Probably promised him a lot of peanuts OctaCoins to take the heat. You can remain to be passive to get yr monthly dividends or you can be active if you want to further enhance yr income. UpdateStar Premium delivers all updates and more. Aleksander has put together a professional management team and a marketing team with some of the strongest networkers around the world and their main focus is on building the business. Now you can found the Management Team in the Backoffice….

There is no information on the Crypto Club website indicating who owns or runs the business. An address in Malta is also provided. Further research reveals Crypto Club affiliates referring to Romanov right as the owner of the company itself. Why this information is not presented on the Crypto Club website is a mystery. Crypto Club has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Referral commissions are paid out on investments made by recruited affiliates, paid out down three levels of recruitment. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides left and right : Positions in the binary represented recruited affiliates who have invested in at least one package. Volume is generated by these positions through affiliate investment. Points are generated as per the referral commissions outlined above.

At the end of each week, Crypto Club tally up the points generated on either side of the binary for that week. A matching bonus is available on binary commissions earnt by recruited affiliates, paid out down three levels of recruitment. Affiliate membership with Crypto Club is free, however affiliates must invest in at least one package in order to participate in the income opportunity: The primary difference between these amounts is income potential through the Crypto Club compensation plan.

The pyramid scheme of the business is pretty straight forward, with affiliates paid a commission to when recruited affiliates invest. How much is paid out directly correlates to how much is invested by the newly recruited affiliates, as well as how liteforex trading platform download instagram the affiliate themselves invested when they signed up. Real money is invested by affiliates, converted into Ponzi points digital chipswhich are then subsequently converted into a cryptocurrency nobody really knows anything about.

The value of OctaCoin is going to be artificially determined by the amount of funds coming from affiliates, calculated after binary, referral and matching commissions are paid out. Especially considering the coin is absolutely worthless to anyone outside of the Crypto Club opportunity. Any merchants who do accept the coin are going to be Crypto Club affiliates themselves, looking only to further increase their share of OctaCoins. The beauty of the cryptocurrency Ponzi model is that Romanov can encourage affiliates to keep their funds trapped in the system, by promising that an exponential growth phase for OctaCoin is just around the corner.

Real money flows in, some is paid out via the binary, matching and referral commissions, and the rest dumped into a bank account. Everyone is encouraged to retain their OctaCoins, in the fear that they might wake up tomorrow and see the value has skyrocketed. That of course never happens, with Romanov and top investors quietly withdrawing deposited funds. Octa Partners has also collapsed, with the company now gearing up to reboot itself as Nano Club. And there is no such russian person big in casino business, I would know.

The name sounds as is if some foreigner had to come up with some russian name liteforex trading platform download instagram would use the royal one. They are ALL in Chinese. This thing had to be Chinese. Probably promised him a lot of peanuts OctaCoins to take the heat. Photo does not show up in Google, TinEye, Baidu, or Yandexother than copies of the site. Before you do searches and i aslo think it has artificial light added, maybe darkening it a bit can produce a result.

But I give up, could be just iphone pic. Align, remove border, lighten vs. Nigel is spotted in Bangkok as well — the militaire regime in Thailand will let them get money and momentum before they arrest them and keep the funds! He is not behind this deal as he is not related or part of the management in any way…. Octacoin will be a public coin from the very first minute.

Public blockchain, anyone can verfy it and anyone can mine it, even if it is not in the network. So the Coins is not controlled by the company and the value of the coin-whatever it will be — is real market value. The company not making false claims regarding the future value like onecoin and utoken. Yet nobody except Crypto Club affiliates will be using it. We use quite normal methods when we estimate the value of something, e. For an investment, the intrinsic value of the investment may be relevant.

Liquidity may be relevant. Volatility may be relevant. It may add some additional costs, but additional costs are not the same as value. The name itself is correctly formed. There were 3 russian czars named Alexander Romanov. If the spelling confused you, that is because russian use cyrillic alphabet and when they trying to write names in latin one they might spell it some other style than westerners used to.

During 90ies he ran a ring of casinos in Kaliningrad, Russiajust before gambling was banned across entire Russia. I forgot Makebi was used here. One another ballone that will suck peoples money and one year and everything is over. Milionaires miliaders and the backoffice and the website is a real crap. Company not properly listed, owner structure is nowhere. My question is can they really be that good at wagering that they could generate enough winnings to pay a decent return to investors, punters, gamblers?

Ed, your info is wrong… Nigel Allan is just a distributor. Could this be the reason why Nigel got tossed liteforex trading platform download instagram OneCoin when they found out he the President of OneCoin was also doing ? He does say he has been doing for 4 months so that means he was doing both Onecoin and career options with computers used the same time Opps.

Its interesting that with a tiny bit of research their seems to be a historical melting pot linking a bunch of front men, places and businesses to several start up companies, OneCoin, Crypto, LeoCoin, Conligus, Bigcoin, Unaico, Sitetalk theres more but you get my drift. Owner Address: 48 dover road. Owner Postcode: m27 8gp. Owner City: PANAMA Probable website origin This region could be to Africa what the tiger economies are to Asia; with huge potential markets.

They are guided by a few bad guys to guide investment in China, the spread of internet pyramid schemes, too many people cheated, alas, helpless. Looks like Nigel Allan is on the offensive against OneCoin. This is the History of Nigel Allan the Master Distributor of Crypto He was the president of Onecoin, another company in his history where he did not know it was a scam until he made his money and decided to move on. Nigel Allan must be so unlucky that he gets involved in so many scams.

How long will it be before Nigel Allan leaves Crypto and forex trading robot vs manual trading oil it a scam. Again Nigel Allan will be hero by letting the world know that he was involved in another scam. Good Luck guys if you really want to join Crypto liteforex trading platform download instagram.

How can I expose the fraud? I was supposed to be one of her invites. I was just about to invest euro for my daughter and euro for me. I have been scammed twice but because its my sister that made the invite I thought its safe. I was in the middle of work and I thought to check what crypto was all about.

And we were gonna play the game like we had nothing to lose. Nigel Allan effective from 01 of January is no longer acting as a President of OneCoin. With respect to the above, please be informed thatMr Nigel Allan as of Tuesday 24 February is officially terminated from developing or promoting any network position with OneCoin. Given the above we hereby kindly ask all members to be careful when conducting communication with Mr. Nigel has betrayed my trust, proven to be illoyal and living up to his online reputation.

Therefore I have decided that he has to leave the company immediately and has no place in the OneCoin network. OctaCoin is an exact copy of GetEasy MLM. Out of Business for about a year so if we all look very deep you can see all of connecting dots. Terje Hvidsten Casino License holder A. S NIGEL ALLAN — Network Leader Asia. Notorious British Conman OneCoin scam, Brilliant Carbon scamwho currently lives in Thailand same place as Sebastian Greewood and possibly wanted or investigated by financial police from several countries.

LinkedIn listed 5 different ones. He will start his new sentence later this year. Petter has a law degree from and has run a private practice as a lawyer since Petter is also an investor, founder and director of several companies. He has three years of bank experience, the Bank Academy 1st division, an Erickson diploma in coach 4th level, and has also worked as a couple therapist. Petter manages our legal department and will handle any jurdical issues for crypto Aleksander has put together a professional management team and a marketing team with some of the strongest networkers around the world and their main focus is on building the business.

CEO of Asia Development. John Splidt-Larsen is in charge of developing the Asian market for Octa Capital Group, and he has more than 20 years of experience working with multi-businesses operations and senior management. John also has extensive network marketing experience and will take care of the development and member organization within Asia.

John lives in Vietnam with his wife and daughter. Being a former President of World BBQ Association, John loves to gather friends and family around the fire. Paal has been working with sales and marketing for more than 20 years. Paal is constantly improving our logistics and transaction times. His focus is to develop the Octa Project and the Octacoin to a number one position in the world, to the benefit of all our members.

Frank is from Belgium and has two daughters with his partner Kathy, and sailing is one of his passions. Using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors is a Ponzi scheme. Now about those octacoins, octacoins are only listed in members websites, no offcial cryptocoin or coin website. My guess, this is also runned by a member. I spoke with him about 2 weeks ago.

He volunteered that he is involved with crypto, and doing exceptionally well with it. Claiming euros per month. As far as Y he gets out of the schemes that he gets involved in he always paints himself as being the victim. OMG if that is true these ppl should be shot!!! They blaim their prepaidcard partner PFS London for having technical issues, but they PFS replied to me at my e-mails, that they are not aware of any technical issues of any kind.

Support is not responding on my request to explain why they are not any longer payout the due withdrawal. Is it possible to show a screenshot of your pending balance? The whole thng was started not even a year ago… i guess El toro is not even a member or he is not paying attention to details too much. Many people already got it and since there was a long list, many will get it in the next few days. I dont understand why on This site are so liteforex trading platform download instagram comments most of april Exactly what i was pointed out!

Proof that you are metatrader ea creator x comicos member at all, not just some stupid troublemaker. Plus, if you are really a member, -and as you said, so far everything was working perfectly ,- now for the first sign of trouble, you as a member, who already get out a bunch of money i guess, go and put a comment like this, into a site like this. Instead of ask your sponsor or upline… This is really hard to belive. Just for your information, today I received this message, so I guess hope payments will be resumed: OCTANEWS — the newsletter that gives you valuable updates about the Octaproject, Octacoin, Octaland and related ventures.

As you all probably have noticed, payments have been delayed lately. We just want to ensure everybody that outstanding payments now are being processed by the bank. Due to stricter rules being enforced by the banks for KYC, we encountered some major challenges during the last few weeks. To my opinion, bad vibes could have been avoided if support would have answered questions in time and not leaving me and many others of this network for over 1 month in uncertainty about what is going on exactly.

I know the whole program and platform is changing. Is saw some payout reports and it all seems ok. I dont understand why on This site are so negative comments most of april Let me be clear Hans, you are right about the payouts, I also made good money from it during the past year. I was just pointing out the way this company behaved from last month untill now in regards to pending payouts. If they continue to pay out, I agree that this is one of the best opportunities to make good solid money.

Although you have to invest first a quite firm amount of money to make it worth smaller positions below Pro will grow more slowly, it will give you value for your money. Good luck with your membership. Ebi Q El Toro — Any money liteforex trading platform download instagram You seems to be a smart guy, that understand that this is a time limited investment and that it will hit the fan!

El Toro — Any money yet? It also encourages leaving your money in the system as the operators peg arbitrary but always increasing value on the points invested in. Chang Q hans de buyser : They have Madoff managed to pay out BILLIONS of dollars until only a couple million was left. Few of them are no doubt in secret negotiations with the perps hoping to recover money that way. They could have been in good business for many years to come with an even bigger network, given the present growth in China and other countries.

The final test will be next week, because with the new system they implemented, they have to pay out the monthly profits around april 3th. This guy Frank vd Wege was acting as CEO at Euphony in Belgium short before the curtain there finally closed. It looks like he now is hired again, this time for directing the final chapter of Crypto…. Did you receive your money? EL TORO : Can you show a screenshot of your pending cash account? El Toro: Any money yet? No John, that is to say, so far only a liteforex trading platform download instagram amount euro was paid out of the total pending amount of near to euro.

Also we had our first monthly program result with the new system they changed into. However, value of those Octacoins have been reduced from over 20 euro to nearly 5 euro within several weeks! El Toro: So this is a big scam? Keep me update, please. Thank you for your understanding. And feel sorry for all the people still stupidly coming into the system especially from China.

Someone has liteforex trading platform download instagram publish the Scam openly and shame the greedy culprits. I even know some people with really big accounts, who invested a lot of money in this fraude,who cannot any longer login into their accounts…. No wonder they hired Nigel Allan as the mastermind. Will you join a different program in the future? This is a major achievement and will bring substantial benefits to all our members now and in the future, along with a few changes in the way we do business.

If you wish to be part of an incredible future, our advice right now is JOIN US IN BALI with as many of your team as you can. Might be good after all. Did u received your money yet? Bloomberg is a news source not an exchange? Their website is down as well for maintenance??? Website is up aund running. As even seen in the review. The link he posted is a offsite link.

You can remain to be passive to get yr monthly dividends or you can be active if you want to further enhance yr income. Chang Q Bel : You can remain to be passive to get yr monthly dividends or you can be active if you want to further enhance yr income. Typical Ponzi scheme pitch… Sit back and let money roll in, or actively recruit and get paid for bringing in more money.

How could things ever get better, if not getting the reward of why you entered the deal any way? They all blame something or someone else? Such a great deal, how could it ever have any interruptions? Chang Q Manne : aparently involved in some gas project in Taiwan! Crypto aparently involved in some gas project in Taiwan! Any news on that? Blue Dragon was formed with the single purpose of securing Natural Gas concessions in Taiwan in return for international gas competence and technology. Now you can be part of this fantastic opportunity, which is exclusive to our company and members.

Besiodes if their coins are so great and profitable online trading course forex charts why do they need to sell stock in some BS venture??? El toro, as you said before, you made good profits with This program, so you didnt loose nothing at all! What does the fact that I made good money has to do with you trusting nobody on this forum? Indeed I got my investment back, more or less, but now, on the point that I should start making some serious profits on my initial investment, Crypto stopped paying withdrawals.

My only luck was that I invested right at the beginning of this, but for sure there will be a lot of members that invested also and see nothing coming back as long they are not paying out correctly. El ToroI dont feel sorry for. You are all big suckers. You are the type of investors who buys time share appartments in Gran Canaries and hoping for big returns lol. Enjoy your ride in your Fiat and keep on dreaming of a Ferrari, lol. OCTANEWS — the newsletter that gives you valuable updates about the Octaproject, Octacoin, Octaland and related ventures.

We are extremely happy to announce that the gas surveys conducted in the Taiwan Zone so far have shown very high potential. This means that the value of our First Emerald Liteforex trading platform download instagram shares is going up! The last couple of weeks, the pressure tests and new 2D seismic survey have shown that the concessions have a very high potential. As a result of these tests and survey, the classification of the concessions will be upgraded from 3P Possible to 2P Probable.

This is a work in progress and means that more tests and surveys will be done on other concessions the next months. You can read all about the project here: The classification upgrade signifies that liteforex trading platform download instagram value of your shares will keep increasing. Be aware that this liteforex trading platform download instagram will keep on increasing in the next weeks and months when new tests are made public. These are exciting times, we will keep all of you informed about the progress of our First Emerald Gas Project so take part now and stay tuned!

An illegal solicitation to purchase stock, more like OCTABLUES than News? Investors been told to top up using cash and club accounts. Now mainly targeting on peoples money in China and other Asian countries. Since february not paying any amount of pending withdrawals and consistently liteforex trading platform download instagram any new withdrawal requests without any further explanation.

It will be just a matter of time now before this whole fraude will collaps and owners are prosecuted. I got this text which is not even updated from Sennet holdings to our emails. As you already know, the assets of Senet Holding have recently been acquired by a European Stock listed company. These few changes need your attention… Monday the 2nd of May, after running the binary commissions and the monthly Octa Program, the site will go into Maintenance mode until the following Monday, May 9th All your OctaCoins OCT will be exchanged to our NEW Proof of Stake POS coin, the OctaPremium OPR.

These shares are very valuable since we had a major increase in First Emerald Ltd thanks to the 2P quotation. All the shares can be traded on the Octa Trading platform from June 1st and be changed into euro or OPR. Your last binary Run will be on May 2nd in this Program. All existing, non-used vouchers will be turned back into cash and also converted to Octa Capital Shares. Marketing and Press Manager. They have to be penalized soonest and Interpol shld scrutinize this crooks…!! First essential step is a complaint must be made by a victim to their local police.

Cyber stuff is usually forwarded to a national squad to deal with and, if they find an international connection, they then contact Interpol for a co-ordinated approach. For me it is very clear that this is a very big scam. Then you know the same night if you have lost it or not. It saves you a lot of stress…. I think this is an illegal and punishable act. It most certainly is, unless members have given them POA to their funds and it is not segregated?

They are taking all the money in exchange for worthless paper. They in turn, have a very low Crypto profile, but a quick scan shows they make appear to make some sense. Chang Q Su : Well lots of them are confused about the changes. Every sort of income scheme claims some sort of secret. Sell your account and get out. How and who did you sell your account to El. The plan is all for their gain I see. Waiting for years will never happen. NXChain is NOT a NASDAQ Listed Company, another lie!!!

They are an OTC tier QB that is a Shell Company with little or no trading. No merger has been completed yet either to date. You may want to do some Google DD on the people that run LXC Coin. What do you mean steal from others Char? Just asked how to exit and get some money out. If you bought what you thought was a real diamond ring for 10k and then found out it was fake, what would you do?

If you turn around and try to sell that fake ring to someone else, you are essentially stealing money from that buyer and dealing in fake goods. Char…do you know me? Is your sponsor trying to get out, or is he a believer? Did he think he was helping you, or getting a good deal that would grow his fortune? And I know the game behind start-up businesses and even those that liteforex trading platform download instagram well-established.

Associate yourself with like-minded people that are credible. Know how to manage risks. All Ponzi schemes collapse in the end. By all accounts nobody except the owner s are withdrawing funds from Crypto Club. Enjoy those numbers on the screen while it lasts. Charity is also part of my huge interest. It is a huge blessing to have assorted associates and colleagues.

From lawyers, bankers, in the media, corporate and doctors. Businessmen who are traditionalist with tangible products. Businessmen who do franchising. As well as investors who play safe. Investors who take risks. There are so much of them. Enroll in classes if possible. Attend also in self-development,marketing and leadership classes. Talk to people IN PERSON. Talk to people who come from different industries — media, marketing, politics, business, law, investment, health, real estate, banks.

Have daily conversations with wealthy and successful people. Have conversations with the poor and unsuccessful. These experiences will help you lay a foundation in making decisions about investments in the future — investments in start-up businesses, well-established businesses, franchising, stocks, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies etc. That gives you more power. All I see is a load of offtopic waffle from someone desperately trying to justify their part in financial fraud.

Leaders in the courtroom. Chang Q The real deal : Leaders are intelligent enough to know who and where to find CREDIBLE information. Leaders are also intelligent enough to realize when they are mistaken instead of only finding stuff to confirm their own beliefs. What you got there is known as attribute transfer… you believe that knowing about new fintech somehow made you an expert spotting fincrime.

Remember, get yourself financially educated through books and classes. Invest more in your self-development and financial education than in business entities. Once you have mastered that craft, then you can start engaging yourself in the world of business and investments. It will be a great journey. If you want to be a lawyer, go to law school and learn from a good credible senior lawyer. It will also be a great journey. Chang Q The real deal : It is NASDAQ listed.

Clearly, your knowledge of NASDAQ is quite lacking for all your boast of being financially literate. Questioning the credibility of this company…wonder if some people even have a conscience. The show goes on. Some of you I suppose, but neither I. I understand that they have made several changes but you still have our account intact. Because she said I would be a millionaire in one year. She urged me to step in, but she refused to tell me more. I saw her new fb friends appearing out of nothing.

I was already envolved in network systems and a little bell in my brain told me this was also a piramid system, a new kind of sofisticated network sceme. I confronted her and she admitted that she was working hard convincing people to step in. She is giving info sessions to recruit others. She is 70 years old and she thinks she is working very hard for a lot of money to have a very good pension.

What I did discovered here makes me shivering. Not much you can do unfortunately. Your friend is chasing recruitment commissions in a Ponzi scheme. You can explain this to her go over the business modelliteforex trading platform download instagram more than that she has to realize the scam on her own. These new breeds of pseudo cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes intentionally operate out of EU and Asia, because Ponzi regulation there is even slower.

Putting aside the Ponzi points business model, no legitimate company has a good reason for doing this. However certain people around me did it and one of them cashed out about I still tell them not to do it. How do i get some sense into these people? Ultimately some of them just have to lose money. Or worse, make a bit, get hooked, spend the next 10 years chasing the Ponzi dream and lose to the bigger hustlers.

And how do we know that the gas shares are going to rise? You can not find them on the NASDAQ because they are not listed. Chang Q They made the claim, THEY are supposed to PROVE to your satisfaction that their claims are real by providing evidence. If they are bogus about one thing, it is HIGHLY likely they are also bogus about all the OTHER things they claimed.

I ask questions for my own reasons. From the research I have done so far I do not trust this company and have never had any desire to become a member. I only decided to look into this after being told about this company by a friend. Unfortunately my friend knows a fair number of people who are members and seem to believe the lies they are being fed. I think there should be no inconsistencies in what this company tells us.

I just wanted to know more about the claims they were making, hence the questions. But I suppose these questions have arisen to begin with because I could not find any verifiable sources to answer them myself. It took some time to get an answer but finally got it and CPC claim they have no joint venture with any of these companies! They are an OTC Over The Counter Shell Company that does not even trade and LXC Coin was supposed to merge with them and that has yet to happen either.

A group set up on Facebook for all the victims seems useful then we can start a fund. We must stop them. A group on Facebook : Victims of OCP must be started but we have to be careful, even if you have money in this horrible company. I have too many victims! They have also called off the Pattaya event in my emailed received today and capitalising on the gullible China market. Not willing to open their eyes for the worldwide fraude. Not accepting or not willing to acknowlege the piramid structure behind this.

Reading the many facebook account members promising hugh profits. Many people ther savings are lost forever. I am ridiculed when I try to warn them, opening their eyes. They foreseen wealth is blocking a lot of minds. A friend has invested k euros and has only gotten back 70k in the 1st 2mths of investment. I have a friend that have invested 20k euro, he said he has been getting payouts already, when will this scam collapse?

Stijn Vanstralen belgium the worst scammer ever. Bjorn Thomas sweden no more info about him needed… asshole. Jarle Thorsen Norwegian from Plexpay, Unaico,T5PC Bidyfi etc etc. Helle Scmidt Sweden Pyramide Queen. Frode Jorgensen Norway Plexpay, Bidify and all other scams. Josep Tran Sweden Sweden This link should be updated with more people, and people should put this link and txt all over the global world as a public WARNING so we can make sure we do some damage controll here.

Sebastian Greenwood OneCoin has just launched a new Scam after leaving his last positions from Crypto8. Thorsen and Notorious British Conman Nigel Allen and ofcourse Mr. Bjorn Tomas are there to make another hit and run, the new game called Poweronnetwork. Make sure to put all this people all over internet so people dont need to lose more money to them, this people should all be in jail for life.

Are they still not paying anything? El Toro : What can we do? They are still recruiting new members … what do they do with that money? Only pay out commissions? Mail will not be published required. Leave this field empty. All trademarks, logos and images are copyright of their respective owners and used under the provision of Fair Use. Crypto Club Review: OctaCoin cryptocurrency Ponzi. Crypto ClubMLM Liteforex trading platform download instagram There is no information on the Crypto Club website indicating who owns or runs the business.

No further specifics are provided. Read on for a full review of the Crypto Club MLM business opportunity. The Crypto Club Product Line. The Crypto Club Compensation Plan. Crypto Club offers six investment packages as follows:. These digital chips liteforex trading platform download instagram no value outside of the Crypto Club MLM opportunity. Note that additional qualification criteria applies as follows:. How many points are generated depends on the amount of funds invested:.

Starter — 60 points. Trainee — points. Basic — points. Premium — points. Pro — points. VIP — points. Residual commissions in Crypto Club are paid out using a binary compensation structure. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides left and right :. Positions in the binary represented recruited affiliates who have invested in at least one package.

Note that in order to qualify for binary commissions, a Crypto Club affiliate must recruit at least two affiliates who have invested in at least one package each. As with the referral commissions, the following additional qualification criteria applies:. Joining Crypto Club. Affiliate membership with Crypto Club is free, however affiliates must invest in at least one package in order to participate in the income opportunity:.

The primary difference between these liteforex trading platform download instagram is income potential through the Crypto Club compensation plan. Note that VIP affiliates are additionally awarded OctaCoins and shares in an online casino. Specific details regarding the casino were not available at the time of publication. On the backend of Crypto Club you have this whole OctaCoin thing. Fun bit of trivia:. Someone already tried to launch a cryptocurrency called OctaCoin last year. It was based on 8-bit gaming nostalgia and flopped.

This entity does not have either gaming or any financial license. It also possible that scammers just picked a random entity from the registry which does not have internet presence to save few hundreds on actually buying a company reg. This thing may be Chinese. So far I have Kelabi dot com and makebichina dot com and peacecoin dot cc.

Maybe someone in Hong Kong found some Russian random to front this. Not finding who liteforex trading platform download instagram this mysterious guy. BTW, did you know that Baidu has a face search engine? The guy is too dark skinned for being a russian and gray hair is also rare within russians. My bet is someone just took pic of a waiter at a restaurant. Too old to be a waiter. As another hint, try to rotate the pic so its aligned straight, maybe it was put under angle on purpose.

I tried all that. St Julians Malta is a company reg house called Panlegis. I would not expect it to be anything other than this, did not even bother to look. Last Czarina, wife of Czar Nicholas who was the last Czar of Russia. This is a copy of one-coin or bigcoin. Nigel Allan is the guy behind this gig — the old Ceo of OneCoin. The octacoins is stored in ewallets in your computer, cellphone, tablet, whatever ….

VALUE AS A CURRENCY? OTHER TYPES OF VALUE? Big Fish : Nigel Allan is just a distributor. And your proof of that is what, exactly? There also have been big blow-ups when such backroom deals came to light. Or maybe have relatives be top distributors. USAGE: Polish, Slovene, Albanian, Estonian, Norwegian, Danish. BancdeOptions heavily targeted Norwegian investors.

Might be a co-incidence, might not. Aleksandr without the liteforex trading platform download instagram is Russian and Armenian. The name may still be fake, but now we at least have some additional information to check. Rocco Fish of Bidify fame is also heavily pimping Crypto Club on Facebook. You just mentioned nations and some slavic who uses latin alphabet vs. And there is no point, the casino magnat by the name Alexander Romanov never existed. You can have a better luck with Sergey Mayzus owner of instaforex, liteforex,OkPay and various other online money laundering networks and forex kitchens.

Now you can found the Management Team in the Backoffice…. The same person who participated in numerous MLM scams including Bonofa, Global one etc etc …. He sells his story tru mails from TMT Marketing Team and the address below is:. This guy has a flopped energy deal Marshal Energy Globalthousands of families lost their savings! This is a joke. If this is a opportunity this is realy a joke. Millions in coins is a scam. I give them 1 year and they will crush!

People try to find serious companies that are legal!!! So they are having a second go? He is not behind this deal as he is not related or part of the management in any way…. This makes me laugh. Domain Age: 1 Years, Days. Owner Country : United Kingdom. Website Location : United States. Title: Crypto Club The Crypto Club Program Rocks! Domain Age: 57 Days. Website Speed: Very Fast. Owner Country : Hidden. Probable website origin Senet Holding Management Top visits Uganda.

The founder Alexander Romanov and our CEO Froystein Bakke have attended a major sports betting conference in Uganda recently. The coming week the whole crypto global management including Alexander Romanov and Froystein Bakke will team up in Thailand with their network leaders and several other key people who are all working very hard to make both Crypto and the Octcoin a huge success. Master Distributor the Crypto Club. Message from Nigel Allan, the Master Distributor of Crypto on Facebook 9th august, When you piece it all together the fraud becomes obvious.

Metatrader test expert advisor generator will not invest a penny on this. Never work near where you live. Fellas… last year I made three million dollars. Work smart — not hard. There used to be a president of this company named Nigel Allan, but was terminated for some reason…. Not sure exactly what he did, but here is the legal letter:. Please be aware that due to breach of OneCoin business policy, Mr.

OneCoin — Legal and Compliance. And then shortly after the founder Dr. I would like to add some personal words to the announcement above. After his track record I assume it will be very difficult for him to find a new project. These guys are good, but not good enough :. Terje Hvidsten was new. Terje Hvidsten has been in jail 9 times in Norway and Germany, he lives in Ski, Norway. He have been involved in severale freuds together with; Hvidsten, Thorsen and his best friend Dag Verner Eriksen.

Here is the management team. Aleksander Romanov is one of the founders and a member of the board in Senet Holding. Paal Berntsen Chief Operating Officer. Frank Van de Wege CEO of Octa Capital Group. Debbie The business model is what you should be looking at. Debbie : Here is the management team. And Bernie Madoff was once head of NASDAQ.

I was also invited by a friend, a golden ticket. So i tried it…and i still am. I did have some doubts about this MLM, trying others before ,this one is completely different. I say gambling because they have a team of 3 x 8 people who continuously BET, so they claim. I think there is no team betting day in day out getting those profits. So long story short. Back in the day I was actually looking at getting involved with the one coin nonsense.

In the process of trying to recruit me I was contacted by Nigel Allen. One can only hope that all of the scammers end up losing everything one day, or that some pissed off rube finds their mark with a rifle. Has anyone made any money with crypto? And how much is octacoin worth if anything??? The team behind crypto sounds like a disaster!!! The best mlm-company I have ever seen. The octacoin is on the free market www.

Being a Pro-member for 1. So I guess that the shit now finally starts hitting the fan! Pro member since 1. I can bet this El Toro could not show you any screenshot. But at one liteforex trading platform download instagram you are right, I started in March and indeed this is not 1. Just for your information, today I received this message, so I guess hope payments will be resumed:.

Payments are finally being processed by the bank. Members will see the money arriving in the next coming days. We assure you that all your payments will be processed in the next days. We thank you for your patience and appreciate your positive spirit. Frank Van de Wege. CEO Octa Capital Group. Let me be clear Hans, you are right about the payouts, I also made good money from it during the past year.

Hans de bruyne :. My reply 75 was meant for you Hans. In regards to Crypto, still no money received and no reaction at all from their support. Again a massif scam has taken the money from thousands of people that trusted them! The nature of these schemes places great emphasis on reinvestment. Now consider these additional points of information. Next week we will find out more! No Hans, untill now nothing, nada!

Pending Withdrawal : 2, Will do so John. No money yet John. Clearly they have serious money issues themselve. This is their latest comment:. Our finance department are processing the withdrawal requests in chronological order. I guess that a large part of the network is still waiting hoping to be paid out…. Thats so sad to hear. Im not gonna sell this to my friends. Hope to get my money liteforex trading platform download instagram some day.

I have similar experience of no payout to the bank. It seems that mainly the bigger accounts Pro and up are targeted by this scam policy. These scammers will have to face their karma very soon. If you are in anyone of their others like OCTA-anything, GET OUT NOW! Sad to hear everyone being scammed! But all he do is reinvesting opening new accounts. He have only just got back same amount invested from the beginning. As He wants me to invest in this but I rather not. How about looking for a real business that seeks a real product and does not promise incredible double digit returns?

Is there still hope……? Just received this message:. You may have been wondering why you have not heard much from the company recently. Therefore, watch this space for news on:. See you at the top! Frank van de Wege. I have no clue Char, I suppose they will reveil that later on. There is no such thing as a Bloomberg-listed company? NASDAQ is an exchange and Octa Capital Group is a scam.

In any event, none of that explains why they stopped paying everyone. What does is they ran out of newly invested funds. Wow…they say they went quiet. Can a 1 year old company with no proper banking system get listed??? Char I am already in another programme that has no lock in. Website is in Maintenance. We are currently improving our website to show you the amazing features brought to you by Crypto Fase II.

Whatever the site Scammed linked is under maintenance but that is not the Crypto Apologies chrisstone, the url I referred to is below:. However at the end of the day, no one is getting paid, correct! What do mean by lock in? And the new program, do you get to recruit others? This is the correct websitelink, site liteforex trading platform download instagram working: crypto Where are you from by the way?

Bel : You can remain to be passive to get yr monthly dividends or you can be active if you want to further enhance yr income. My friends are stuck in Traffic Monsoon with the similar same story? No links, just the name thanks. Manne : aparently involved in some gas project in Taiwan! And UToken claimed to own mines all over the world, and so did Gemcoin…. Manne it another Scam that will never ever come to fruition. This liteforex trading platform download instagram their newsletter in february about this topic:.

You can now buy shares in the MBO:. Every share has a unique ISIN Code, which is a global standard that identifies securities:. So hurry up, seize the moment and take part in our next success! Marketing and Press Manager on behalf of The Global Management. Between al thousends of members who are not payed? Octa Capital needs to be licensed to offer stock as Mr. Great news: First Emerald Ltd Gas Project shows huge potential, the shares are going up!!! You can read all about the project here:.

The classification upgrade signifies that the value of your shares will keep increasing. This too will end in tears…. Did anyone check if 1st emerald gas company exist?? No credibility and their accounts are all in Hong Kong. It only exists in the minds of crypto scammers. Buyer Beware of self proclaimed prophesies which have no substance whatsoever.

If members buy something like this BS Stock it is a win, win for Crypto? All these so called leaders from Asian countries are filling up their pockets with bullshittng their down lines with big plan in the future…wt the so called BS crypto People wake up and do your own research…. Crypto aka Octacoin is one big scam, period! Yes am tired of monies being declined and not transferred without valid reasons. Did you hear the latest. Dear Team members, the moment we have waiting for is almost here!!!

Octa Capital Group Ltd. As such we are upgrading our back office starting on Monday 4pm and the site will be on maintainence till Friday next week. Please inform your entire team on this important information. What do you make out of the above?? Well Su, this is the latest official newsletter we received today:. The final steps to the next level…. These few changes need your attention…. What will happen in the next few days…? Monday the 2nd of May, after running the binary commissions and the monthly Octa Program, the site will go into Maintenance mode until the following Monday, May 9th What will happen in the meantime?

After the calculations everybody will receive the new coin in their back-office and wallet. All cash in the CASH account will be converted to Octa Capital Shares. All Amounts on Club accounts will be reset to zero. All your existing shares will remain. Your current structure and Binary points will remain. Company will cancel all remaining Withdrawal Request on both PFS and Bank. More detailed information will be provided within the next few days.

So now they are taking our money from cash accounts and use it for buying gas shares, without our consent. El,Yes This is all without our consent- definitely punishable…. Su : Octa Capital Group Ltd. Yup That was my next question. So everyone is beung taken for a ride with their BS hype in new changes… How can they so blatantly lie…. They have to be penalized soonest and Interpol shld scrutinize this crooks…!!. Hi guys, i read all your comments. Somebody asked me too,to join by investing my money.

After searching on the internet i find a lot of things. Lets see what the outcome is after Monday?? Never seen any company with such confusing changes!! Everyone needs to have a little dream. No matter how crazy it sounds. Or use vouchers and get your money back. No way anyone will come into their new system. Did they even show us their public listed cert?

Re: the NASDAQ connection:. On their FB page facebook. As part of the solution for facilitating transfer of value, internationally, we have entered into a partnership with NXCHAIN, a NASDAQ-listed company. NXChain are indeed Nasdaq listed under nxcn nasdaq. The only things missing are:. Thanks for your input tmfp. Well lots of them are confused about the changes. Su : Well lots of them are confused about the changes.

Yes he got caught in his own game-Madoff!! Getting new investors to pay off the earlier ones seems to be the norm in ponzis. So you stole money from someone else? Do you plan on stealing money from others too? I notice they are luring people to keep buying and buying wt the promise of gas shares going up… all falsely hiked up to gain themselves but no talk of when we can sell and opt out. You Judge way to fast man.

NXChain is Nasdaq listed. Go to the official website of nasdaq. Ozedit: Offtopic derail attempts removed. The real deal: NXChain is Nasdaq listed. Oh Really, you have no idea what you are talking about! It is a Bulletin Board Stock and is now ay near qualified for NASDAQ, just more BS. It is NASDAQ listed. I am a lawyer and an investor. All I can advise is read books about finances, leadership, self development and marketing.

I am too busy getting rich, helping my family and contributing to society. I am also into traditional businesses. As I always say, the key is financial literacy. The real deal : As I always say, the key is financial literacy. Read books about finances. Your number one weapon is financial literacy. What does books about finances and finance education classes have to do with investing in ponzi schemes?

I am VERY good in both. Leaders are intelligent enough to know who and where to find CREDIBLE information. Yep… well hopefully your waffle works better on your victims than it does on people educated on Liteforex trading platform download instagram schemes. The real deal : Readers are leaders. The real deal : Leaders are intelligent enough to know who and where to find CREDIBLE information.

Financial fraud is not covered in books that you mentioned other than a general gloss-over. As a lawyer, I am proud to have defended victims of not just scams, but including victims of rape, assault and murder. The internet is a funny place. As a lawyer, I am proud to have defended victims of not just scams. Man, this guy has no shame. The real deal : It is NASDAQ listed. I think we have a troll, Oz. This guy knows nothing except grandiose speeches. The real deal : Remember, get yourself financially educated through books and classes.

I am suprised the majority of the custumer are from China, 8 its a magic number and they cant read english to google some of the name involved, and the history they have google translate!!! Everyone should take the time to read it! The real deal : As a lawyer. Did anyone receive his PFS or another prepaid card? Did anyone get money out of the company by withdrawal request to his bank account? Did anyone receive this???? Wtf is this bs. I hope I can get my money ASAP. Well Oz, I did.

Does anyone get their money out of the system right now or not? I do find it strange no official investigation is going on, this is fraude or not? She is still trying to convince me to step in but I am not. Am I right or not? Can you buy milk and bread with this Octacoine. THey have a ipo looks fantastic only goes up. Ponzi and pyramid schemes are fraud, however regulation is typically reactionary.

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There is no information on the Crypto Club website indicating who owns or runs the business. The Crypto Club website domain (“cryptoclub”) was. UpdateStar is compatible with Windows platforms. UpdateStar has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 10, , Windows 8.