She has her own insurance and is asking for minimal expenses throughout her pregnancy. She is unsure what type of contact afterwards that she wants, but is looking at all aspects of an open adoption. She would like picture and letter updates as the child grows. The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or in place of therapy or medical care. But, those of us who have been in the adoption arena for a few years know that it is far from a perfect world. She may have pregnancy related expenses she will need assistance with.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. You seem to have disabled JavaScript. To take full advantage of our site and functionality, we recommend you enable Javascript. Before You Try Getting Pregnant. Tips for Getting Pregnant. Could I Be Pregnant? I want to give my kids up for adoption but my family won't let me.

I have a three year old little girl and a nine month old boy. I hate being a mom and want to give them up for adoption. My husband and other family members said they will disown me. Yet they will not take the kids for me. I meet their needs on a daily basis food, clothes, safety, etc However they drive my insane crying, temper tantrums, and getting into mischief.

I know I never should have gotten pregnant with our second child but our birth control failed. Please help with advise and or adoption resources. This is a cry for help. If she feels she can't do it BELIEVE HER. These are the ones that end up drowning their kids. Was this answer helpful? Yes No Thank you! Another thought, if you aren't working, I would recommend getting a job.

Being home with my 23mo and 4mo olds is so exhausting with no reward or appreciation from them. They demand so much of me, and I am usually home alone with them. But when school is in session, and I do my thing as a teacher, I am so much happier. I get great satisfaction out of being told I do a good job. So find something that makes you happy, and drop the little ones off at day care so that you can come back refreshed and happy and more ready to listen and talk them through a tantrum and basically be the best mom you can be Anything that is worth having is worth working hard for!

Iam looking to place my son up for adoption to a loving family. I have fallen on hard times and can not provide for him at the moment. This is a very hard decision for me. Please respond if interested serious inquiries only please. This post was posted a long time ago but I just had to respond I've been up all night aching for my 6yr daughter who was adopted when she was 2 I miss her so much it's hurts me everyday with out her I would give everything to have her with me I can not judge but seriously think before you do something you may regret consulting support groups don't do something that will ripe you apart later.

I think you obviously are struggling and need help coping with your children, I would seek support from family and friends and maybe counsellors if your seriously feeling this way. I am not against adoption, I believe if someone honestly does not have the means to care for a child or if the child would be subject to a bad environment then yes, adoption is an option but I don't believe that you should give up your kids when they are naughty, or just because your sick of them, you need to get assistance asap.

You need to go for counseling. Are you with father? How does he feel about this? Those are very needy ages, maybe a nanny could help. Your children need an intact happy family, do not throw them away. Iam in the same situation. I have a 2 year old that i want to give up for adoption. I Live in puerto rico. Someone please help me I have two beautiful kids who I love more than anything but I can't give them anything at all. I have all the maternal instincts But I can't support them properly all I want is for them to have.

A good life What do I do. I can't beat for them to be gone but I can't give them what they need. I am very serious and sincere. No children and do not plan to have 1. Ensure to nurture him in good environment and with good education. I have a 6 year old and a 4 year old and I hate being a mom too but I'm a good mother I hate yelling all the time and I have sacrificed putting twins up for adoption of children for them I have no life and no one helps me with them I want to give them up for adoption.

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I hate being a mom and want to give them up for adoption. give my kids up for adoption but my family won 't and need help coping with your children. Foster care adoption facts: , children are waiting. Sign up to attend a Discover Bethany Adoption meeting in your area, twins Israel and Isaac. putting a child up for adoption I don't get the whole having another child after she even had twins I could never imagine putting my child up for adoption.