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In the best-case scenario, companies offer gambling disguised as an investment, while in many cases, once customers deposit money they will simply never see any of it again. Involving over companies and many thousands of employees, the industry is estimated to turn over hundreds of millions of dollars a year, at least. Put another emials, why has Israel turned a continued blind eye to the fleecing by Fofex con artists of would-be investors around the world?

In fact, there have been tradinb few attempts tradihg the Knesset to shut down the forex and binary options tradinv. But all of them, sources said, were stymied by lobbyists who managed to persuade MKs and regulators that the industry is legitimate. The Israel Securities Authority thought of the forex companies as somewhat legitimate and felt they just needed better regulation.

Representing legitimate forex trading companies emails forex and binary options industry during discussions in the Finance Committee, where she sought to advance her legislation, were representatives from two forex companies, Ava and GoForex, and the Israel Trading Arena Association, as well as numerous lobbyists. The Israel Securities Authority wanted to emphasize things like proper reporting, no conflict of interest, stability. And we kept saying all of that is bullshit.

The regulators wanted to leave it as something [to be regulated] as a financial product. It was hard to make them understand that this was criminal. But around the year orhe said, a bunch of online forex trading platforms began sprouting up in Israel offering forex legutimate to private individuals. A view of Ramat Gan. If the dollar goes down by one percent, even for a fraction of a second, you lose. The company sells your position at a loss and closes it. On the tading hand, if the dollar goes up by 1 percent, you double your money.

The main problem, said Roey, companiws the fees the companies charge. Many will tell customers, for instance, that they charge 0. But around they began to market it very aggressively to clients in Israel and abroad. They think it all makes sense, but they discover after a few months that their money has disappeared. But it email very rare that a private individual eemails have any legitimate use for foreign currency futures, he said — perhaps in a case where a person pays rent in dollars but earns money in shekels.

They use this excuse to market legitimate forex trading companies emails to the other I met a woman who was proud that people in Darfur were trading forex with her. Some customers put their last money on this in the hope of getting out of poverty. There is nothing special about currencies. You can gamble on anything. So some companies started selling futures on oil and gold with the same x leverage — which leigtimate shows you how little it has to do with hedging or risk management.

It caused a lot of complaints. With forex, people could take positions that lasted a week or a month. With time they would get addicted and start to take positions of two days. But binary options was faster. But on April 24,Wilf received a letter from the banking supervisor at the Bank of Israel, Dudu Zaken. However, we do not think legitimate forex trading companies emails activity should be [reclassified as gambling]. On Sunday, April 3, a spokeswoman for the Israel Securities Authority said that it was moving to prohibit Israeli online trading companies from offering binary options to customers in Israel.

Its basis is problematic. Worse still, the prohibition and the promised tighter regulation do not apply to non-Israeli customers — who are the overwhelming majority of the scam victims. As of emaills writing, an estimated 5, employees of forex and binary options companies continue to ply their wares to customers abroad, with either no regulation or much-criticized regulation by countries like Cyprus.

Wilf believes the Knesset and ISA failed to outlaw forex in because they did not fully understand the problem, and that they still have not internalized the crime even as companied has metastasized and deepened in the years since. Inwhen he was alerting the public to the extent of fraud in the forex and binary options industry, he sent letters to 30 Knesset members from every party. A casino hands you your winnings immediately. As a result, whereas an Israeli bank has profits of 10 percent, Marom said, binary options companies often have profits of 90 percent.

I tgading get hundreds of emails: Europeans, Asians and Africans. They have to learn emaisl lesson. Binary legitimate forex trading companies emails An Israeli scam that has to be stopped. The Tradkng of Israel. Atlanta: Atlanta Jewish Times. New Jersey: The Jewish Standard. New York: The Jewish Week. United Kingdom: The Jewish News.

For Publishers: Become a Times of Israel partner. Friday, April 28, Iyyar 2, am IDT. Subscribe to the Daily Edition. April 4,am. Simona Weinglass is an investigative reporter at The Times of Israel. David Zaken, then supervisor of banks, at a Knesset Finance Committee meeting, June 25, Flash90 The Big Short Courtesy A view of Ramat Gan. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Einat Wilf addresses the Knesset, October 15, Suspicious Iranian flights spotted in Syria ahead wmails missile strike.

US pushes for release of Americans in lwgitimate talks with Iran. Lebanese man arrested after crossing into northern Israel. Bennett wins sweeping victory in Jewish Home leadership race. German lawmakers okay burqa ban for public servants. More in Israel Inside. Comments on this article.

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