Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Used by processors or exporters as protection against an advance in the cash price. PD is a gentle treatment. Volatility Crunch - A sudden, dramatic, drop in implied volatility resulting in a sharp reduction in extrinsic value and hence the price of options. A method of quoting exchange rates, which measures the amount of foreign currency needed to buy one U. For example, starting with Oracle Database 11g, a single recovery catalog schema can keep track of database file names for all databases in a Data Guard environment.

You are using an outdated browser. Upgrade your browser today or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. Abbreviations Select the first letter of the word from the list above to. Divorce: the final ending of a marriage. Both parties are legally free to remarry. For example, a MD Human Relations Commission hearing examiner's decision.

Administrator: a person appointed by the court to pay the debts of a deceased person and distribute the remaining property according to law. Advance Sheet: paperback publication of recent judicial opinions not yet printed in bound volumes. Affidavit: a written statement made under oath. Agreement: a verbal or written resolution of disputed issues.

An annotation may provide. Alias Put option glossary library : another summons when the original is not served on the defendant. Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR : ADR is the general term that refers to. Examples are mediation, arbitration. Annulment: a court's decision that a marriage is void; it never legally existed.

It is available only under certain limited circumstances. Appeal: a legal action where the losing party requests that a higher court review the decision. Appellant: the party who appeals a decision of a lower court. Appellant court: A court that hears appeals and reviews lower court decisions. Arbitration: is like a "private trial" and requires both. Alternative Dispute Resolution: One type of. The outcome may be a.

Sometimes the parties agree in. This means that the. If the decision was "binding". Assignment: a transfer to another of all or part of one's property, interests, or rights. Attachment: placing defendant's property in custody of the law before final determination of the lawsuit. Opinions are reported in various volumes. A copy is "certified" when the keeper of the records puts a stamp or seal on the copy and "certifies" that it is identical to the original.

Maryland has child support guidelines which. The guidelines include a formula for. Services receives a report that a child is. For example, a citation of case includes the title, volume, and page of the report in which the opinion appears. The plaintiff seeks compensation from the defendant for his loss. They are rewritten and arranged in subject order. It should be noted the words "code", "revision", and "consolidation" are frequently used interchangeably to mean the same thing.

Code of Federal Regulations C. Collusion: an agreement between two or more persons that one of the parties brings false charges against the other. In a divorce case, the husband and wife may agree to use adultery as a ground in order to obtain a divorce more quickly, knowing full well that adultery was not committed. Complainant: the one who files the suit, same as. This is different from the law created by acts of legislatures.

General Assembly or Congress. Common Law Marriage common law marriage comes about when a man and woman who are free to marry agree to live together as husband and wife without the formal ceremony. To be common law married, both spouses must have intended to be husband and wife. Maryland does not recognize common law marriages. A concurring decision is written by a judge who agrees with the decision, but not altogether with the legal reasoning.

Rich dad poor dad forex trading tutorial pdf : the act of forgiving one's spouse who has committed an act of wrongdoing that would constitute a ground for divorce. Condonation generally is proven by living and cohabiting with the spouse after learning that the wrongdoing was committed. It often is used as a defense to a divorce. Confession of judgment It creates the branches of government and identifies basic rights and obligations.

One side can request that the court determine that the other side is in contempt and punish him or her. Continuance : a request to postpone the case to another. Usually you need a good reason to. A written or oral agreement between two or. Corporation: This is one of the ways that a business can. Maryland law allows for the. When a corporation is.

This new "person" can be sued or. Often put option glossary library corporation shields. If you are considering suing a. Joe Lemongelli who sold you a defective car. Maybe you should sue them both. If you are asking the court to grant a divorce, you must bring to the hearing a witness who can corroborate your grounds for divorce. The punishment, set by law, is either a fine, which goes to the state, or imprisonment, or both.

When one defendant sues. Custody has two parts: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to the decision-making authority. Physical custody refers to where the child lives on a regular basis. If they choose to settle the case, parents can make any custodial arrangement that is in the best interest of the children. If the court must decide custody, the judge will have to determine what is in the best interest of the children.

A court reporter is. A similar type of case for. This is the process where each side is. The goal is to. It also will help you to decide if. You are allowed to question the. There are special court rules that must be. The rules are different for small. Court or for cases in MD Circuit Court. Discovery methods include interrogatories written questions which one side gives the other side to complete.

This is a sentencing proceeding or the hearing where. Dissolution: the legal end of a marriage. Distress : the procedure of taking possession of the personal property of another to pay a debt which he owes. It will list the cases. Court calendars often change at the. It is a good idea to arrive. If your case moves up on.

A foreclosure terminates the mortgagor's rights to the property. The property then belongs to the mortgagee. Garnishment : a legal proceeding. Grounds For Divorce: the legal basis for a divorce. The law sets out specific circumstances under which a divorce will be granted. Before the court will grant a divorce, the person seeking the divorce must prove that those conditions exist. Holding over : retaining possession as a tenant after the end of the term. This is often used in the caption top of.

It summarizes what or who the legal case is. Dispute Settlement IDS - is also. It is an informal process in. This means that the parties may. Injunction : a court order directing the defendant to do or not to do a particular thing. Failure to obey an injunction constitutes contempt of court, which is punishable by fine or imprisonment. Judgment: a court's decision. Judicial Notice: act by which a court will recognize the existence of put option glossary library certain fact without the production of substantiating evidence.

Jurisdiction: the authority of the court to hear a case. Land Installment Contract : an agreement in which the buyer agrees to buy a dwelling that he will occupy or a lot which will be used for residential purposes, the purchase price will be paid in five or more installments in addition to the down payment, and the seller retains title to the property as security for the buyer's obligation.

The law exists in many forms, including, constitutional law, statutory law, decisions, regulations, executive put option glossary library, local laws, and ordinances. Law Review: a legal journal published and edited by law school students; legal scholars and students contribute articles. Lease : an oral or written agreement, express or implied, which creates a landlord-tenant relationship.

Lease option agreement: a lease that contains a clause that gives the tenant some power, either qualified or unqualified, to buy the landlord's interest put option glossary library the property. In addition, the agreement must contain a clear statement of its purpose and effect concerning the ultimate purchase of the subject property.

Lien : a charge or claim on property belonging to another, for the satisfaction of a debt or duty. Limited Divorce: establishes certain legal responsibilities while the parties are separated but does not end the marriage. Liquidated damages: a specific sum of money which has been agreed upon by the parties to a lease or other contract as the amount of damages to be paid by a party who has breached the agreement. Back to Top Material breach : a breach violation, failure to perform which is important, substantial, not trivial.

Master: hears cases like a judge. A master's decision is reviewed by a judge before becoming final. A neutral person called. The Mediator's role is to advise the parties. Both parties involved play an. Mortgage: a pledge of specific property as security for the payment of a debt. The mortgagor is the person who pledges the property. The mortgage accepts the pledge. Notice put option glossary library quit: a written notice given by landlord to tenant, indicating that tenant must move from the premises at a time designated.

Option: the right to make a choice; a purchased privilege which gives the holder the power to make the agreement. Partnership: This is one of the ways that a business. It is often an easier way. Pendente Lite: temporary arrangements for custody, child support, child visitation, alimony, use and possession of the family home, etc. Per Curiam Opinion: opinion of the whole court as distinguished from an opinion written by a specific judge.

Personal property: movable property or possessions, as distinguished from real property. Personal representative: usually, the executor or administrator of a deceased person. Power of attorney, letter of attorney : a document authorizing another person to act as one's agent. Premises: the land, building, or part of a building which is the subject of a lease or grant.

Pro Se: Pronounced "Pro Say. Probation Before Judgment: PBJ : A conditional avoidance of imposition of sentence after conviction; failure to satisfy the conditions may cause imposition of sentence after a finding of violation of probation. Quiet enjoyment: covenant of quiet enjoyment - assures that the tenant may peaceably enter on the leased premises at the beginning of the lease term and that the landlord will not interfere with tenant's enjoyment of the premises.

Rescind: to annul, cancel, terminate a contract, including a lease, and to restore the parties to the position they would occupy if no contract had been made. Summons: An attempt to try again. Replevin: This is a type of legal lawsuit. In adult court this person is called the. It usually refers to the the legal doctrine that says once a court decision or other. Resolving the dispute, without a. Squatter: someone who settles on the property of another, without legal authority to do so and without the consent of the person who has the put option glossary library of possession of the property.

Contact an attorney to. If it has, this would mean that the. Stet: Translated, "to stand"; a conditional, indefinite stay of all further proceedings on a charge, allowed by a court on motion of a State's Attorney and marked "stet" on the docket. After the stipulation is entered. Subpoena duces tecum: a. Summary ejectment: a court proceeding. For example, a landlord may request.

Back to Top -T. Injury caused by negligence or. Divorce: when the defendant is not going. Reports: a court report published by a. A debt that is. Possession: the right of the parent who. Where the courts in Maryland have. Usually it is the judicial district and. Separation : the living apart for One who is called to court to testify. See, also, " Expert Witness ". In the title of a court case reference the name of the plaintiff is put first, followed by the put option glossary library "v", then the defendant's name.

Gateway to Maryland Law. About the Maryland State Law Library. Public Information Act Requests. Just for Specialized Audiences. Maryland State Law Library. Public Hours: M,W,F 8AM - PM Tu,Th 8AM - 9PM Sat 9AM - 4PM. Glossary of Legal Terms and Abbreviations. If you do not find a word here, try. Look at another dictionary maintained by a California self-help publisher, Nolo Press.

The terms will be clearly defined and most terms will apply in Maryland. However, some terms may reflect California law. Look at FindLaw Legal Dictionary. This dictionary is designed for law students and legal professionals, so it may be harder to understand. Abandon: to leave with no intention to return. Ab Ignition: Latin for "from the beginning. Action: a lawsuit or proceeding in a court of law. Answer : the written response to a complaint, petition, or motion.

Alimony: a payment of support provided by one spouse to the other. Bona fide : in good faith, genuine, without fraud. A person under the age of eighteen A limited liability company sometimes called a limited liability. It is a special type of business that is a. A LLC is like a. This means that an. A limited liability partnership. However in this type of arrangement. This means that if a limited. There will be at. Defendant: the person the case is brought against.

Lessee : a tenant; one who put option glossary library the property by virtue of a lease. Lessor : a landlord; one who grants the lease. Material breach : a breach violation, failure to perform which is important, substantial, not trivial. Motion: a request to the court. The plaintiff s and the defendant s. Petition: a legal paper that starts a case. Plaintiff: the person who started the case. Real property : land or buildings.

Reconciliation: married people getting back together. Service: providing a copy of the papers being filed to the other side. Spouse: husband or wife. COMAR - Code of Maryland Regulations Gill - Gill - early Md. Supreme Court Reports, Second Series Code - Annotated Code of Md. A2d - Maryland Reporter, Atlantic Second Series PBJ - Probation Before Put option glossary library. Memo - Tax Court Memorandum Decisions USTC - United States Tax Cases.

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