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Registered Office: Telephone House,Paul Street, London, United Kingdom, EC2A 4NW. Quoin Club Ltd is incorporated in England and Wales, registration number and will be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA in the United Kingdom. Commercial property: A direct investment alternative to the stock market. Direct property ownership without the hassle.

How Quoin Club Works in 5 Steps. We source high quality property assets. You invest in the assets that appeal to you. Our Asset Managers maximise returns. Put your hard-won savings to work, so you don't have to. Quoin Club is run by an experienced team who have a combined track record of investing and advising in the commercial real estate sector of over 30 years. Sell your share and withdraw your money at any time.

Quoin Club will be regulated stock market online courses uk authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA. We are Tim Struth and Steve Howling the founders of Quoin Club. Why are you doing this? We have both experienced first hand how difficult it is to own commercial property. The cash, technical expertise and time required makes it impossible for most people.

We want to change that, making it accessible to all, so we set out to build Quoin Club — a completely new investment experience. Founder of Quoin Club Ltd. Join Now and Find Out More. We answer your questions about Quoin Club. I already invest my money. Why is this better? Commercial property is a great way to generate a meaningful income stock market online courses uk a brick-and-mortar asset.

Unlike residential property, commercial property generally generates more income and offers the ability to invest in a much more diverse range of assets - shops, cafes, offices, hotels and more. How does Quoin Club work? You can browse properties and choose an amount to invest, become owners of a share of the property and receive a return from the rent paid by the tenant. You can then choose to either continue to receive a regular income, or to sell your share at any time on the Quoin Exchange.

What is my expected rate of return? This will depend upon which property or combination of properties you choose to invest in and the time period over which you invest. Over the last 30 years, commercial property has returned on average a total of 9. Is my money safe? All investment carries risk. At Quoin Club, prior to investment, your money is held in a ring fenced client account. Once the money is invested you will own shares in a UK based limited company which is managed on your behalf by a Nominee Company.

Would I lose my investment if Quoin Club went into liquidation? You are investing in properties managed by Quoin Club rather than Quoin Club itself. Every Quoin Club property is held in a Special Purpose Vehicle meaning that your investment is ring fenced. If anything were to happen to Quoin Club, your ownership of the property would not be affected. No joining fees, no membership fees.

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