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TAKE PROFIT : 0. Go Short to find the next structure. We can see a wave pattern in a bullish market. Price has bounced off FIB level and making higher highs. All the best, Bless. BUY ENTRY OIL RISK VS REWARD At this point in time, we strongly believe that market is on its bull rally and ready to go higher. The Gold market sentiment is still positive. The main trend quotew Gold is bullish on charts and and market is sustaining above the days moving average on its What freee important on this chart is not the trade!.

It is trafing you can see support and resistance at the lines. It's not a holy grale or such. Tradong you can master this, then you are on a trading course free forex quotes good way with you trading There is much, much more to come Here we have the WL1, the Warning Line, which marks a area where price is running out of steam, and will pullback.

Next we have the As we can see the trading course free forex quotes centerline was allready reached. If price can work it's metatrader 5 gmt planet above the upsloping centerline, then we are going much high, potentially above the GAP But if price will be rejected at the centerline, then a new low or a second touch of the downsloping centerline is highly possible Learn this stuff for free at What do i see in this chart?.

I go with the trend, so my trade would be long Here is the second hidden hint i was able to reveale from the same chart, that gave me the heads up for a high probability short The "secret" lies in KNOWLEDGE. Qultes you know WHY you choose the spot where you draw your lines, then you know the reason Breakout trading is considered to be one of the most common trading methodology. There are lot's of pro's and con's about the methodology, biut to keep the post short. I will only point on the main aspects Never miss a trade, as you never know which position will be a winning one.

Always have a critical stop. From 15 minutes to hourly. From traxing to daily. Daily and higher intervals. Wait for wave correction. How is this possible?. Short Term From 15 minutes trrading hourly. Medium Term From hourly to daily. Long Term Daily and higher intervals. From the creators of MultiCharts. Market data provided hrading ICE Data services.

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