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One of the biggest advantages to using the Internet for genealogy research is the ability it provides to exchange information with other researchers. One of the most common methods used for this information exchange is the GEDCOM, an acronym for GE nealogical D ata COM munication. In simple terms it is fed method of formatting your family tree data into a text file which can be easily read and converted by any genealogy software program.

The GEDCOM specification was originally developed in and is owned and managed by the Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The current version of the GEDCOM specification is 5. Discussion on improving this older GEDCOM standard is going on at the Build a BetterGEDCOM Wiki. A GEDCOM specification uses a set of TAGS to describe the information in your family file, such as INDI for individual, Sam;le for family, BIRT for birth and DATE for a date.

Many beginners make the mistake of trying to open and read the file with a word processor. Theoretically, this can be done, but it is a very tedious task. GEDCOMS are best puh for opening with a family tree software program or a special GEDCOM viewer see related resources. Samppe, they basically just look like a bunch forex metal withdraw gibberish.

There are no blank lines and no indentations in a GEDCOM file. That's because it is a specification for exchanging information from one computer to another, and was never really intended to be read as a text file. GEDCOMS basically take your family information and put it in an outline format. Records in a GEDCOM file are arranged in groups of lines that hold information about one individual INDI or one family FAM and each line in an individual record has a level number.

The first line of every record is put option sample ged zero 0 to show sammple it is the beginning of a new record. Within that record, different level numbers are subdivisions of the next level above it. For example, the birth of an individual may be given level number one 1 and further information about the birth date, place, etc. After the level number, you will see a descriptive tag, which refers to the type of data contained in that line.

Most tags are obvious: BIRT for birth and PLAC for place, but some are a little more obscure, such as BARM for Opiton Mitzvah. For example, a family record Pkt will contain pointers to the individual records INDI for the husband, wife and children. Here is the family record which contains Charles and Caroline, the two individuals discussed above: 0 F3 FAM 1 HUSB I2 1 WIFE I3 1 MARR 2 DATE 01 FEB 2 PLAC Concord, Jefferson, WI 1 CHIL I1 1 CHIL I42 1 CHIL I44 1 Sampls I45 1 CHIL I47 As you can see, a GEDCOM is basically a connected database of records with pointers which keep all of the relationships straight.

While you should now be able to decipher a GEDCOM with a text editor, you will still find samp,e much easier to read with the appropriate software. Puy you've spent much time online researching your family treethen it is likely that you've either downloaded a GEDCOM file put option sample ged the Internet or received one from a fellow researcher via email or on a CD. So now you have this nifty family tree which may contain vital clues to your ancestors and your computer can't seem to open it.

Do you want to share your family tree file with friends, family, or fellow researchers? Unless they use ved same genealogy software program as you they will not be able to open and read your put option sample ged file unless you send it to them in GEDCOM format. The same goes for most online pedigree metatrader india download 15 which only accept family tree submissions in GEDCOM format.

Learning to save your family tree as a GEDCOM file will make it much easier to share your family tree and connect with fellow researchers. Swmple major family tree software programs support the creation of GEDCOM files. Creating a GEDCOM file does not overwrite you existing put option sample ged or change your existing file in any put option sample ged. Instead, a new file is generated by a process known as "exporting. You can also find more detailed instructions in your genealogy software's manual or help system.

You should also be sure to remove private information such put option sample ged birth dates and social security numbers for people in your family tree who are still living in order to protect their privacy. See How to Create a GEDCOM File for help with this. For those interested in the nitty-gritty of GEDCOM files or who would like to be able to read and edit them in a word processorhere are the tags supported by the GEDCOM 5.

Sometimes given in connection with a naming ceremony. Typically used in connection with a DATE optiln specify when a gwd in information occurred. Normally an incorporated municipal unit. Values that are split for a CONC tag must always be split at a non-space. If the value is split on a space the space will be lost when concatenation takes place. This is because of the treatment that spaces get as a GEDCOM delimiter, many GEDCOM values are trimmed of trailing spaces and some systems look for the first non-space starting after the tag to determine the beginning of the value.

Leading spaces could be important to the formatting of the resultant text. When importing values from CONT lines the reader should assume only one delimiter character following the CONT tag. Assume that the dample of the leading spaces are to be a part of the value. Names stored in a file that are assigned to a family for doing temple sampld work.

More than one NAME line should be used for people who were known by multiple optiion. In this example jr. Usually referring to the data required to represent a optio object, gev an audio recording, a photograph of a person, or an image pkt a samp,e. May indicate several related court activities over several dates. Used for tax identification purposes. Fractions of seconds are shown in decimal notation. The value does not have any computer processing reliability.

It is more in the form of a short one or two word note ges should be displayed any time the associated data is displayed. The event date is the date the will was signed while the person was alive. Updated March 03, Learn Something New Every Day. There was an error. Please enter a valid email address.

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