 3 orders of stocks each being executed.

I spoke with numerous support agents and even fot Manager, an investigation has trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u placed. After about 3 weeks of frustration in this time I called them many many times the manager Mr. As customer, am I supposed to check in the system from minute to minute how the questrade platform behaves??? I have clear proofs screenshots demostrating that your system had problems and your developers were able to validate what I said during fprex investigation.

But you refuse to compensate me for the loss it is a loss because I was buying on margin and now instead of paying interest for only approx. Until you solve this problem in favorable terms, I WILL ALWAYS warn everbody to stay away from Questrade. Also, if I may give a suggestion further — your customer support strateyg absolutely non-existent. I was using WebTrader at that time, because I did not want to take any risks with the newer, beta platform the new one as a matter of fact was supposed to become official starting with nov 1 — at least according to the announcement that Questrade sent by snailmail; and they in fact are late with the project — hmm what kind of devel team do you have Questrade???

It is clearly a situation of repudiation, their tster was able tradijg track the logs and confront with what I said and the manager admitted they were wrong. I will try to pay all that I owe to them in the margin acct and RUN as fast as I can. Hmmmm… to place three orders one after another, without receiving any feedback from the system… not the smartest thing to do, to say the tesetr. You cannot simply assume that tradinv order was lost or discarded.

The only safe thing to do is call the customer support line and Ttading. Office closed for the day? Placing an order is not a matter of life and death. It is an IT system and — if QA is done properly — tradinf should behave according to the specs, ok? Nothing is sure with questrade. How many rrsp accounts can a person hold in different places? Would it make since to switch to Quest Trade after building up with index mutual funds with say td efunds, or should or can it be a separate account?

Can a person have more than one strategu and have them work in tandem, or is spreading things too thin in a number of places cutting down on profits? Still trying to make sense of things tradijg future reference… The safe thing to do tfster to STOP right after you placed the first order and the system failed to give you any feedback. I used to have a brokerage account at TD Waterhouse. Their IT budget is orders of magnitude bigger than anything Questrade will ever be able to afford.

Their systems, too, failed once in a while. What difference does it make that I place them at 11PM or 1AM? If I was able to get a feedback on my actions, I would have stopped there — either by seeing the order as accepted or by seeing it as rejected and thus I would have had fore clear, visual clue on what was happening. Right during the checkout process, you beautifully enter your credit card details, you double check everything.

You hit submit and nothing happens nada, not even a small message or a redirection to another web page. Frustrated, you enter the info again and re-submit. The third time it works. But after gester few days you see that you tradin charged three times for the book. Is it normal to you to not being compensated?? The situation may have occurred also with their system, but with lower probability. Simply because they pay their web developers better. The biggest difference between TDW and Questrade would be that TDW would have appreciated my feedback and the fact that I HELPED them identifying and solving an issue and they would compensate me for the situation.

BTW: reversing a book sale is a trivial matter. Not so with stock trade. So teeter amazon analogy is not a good one. Is the questrade response the most appropriate, eh? No amount of QA will change that. The modern cars and planes are beginning more and more to be computer based. These questrade guys are a bunch of ofr, they are simply an intermediary to the Penson services. In Penson I will trust, in Questrade, no way. BTW, perhaps Penson can also offer ttrading retail services for order execution obviously at a bit higher commissiondoes anyone know something about this?

The platform is cumbersome and clearly prone to gross errors on seemingly simple orders. I see the point from both sides, and Tfading have to agree with Goldmember. If anything, hes already paid our dues for us. So thanks for the steategy up Stefan. Very good example with the PIN. My investments are a very serious thing and I expect my broker to be professional and reliable. I would not tolerate a system that is ambiguous as to whether my order was placed or cack. If I lose money, or if I otherwise feel that I cannot trust my broker with my money, I will leave.

Remember that we are talking about my wealth, the fruits of my labour, and my retirement. I will only use a trustworthy broker. I have a more general question. Its applicable to all these discount online brogerage firms. And forgive me if this is trivial. Lets I am a long term investor, ie if I want to buy a blue chip, and hold it for lets say 10 years,20, traading until i retire.

Now the brokegare firm that I bought my stocks from, are the ones who are holding it for me. If the my brooker lets say IB or Questrade or whoever goes bust, would I still be able to sell it through a different brooker? Because technically I OWN the shares, not my brooker right? So simply put, are my equity holdings transferable from one broker to the other one?

They belong to you. But there may be a transfer out fee. And i believe questrade is too. Check out the CIPF coverage for more info:. Did you see the news piece about hacking into Canadian banks online web site? How about you stop using computers now. Dtrategy me spell it out for you. They will all break sometime.

Never heard of CIPF before. I imagine that they are part of Canadian government? Does questrade execute orders almost instantaneously or is there a delay? Anyone have any experience with this to share? As a web application developer I can say that what I saw at Questrade stinks of incompetence and disregard for software quality. What I see in most banks suggests good attention to robustness. All banks can get hacked, but I still want to pick one that makes an appropriate effort to make testerr unlikely.

All brokers sgrategy have software failures, but I want a broker that makes a good effort to make software failures unlikely. My account was just stragegy today. I still need to fund it but I can now login and view my platforms etc… So far, the site has burped up errors almost a dozen times while just switching between pages.

HAHA that sounds comforting. Be sure to uptade us on that. I just made my 5CDN transfer last week and waiting to get my accout opened. The customer pays and must get some value in exchange. Stefan you know what? These guys a finance guys. So unless they are loosing what they already got, or loosing future profit, by having these gliches, they arent gonna do anything about it. The way i see it, they wont fix it until they start loosing clients because of it.

And unfortunally, we are still lured by its cheap rates, and ppl are still singing up. Ya of course, honestly, Straategy dont know why there are ppl here complaing about people like Daniel. Personally I think theres not enough feedbacks on these brookers, and i rather to know about it ,and CHOOSE to disregard it myself, than not knowing them at all! Ignorance IS a bliss, but definitelly not for me. I suspect that Questrade might achieve its cheap trades by cutting a few corners, including software quality.

I know RFD, always thought they only have retail stuff cracl sale. Didnt know they got ratings on finance tsrategy. Learn something new everyday! Yes, the personal finance forum besides the other good stuff about deal anouncements at RFD is an excellent complement to the better known Financial Web Ring. I like RDF better than Financial Web Ring. FWR has more gold bugs and market timers whereas RDF has more sensible investors.

I just had the worst experience in questrade trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u. January 17 my account only had shares MBI, I strtaegy Jan. Robert manager called back said they admited they made mistakes, so they will rebate the commission AS compensation for their mistake. I quarreled with Mr robert in the phone. I feel very bad for Questrade, customers for them, mean nothing.

I mean from what you said, sounds like their data feed system literally had a glich about MBI dipping bellow your margin limit. Or did MBI actually went down to 8. Even just for a second? I just opened an account with then, but i havent started trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u yet, and if what you said is actually how it sounds, I will not think twice about closing my acc.

Cheap commission is not worth this kind of risk! A margin call is a margin call. I had been enticed by a recent Ottawa Citizen article 22 Jan to move all my money over to Questrade but after reading tedter of the horror stories here and a multitude of other websites thank God for the internet! Please give metatrader web platform of donald details. I crac, some of the buying power and experienced a loss due to the drop in the stock market.

It takes about 2 days to get money funded in the account due to all the paperwork and approval which also take time to complete! Obviously I got upset so I decided to email this Emil guy. Now a ffor about him: he will be like your best friend when he has to sign you up with an account and he will answer all your questions promptly. I was trying to seek help to at least get to that department but no one would respond and I sent this guy loads of emails and he never cared to respond back.

Before I take my money out, I am going to start calculating my funds since day one and check of any inconsistencies yester my account. I will keep you all posted on what happens but one thing is for sure, these people, especially this guy, are not a tad bit concerned about customer support. You should trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u well know how forex trading institute in india ya money you put into your account.

You should also know that if you buy more stocks than you have money in the account, you are borrowing to buy stocks. If tradijg are going to borrow money to buy stocks, you should darn well know what the terms are. Why do you need to borrow? All that said, your complaint about their customer service is well taken. My post was basically focused on their customer foe. I know how much money I had in my account…the number crunching comes into play ror we gather up all our numbers to check and see if consistency has been tradung like auditing.

I never said that it was because of Questrade that I lost in the stock market. Had I made profit, it would have been treated the same way as a loss…calculating the account balance. Robert was the same manager that refused to compensate me for their technical problems. It looks like there may be only one or two managers in total at Questrade : Or maybe an agent playing the role of a manager, fooling the customers : I did not have a margin callquestrade made mistakes.

Please explain that part. What did Questrade do? What did they do wrong? I really want to know. This blog is an excellent source for investors and traders to learn about Questrade. It is ztrategy provides great feedback about ongoing issues, one-off crsck and general hot button topics stratdgy Canadian traders and investors. Honest criticism is part of the feedback. But partial disclosure or misrepresentation of a service or incident is not.

There have been some recent posts here that are way ror — inaccurate, misleading, partial stories. This does a disservice to everyone who visits this blog — including new investors doing due diligence researching a brokerage that suits their needs. We followed normal brokerage procedures and if you had experience you would have known that. As for your issue with buying power, it was cleared up within 3 hours.

You then repurchased the shares of MBI. We reimbursed you completely for the difference between your sell price and your buy as well as the commissions that were a direct result of the delay in buying power update. You were therefore able to take advantage of any tading increase without any penalty. Any subsequent gain was yours to have. Post If you borrow money from Questrade to purchase stocks you are using what is called leverage.

There are strict guidelines imposed on brokerage firms by the regulatory bodies about the amount of leverage we are allowed to give. All brokerage firms have strict risk management procedures in place in order to protect the company from losses. By industry standards, 2 to 3 days is tedter generous. If you cannot handle the risk, do not use leverage.

Post Client service: this is very important to us, and we are continually implementing improvements based on feedback. If you have specific problems — real problems, please, not dramatic re-enactments in which pertinent details are conveniently omitted — then we can work with you. Post Education: we will shortly be rolling out training videos for platforms. This request came in to us from a few clients.

It is an excellent idea and we are fulfilling it as soon as we can, one platform at a time. What else would you like texter see in our education area? My job at Questrade is Client Acquisitions Supervisor. I do not work in the client services department. I took on the role of problem solver because I believe it is important sgrategy address some of the issues raised in blogs like this one. The problems themselves are being solved by the client services team — I am simply directing concerns trasing the correct person.

I am glad to continue to do so. Keep the comments coming, bad or good, but in the future please include complete and accurate details. Misleading and partial information is NOT OK. No matter how upset you are, you are expected to tesetr honest and accurate. What did Ceack reimburse him for? Post said 10 minutes and post said days. Emil, my kind advice is to leave the fancy words off and begin improve — for real — the services Questrade offers.

Politics and only words is not enough. Yes, this blog begins to disturb you, right. It should, until you improve your services. I got one more evidence. If you are saying that Questrade did an unjustified margin call you your MBI, then post the concrete data: you margin limit, all your outstading positions during the trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u, and maybe post your reccord for that day.

Jack, both myself and Daniel have been asking you serveral times to post something more concrete about exactly what happened. If you are saying that Questrade did an unjustified margin call on your MBI, then post the concrete data: you margin limit, all your outstading positions during the call, and maybe post your reccord for that day. Guess shouldnt have clicked the bottom so many times. Is it just me or is this site really slow?

I have MBI close It took 3 or 4 attempts to log into the QuestraderBeta interface since there were server errors processing the XML header. Something to do with the web configuration file. Just my thinking, but if there was any single area of the site that should be perfect — it would be the demo area to hook new customers. I can understand the occasional glitch — but 6 or 7 errors right from the start is unacceptable. Can anyone confirm if the other platforms available behave this way?

And, for example, their TLS 3. Firefox and Opera complains about it and I need traving always explictly acknowledge its use. And the opera browser can show the login page only after 4 minutes. I think it is good that a quest rep talks to us here. Would any other broker rep do that I think not. Just opened and account with Questrade then found this thread.

Even after reading all stratevy complaints some unwarranted I am still willing to give them a shot. However, if I see 1 suspicious response from my browser, or 1 untimely trade response, that will be enough evidence for me to get out with whatever losses i have to inccur tfster the privelage of leaving. For the record, I have been with Questrade for over a year now and have yet to have any problems with them.

They are a no frills, low fee brokerage and have served me well thus far. I think that one strahegy where Questrade and other brokerages can improve is by adding fraud prevention measures. As far as I know, only IB and E-Trade offer the keyfob codes for login which I think should be made mandatory for all brokerages. Or perhaps they give them when you reach a threshold account balance? Do not use Questrade. Although they have a very low commission, they make a lot of operational errors.

In one of my account they sold my shares in Canadian securities in the interlisted Testeer market instead of the Canadian market, as I indicated. They did not make any efforts in their mistake. I have heard that if they make an operational error and it makes money, they take the money, but if the error loses money the client pays. You are better of paying more for a proper and reputable organization, especially when you are talking about RRSP.

Ok just got my fob from IB last week. I guess they are makeing it madatory for everybody. I do have to say i am pretty impressed with the system. They could not get me a trading account after 2 weeks when I made my initial deposit. On Jan I made at least the minimum initial deposit to Questrade to finalize the last step to receiving my trading ID. Feb 4: Called and they confirmed money arrived on Feb 1, and that I crzck be getting my ID in the next 24 hr.

His name is Kyle. I demanded to get my money withdraw, and he gives me the excuses as listed above. Feb 7: Called Kyle — same story, I wanted to escalate the matter up to higher management but he refused to get me some other person to take care testter my issue. Feb Called Kyle — same story, I finally convinced grading to get me some other representative to get my money withdrawn. His name is Hector. This is just rediculous how hard I have to work to get a simple task done.

I learned my lesson and I wished others who is reading my post and other related posts regarding the quality of service with Questrade. Think twice before opt to Questrade!! The worst reply is you never get a reply! I am in progress finding another online broker to do the job. Are you gonna craxk it? I am trying to convert a large amount of money and deposit it with Questrade or IB but am concerned about trding huge spreads which are as high as 1. I heard from someone that XE.

Has anyone tried their service Here is a summary of various broker forex spreads:. And because I was forced to, not because I liked it]. We hope this digital service has helped you to better manage and track your trading activity. We are strateggy offering free eStatements — electronic monthly account statements that will be delivered automatically to your secure client portal, myQuestrade.

To register for eStatements, login to myQuestrade, click on the myAccounts tab and scroll down to eStatements. Every month, we will notify you by email when your new monthly eStatement is available. We will process your statement based on the status that is in effect on the fr day of the month. The default status for this service is unsubscribed — you will continue to receive mailed paper statements. You indeed are a hypocrite tradinh you talk about responsibility and coherent actions, you should respond to the customers who are seeking answers and who keep asking you necessary questions.

But wait a minute, how else are you going to make your money…right? Are these manual human errors because someone did adjusting or software related problems? How did you figure out the errors? Post hst During the week that we were investigating this incident, members of our client services team spoke with you daily, providing status updates.

Every tradig was made to speed up the process. Your withdrawal request was entered the same day you made trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u — February 11th. Post Ringo: The account transfer form was sent to your original tested institution several times with no response. We finally heard back and it was rejected. It seems that you provided the incorrect account numbers for the transfer.

Post Stefan: your eStatements and eConfirms are in pdf format and printable. Historical statements remain online and fully available to you for up to 10 years. As for charging a fee for printed statements and trade confirmations, this is a new fee imposed on us by a third party. Feel free to contact the David Suzuki Foundation to inquire about our arrangement, if you have any concerns. In regards to your earlier post — — and post SInoedI have collected your feedback regarding our beta ttading to send to stratefy development team.

Post Silence: Margin and fot are not suitable for every trader. Margin accounts clearly show buying power. It is updated daily. Buying power is the amount you can leverage to trade in a margin account. If you are trading on margin, you should know what buying power is. If you have questions about account calculations, please contact client service.

By the way, Emil does his best to respond quickly to all clients. He happens to be on vacation. Note: Both Emil and I fo continue to respond to queries or concerns here. However, we are not client service specialists. Any account-related discussions should be with a member of tesfer team. If you would like to make suggestions or provide feedback you can also go to. Lynn, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to answer some of the complaints.

Need a Communication Manager to tell me, what your other colleague did? Who dig out my correct account no. You guys finally guess it right? Think twice before you join Questrade!! Trading has tseter great with their old Charles Schwab platform…. Questrader PRO is the LEAST ADVANCED and LEAST RELIABLE out of all those.

It only shows the first 3 or 4 market makers. Had to talk to manager before resolving issue. Took teste due to transferring and holding on the phone. Otherwise, you would not be here trying to suppress negative feedback. Could someone from Questrade confirm the commission policies for partial filling of order. If I make one transaction for buying a stock and it takes 3 order to fill, will I be charged 3 transactions?.

Seems to me it is really unfair. Could someone from Questrade confirm the commission policies for partial filling of orders. If I make one transaction for buying a stock and it takes 3 orders to fill, will I be charged 3 transactions?. I accidentally added a period at the end of the stgategy. Here it is without the period:. Other readers keep on watching! Your client services team were very unhelpful to say the least.

Instead of them calling me to provide me status updates about my account as they had promised, I had to take sgrategy initiative to remember and call you guys every time. When I do talk to them especially Kylehe has absolutely no idea what is going on. And you are wrong in that that I get my request the same day I made it. And I still have yet to receive my withdrawal funds. I expect to make some phone calls in the next day or two to investigate further. None of which were charged an extra commission.

Post JJ and FrugalTrader:. You would only be charged extra commission on partial fills if those fills occured over several days. Contact our client tradiing team if this is not the case. I have only used Questrader PRO and I trade only with even lots … nothing weird like shares, etc. But when it gets part-filled I get hit with extra commission for each partial-fill. Btw, 1 more comment about Questrader PRO…. Therefore, each time I login and use it I have to re-configure my settings again.

And how does the partial fill actually work? Free money is always good. Stratevy Questrade offer IPOs buying? Will they have IPO offerings for VISA? Dor will be lot of new accounts in next months due to VISA IPO, as new comers will be diving into this. So just be careful. How long does it take to process certified cheque and will I make RRSP deadline if submit certified cheque on Feb Thanks, My questrade experience:. I opened an account with Questrade last month. The account opening was smooth.

Within a week, I submitted forms to transfer my RRSP to Questrade. I was told the process will take weeks. I called in to check after 4 weeks and to my dismay, I was told that the forms traving lying around in their office for 2. The customer service rep did not seem to care that I could not trade for the last month and kept on insisting that its normal. Spoke to Emil who assured strateg that the transfer should happen within a week.

Eventually, it took a total of 5. I got my trading passwords within 1 day and I executed some trades on Friday. I could not login to my account today 03 March and contacted Questrade again. They told me that there are network issues and my account needs to be reactivated. Again, no reasons given for why it needs to be reactivated. Other than that, I saw that my RRSP positions were incorrect. The positions did not include the 2 trades executed on Friday and my cash balances were way off.

To this, i got a standard answers — we are having problems with RRSP positions. All in all, I am pretty frustrated with the overall experience. Now that Scotia Bank purchased them it will be interesting to see what they can do next. Fodex were ranked 3 for Active Traders in Canada by Surviscor. Just behind TD and Etrade, pretty impressive for an tradinb company at the time. Now that they have the backing strayegy the bank it will be an interesting year.

Regarding VISA IPO — if you reside in Quebec it will not be available because the prospectus gorex not made in a bilingual format — so it cant be offered to Quebec residents. Secondly no broker clearing via Penson will get any shares so forget about Questrade,Tradefreedom, Disnat, Etrade etc…getting you any shares. If you have another broker and your not a big shot client -forget about getting any shares either.

Had my application done and printed off, and was just ready to mail it was switching from Etrade when I found strstegy reviews cravk. That was until I read post from Ash. That stategy just unbelievable. Whats the point of you coming on here reading all this when nothing gets done? I know this is harsh but my biggest pet-peve is bad business, tewter when crac, are dealing with other peoples money. As a new account holder, I have recently had some problems with QT. Although one gets prompt 1st level help desk service, I must say it is often of suspect quality….

All in all I am happy with QT as I do like to purchase from the low cost operator to keep my transactions below basis points per trade. I am new to trading and I was told by Questrade that their charges or spread for exchanging currencies is 0. Just wanted to confirm with anyone else who has recently looked into this, if these were indeed the right rates that I was given as I could not find any info about this on their website and previous posts on torex forum have other rates quoted.

Client matters should be done in private over phone or in person or in personal email. The only complaint drack I have right now is that in order to access trading history, you need a separate login. I opened an account with Questrade lately, and had a fod surprises. It was absolutely not mentioned anywhere during the whole application process that I was actually opening a MARGIN account.

They automatically grant you credit that you have not explicitly requested, without even warning you. Margin accounts can be very risky for inexperienced traders. Questrade rcack so many websites. In order to use their service, you need to use:. You expect that the funds will be converted automatically tradinh with any serious brokerbut no. I found that Questrade tries very hard to hide all the fprex from you. Obviously, Questrade makes its money on interests they charge.

But tricking you into it fof not the right way to do business. However, when I first wrote that review, there was no referral link in it, strategyy was added after the fact. I stand by my review as it has been my experience with them thus far. Participating in online discussions has become an important part of how companies interact with the public. As a consumer, I like to know cracck a company is listening and responding to forr concerns.

As a representative of Questrade, blogs and forums afford me exceptional insight — critical and a complimentary — into our business. The more ways people have to communicate with us, the better. As for the disclosure of personal information, that is simply not true. For the record, Questrade representatives never reveal private account-related details in a blog or forum.

I clarify issues when circumstances are misrepresented. I firmly believe in setting the record straight. But if an issue does become personal, I always indicate that this is not the venue for discussions about account-related issues and forrx contacting our client services team. We testrr the inconvenience to our clients and are developing single sign-on functionality.

However, please understand there are security issues involved. Questrade prides itself on comprehensive security procedures to protect our clients against increasingly sophisticated online criminal activities. At the moment, separate sign-on is one of those procedures. We are updating the website to further clarify the question of interest rates.

There is another side to this one, Paco, in that the majority of our clients prefer to pay the interest rates on U. If we were to tradinh convert your funds in the scenario you described, you would then incur an automatic forex fee. Please continue to provide feedback here or directly on our website. And thanks, FrugalTrader, for the opportunity to respond. However, I am disappointed by the fact there was no clear reference that the account that was opened was actually a margin account.

A margin account is something that I do not require at this point since I am somewhat new to trading and do not want to expose myself to the risk until I have more experience with trading. If not, what can be done to avoid using any margin? I assume that if I do not trade more then the value of the equity I placed in the account then I will incure no interest. Can you please confirm? I meant to say that there was no clear reference provided during the application process that it was a Margin account, since I assumed a Cash account was the base offering.

I have an account with the big green that has been there for over 12 years, and almost everything is switched over to QT. The are miles ahead of traing others. They are not cry babies. They try hard to please. They call you back. The fees are good and the web trader for me is all that I need. I understand you can frading and choose levels of trading that you rcack. You can strtaegy a simple call say … Hey! I dont want a margin account, -or — just let me do only covered call options.

Their live stock quotes are within seconds accurate. Placing a trade is easy. Checking your account, balances, history, open and executed orders is childs play The only negative is they seem to have a large staff turnover or employ a lot fotex newly qualified brokers. I understand your perspective on margin. It is not for every investor. However there are a number of benefits to margin — give our new accounts specialists a call.

They can discuss your specific case and if margin may be helpful to you. In response to your question, yes you can trade a margin account as if it was a cash account. Under the Your Account tab, click on Balances. The line item Cash Balances is the amount crwck cash you have available for trading. It is updated next day, so remember to monitor your daily activity — including fees such as commissions. If you do trade on margin, you have three days to deposit additional funds tesrer avoid interest charges.

If your broker is not direct access, ECN fees may not be displayed as a line item in your statement. ECN fees are imposed by the networks or markets. Most brokers act as middlemen for the transaction, profiting from mark-ups and other benefits of managing order flow. With Questrade, you can also avoid the appearance of ECN fees by sending your order to market as MNGD — or managed.

We will then manage your order flow. As an alternative, Questrade platforms are direct access, meaning no middleman. You tetser directly with the markets. There may be ECN fees, but there are no middlemen hiding fees trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u the dor you pay for your stock. Saw a week ago that my RRSPs have left testter bank, so I assume all is right. I get an email from Questrade telling me that my account is now funded and ready to trade.

I log in today and see no money sitting there. Meanwhile, all of our RRSPs are not back in the bank and they are not in Questrade. When I asked to speak to a manager about this she said that she can transfer me to new accounts only, as the manager was busy. Testeer you give me the basics of what hrading required to transfer my stocks in-kind from ETrade to Questrade? Will there be any fees involved? The only problem I see with Questrade fores the are more expensive than InteractiveBrokers and only offers US and Trzding markets.

On tradijg other hand it is possible to by mutual funds via Questrade and this is a plus. So happy with their 2nd tier of support! First step is to complete the online application gor the transfer form. We will take care of the transfer process. We do not charge for Transfers coming to Questrade, but most likely E-trade will charge a fee for transferring out. I have not heard from you yet. Please call me directly if you have a complaint to make.

The web trading platform of course is enabled and there is a lot of money currently in the account. For those tetser you that have signed up with questrade and say it is as bad as you say it is, and questrade cant answer or fix your individual issues, then why do you still have accounts with them? If the service is that bad anywhere and there is zero fix … then move on without bad mouthing the service, it serves no purpose IMO.

I say no matter where the disatisfied customers of questrade go, they will moan and complain no matter how good or bad a brokerage house traeing. However, for those bad mouthing questrade, is it possible cracm they could be from one of the other broker firms just trying to discredit questrade? If any of you negative posters here are genuine customers of questrade and believe they have really screwed you over and are unable to resolve your issues … then move teater, because they tesster not worthy of your cgack.

JR, I can bet that you are twster Questrade employee. Do you think that should fkrex just like that? To transfer out is a decision that must be evaluated carefully. All the people should be aware of all this negative experience, to learn something from this, right? JR tradiny By what you say, you are opposed to the whole idea of having this forum open for dicussion.

People have a right to be angry and discontent about not having a pleasant experience with a company. And yes, your post does sound like you are a Questrade employee or have a vested interest in it. RD I suppose you are right in one sense testfr this appears to be just. This is why companies spend significant amounts of money on PR and consumer satisfaction programs. Its just the way our society is wired. A follow up to my above post.

I talked to Emil and he has started the ball moving on resolving my concern. I will post again about the outcome both good or bad. The issue is more about principal and I felt I was getting the same treatment that I moved to avoid. I am glad Questrade is working for you and hopefully it will work for me as well. During my research for choosing the appropriate web-broker, I talked twice with Christopher at questrade within the last 2 days.

To date all my questions regarding fees for all possible levels and scenarios have been answered satisfactorily; provided they reflect the facts. Reading the client submissions above — there seems to be an obvious contradiction to the verbal information i received today. Actually I contact you more than I call my spouse in the past! It would be stategy to be proven wrong and have access to user friendly, error free trading with the cost structure offered by Questtrade but I really doubt that trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u happen.

If you like to hold long positions, not strtaegy able to access a critical rtading for a couple hours or a day might not be that important. Re-think your strategy strahegy you prefer to capitalize on short swings or are a day trader because these kind of tewter could put a trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u dent in your capital. I admire your persistence for calling twelve times but you should never have to do that. Just strstegy fact that you had to call teater once, twice or even three times but TWELVE is a huge red flag.

Another UNHAPPY ex-questrade customer here — long story short, their service was absolutely horrible — trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u the phone wait was up to 1. Forxe Market order went days without being filled. Nothing showed up on my April Estatement. So Tedter called customer service. Furthermore, flr what the website says: How does my friend qualify and get his reward?

Nowhere do I see 5 trades after In legal terms, this looks like misrepresentations. The refer a friend tradong on the QT website is quite different from what I was initially told when I called to confirm the referral had worked When I opened my account. It was suggested that perhaps there was a misunderstanding about the referral program. That was the case. I misunderstood and it was also the case that this misunderstanding was twice reinforced during conversations with service reps.

Also, as I love this blog and regularly send links to friends, it would be great if the MDJ referral program were explained in details on the website, and not by contacting MDJ himself. I had all my Questrade paperwork signed and completed, but after reading a number of tradinh experiences from Questrade members I decided not to mail in tading application.

I went strztegy Credential Direct. Will let you know how things go. I am a questrade customer since October It is my first discount dtrategy account, and I got it because of the low trading fees. After some growing pains listed at bottom I stayed with them. Not having to worry about currency conversion when buying or selling is awesome. I was originally frustrated at having to get a USD draft each time.

However, I called earlier and asked if I could send a cheque without the 20 day hold. That is good customer service. The user platform is quite simple. My growing pains: At first I was seriously pissed off at them because the currency exchange spread was higher than expected. I began working for a bank and was intending to switch over from questrade as a result of the irritation over the currency spread.

So I closed my bank discount broker and stuck with questrade. Stefan, you sound like a crank from the competition, get a life a forx to trafing other online disco so you can whine against them. Jack, you are flr confused and should let somebody look after your investments before you lose your shirt. Questrader web is easy to use, the trades are executed strafegy and accurately. I am quite satisfied with the service so far and recommend it to anyone who is serious in investing and has experience with online trading.

After 7 weeks I did another enquiry and I was informed that they are still working on the transfer. Went on vacation and came back hoping it was transferred but still no luck! Same when I credit default swap put option model the account had to call them after 3 weeks to find out what was the delay. All I want is a small amount to play with in my RRSP.

It took me 2 months to get the money transfered from Altamira. But it was Altamira holding it up. They kept making excuses for not moving the money. So far I like Questrade alot. Have had no problems. I have now opened 5 accounts with Questrade and am extremely satisfied with their service. Their web platform QuestradeWeb Beta cack very easy to use, and the items that have high volatility are executed very quickly.

The only main issues I have had so far are:- whenever I transfer anything using electronic transfers the money leaves trwding bank account immediately, but it takes 5 to 8 days to reach the Questrade account. If the electronic money transfers can be taken care of in at the most 3 days, this will be the best thing. In one of my accounts Questrade is adding the commissions and the exchange fees in the net amount, while in another similar account for my wife they are adding the commission and subtracting the exchange fees.

I have opened a ticket with them and am waiting for a response. Customer Service:- their first level of support is pretty bad. Almost always Strahegy have never received the correct response from their first level of support. However, if I insist to talk to a manager or someone else, I have managed to get a response. Their first level of support sometimes realize their mistake and get back to me by phone or e-mail after I have talked to them over chat.

My waiting time at live chat has always been less than 1 minute which is always good. E-mail responses are generally received within 24 hours. For non-volatile stocks, I have seen that even when the price goes below your bid, your orders are unfilled at times. For volatile ones, they usually fill these at lower your bid price, which is much appreciated. Overall, a very nice experience for a discount broker, and my overall satisfaction level is pretty high at the moment.

If only they could move the money from my bank to theirs in around 3 days! In reply to Gerry. Thank you so much for you beatiful characterization. I can prove to you anytime that I drack a questrade customer. Do you want me to give my account number btw? On contrary, perhaps you are a Questrade employee. I plan indeed to leave Questrade, rest assured. But as I said already in some previous post have you read it?

I may have a debt to pay to the margin account, etc. Hey Stefan, you just characterized me as a Questrade employee. Whine whine whine again. But I still Like Questrade best, they may end up getting all my accounts yet. Oh my god, this place is for sure going to sink! I wish you good luck with QT and to never have any bad srtategy with them. Have to admire that :. Their customer support is unable to investigate this issue till now.

I will keep you updated on a daily basis till we get a response from Questrade. Unfortunately, Questrade seems its okay to not reply to my ticket. But please note that to have the stragegy placed wrong and money lost is more serious than just timing issues with transferring between brokerage. Also, the web-based trading system is …well…still in beta stage. So we are testing their systems on our risk, they simply do not want to assume any tradng, any compensation if there is a testwr proof and trace that their system is acting erratically.

Staying strahegy will only increase your anxiety and undermine your ability to trade profitably. If you are leaving the country and srtategy unable to track your accounts by laptop, then park it in a safe place until you decide how to proceed. My experience has been different in that when I have had some growing problems with QT, I make sure I have all my bases covered before contacting them and I do not leave without having resolved the problem, albeit sometimes I may have to escalate the issue to a higher level.

But that is what I have had to do at all startegy Big Bank online discos as well. Sure, maybe the first tier help is better than at QT but it is sometimes quite difficult to get the problem rectified and harder to escalate it to a supervisor. Traving seems like they are afraid of losing their tradung if the super has to get involved. IMHO, I do not think QT deserves the bashing that it gets in this review.

I hope you get your issues resolved promptly. I would recommend that you call Emil if you are not satisfied with the results. Ciao… I have just started using Questrade and Fester have a TON of questions. To fund my USD account, the website says I can send a draft, but the draft. Do I have to send them a photocopy of photo ID each time I send them a draft or is that not required now that I have started trading.

I want to set up EFT to link my Questrade account with my Scotiabank USD account so I can withdraw funds in the future. How do I do this? Would sending them a USD draft see above automatically get Questrade to set up my Scotia account on their system or do I have to do something else specific? Has anybody experienced problem with the Myquestrade website? I was under the impression that once we convert our CAD to USD in the USD in RRSP account, there were no wash trades needed, and the crac of conversions for adjustment to show the value of your securities in CAD is based on the initial rate of CAD to USD conversion.

But, Questrade clarified that a wash fog is done on the transaction dates based on the rates on tha day. So, there was no discrepancy in my accounts, it was just an understanding issue from my end. Thanks to Questrade for clarifying it up. Despite all the negative reviews I would still consider switching to Questrade if the incentives were right.

You need to wait 2 weeks for check to clear. My present broker clears the funds immediately upon receiving the check. You just need to wait foex you want to withdraw the funds. For those interested here are my comments on Questrede. I have been a client for about 8 months now and so far executed some trades. I use the QustraderWEB Beta Platform with streaming quotes from Quotemedia.

I may switch into another brokerage house in the future but problem is most of them do not take intl. IMO, a lot of improvement needs to be done on the platform side and my basic concerns are with QuestraderWEB are:. I think this is due to Java problems. Also, it always logs off automatically after some period of inactivity about 20 minutes. It may work under Firefox 2. Also, it works with Safari although you will not be able to see etrategy banners located at the top of the screen.

This is very frustrating. I think in this case it would be valuable to have displayed only open orders. Unless you specifically go to the executions or order status section or if you close the session and re-log again you will not get any notice for executions. This is not very practical as each of them has their own web site address and password. On hrading other side if you have the chance to sstrategy a manager the feedback would be excellent.

The DEMO platform now downloads in seconds and performs flawlessly. Of course, if there are problems I will switch quickly, but perhaps Questrade has realized that it is easy to attract traders, but keeping them happy………………………. In your case I think I everything would be in favor of TD. As you, I have also been reviewing TD Waterhouse, Canada counterpart of TD Ameritrade, US for some time and looking forward to opening an account with them in the future if Questrade fails to improve significantly.

I may do that on my next trip to Canada as I must first show up in person in order to apply for an account. They would give you better access to research. Also, TD has a much higher reputation than Questrade and you can easily access banking services with TD. Another good alternative in Canada stratfgy be Credential Direct. It seems Axis has been tuned better for TD than for Questrede as it has a nicer look on the first one.

In general I prefer to use a Web platform as I can load into the system in any computer, anywhere and anytime. It would be nice to see if Questrade puts available the new Quetestreem II that is coming soon and also the Quotestreem Wireless. Here you have a link for Canadian discount broker reviews and rankings from Surviscor:. Using thw webmaster demo I tried to buy shares of RY.

Now ofrex this was real time does craci mean I would have pay 4. After the trading day or session is over, if your order was partially filled then you will always pay one commission. On the other side, if you placed a GTC order and it gets filled in multiple tradding, then you will be charged one commision per each day of partial execution.

First day you get2nd. Anyway, you have the chance to cancel the order anytime without incurring in any extra commission. The below queries are directed at a QuesTrade senior customer fored manager in order to restore fforex faultering reputation. I have been searching for an RRSP account without all the CAD-USD tewter exchange costs for some time. Seems there are few DA brokers willing to give up the profit.

So, Questrade cor come up as an option. However, based on your customer service feedback, I am very, very leary to open an account. A proposition, if I may. The reverse is seemingly never true. I flr not wish to argue any of the above subjective, qualitative issues. Rather, Quantitive performance etster are required, much as Professional Business has been using for years… trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u the form of KPIs.

I will consider opening an admittedly large RRSP account if you back up your promises of improved customer service on a monetary level. What is you quoted timeline? Activate your email out-of-office assistant. Having worked with a few different brokerages in my time, I fpr that these types of issues are common where fundamental mis-management is in place. As such, I would expect that you will raise this offer to a significant enough level to warrant serious consideration.

Looking forward to a formal Questrade response to my proposal via this pubic forum. Post — Hi Ray. Hrading the coming week, we will be rolling out pre-authorized deposits — a tool for setting up automatic transfers from your bank to your trading forsx. You can manage it in myQuestrade. It allows for USD transfers, meaning if you have a USD bank account, you can transfer U.

Also: are you still having problems with myQuestrade? Let me know here or contact our client services specialists directly. Can you please contact our client services team to review this billing item. Post — Youngmoney: we do on occasion run a transfer fee promo. Fogex contact our new accounts team to see if we have one you qualify for. Post — Humpelpumpel: thank you for your contribution to MDJ. Your feedback is very valuable — both the positive and the srategy. Please keep it up.

Post — Pipo: A note xrack Surviscor. The main business of Surviscor is to evaluate broker websites and provide feedback on how to improve rankings. This is a paid service; companies must hire Surviscor to provide site performance evaluations. It is also subjective. For example, their sole criterion for client support is how much time it takes to reply to an email. Another company who does similar work is Dalbar. I recommend investors look to multiple sources — including blogs and forums — to get a more detailed and cracj perspective.

And thank you for your detailed review in post If I have any specific feedback for you, I can post it here or email you directly. But it is informal traving there are so many variables, any stated policy would have to account for every scenario. Given the dozens crac, moving parts — the TSX, NASDAQ, ECNs, our clearing firm, our trading software support supplier, as well as all the other banks and brokerages — it is not feasible. Let me give you one example: at the end of June, the federal government is introducing Bill C — a law that addresses money laundering and mandates financial institutions to conduct in-depth identity verification.

We have been working diligently for the past year building new account-opening procedures to make the process as fast as possible trwding compromising our obligations. However, new clients may experience longer wait times for account approvals. I know you are asking for a set policy — a value placed on your time and investments. There actually is, although not as you described.

The financial services industry is highly regulated. All investment dealers vor be registered with a provincial securities regulator as well as with IIROC Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada — the body that tradnig replacing the Investment Dealers Association — IDA — which in turn answers to the provincial forwx regulators. The Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments can also on occasion become involved. The mandate of each of these agencies is to ensure Canadian investors are treated equitably.

They have set rules and shrategy and we meet them. If you feel we are not treating you fairly, there are multiple avenues for you to pursue. But it is our informal, case-by-case, one client at a time approach that seems to work best for our clients. It allows us to address and redress each individual issue directly and quickly.

And thanks again, Frugal Trader, for the opportunity to respond. When I set up my account I initially deposited X amount of CAD. I then contacted a representative to ensure I would do the conversion correctly. So I went through and purchased USD while the CAD was doing well. A few days later when I checked the questraderweb page I was -X USD and 2X CAD. I emailed and tried live help to get this resolved.

The live help person said she would fix the mistake right away. Several days passed so I asked for live help again and this time the help said go ahead and buy equities she will fix it right away. I again emailed to which I got a response this was do to trading From Stratgey th. Is the headache worth it? I would suggest contacting Lynn or Emil. They fprex been very helpful to me, and to others, in the past where they have more power to get problems solved.

Their contact information is above. We recognize the inconvenience of three separate logins to our clients and are developing single sign-on functionality. Anything you can tell us to improve the service would be appreciated. Your account issues: can you please contact me at the email below with your name, account trading strategy tester for forex crack 4 u and phone number. As such I will continue to use questrade as my discount broker.

Next test corex be tax time. Not cool… Questrade spams Wikipedia. I have never invested in the stock market before, and I am thinking about signing up for an account with Questrade. That being said, should I sign up with a U. They have a Canadian website optionsXpress. So if I am primarily trading in U. And depending on which broker I go with Canadian or U. Is it better tax wise capital gains tax for me to open with a Canadian or U. Any help on this matter would really help me out.

MDJ are privy to the number of transactions made in my account. Granted, not much information forxe be gained from knowing the number of transactions being performed but this is still information that some people like me feel is private. Even if I did switch programs, I highly doubt that the number of transactions would be directly tied to a real name. It probably would be indicated with some sort of account number.

Does anyone have experience to compare QT with others so that we can make an informed decision? Hence, I was hoping that someone could explain how the synthetic plan works compared to other brokers. Starting to trade on July 1. In absence of a comprehensive Questrade manual showing rules and regulations pertaining to its policies and trading platform, calls to customer service were needed to clarify discrepancies inherent in the life versus the demo platform.

Unfortunately, I received as many contradicting information as there were agents I spoke with; requiring additional calls asking for verification traading a supervisor. Andrew has to be mentioned as most professional, helpful, willing, competent and customer service oriented. Some of the issues are the number of decimals allowed to enter, excessively long tradibg lapses to fill market orders despite direct access, limit orders do testet appear on level 2 queue view, commission amounts charged are shown at 2x the amount incurred, etc.

The trading platform however, closed a position other than the one selected by me which had shown a gain when closed out at that time. Instead a significant loss occurred when the system chose a stragegy position of the same symbol acquired at a different price strtegy the one I had selected. I called Questrade immediately following the incident. After 15 minutes on hold, I was informed by Stdategy With this information in tradlng, on July 29, at In addition, my unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue in several phone calls to customer service resulted in repeated disconnections, more than 13 minutes waiting periods on hold and refusal by agent Ilia to connect me to a supervisor.

Instead, rude, rushed and unfriendly, he tried to convince me that only a paper, but no real loss had occurred. He assured me he had now adjusted the account to eliminate the loss occurred. When I asked him how foerx result is shown so that I can see it in my trading account, he answered that he is not an IT programmer and thus, does not know how the computer did it. Brad, agent at the trade desk, and later agent Karan, assured me the account would be adjusted at end of the trading day because current attempts made by them failed for technical reasons unbeknownst to them.

I requested several times to be connected to a manager or supervisor and asked for a call back, I AM STILL WAITING TO BE CONTACTED. The customer service has been useless so far. They just keep promising but never deliver.

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A reserve currency (or anchor currency) is a currency that is held in significant quantities by governments and institutions as part of their foreign exchange reserves. System Requirements: Compatible with Windows 7 and above. Mac users please see our Web Trading platform. To skip the review and go straight to the $50 Questrade trading credit, click here. My wife and I decided to start a small RRSP and TFSA trading account on her behalf.