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Money management in Forex is one of the most important and yet most ignored topics. Too often we hear and see many trading strategies being advertised all over the place, but very little information out there on money management. Why is money management in Forex so important? Profitable trading is not all about one or two fluke profit trades. Profitability in Forex is the ability to make Forex trading profits over time, with consistency and regularity. It is possible to have six trades in a month, with three winners and three losers, and still come out on top with profits.

It is also possible to win 5 out of six trades, and then have the single losing trade wipe you out and return you to baseline level for the month. What is at play here? The answer is simple: money management. The intention of this article is to put into your hands, ten essential money management rules so that you can transform your trading habits to make you consistently profitable. Here they are: Let me start by jarring some nerves with my contrarian view on this issue.

Good money management practices are usually thrown to the dogs with such an account balance. No trader wants to earn money in cents or in single digit dollars. Save yourself from this temptation, which has afflicted nearly all retail traders by opening your trading account with a reasonable account balance. The allure of Forex trading is in leverage: the ability to control large positions with money management rules forex trading secrets small amount of money.

Many industry experts do not advocate using more than leverages, but we see traders being offered leverages as high as for trading. Leverage in Forex is a two-edged sword. Most of the time leverage works against traders. Over trading can mean taking too many trades at a time, thus increasing your risk exposure to the market. It can also mean trying to chase pips all over the market by placing too many trades in a day, especially after a losing run in an attempt to get back some of what was lost.

Either way, you run the risk of losing big. No matter how juicy a trade may look, limit your risks so you can live to trade another day. Not using a stop loss or a profit target is pure suicide! In Forex, an overnight event can send an unprotected trade badly into the negative territory. You would never know what hit you. A risk-reward ratio of means your profit target is twice your stop loss. If your trade has a R-R ratio ofit means that for every winner, you will need to lose an equivalent trade three times to wipe out profits.

Forex trading australia tax due you make pips in a trade with a pip stop lossyou would, then need to lose three trades using the same R-R ratio to cancel the profitable trade. This is why a trader can have two winners and three losers in a month and still make money. Trading at hours when you normally sleep disturbs your body rhythm and brain function.

You will be more prone to mistakes that affect money management. If you want to know what are the best hours to trade on Forex market, read article: Trying to score jackpots in trading is what usually gets traders taken to the cleaners. An approach of compounding small money management rules forex trading secrets for bigger gains much later is the way to go. Money Management really is one of the key elements in Forex trading.

So do not repeat my mistakes. If yes, please let me know by letting a comment. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Free Forex Trading Tools. Start Your Account with a Reasonable Opening Balance. Let me start by jarring some nerves with my contrarian view on this issue. Do Not Over-leverage Your Accounts. Trade with Stops and Targets. This is a feature that helps a trader to protect and lock-in profits.

Never Take Trades, Which Do Not Deliver Risk-Reward Ratios of at Least Do Not Trade During Sleep Hours. If you want to know what are the best hours to trade on Forex market, read article:. Best Forex Trading Hours: When to Trade and When Not To Trade. Aim to Compound Small Profits over Time. Trying to score jackpots in trading is what usually gets traders taken to the cleaners.

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Forex Trading: The PROS & CONS of Money Management Strategies

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