Posts: 3, since Oct Some of the earlier competitors to NinjaTrader include Buttontrader and Brackettrader which provide fast and efficient order entry functionality for traders using the Interactive Broker's TWS trading platform. Past performance is not indicative of future results. IQFeed Data Feed Provider. Tradestatioh for clients though, the trade ticket provided on the new TradeKing LIVE qyote is far superior, and I highly recommend using it rather than the website. Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1 0 members and 1 guests LinkBack URL About LinkBacks. Which has better execution time for orders and which gets better prices for you US markets only.

It has since evolved into a much more powerful trading program incorporating advanced charting, market analytics, system development and trade simulation. NinjaTrader is now able to use real-time and historical market data from over 12 leading brokerage mb trading vs tradestation quote market data vendors such as Interactive BrokersIQFeed and eSignal. It also has the ability to execute trades through over brokerages world wide.

These are some of the features of NinjaTrader that makes it hugely popular, especially among emini futures traders: The NinjaTrader SuperDOM which shows an enhanced Depth of Market is especially popular with many traders around the globe, so much so that many brokers have incorporated a modified version into their trading platforms, e. SuperDOM enables a trader to quickly and easily create and modify orders with a forex broker bonuses karachi click of the mouse.

NinjaTrader then takes over the management of the trade based on the preset profit targets and trailing stops. This is one of the mb trading vs tradestation quote features which is gaining in popularity as it enables a trader to watch the chart indicators for the right trade signals and then at the opportune time, execute orders directly within the chart! NinjaTrader's ChartTrader allows you to conduct your technical analysis and trade in real-time using the same advanced chart window.

NinjaTrader also incorporates a powerful Market Analyzer which can scan through multiple stocks, futures or currencies in real-time showing you which instruments meet your technical criteria. Market Analyzer allows unlimited configurations due to the ability to customize based on market data, indicator and trade data columns. Power and versatility however come at a price because there is a slight learning curve to master NinjaScript. It is based on the popular C programming language which unfortunately is alien to many traders.

For those who are familiar with how to program indicators and strategies, it is just a matter of translating ideas into code. Because of this feature, the trader is no longer confined to the traditional paradigm of evaluating trading logic based on the update of a price bar, as with many other such programming languages for trading. Using the advanced event driven model, the trigger for execution could be based on market data, market depth, order status, fill updates and even position updates.

It also allows for liberal, conservative and customizable historical order fill algorithms for more realistic order fills during backtesting. For traders who are currently trading through Tradestation Securities using their own customized Tradestation strategies, they are now able to route orders from TradeStation to another broker by using NinjaTrader. Some of the earlier competitors to NinjaTrader include Buttontrader and Brackettrader which provide fast and efficient order entry functionality for traders using the Interactive Broker's TWS trading platform.

NinjaTrader has quickly grown from its humble roots and is now beginning to compete with the likes of Tradestation and OpenQuant. Read Choosing a Stock Trading PC for a more detailed discussion on computer requirements for trading. The minimum system requirements to run NinjaTrader are: Based on trader feedback in forums, NinjaTrader requires loads of RAM to run effectively so it is a good idea to install at least 4GB or more, especially if you are running a bit OS that can capitalize on that amount of RAM.

If you're looking for mb trading vs tradestation quote new PC which is ideal for running NinjaTrader, then take a look at one of the Best Trading PCwhich is a favorite among many active traders. As using NinjaTrader has a slight learning curve, especially for beginners, the online references and samples provided are top-notch and explain ideas quite clearly.

If additional assistance is required, the NT support forum is very proactive in getting questions answered quickly and accurately. As long as a trader is genuinely willing to learn, the customer support will try to help as much as possible to solve a problem with the program, scripting or any other issues. Using NinjaTrader is a great way to trade the markets and make money. Couple NinjaTrader with the Zen-Fire feedand you get a combination which is currently considered to be one of the fastest and most stable in the industry.

The Zen-Fire feed that NT receives data from only certain brokers is unfiltered, lightning quick, and very stable, even during periods of high-volume. There are some minor nuances and problems, e. Crude Oil Futures You are here: Home Software Reviews Real Time Why NinjaTrader is Hugely Popular With Professional Traders. Home Market Basics Broker Reviews Software Reviews Technical Analysis FAQs Trading Blogs. Why NinjaTrader is Hugely Popular With Professional Traders Real-Time Stock Trading Software, Charting and Data Vendors.

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Mar 03,  · TradeStation vs. IB + Ninja. Quote from neveral0ne: Tradestation, or MB trading. #9 Mar 3. FXCM vs MB Trading: Motivewave, tradestation and metatrader. Favorite Futures: eur/usd, Oil, ES. the free encyclopedia vs. just getting a quote from your. TradeStation ; IQFeed; MB Trading ; Barchart for traders using the Interactive Broker's TWS trading platform. NinjaTrader has quickly grown from its humble roots.