There are certain things I'd rather not put out there in the forum for everyone to see. If you have the tight range that you need, you must enter as close to mid price as you can, so you are not exposed at the end of the range. Join Date Nov Seconds Before News To Set Pendings. Do you want to avoid staring at charts all day and only trade within mins making same or even bigger consistent profits?

How to present a product for a sell-through Nnews Trader Pro is a unique robot that allows you to trade the news by your predefined strategy. It loads every piece of news from several popular Forex websites. You can choose any news and preset the strategy to trade it, and nsws News Trader Pro will trade that news by selected strategy automatically when the news comes.

News release gives opportunity to have pips since the price usually has big move at that time. Now, with this tool, trading news becomes easier, more flexible and more exciting than ever. No waiting, no missing, no confusing anymore. Just setup for important news once a week, and this tool will trade all those news exactly as you planned. The following strategies are supported: This strategy is very simple, just predict the market move direction after news release, ;air set it to open Buy or Sell order before news release.

This method can maximize the profit and avoid slippage because order is opened when market is still silent, but it also can whipsaw your account if you choose the wrong direction in big news. This is for one who likes to take risk. This is typical strategy that places two opposite pending stop orders before news release to catch the breakout.

Regardless of direction of new price move, we expect a large jump and it will trigger one of the pending orders. In some rare cases, some traders may want to use limit orders instead of stop ones, to catch the reversion of a price move. In this strategy, setting a reasonable SL, Pwir and news trading ea pair SL is critical. Similar to pending trap strategy, but grid pending trap strategy sets a series of pending orders like a grid. This strategy catches the price move in smaller parts and sums them up in the final result.

Also known as "Never lose again" strategy, martingale strategy uses lair size increase to cover its previous losses if any. This is great nsws combining with news, when the price usually has big move. However, do not set the initial lot size too large since if there are spikes on the news, your account will be margin called before price moves in one direction. This strategy yrading suitable for important news that impact the market in mid to long-term.

Warning: News trading is risky. It depends a lot on your broker's order filling ability. This tool is not a fully automated forex liquidity provider list website. It only trades on your custom strategy. You take the responsibility for the trading result made by your own setup strategy. I don't recommend this EA.

According to the news trading ea pair, it need about minutes for the EA to update the news result. And, tradinng must manually refresh some news This guy is amazing!! Great thing about this EA is that i rented it for one month and in 2 days i already make the money to newa it 5 Stars from me for this great trading-tool I have just purchased this EA and I am very happy with the author of this EA giving me prompt service.

I must say that he is very understanding and will always be there for you 24 hours a day. This is ttrading amazing EA. It has multiple strategies out of the box for you to trade. And it is more than just a news trading EA. You can set the time for it to trade X seconds before the news and news trading ea pair have it open and manage trades for tradibg instantaneously.

A lot of features for you to utilize and trade effectively. I absolutely love this EA and I will highly recommend it to anyone I just used it to scalp few pips on my live account while testing it, and it worked like a charm. And I'm one of those people who hate leaving reviews, unless I've had a bad experience and want to newss a warning review for others.

But this is the second or third time in my history that I've been so pleased that I took the time to leave a positive and a very happy ex. The author of the EA is very helpful too, I had questions and sent him messages and he promptly responded Author debarred from selling products. Paif Trade Copier Auto Trade Driver Auto Trade Copier for MT5. News Trader Pro is a unique robot that allows you to trade the news by your predefined strategy.

We would like to express our gratitude. And, you must manually refresh some news. I can describe in few words: Traring PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST!!!! This guy is amazing!! Great thing about this EA is that i rented it for one month and in 2 days i already make the money to buy it. Traders can use it for News Trading and Daily Trading very well! They could be hidden at few low RAM computers with previous version. Free technical indicators and robots.

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Video embedded  · CNT News Trading EA is an expert advisor for MT4 platform; it's a fully automatic news trading program that downloads news calendar and straddles. Jan 15,  · What is the best and cheap NEWS TRADING EA? would you please tell me about which pairs or instruments on your very own trading with the. A simple but effective strategy for trading As long as you have the tight range you are looking for before the news release you can trade any pair. Trading.