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Before you learn how to create a Jar file, you should be proficient compiling and running Java source files from the command prompt. This tutorial will be using windows Vista but should also work with XP. There are many utilities out there that make it easy to create a Jar file, but I will illustrate how to do it via the windows command prompt. What is a Jar File? A jar file is a Java Archive File and is built off of the zip format that is familiar to many Windows users. Jar files allow you to compress data to take up less space and they allow you to combine many individual files into one entity.

For instance, if you have two compiled classes. You could combine both of these classes into one jar file. We are going to need at least one class to compile into a jar. I will use a class called JarDemo. First, let's compile the JarDemo. I recommend using the class I've created. Step 1: Locate the Jar utility in the JDK folder. Before you do joptionpane showinputdialog java example needs else, make sure that you have jdk installed on your computer.

You also will need to know the directory to the jdk. Specifically, you will need the path to the Jar utility that is inside your jdk folder. My path to jar is:. As you can probably tell, I'm using Java 1. On your own computer, the path to the jar utility will probably look similar, it depends on where you installed the jdk to.

Step 2: Create themanifest file. Since you could potentially be compiling many files into one jar file, Java needs to know which one will have the main method. Our example is a bit more trivial since we're just compiling one class into a Jar. Nonetheless, the way that Java knows which of classes has the main method is from a single line in what's known as a manifest file. A manifest file can be a text file made with notepad.

I called my manifest file manifest. As you can see themanifest file states that the main-class is JarDemo. Warning: A subtle yet critical point is that you MUST end the joptionpane showinputdialog java example needs file with an empty new line. Last Step: Compile The Jar! If you don't like always typing out the generally long path to the jdk. You can set the path as follows.

Doing so would allow you to type. When I don't usde the shortcut on my computer, I must type:. Here's the actual screen shot from my command prompt. What if you want to compile all. No problem, instead of the last line up above, type:. Hopefully, at this point you have a picture like I have below in your folder. Just click on the Jar file and your program should run!.

How to create a runnable Jar File. Compile your class files into an executable Jar. How to compile and run. How to pass parameters to class from command prompt.

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