If the Heat and Raptors don't show Wade and Bosh that they are serious, those two will be out the door and the Knicks can try to get them. Bad news for Joba. Gobert doing what he has all year: shutting down the paint. What if they decide to keep Thomas, advance the runner, go to the opposite. Knickks had a talent, such a. I believe Harrington's contract expires after this season, so they aren't committed to him long term.

With a little more than a month of the current season in the books, teams Tjrus had time to review their group and begin to tweak their engines for the long season ahead. As the txlk pile up and underachievement becomes detectable, trade rumors start coming from every direction. It seems since Tyrus Thomas injured his arm in a freak weight training accident, which required surgery, the Bulls have been making and taking more offers than eBay. Since the injury, Taj Gibson has had his minutes increased and is proving he was well worth the 26th overall pick.

Also with Joakim Noah playing like a barbarian on the boards, trailing league-leader Dwight Howard by only one rebound per 48 minutes, the Bulls can spare to lose Thomas. Not to mention the savvy vet Brad Miller has been playing inspired basketball, and is taking and making big shots. So it sounds like the next time Thomas hits the weight room, it wont be in a Bulls facility. Rumors have swirled; opinions flood the blogs and talk radio airwaves. But one possible destination I find appealing is Thomas to the New York Knicks.

This trade is perfect for both parties not only on the floor, but in their wallets also. The Bulls organization has long admired Harrington's versatility and offensive game, and Thomas is almost a perfect candidate to play the Amar'e Stoudemire role in Mike D'Antoni's run-and-gun offense. Harrington would give Chicago a veteran scorer to complement Derek Rose's abilities.

Being as versatile as he is, he could cause many mismatches, and this would open up the floor for Rose to score and Noah to rebound. New York, on the other hand, gets a defensive presence and an above-the-rim player who runs the floor and finishes. New YTrus City would embrace his style of play. Example of put option valuation their record where it is and the former dunk champ collecting dust on the bench, the hometown crowd needs something the cheer about.

Thomas is also another fresh pair of lungs that, if they choose, could be a wonderful piece to add with their free agency winnings following the season. Though this trades may be for mostly financial reasons for each team, it may very well provide important pieces for the direction these teams are taking. NBA NFL Soccer MLB NHL MMA WWE CFB CBB NASCAR Golf Tennis Boxing More Trending Mag Tickets Get The Tgade With a little more than a month of the current season in the books, teams have had time to review their Report Bulls talk Tyrus Thomas trade with Knicks for Al and begin to tweak their engines for the long season ahead.

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Feb 13,  · Bulls renew talks with Knicks about Tyrus for Al to make the trade work. The Bulls continue to shop Thomas trade talk is smokescreen trades. Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Knicks may be interested in acquiring Bulls forward Tyrus Thomas. Tyrus Thomas Could Be A Knick. Utah, trade talk. 1 Report: Frustrated With Knicks that would’ve sent Luol Deng and Tyrus Thomas to the Timberwolves for Al the Bulls or the Knicks on Twitter then.