Buying a Call - You have the right to buy a stock at a predetermined price. Click here to see our US Steel trade journal in Look at Face Book FB trading at Can you help me? I won't be surprised if Awy heads past it. Financial Advisors Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, industry trends, and advisor education. Good to be back.

Selling Put Options My Way. Welcome to the page that discusses Put Options. I want to start this blog by telling you that I have no number, I am not trying to sell you any newsletter with the next great stock idea. I am not inviting you to come to my house and view a cleaning agent. I do not have any life changing secrets and I cannot promise you a flat stomach. I am going to share with you my daily option moves and the reasons behind them.

My way of trading options are of course not the only way to utilize Put Options. This is a way that I have found to be simple and easy and not as complicated as some make this business. My hope is that you can develop a steady stream of income and continue to enjoy your life. Sunday, March 16, Sell put options my way navigation all, Wow some new names and option players.

Been off line for a couple of weeks while my wife and I went on a golfing trip to Palm springs and the Phoenix area. I kept up with my options while away. What did I ever do without an I-phone???. Lots of you using index plays. I haven't used them much lately but they are a great way to do options. For me I am still using quite a few CC's with FSLR and FB. All expired on Friday and tomorrow I will decide on which strike to open new coved calls by the plays at the opening or after sell put options my way navigation hour or so.

If the stock is moving up I let it ride until it seems to level off for an hour or two. If down I will open at the next higher strike above the current stocks price. For covered calls I open just the opposite of IC's or puts etc. I open them quickly for the current weeks to capture all the TV I can get. For IC's I like to wait until maybe Wednesday. Lets hope the Russians behave and the news settles down. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest.

Sunday, February 16, Hi all, good to see taxman and Ihaveoptions still trading. Sorry for you TAX as snow is pretty for a few hours, and then All of my last weeks options worked quite well. For the coming week I still like FACEBOOK FB They have proved sell put options my way navigation they can monetize the site and it should continue to move up.

For traders that want it easier You can buy the stock for around I'm doing 30 or 40 in a margin account. Margin account have the risk of a major correction and a margin call if your stock of choice dives. But with the FED keeping interest rates low for the time being I like the risk. For those with a higher risk factor FSLR reports at the end of this week. Most seem to expect good reports? For one of my accounts I am going to buy the FEB 28 at the strike of 50, cost around 4.

I expect a jump of 5 or 6 points with the report. I'm not doing a spread with these as the up or downside is just to much to guess with. But maybe just 3 or 4 of the call options as a flyer. With FB for me I see it as a once every now and then pick. They make money, half the worlds population is on it and it keep growing. I will keep riding the stock until it slows. Have any of you guys or gals been watching PCLN? What is with that company? I keep trying to figure ways to jump on the train but up or downside risk is just to high.

Someday a split will happen on PCLN or GOOG but until then I can't find a play. At the end of next week sell put options my way navigation are heading to Palm Springs and then toward Phoenix for a week or two each. Sunday, February 9, Thanks to all that have kept the blog alive and well over this last year. I have had many many questions regarding where or what I'm up to and why avoiding posting on the blog. My only excuse is pretty lame but I really have been busy the last year. This past week I spent in the Caribbean spending some hard earned money while chartering a nice Lagoon catamaran.

I'm now home and want to add to the blog. I have branched out into doing some investing for others. This has burned up lots of time and energy but paid the bills. So again I am going to try and do a posting more than weekly. I have changed a lot of my strategy mainly for easy trades but I still do a lot of Iron condors. I will wait for a few days and look again but if nothing happens soon I will jump in Look at Face Book FB trading at Buy the weekly Sell the 70 for.

If this works you would make around. Waiting gives me the chance to re-evaluate and adjust the strikes used or even if I want to do the trade On many of the accounts I manage the owners want a little safer way of trading so I have gone to the simple covered calls. FB has reported earning and should continue upwards?. Again I like FB for most of these. I also do some EBAY. When doing covered calls I use the next strike available.

With FB I am buying lots of them and selling the. The goal with these is to get called! I use a lot of margin so this ups the profit but adds some element of risk but my accounts are ok with some risk if care and thought go into them. So there you have a few of the trades I am doing these days. I hope to hear from you traders regarding what you think and how you are trading this weeks available trades. Thursday, May 16, Hi all, Well this time I am really back and looking forward to posting my trades, answering question and getting the Blog back to producing winners.

I am still on a BOD and have some other duties but now I am trying to make the blog a bigger part of my duties. I love the interaction and trading ideas offered here. I apologize for being absent so much but other duties have distracted me and now I am back on track. First of all I have again changed directions. As most of you know I started trading daily around 15 years ago.

I have made a fortune and lost a lot of it. I have been up and down as I tried different methods. I have settled on a method that I now feel offers some great rewards with as little risk as can be expected. I get many request and notes asking how I started with selling puts and now do spreads. When I started there were no weekly options. Most of the rules I suggested were pointed toward how to trade monthly options. The stocks I now use listed below work best with weekly options and offer a good ROI return on investment.

OK, so what do I do now, it is nearly always CONDORS. I have quit doing the longer term spreads. That of course is condensing it but now it is Condors pretty much total. That of course has me trading both puts and calls. So my rules for selling puts as outlined in my book still apply and give me some basic rules and guidelines. For those that do not know condors.

Here is a simple explanation. Say the stock is at I buy the put and sell the put. I hope to make. I then or in a combination if your brokerage offer that. I will sell the calls and buy the calls. So this condor has 4 legs. Only one side needs maintenance as only one side can end up in the money. If your condor has strikes that are 5 points apart, as above, then the maintenance is 5 for each option.

If you have an account of 10K then you can do 20 options. If you can make. I get request often for what stocks I am now using. Well for the current condors I use —AAPL, GOOG, NFLX. These stocks offer decent premiums and have weekly options. One golden rule for those not used to doing condors is and this apply to most positions open position no sooner than Wednesday.

Example I was looking at GOOG on Monday and thinking maybe I will open a positions. Well on Tuesday goog moved a bunch and yesterday it moved 27 or so points. If I had done the Monday position I would be losing many thousand. I was thinking of doing 90 of them. But when I look today there are good positions and only a day or two left! With the politics and the rest of the world situation there is no reason to push the envelope. Tomorrow I will write on how to correct a bad position.

Good to be back. Thursday, March 21, Well I have been on a roller coaster for a few months. I've become active on a BOD and also had a long vacation somewhat off the grid. But enough of me. For trades that I am now doing A somewhat long term spread with GOOG. I won't be surprised sell put options my way navigation GOOG heads past it. But they pay quite well and my 'plan' for goog is to be around by Sept. If so I will capture all the weekly prem's I take in plus capture the pt's on the long side.

The do wnside is how high I can roll the sold one. Otherwise I will have to buy it back to close in Sept. I usually hesitate to roll to soon as you forfeit prem sell put options my way navigation rolling and then if the stock misses on earns etc. I usually try to stay 20 points below the current stock price. I am also doing some vert spreads with goog.

For tomorrow I have a condor. Tell me some of your trades and fire away any questions. Sunday, December 16, I've been pretty busy but with the holidays coming fast I am certainly slowing down. I have given up on trying to make APPLE go up. As you traders know one day up 10 then down 20 etc etc. I have closed all the AAPL options from 4 different acc'ts. Of course that means it will go through the roof. I have opened new positions in the following stocks and some of you might like to take a look for possible trades.

A stock I really like is Phillips PSX Everything about it is good except that it only has monthly options at this time. Another stock I am using is CAT, to buy the Jan Also one I have started using again is GS buying the Jan and selling the current week A negative is that there is no So if it gets moving you have to go out and up to stay ahead of it. Buying the Jan VZ has lots of strikes to pick from which is nice. So for anyone looking for ideas take a look at these. Sunday, November 11, Hi all, I can see I either have to do options full time or other business interest full time.

I have gone to a lot of cash until I can see if this market is actually ready to go north. I have opened and closed so many positions lately my account looks more like a refrigerator door. At this time I still have some AAPL spreads. This gives around 14 months for AAPL to stay the same and give a good weekly ROI or move up as many seem to think will happen.

It is hard to believe that AAPL has dropped around points in a matter of weeks. Hopefully the new products will produce some good news. Now that earnings season is pretty much over for a while, I am tiptoeing back in but I am very cautious. The coming confrontation between the House and the President regarding the fiscal cliff is spooky. So do be careful and leave lots of cushion in your positions.

My book can be ordered at Amazon. See the link below. Or contact me at putman yahoo. Selling Put Options My Way Free; For my latest chapter regarding how I trade spread options contact me at putman yahoo. It is on Amazon Kindle books. You can download it to your Kindle type device, your phone or computer etc. It is only pages but it fully explains my successful way of trading options. At the driving range. In late I was introduced to the possibilities of trading options.

I jumped in and went for quite a ride. With my lack of investing knowledge, I was cautious at first, but then money started flowing into my account. Stocks like Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, and other so-called Internet stocks just would not go down. These stocks seemed to split and double once or twice a year. Money really seemed free then, and within two years, my account had grown to well over one million dollars. Sell put options my way navigation, I was a millionaire.

When the bubble popped and I gave back most of my winnings, I sat down and made some rules for trading options. There are of course months that disappoint but many more that surpass my goals. I want to share with you the ways to incorporate as much safety as you can in your options business. And it is a business.

I wish you the best of luck. View my complete profile.

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Jerry Lee ’s most popular book is Selling Put Options My Way. Jerry Lee ’s most popular book is Selling Put Options My Way. Home; My Books; Browse. simple and much safer than most investors imagine if you just stick to my six tips.> Selling Naked Put Options Investment U by entering your navigation. By selling put options, you can generate What if you sell a put option at a price that is higher Put selling is the most lucrative way of making money.