While careers and schools would still be featured, they would be represented differently from The Sims 3, more akin to the way they were featured in The Sims 2. Persistent TestingCheats - Cheats Always Enabled! Cheatbook - Games, Hints, Tips, Cheats, Trainer and Cheat Codes The Sims: Deluxe Edition. John will never die! Retrieved July 19, Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy cheqts the file before proceeding.

This article is a list of Questssorted according to their type. See each quest's specific article for plot, rewards, and strategy details. As of Patch 1. Completion of an annexation quest grants a special benefit specific to its corresponding foreign territory. The Kingdom must form an alliance with a territory in order to access its annexation quest. In the case of Effenmont and Gastroburyan alliance will not be available until a Hero purchases a nautical map and travels to the islands.

Paltry aspect quests will only appear if the mecieval is in dire need of an aspect. Completing them usually dramatically raises the paltry aspect in question. If a kingdom has completed its ambitionthese quests will be available without requiring a paltry aspect. In total there are 21 paltry aspects quests: 3 for Well-Being3 for Knowledge8 for Cultureand 7 for Security. They are only available at special moments and may disappear if not completed within a set of amount of time.

The first two quests must be taken in order to start the war, the sims medieval ios cheats the other quests become available based on the position of the War Effort Gauge, until finally one of the 3 End the War quests finishes the conflict. Skip to Wiki Navigation. Skip to Site Navigation. Don't have an account? The Sims Medieval Wiki Navigation. Voting System Rules VSR. Note Annexing Advorton reduces the costs of quests costing QP by one point. This list uses the original, unaffected costs.

Note The two 0 QP quests, Brave New World and Free Timeare only available after the Kingdom's Ambition mode has ended. The former quest allows you to use an existing Hero to start a new kingdom, while the latter is The Sims Medieval's sandbox mode. Contents [ show ]. Ad blocker interference detected! Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers. Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. Can't find a community you love? Create your own and start something epic. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Sims Medieval Wiki is a Fandom Games Community. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. This list uses the original, unaffected costs. The former quest allows you to use an existing Hero to start a new kingdom, while the forex trading investment plans 14 is The Sims Medieval's sandbox mode.

Constellation Confrontation Hubris Peteran Priest To The Stars Wedding Public Ceremony Any non- Monarch and Monarch Reception Hall Secret Lover Any non-chivalrous Hero except Monarch Eastern Promises For Science! Iow Priest Hungry Hungry Hamfast! Deal with the Peasants! Promote the Cause I Don't Feel So Good Heal Him Jacoban Priest Lost Cause Peteran Priest King For A Day I will do uos Any non-Monarch Meat Quest IV Focus Testing Nurse With A Curse Superstitious Sympathy Crab Bandit A Powerful Ally Crab Hammer.

Hero Sim may get unique item Crab Hammerand two recipes to the Forge: Spiked Carapace or Longclaw. Power Grab Gain Domestic Support Gain Foreign Support Royal Review Bloodletter's License Imperial Inspection Bounty Hunt: Wild Boar Save the Boar Knight or Wizard or Spy Slay the Boar Knight or Wizard or Spy Evolution of Chinchilla Chinchilla of The Watcher Peteran Priest The sims medieval ios cheats Metal Chivalrous Challenge.

Hero Sim may get Royal Longsword and an unique Knight's Plate War Games. Jacoban Priest Take Care of It Seven Mechanical Arts Make That Six. Hero Sims may acquire Legendary Trait. Jacoban's Day Out The Greatest Adventure Medkeval Jacoban Hero or Jacoban Priest Rise of a Playwright Hard Work Play-giarism Royal Holiday A Little Time Off. Hero Sim may get Sword of Smortlee Book or Smortlee Stew, if the player choose visit Smortlee, Luffening Wine or Luffening Ale, if the player choose visit Smis.

Cultural Masterpiece Build It! Bloody Harvest Monarch or Spy or Knight. Hero Sim Monarch or Knight may get unique item, Chinchilla Slayer Armor. Hero Sim Spy may get unique item. Fur Protest It's a Trap! The Mirthful Love Doctor All We Need is Love. Hero Sim may unlock Mouthwash Crafting. Contents: Genie Free the Genie! Hero Sim get Beacon of Hope recipe, and Genie's Staff.

Ancient Secrets Excavate the Ruins. Merchant gets stuck upon completion, workaround requires cheat. Cutting Edge The Craft of War Peteran Priest. Hero Sim may unlock two sword recipes to cheatw Forge Seraphim and Galatine or Balmung and Trenfher. Dangerous Minds Encourage Reception Hall Shut It Down Family Crest Knightly Heraldry Royal Heraldry The Philosopher's Stone The Legendary Discovery.

Cheata Olde Magic Show A Delightful Evening of Mystery O Creature, My Creature Create Life Wizard or Physician Spy or Knight The Dragon of Kingdom Name Befriend Peteran Priest or Jacoban Priest Merchant or Blacksmith Slay the Serpent Monarch or Knight BlacksmithMerchantWizard or Physician. Hero Sim may acquire Legendary Trait. Hero Sim may get Wyrmslayer sword. The Legend of the Talking Frog A Toadry Romance Any non-Physician. Hero Sim gets Frogga Hat.

Talking Frog's Legs Any non-Monarch Bric-a-Brac Day Finders Seekers Blacksmith or Physician or Spy or Wizard Fountain of Legend Self Improvement Any Hero with a Fatal Flaw excluding the Monarch. Guild Enemy does not qualify a Hero for this quest. Gilded Guilds Bards Guild Fighters Guild. Hero Sim may get unique item, Berserker's Sword verifyLord Knight's Bulwark or Lord Knight's Light Bringer.

Hero Sim get Staff of the Magi. The Blacksmith's Apprentice Recruit an Apprentice The Fisherman's Challenge Compete. Heir to the Throne Pumping out the Princes Aarbyville New Gangs of Aarbyville Assassinate! Jacoban Priest Jacoban Priest Training Yard Jacoban Priest Proxy Election Time! Jacoban Priest Merchant or Spy Jacoban Priest A Missing Child Find 'im Prelude to a Plague Pandemic Preparations Royal Assassination Sly Slaying The Monarch's Medicine Doomsday?

No Worries Here The End is Near Ceats Priest Famine Fever Feed Them Reception Hall Martial Law Reception The sims medieval ios cheats Peasant Revolt Placate Bard or Merchant Suppress Knight or Spy TavernKingball Court The Case of the Missing The sims medieval ios cheats Search the Shadows Gobblin' the Goblins Wizard or Knight Seal the Portal Wizard or Jacoban Priest or Peteran Priest Invasion!

Defeat With Deceit Bard meideval, or Merchantor Monarch Secure With Swords Knight or Merchant Stop With Secrets The Witch is Back A Witch No More Wizardor Knightor Spy Counterspellin' Wizardor Jacoban Priestor Physician Delightful Wedding A Rash of Rudeness Discipline Jacoban Priest. Educate Peteran Priest or Bard Book Burning Literacy Program Monarch or Bard Scary Stories Cultural Crusades Destroy Culture Jacoban Priest Embrace Culture Peteran Priest Foolishness Jest for a Day Inquisition Convert Peteran Priest Ois or Merchant Purge Jacoban Priest Spy or Knight Enter Fortune Festival Any Hero excluding Monarch Sacred Scrutiny Nobody Expects the Jacoban Inquisition Jacoban Priest A Wandering Prophet One True Faith Peteran Priest Silence the The sims medieval ios cheats Jacoban Cheatz Knight or Spy Make Books, Not War Translation Sensation Peteran Priest Wag the Dog Spin Doctor Behind the Scenes The Sinister Sorcerer Slay the Sorcerer Monarch or Spy Knight or Monarch or Spy Save the Sorcerer Jacoban Priest or Peteran Priest Brave New World Forge a Kingdom.

Available after a Kingdom reaches 0 QP. Between 1 and 4 heroes can be active. Can switch freely between heroes including inactive heroes which can be swapped for active heroes. Appears at the start of a new Kingdom. Will disappear after 2 quests if not taken. Hero Sim may get Monarch's Armor of Fortitude or Monarch's Blade of Strength. Aims Day Out 2: A Pilgrimsaster Golem Bob. Appears after completing Jacoban's Day Out. Will disappear after 3 quests if not taken. Hero gains Certificate of Title: Pirate.

Hero gains Certificate of Title: Guildsman. The Betrayal Betray the Pirate Tribunal Monarch or Spy or Physician. Requires War Effort Gauge leaning towards the Pirates. Option given to ally with Pirates or stay loyal to Guild. Legendary Trait possible Guild Enemy siding with Guild. Betray the Guild Consortium Monarch or Spy or Physician. Requires War Effort Gauge leaning towards the Guild Consortium. Secrets and Successions The Missing Heir Spy or Bard.

Can gain allegiance with either faction or remain neutral. Storywise most naturally follows The Incident. Subprime Slaves Free Them Peteran Priest Take Advantage Peteran Priest The Beast Must Diet Cure It Physician or Wizard Any non-Monarch Simz The Great Purge Dastardly Despot. The Royal Advisor fhe Servant aren't actually killed. Turncoats High Society Piracy Jacoban Priest or Knight. Putting the 'Aaarr' in Aristocrat.

Under Siege Armada Ahoy! Requires War Effort Gauge allied thf the Guild Consortium. March of the The sims medieval ios cheats Blacksmith or Peteran Priest or Physician. Requires War Effort Gauge allied with the Pirates. Very Bazaar Deputized Knight or Spy or Peteran Priest or Jacoban Priest or Wizard Out Trade the Traders. Gain Pirate or Guild Allegiance. End the War: Gut the Guild The Final Assault End the War: Order in the Kingdom Overruled!

End the War: Punish the Pirates.

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