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Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said he has spoken to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and will work to update the North American Free Trade Agreement to benefit all three members. Earnings beats by big tech names could help drive stocks higher, but the "Friday-afternoon effect" may short-circuit their run. The order will instruct the Interior Department to review and revise the Obama administration's plan for federally administered waters.

Just like last year, economic growth in the first quarter looks stagnant, but many economists expect a bounce back in the second quarter. Kai-Fu Lee, founder of Sinovation Ventures, discussed the future of artificial intelligence with CNBC. President Donald Trump told Reuters a major conflict with North Korea is possible, but he prefers a diplomatic outcome. He also shared thoughts on Taiwan. Activist hedge fund manager Dan Loeb told investors he doesn't plan on missing out on the final stages of this economic expansion.

Alphabet, the public holding company of Google, makes most of its money from advertising. Earnings reports from the tech giants show that Amazon continues to dominate the cloud, but Microsoft's Azure business is picking up steam. Goldman Sachs is bullish on aluminum prices as it expects the Chinese government to implement supply side reforms in the months ahead. Nasdaq futures surged after hours Thursday after encouraging earnings from Amazon.

The Trump administration had lacked consistency on that part of the tax plan since they unveiled it. Google was forced to make an all-out public relations push after big advertisers complained their ads ran next to objectionable YouTube videos. Log In Register Log Out News. The Pulse 1 Market. EDITION Register Log In Profile Email Preferences PRO Sign Out. Trump tough on South Korea: Threatens free trade deal termination, wants payment for THAAD system.

China says situation on Korean peninsula could slip out of control. Mexico's president says opportunity to update NAFTA to benefit all the dark knight rises put options 787 countries. Friday could be the day stocks take a run at breaking to new highs, but here's what could go wrong. Trump to sign executive order that could expand offshore energy development. Weak first-quarter GDP expected, could lead to second-quarter bounce. Trump says 'major, major' conflict with North Korea possible, but seeks diplomacy.

Third Point's Dan Loeb says 'animal spirits matter' in super bullish letter about the Trump trade. Amazon surges on big earnings and sales beat. Google-parent Alphabet's earnings smash estimates. Microsoft's cloud business is growing almost twice as fast as Amazon's, with Google far behind. United settles with passenger dragged off flight. Aluminum set to rise on China supply-side reforms: Goldman Sachs.

Big market day tomorrow: Nasdaq futures jump after hours on Amazon, Alphabet earnings. Reading between the lines of the US North Korea statement: China holds the key. Trump's tax plan won't affect k deductions, White House says after confusion. Unicorn Frappuccino bumped up Starbucks' sales, more quirky drinks to come. Cramer Remix: Why Amazon and Alphabet can buck market trends. Google made 'thousands of calls' to prevent advertisers from boycotting YouTube.

The sadistic pleasure of selling options and taking people's hard-earned money. // Sell puts calls

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