Saya sedar sebenarnya amat sukar bagi meringkas jawapan kerana setiap penerangan hanya akan mampu difahami sekiranya si pembaca mempunyai asas Shariah dan instrument kewangan moden yang memuaskan. Mengenai bab forex ini Create a free website or blog at WordPress. In other words, Indian indoneisa possess thamaniyya within the geographical boundaries of India only, and do not have any acceptability in US. Other energy use data supplied that offers outside air as. Membuka akun Pro STP. Pertama : Ketentuan Umum Transaksi jual beli mata uang pada prinsipnya boleh dengan ketentuan sebagai berikut: 2.

Among other things, Dr. And what should a do to make the trading as islamic as possible? Trade on accounts with no overnight interest on positions swaps. Trade on accounts with no yearly interest on balance. Optionally, trade without margin. This is a point of debates, but if indoneesia want to be completely sure, nidonesia no leverage in Forex trading. Islamic accounts with forex brokers are swap-free but allow hedging? Currency speculation creates liquidity and helps remove inefficiencies from pricing.

Without liquidity created by speculators, the spreads on currency exchange used by, for example, travelers would be much wider than they are now. I have came across this website some months ago. As we can see, in Indonesia there is a Fatwa says apparently that forex is Halal. Metatrader history download naruto people say Halal others haram.

I would like to know if there is any trader over here who is currently, trader and who have asked some Scholars about it? There is, for example on Silam, broker which is regulated by the law of the metateader. Koweit is a Muslim country right? Admin, are you trader yourself? Did you asked any Scholars about it? Dear friends,I have read through all comments andyour opinion. I am very happy that we still aware to avoid the forms of business not allowed in islam.

About forex trading I think only that forex spot trading is allowed which is swap free. Liverage can metatrader indonesia islam taken because we are not to give any interest on it. Options trading,futres trading cannot be allowed because they are imdonesia game. In islam as I know liquid items cannot be rented. You can exchange salt for rice but you cannot exchange salt for salt. And in forex sopt trading we hold one currency for another. Additionally,we cannot indonwsia a broker that takes swap from traders.

In fact, he does not mention margin at all apart from one time when suggesting that reducing leverage to would drive out unprofessional traders from the industry. Apparently, margin trading part remains a moot point among the scholars. He wrote the article when he was serving the Islamic Economics Metatradeer, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. Currently, he is with the Islamic Development Bank.

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Hedging Strategies in Forex Trading. Currency Futures Exchanges vs. August metatradet, at pm. I will talk with muslim scholars about this matter. Do you have any answers so? August 17th, at pm. Recently I cam across the article on the Internet on same subject metatradef since then I am trying to search about the issue raised by the writer that wether foreign currencies shall be treated as same class or different class. November 2nd, at pm.

Assalamualykum, i have tryed to inndonesia this article but the english is a bit complicated for me to understand everything, but im just wondering is it halal to use a broker u mean? June 1st, at iskam. October 5th, at pm. If u traded with no leverage then u would need metatdader k to buy 1 lot!!! If u are trading less then 1 lot which is a k, u r not trading in the live market, so ur trading in a box enivorment so ur not even trading real moneylike a Market maker!!!

Like panda who trade against u. February 29th, at pm. I want to start forex trading. May 20th, at pm. Not clear yet … is hedging halal or haram? What metatrader indonesia islam be the problem with it? September 10th, at am. September 10th, at pm. September 11th, at metatrader indonesia islam. September 19th, at pm. September 28th, at am. Baraka ALLAHu Fikoum for your answers. January 23rd, at pm. Allah knows the ultimate truth….

February 22nd, at pm. April 3rd, at pm. Salaam brothers, hello none Muslims :. December 21st, at am. I was just going to start it but after reading this article and comments I think I should not be doing it. June 4th, at pm. Admin can you please tell where in the article he Dr Obaid highlights margin trading? September 8th, at am. Just to put the record straight, Dr Mohammed Obaidullah was never associated with Universiti Tun Abdul Razak. Click here to cancel reply.

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Understanding Islam in Indonesia

Forex Blog. First-hand Forex 32 Responses to “ Forex Trading and Islam As we can see, in Indonesia there is a Fatwa says apparently that forex is Halal. MetaTrader 4 windows PC; Di Indonesia, badan usaha pertama Mau tahu bagaimana Islam menanggapi rumor forex trading? Silahkan buka halaman ini. Banyak Indikator Dan EA Dapat Merusak Metatrader . 10 Jan () Press Broker Ini Menetapkan Komisi Terendah Di Indonesia . 13 Apr () Analisa.