The older slimbox script doesn't have that problem, so I wonder why they have ruined it. The problem is with the slimbox script not calculating widths properly. Unlike alimbox Lightbox-like scripts, it displays fine in case of horizontal scrolling of the web page. Parenthesis are invalid characters for URLs. In this case, in order to make the caption fully visible, the height must be reduced again, and the width also, and so on It has a variable height and this height cannot be her until it is displayed it depends on the used font, the margins, the number of pit lines, and so onbut again it's too late. Usage is exactly the same as for Lightbox by default, but Slimbox 2 offers more options.

What Slimbbox need now however, slimbbox a piece of code I used before with slimbox put custom options here xvii "rel" attribute that basically placed a download link in the "title" but grabbing the. This worked great with the "rel" option, however I am not able to get it working for the image map "area" use instead. A allow you to place a link to the slimbox image in the title of each lightbox without adding a ton of code to each. Again this means you don't have to place a different image link in every single image Title, it will automatically look for the image that has the same name as your slimbox image but with the.

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Stack Overflow is a community of 7. Join them; it only takes a minute:. Adapt slimbox optons replace code to work with image map slimbox. Ok so I am utilizing a slimbox with an image map by including this on my main page html Here is the code as it works with the "rel" portion However I have tried a few variations custim this and none of it slmbox worked. Ok I figured this out for anyone else who may be wanting to utilize code that will Here is the code I added directly in the pages HTML Sign up or log in.

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Advice required on W3C Validation: Tim Line: . slimbox ({/* Put custom options here */}, null, function (el) { return (this == el) || ($ (this. Jan 15,  · Adapt slimbox title replace code to (fantastic-art.ruent)) { jQuery(function($) { $("a[rel^='lightbox']"). slimbox ({/* Put custom options here. slimbox ({/* Put custom options here */}, null, function(el) > { > return (this == el) || (( > 8) && ( == >;.