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The process for divorce without children typically ranges from 4 months to 17 months. Read More Not all real estate purchase contracts involve an immediate sale. The idea is that the home- or landowner extends and keeps open an offer to sell, in return for a payment by the buyer the "optionee". The donatino is in many cases a tenant, who is currently renting the property in which case it's called a "lease-option contract" or might be donarion developer, interested in a plot of land but needing to do more research and perhaps obtain permits before committing to the purchase.

Option contracts are most commonly used for real estate, but can be used for other things, as well. If the option is exercised according to its terms and conditions, a binding contract is created. The seller must sell, and the buyer must buy, for the price or consideration and on the terms stated in the contract. Option contracts can be beneficial to both the buyer and the seller of property, but are often particularly helpful for the buyer.

Why wouldn't the seller just put the property on the open market? Not every piece of real estate is an easy sale, and marketing a property takes work no matter what. Keeping one potential buyer interested can overcome a variety of marketability issues. If the sale goes nowhere, the put and call option deed of donation at least gets to keep the option otion in most cases. The benefits that the buyer of the option gains are many: time in which to secure financing or save up a down payment, investigate zoning laws, and inspect the land, and all without the threat that the seller might sell to someone else first.

In an option contract, only the seller is bound. That is, the buyer is not required to buy. And the seller is required to sell under only the specific terms of the option contract. In other words, a buyer and a seller of property could enter into an option contract but, for whatever reason, the buyer could ultimately decide pput to exercise the option to buy.

A contract that is contingent or conditional on the occurrence of a certain event is not an option contract. So, for example, if a contract states that the seller will sell and the buyer will buy if and when the buyer secures financing, both parties are bound upon the occurrence of the stated occurrence. Indeed, it is common in many real estate and other types of contracts to include one or more conditions or contingencies that must take place before the deal closes.

However, this language would not be oc in an option contract. In an option contract, the buyer is not bound to buy until he or she decides to exercise the option. This is a legal term meaning that there has been value given—most likely, money—in exchange for the seller's promises within the contract. The puy should state the exact consideration the buyer pays. Without consideration, the seller could withdraw the offer without becoming legally anc for a breach of contract.

This is true even if the value is minimal or clearly inadequate relative to the subject of the contract. The option should also state how long the offer will remain open. If the option is for a fixed period, like six months, the exercise of the option must take place within that time. Any conditions to the exercise of the option should be clearly stated within the deeed. Conditions often take the form of limitations, for example, providing that the option can be exercised only by written notice, or in a specified form, or only by certain persons.

However, he is awaiting a job offer that might force him to move to Washington, DC. Mary realizes that she has a potentially good buyer, but that Bob will have to refuse the purchase until he knows for sure about his job. Mary and Bob decide to enter into an option contract. The two set the terms of this agreement in donatjon, and sign it.

If Mary were to take the extra money, this would be a breach of her contract with Bob. What if the seller sells the land to potion else during the option period? If the actual buyer had notice of the option at the time of the sale, the optionee can optkon the option against the new buyer. So, for example, if the sales contract with the buyer stated that there was an option, the buyer is bound by it.

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Free, Personalized Answers From Expert Lawyers. Lawyers from our extensive network ready to answer your question. Brian FarkasAttorney Option contracts offer buyers a chance to put a property "on hold" until they're ready to complete the purchase. Not all real estate purchase contracts involve an immediate sale. Who Gets What Under an Option Contract. No Conditions Permitted in an Option Contract. Legal Requirements and Essential Aspects of Option Contracts.

In addition, like with any other contract, the option must be supported by what's called "consideration" in order to be enforceable in court. In addition, the option must state clearly the sales price—that being put and call option deed of donation price for the land once the option is exercised, or the means of determining the price, such as by stating a maximum price to paid. Example of How an Option Contract Might Be Used. Remedies for Breach of Option Contract. Specific performancein which a court order forces the seller to capl the land to an optionee who has exercised the option.

Money damagesincluding any money that the optionee spent in connection with deal, such as having aand survey made, or the difference between the price the optionee paid for other land and the price of the land stated in the option. Questions for Your Attorney. Can I sell more than one option for the same piece of land? A seller didn't tell me about an option he had sold on land I just bought from him, and I didn't see one when I did a title search.

Someone is now claiming a right to buy my land under the option. What can I do? Can I get the money back from the buyer if I lose the land to the optionee? If I sell land pursuant to an option contract, can I include in the sale contract a promise by the buyer to extend to me an option to buy the land back again later? That way I can assign the option to my children and they might be able to repurchase their childhood home someday. Lawyers Brokers and Resources. Find a Residential Real Estate lawyer.

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