With Blizzard pulling the auction house completely yesterday — less than two years after its launch — GamesBeat wanted to find out more about the gamers who earned big and the secrets of their success. See the RMT section of the Auction House article for more details. Yea I agree with Malignant. It won't cost any real money to list your items there. Blizzard notes that "this process will be subject to applicable fees charged by Blizzard and the third-party payment service. Not sure if he can, but I can: here [wired. Check out the new SourceForge HTML5 Internet speed test!

Diablo III Forums General Discussion Hardcore items for sell! Hardcore items for sell! Movies, Books, and TV. Copy URL Even without a RMAH for Hardcore items people will have them for sell. What do you think Blizz should do? Copy URL i thought trading is not permitted in hardcore Copy URL You remembered wrong, just no rmah in hc. Copy URL People will use 3rd party sites. Blizzard says if demand is there they will add it. They will add it after seeing all the 3rd party trades for HC.

Copy URL Mmoney wager a guess that most of the people who will stick with hardcore aren't the kind of people to buy in game items for cash. The people who would buy the items are the people who'd lose them and then email support dozens of times and then threaten a law suit. Copy URL I'm sure this is the only area of Diablo 3 where the underground third party sellers real money trade diablo 3 thrive.

People seem to play HC in part for status and bragging rights. They constantly use cheap tricks and near-cheats to be successful. See Diablo 2 and doing things like alt-F4 koney death to save yourself. People will play hardcore using tactics that effectively make it no different than normal if they can. Since many, if not all of these advantages have been tgade in Diablo 3.

This leaves buying over powered equipment as one of the few advantages to stay ahead of the game. Copy URL You won't be diaglo one, at least not anytime soon. Let the third party sites deal with it. Copy URL Trae seem to play HC in part for status and bragging rights. I'm going to play hard core with a few of my friends because we 1 want to stay away from the AH and 2 for the challenge of the game. We wont be and never will be concerned about the potential permanent death of a character.

The effort should be into the game and developing an experience with real money trade diablo 3. Not characters on a single basis. Copy URL Personally, I don't see the point to buying items on a videogame with real money. And I do feel pity for those that attempt to justify it. Copy URL I wouldn't say there is not a demand for the RMAH in Hardcore just because of that poll.

Hardcore will always be a niche playstyle compared to Softcore. Anyone could have responded to that poll; including those who have no desire to play Hardcore and those just generally against a RMAH feature altogether in Diablo 3. I'm betting that, of the actual Hardcore populace, there will be a significant demand for the RMAH; or at least the desire to pay real money for the items in some venue.

I played solely Hardcore mode in D2 since it was launced and made a good sum of real money stricly on the Ebay Hardcore market within that first couple years of release, before it really took off with major 3rd party sites. Join the Conversation Ignored Have something to say? Log in to join the conversation. Americas - English US.

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Sell Diablo 3 gold for real money. 2) Sell Diablo 3 Item for Trade Diablo III gold for Diablo 3 CD-Keys, Diablo III gold for wow CD-Keys such as vanilla. Diablo III ’s real - money auction house let some players make serious cash. Meet the gamers who earned big in the now- closed Diablo III real-money auction house. ' Diablo 3 ' To Allow Trading Gold And Items For Back then people would trade valuable items for real The introduction of real -world money into " Diablo 3.