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Many traders especially those who stock trading tips guidelines starting out are looking for stocks to add to their swing trading stock ideas list or as I like to call it my hit list. These basic blunders can easily be avoided by using good screening guidelines. The first factor you want to look for is volume.

Make sure your stock or ETF has an average daily volume overshares. While this is actually a fairly conservative figure, there is a reason why my threshold is low. Some stocks that have volume of less than a stock trading tips guidelines, shares per day are ignored by institutional traders or mutual funds. The less institutional sponsorship your stocks have the less correlation they will have with the rest of the market.

Some of the best swing trading stock ideas, come from trading stocks that have average daily volume of more thanand less than 1, shares. Also, stocks that have this type of volume tend to be extra volatile because during heavy trading there is less traders to take the opposite side of each trade. This is an additional benefit of trading stocks that have low institutional sponsorship. The stock has to have above average volatility.

I have several ways I screen stocks for volatility, some are very simple and some are very complex. For the purpose of this short tutorial I will keep it extremely simple and once you get a comfortable you can always expand on this. Some stocks go through periods when they are volatile and when they are calm, what you want to do is only look at the last 10 trading days or two trading weeks. What you want to see is volatility increasing to a point where the stock is covering more than 2 bucks in trading range each day.

My free real money forex account officer is to write this down in your swing trading stock ideas notebook that you record your stocks to look at. The biggest mistake beginners tend to make is ignoring correlation rules. Correlation is one of the most important factors as far as risk is concerned and ignoring this one rule will increase your risk and as a result decrease your odds of being profitable.

Correlation in simple terms is how closely your stocks follow each other. For example, if you look at two similar companies in similar industry groups they may follow each other and trade almost identically. If you take two stocks from two different industry groups like shoe manufacturing and gold or software manufacturing and oil production companies, your correlation will tend to be smaller between stocks. All stocks have some degree of correlation to the general stock market, the more institutional sponsorship a stock has the more it will correlate to the stock market.

This is one of the reasons why I mentioned picking stocks with reasonable volume but not too much volume, these stocks will be less correlated and will give you some diversification. The last thing you want is to have 10 stocks do exactly what the market does; you might as well just trade the index contract and save yourself commission if you want to trade this way. But many traders think because they have 10 different companies, they are sufficiently diversifying.

The truth is the companies have to have sufficient degree of separation from each other to avoid having a high degree of correlation. There are indicators and tools to help you make these determinations mathematically as opposed to visually. However, there is no better way to learn this material in the beginning then by actually looking at the markets and figuring it out on your own.

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