The easiest way to do this is by exporting the key from another computer. Internet options not coming up. If Alan's solution doesn't work, make sure Chrome is not running when you set IE as the default browser. Thanks Diane - rather than pursue the registry keys method although the problem had started after uninstalling FirefoxI went ingernet to the beginning and remembered Ckmputer hadn't been using IE but Edge as the default because IE didn't appear in the list of potential default programs. Discuss the Microsoft Community Site.

The authority on tech. This operation has been cancelled Anonymous Jul 11,AM. Archived from groups: microsoft. What unternet I do? More about this operation cancelled restrictions effect. If you are running Windows XP Professional - Have you set any custom IE settings or other Windows Settings in Group Policy Editor?

Or installed any add-ons for Internet Explorer? Patrick; I understand restriction in effect on this computer internet options on explorer the answer is no to both. But I must confess; that's a exploerr question. So let me oj more specific: 1. Yes I'm running Windows XP professional 2. I have not compjter any custom IE settngs in group policy editor. I've noticed that Add-ons download themselves some times. I'm always disabeling any "unknown-to-me" add-ons.

I changed it to 0 and problem solved. But now I discover that I'm not allowed to change my default page. Please contact your system administrato. Please Contact Your System Administrator. This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in ef. Can't find your answer? Patrick; The article had the info. That computee also solved now. Please take a look at another thread I'll be starting in a little while.

See if you can also help with that. Best regards, Reinaldo Crespo. Hi, Common issue, especially if you have been recently hijacked. The tools I will list after the fix, keep them handy and run them often. Anonymous Jul 11,PM. Check the startup Start-Run-MSCONFIG-Startup tab for any unknown items if it is reset on reboot. You might try this snippet from Mike Burgess first if you use SpyBot: 'Did you by no run SpyBot's Immunize feature? If so, you can unlock by unchecking the option to "Protect IE Control Panel" ' Alan; Funny you mention spyboot.

Yes I run it every once in a exploreer. That was probably what did it. Thank you for the input. Ask a new question. This operation has been cancelled due com;uter restrictions. This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on t. Restrictions: This operation has been cancelled Restrictions - This Operation Has Been Cancelled Operation cancelled due to restrictions.

When i try to turn on my virus optkons i get this operation has been cancelled d. This operation has been cancelled etc. Operation has been canceled. A process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or has been terminated. No GPO in effect, but restrictions still apply. Canceling Partition Resize Operation. Navigation to the webpage has been cancelled.

My screen says navigation to this page has been cancelled -what do i do? Disk checking has been cancelled. I AM UNABLE TO open the controlpanal in windows xp it says it is due to restrictions in the effects of the computer. Tom's Hardware Around the World. Subscribe to Tom's Hardware.

How To Uninstall Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Restrictions (All NoBrowserOptions - Disable the Tools > Internet Options menu. Restart Internet Explorer for the restrictions to take. Jul 11,  · This operation has been cancelled restrictions >> > on >> > tools-> internet options. >> > >> > "This ons for Internet Explorer? > >> > >> "Reinaldo. and " This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect ". this action" and " This operation has been cancelled due to Internet Options.