Submitting this form also entitles you to receive our weekly email newsletter. You can be wrong. Please fill out the form below to receive your no-obligation copy of my free guide by mail. This is what is known as going naked. How to Trade Options. You can also use these strategies to target individual stocks or sectors of the market that are weak.

Not only do you need to search for quality stocks, but then you have to ensure they also have a great return on premium. With Steady Option Income, you no longer have to spend mountains of your time in this very tedious task. Sselling Put Writing Is Selling An Option To Open, Capturing Premium As the Option Decreases In Value. The more premium, the better the return.

But high premium on low quality stocks creates a very high risk situation. We search for stocks that are in the blue chip quality range. Without it, you might be seloing by some global macro event from out of the blue, sending stock prices well below your strike. This helps us generate a bias about general direction and get positioned well ahead of any possible scenarios.

Each letter provides commentary about the SP index and a general bias about where we believe the market is heading. Having followed you now for a while, I have come to trust your recommendations. It all becomes a question of trust in your expertise for picking trades - which I've come to rely on. Even better, our options list always has options available for smaller accounts to trade.

I am very happy with my subscription. Of course I like your recommendations. I bought the 6 month subscription and made more than the selling put options on margin back on the first trade. Just One Trade From the Daily List Will Pay For Your Monthly Subscription! How often are emails sent out? A few times per week. It will mainly depend on what is going on in the market at that time.

How many days do I get with each paid period? Your subscription is monthly or marfin be precise, every 30 days. Do you offer options on ETFs and commodities? The returns simply aren't there. Can I cancel my subscription at anytime? You can cancel your membership at anytime by logging into opgions membership area. When I cancel the service, do I get a refund for the unused period?

Once you cancel, you'll no longer be charged and selling put options on margin subscription will end once your paid period expires. Searching For High Quality Premium Can Take Hours. Save Time By Letting Us Do All Of The Work! How Does Steady Option Income Subscription Work? Here's What You'll Find In Each Email. Vetted Stocks With High Premium The more premium, the better the return. Great For Smaller Accounts! Trading forex with tradestation tutorial 6 Months And.

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How to Trade: Selling Naked Put Options

Short Uncovered Put: Equity Options. Log in; Open an may be applied to meet the initial margin requirement) Example: Sell to open 16 contracts Mar 36 Put at. Enter a Few Simple Criteria and Trade Finder Can Help Find Your Strategy!. An educationally focused put option selling service.