February 6, at pm - Reply. This video will paralyze your defend system to recognize what is reality and fantasy. Currently the company is progressing aggressively to open 50plus outlets in malaysia. Waste of time and money. May 26, at am - Reply.

This is an interesting collection of scams from a forumer in LowYat- Stopscam He highlighted a few common scams that are constantly victimizing the innocent out there, but you can rest assure that these are just the tip of the iceberg. Anyway, if you think you would like to protect the money in your wallet and to prevent those hard-earned ringgit from evaporating in schemes like these, the following compilation by Stopscam will be a good read.

Stevens Corner, the famous indian coffee shop follows due to drop of business since their renovation. They collect RM3, per member and promise return of RM monthly and plans to open nice fanchisee cafe called StevensTeaGarden. Someone mentioned they will make you sign an agreement that give them the rights NOT to pay you anything in future.

If you really wish to join, ask for a copy of their agreement and consult your lawyer BEFORE paying them. Bet you will NOT get a copy. Both collect monies from new members with MLM recruitment schemes and pay the old members like Sunshine Empire. You never know when they will run away. They also have a showroom office at the ground level in the next building.

Hope someone can put up the link or google for it. As expected, they STOPPED paying back members now and all investors LOST their money. Someone below has put a link to the Singapore news. In fact glory group forex malaysia are more to it. Although Singapore is investigating them, they did not stop their business as the business is legal and so far, no Singaporean have failed to receive their commissions as promised.

Thus, the government cannot stop them yet. The news published that the founder, director and group president is someone named James Phang but he is NOT the owner. Such trick always happened in scam businesses. Now, the Company has STOPPED paying commissions and interests to members with the excuse that the Singapore government has freezed their bank account while under investigation.

Do you think their boss will be so stupid to keep much monies in the bank to be freezed? They are all transfered away. If they wish to convert to cash, they have to recruit new members to pay them cash and the recruiter less out trom the amount. And their victims will later transform to vampires and the scam carries on…. They STOPPED paying back their members few months ago and the members cannot do anything because they are made to sign an agreement unaware that they have to claims if the company stopped paying them by CHANGING terms and policies.

The key person and founder is a Dato Robert Ong from Rawang but his glory group forex malaysia is no longer in the business now. Their products are sold for RM2 to RM3 for a ml bottle and now concentrating mostly in the Indian market. Their Chinese and Malays market are long gone since a year or 2 ago. Their customers are made to believe that their water has more oxygen and able to give miraculous effects for the body. Water is H2O, how to put more O into it? Anyone knows how much oxygen do we breathe into our body everyday at FOC?

Latest news is that this SITO Company is going to create new label to market under a new Company since the SITO name has already gone bad. Someone informed that this Company is owing alot of money due to refunds to ex-stockists but just refuse to pay them. Latest news, SITO shifted to another place and their MLM business has closed but planning to start again with a different name, beware!! Alkaline Products — Can anyone explain how it can work for the body? Got so hot that even grocery shops are selling for them.

Recently many of these cars that used the pills are rushing to the workshops to clean the residual. Started off well using binary plan but businese begin to fade now and most users find it NOT effective. Lampe Berger metatrader trading platform download games not so hot now in the glory group forex malaysia countries but there are still new victims every month in Malaysia. Must thanks to those who have contributed and kept the thread alive here in Kopitiam.

Bel-Air have closed in Malaysia. LB is almost zero in Singapore. Note that the biggest strenght in a MLM Scam is their members will go all way out to lie in order to defend for their Company. The reason is simple; these members fear that they will not be able to make their money back if the Company collapsed. Knowing that the Lampe Berger products are moving slow, they add a line of skincare products named Estebel, also claime to have over years history in France.

Hardly anymore Chinese newcomers, they are now tapping the Malays in Malaysia 7 Energy Products eg. They use all sorts of gimmicks and demonstration to make you into believing them. They will do some tricks and demo to prove that these products really produce energy BUT is there any tricks in their demo? So what if there really produce energy; is it good or strong enough to help the body? The effect is actually PLACEBO which I will elaborate glory group forex malaysia a new thread soon.

Swisscash is nearly over now but there are many similar and smaller ones that are still on. They have several offices in Amcorp Mall, PJ and their key person in fact, the ownera Malaysian Indian was arrested last year in Indonesia for having involved in a very big Phillipines scam. Can someone please provide a link which showed the news that their boss was involved in a big scam in Philippines and was arrested in last year? Customers, or rather victims are mostly females from rural areas.

Very hot in Penang now and a number of spin-off Companies glory group forex malaysia started. Their people or associates may be long in business but nothing to do with their MLM launched recently. Why do I consider it a scam or bad? New members are told to pay a sum of money up to RM and you get NOTHING for it. You only get a membership can entitle you to enjoy all sorts of special price and discounts when you have medical check-ups in their centres.

They will claim all those check-ups cost more if done elsewhere. Only the naive and those new to medical check-ups will fall victims to them. Most members who paid the money ended up with nothing. They will ask you to invest a few thousands ringgits for their venture of growing seaweeds in East Malaysia and you are guaranteed returns. When you ask for further documents to prove, they will give all sorts of excuses or just ignore you because they know they cannot get you.

These Seaweed scam is one of the hottest now, warn all your friends about it before they are victimised. Also talk about fitness, lifestyles bullshit that is all worthless. They provide free transport every weekend from KL to visit their Alor Star office. Since this case in the US leaked out and many Malaysians found out that the real boss in HK is a Steven Tang he cheated many Malaysians in another scheme about 20 years ago their business went down all the way.

Now they claim Malaysian partners cheated them and start a new Company in Malaysia. Watch out, this new Company will come out with some investment scheme idea that will get many to lose their money. Arowana fish venture ask you to invest some money and give you fixed return. They could not explain or provide any demonstration to prove their effectiveness. Glory group forex malaysia doctors and papers claim that I will never trust. The health effect is actually PLACEBO, which I will elaborate in a different thread.

Lastly but not least, thank you for reading to the end and I hope you can come back for more details and updates or help to contribute for me to update. I hope to receive information of any scams so that I can share them here to protect others. Although most of those above-mentioned are marketed through direct-selling or MLM schemes, I will soon add non-MLM scams. Please pass this link to your friends if you find it helpful and thank you to those who contributed or e-mailed me with informations.

James Phang, the mlm taikor of sunshine, has been charged by the court just earlier this year…But i'm not sure what's the outcome though…The rest are a good read albeit old news. Melaka, Kluang, Ipoh etc. I've personally been tricked into Visiber, the number pendant. Cost me over RM plus RM50 for registration as member for their most entry-level 'one number' pendant!

It's just a stone and some enamel. Many of my friends bought over RM for one ring with numbers and diamonds, at least that's what the company claims to be! All their products are useless. The owner of this company is so damn rich now after conning so many LADIES to buy their so-called life changing products! You gotta see how these bosses' wives spend their money in boutiques! In fact, my sis just showed me a brochure by MXM MGM last week, and told me how the salesperson persuaded her to buy the insurance package from the company.

As far as I know, insurance agents need to have a license to sell insurance products, but this sales person is not an insurance agent, but he is selling the insurance package from MXM, like a direct sales. This makes me suspicious, although their brochure looks 'professional'. And I read from the Low Yet thread that the owner of this company is the same owner of Pathlab, Marcos Pizza, Kings Crab Chinese Restaurant at Kelana Jaya!!! Luckily, I've never step into these establishments before.

Also, my aunt in Kluang got approached with the Island Red Cafe scam early this year. Obviously it's a huge scam trying to get money out of these poor old ladies and old mens' retirement money in small towns. If i'm not mistaken, you need to pay up few glory group forex malaysia ringgit to be their members and shareholders, then u get a member card so that you won't have to pay full price when dining at their cafe. The weird thing is I don't see any Red Island Cafe around town.

So pls beware people! Don't get scam by these companies! For me, no matter how good Van Gogh can paint, it doesn;t costs USDmil. It is just greed and fear. May be these traits have been 'burned' into our genes :- Just do a quick count on the people around you who labels 'success' as the amount of wealth and material possessions you acquire, regardless of the channels or means you acquired them. Sadly, that's how we've been brought up- no matter what evil deeds you have done out there, you'd better come home to your family with money in your pocket.

I've been thinking about a new MLM — my concept is something like you join this MLM and your sins are washed away. IRC — I dont agree with only 1 comment that what if the company run away. Currently the company is progressing aggressively to open 50plus outlets in malaysia. And the shareholder investment return package is not so attractive as initial launched. Most of Malay friends taking parts into Customer Network package — RM 2.

Visiber — I also can not see what is the scam here. Is it because the company make glory group forex malaysia money then we consider it as a scam? Generally we can consider it is a fortunate teller, but if we study deeply, it is human behavior with related with numbers. I hv no comments on other 15 scams companies. But if possible, do not connect the REAL scam company together other companies. Guess the accountability of the ppl pursusing me to do mlm is more then since i got daily updates….

KClau suggested pay ur hse n car with the asset. A student in dillemma!!!!!!! I thought a student that has managed to get into a medical school would be more mature and well-mannered when they are going around asking for advice from others. A little online etiquette for you FF, nobody here owes you an answer and if you are expecting for one, you better well be patient enough while people contribute their precious time to give you some of their suggestions.

As for your MLM questions, I think the best way to find out is to join one yourself and 'experience' the process. Everyone's experience is different, and what is not right for me could turn out to be an enjoyable career for you. Since you're a student, I suggest that you prioritize your studies and leave all these 'money making' activities secondary. One thing I can assure you, these 'opportunities' will still be around when you graduate. Next, to verify if the MLM that you're joining will not result in you losing your investment, do a background check on the management.

Don't just look at the 'profit models'. There are already extensive resources on the net to help you do that. Or Google up the company. If you are too lazy to do your own homework, you're probably the right 'market' for these companies. The fact that people are doing it, doesn't mean it is the 'right' thing to do. The fact that the law is allowing these businesses to continue to operate shouldn't be an indicator that you should put your money in these businesses.

Smoking is legal, but should you do it? What's your own value? What price are you willing to pay to get the things you want in life? Some people are willing to do anything, even if it's on the expenses of their closest friends and families. To them, it's absolutely justifiable. Lastly, there's no need for you to argue with anyone. The answer is within you and only you have the authority to part with the money in your pocket- and once you do that, accept full responsibility.

First i believe this website is to prevent ppl than falling into these scams, right? But from what ive read from the millionaire next door, financial IQ, why we want u to be rich and many more personal finance books and audio books…. Second i am a medic student today not due to the fact tht medical world creates well mannered people and ppl that accept full responbility…but i am person tht do care n take responsible when tings come my way. PPl n law allowing it.

Again i wud like to apologize for my rudeness. The investment company clearly stated the investors to the seaweed program is not related to the fund they put there … I don't understand how mainstream newspaper let these businesses advertise…. Do they need to go to prison? If not, maybe we should consider to setup one.

Who knows what will happen when we are really tempted with the holy grail of material promises? You voice out like this sound very unfair to all other MLM company. All MLM also got some Business plan and marketing plan. It's mean that you are one of the SOME MLM company? There is alot untie buy alot Brand A health food just to maintain level and cant sell off before the expired date … keep on giving to people and nobody want it.

It's also call a scam? See my post also same… they wanna take legal actions on me. Maybe are same people or same group or people. I believe we would facing same problem eventually. Email me privately: khchuang gmail. Only at that time of the loss or deprivation could one define the business as a scam or a bad pyramid. Which famous manufacturers, factories or MNC do not have a pyramidal organization structure? So, there are good and bad pyramids. When the partners or members earn money, penasihat pakar forex software would not call the business a scam or pyramid.

However, at the time of loss they blame everyone except themselves. The main crux being if one is afraid of losses then stay put in employment. Be rational, stay and watch the show if one does not want to participate. One would know whether one strikes a lottery. One must have the special skills, commitments and stamina to succeed. Interest is not the sole element. If one can achieve this fast and the team earns money and profits, the fear of losses or risks do not exist anymore.

I have done business with the below company and i wonder why who soever forex correlation trading ea 9390 this have to do it, meaning putting this company name on scammers list. I have done business with them and actually i received all my goods, they are real and the supplier is very fraud Mohammad clinton in Malaysia very fraud man, i am hundred percent payment pay you but not sending the material.

A rational person would not arrive at that conclusion if he does not know the owners personally or their track records. The person must know the owners to pass the opinions or value judgements otherwise all good efforts would be destroyed by irresponsible writings A person or writer cannot just make a sweeping statement or value judgement on the good and the no good.

This means the person or writer shows his irresponsibility by brainwashing the public through blogging or comments in the blogs, and treats other people or followers of MLM as lesser persons, lesser cleverer and lesser smarter than himself. How could the writers know what is in the minds of the owners whom they have no data to back that they are schemers of scams or hardcore cheaters?

A person's writings would show that he is also a schemer of some sorts; for good or bad only the passage of time can tell. Prophets of Doom can predict anything. Only God and Prophets can decide the future. Humankind being mere mortal should not play such roles and declare any folding or unfolding of the future to confuse the minds of the people. When one is an MLM tempurung creature?

Dun know why, some people just so 'di diao' to expose himself but they keep on giving so 'constructive' ideas. Maybe they are the real 'heroes' and not cowards as they think can survive better… haha. Can i post up the background and photos of the MLM people here in your blog? Three 'big bosses' profile are identified so far some promoters also got. Seems they are good and helpful person guiding us along the MLM strategy and making money.

Feel this is a good way to appreciate them. This would be a better way to show the real hero in the writer. And here's the catch: She said my husband glory group forex malaysia donat eRM38 every month. I get so mad when I heard this. To me, this smells like a scam. If you are a real charity body, you don't demand fixed monthly pay. Look at Mercy Malaysia or Bersamamu. They dont mind you donating anything even RM1 because if everyone donates RM1, that can still be beneficial.

So please if you think it's a scam, do let us know. And, do watch out when you go to Bukit Bintang. How do we report these people? I feel like taking down their IDs and then make a report glory group forex malaysia the police! After see through the discussion above regarding the MLM marketing. I'm grateful to see that many peoples has pointed out their view regarding the glory group forex malaysia of the MLM system in gaining what so call the passive or to more extend, they even abandoned their main job and make this MLM as their main source of income.

In here I would like to share my experience for the last five years regarding my experience about MLM especially for 'A' company as well as 'E' company bird. I was approached by the 'A' company agent 6 years ago from my friend and in fact, he was one of the 'enthusiast'. As usual, he was trying to pump in the information of well known philosophies of self improvement like you must have the courage to face people say 'no' to you, must improve your personal selling and marketing skill and bla bla bla.

On top of that, I was asked to buy some self improvement tapes and CD in order to listen to the 'successful' people story — who know they are really successful or not. The things that they are most interested was how the profit money is divided like how many down lines you got and with that numbers of down lines, how much money you will get and then you will become rich and financial free that time.

I use to get very disturbed when they explained these concept to me. My disturbance got intensified when I went to the annual meeting when you have pay for the entrance fees I think this is very stupid and before the show started, the organizer will play you some videos of how American peoples spend money to buy all those expensive staffs, you can become one of them by joining them.

The video actually pissed me off and I screwed my friend after the shows started as it really gave the youngster a very very bad information of why we want to become rich. I believe this is a brain wash session for the newbies. After got all this information, I analyze the information that I have in me regarding this type of MLM marketing, I got a few conclusions: 1. They brain wash you how the rich people and successful people live like.

This video will paralyze your defend system to recognize what is reality and fantasy. The entrance fee of the annual meeting, you are paying RM for this where some ambassadors come and give you talk. If people are attending, then k free money for the organizer. Personally, I think the concept is better to apply it in your normal life that into this MLM business. By attending all this brain wash session, you will become a loyal defender and marketer to the company with a very low cost.

Sometime, you fork out your own money to travel here and there, the company won't pay you other expenses. Despite all these, you still feel awarded. All the successful people principles are proven, this make you unable to overturn the law. Personally I think this principle has been raped and made use by the company. The product of the company is not cheap.

In fact, they keep emphasize that it is relatively cheap as the advertisement expenses is not involved. But I think the product is very very expensive. RM and some even RM for a water filter, this is ridiculous. This is ridiculous, I immediately advise her to stop buying. Follow that, I ask my friend to think as a whole, who will gain the most profit out of the sales? Not the ambassador or diamond, but the company.

Unfortunately, some people just get 'addicted'. The ambassador is an icon to brain wash you. I never understand why they treat him like 'GOD' in the gathering. As far as I know, the MLM company will employ the so called Ambassador to recruit and brain wash people. They keep on saying want to spread the news and want to see less people suffer by selling their product, but would they do it if they are not paid with the commission?

Please do some homework before you say any misleading facts for the consumer here. Me, myself an agent for MXM formally known as MGM and my mother-in-law is a member of MXM since 3 years ago. I bought her this medical card when she was 59 years old. As you all know, it is hard to get a good medical protection at such age but luckily MXM accepted my mother-in-law application. No doubt the fees is high about RM Bear in mind, these company will reject your application if they find out your problems and it won't cover any illness if it's does happened after you want to re-new your policy.

My mother-in-law was admitted to hospital on 2nd years later and was diagnosed with diabetes and blood clot in her lower abdomen. She needs operation and was staying in Glenmarie Hospital for a week. After discharge, the following medical charges is borned by MXM within a month of any claims occurred. So, you see is glory group forex malaysia any scam here? In fact, I did not comes out any single cents during these period which my mother-in-law in hospital.

And the good news is, my mother-in-law can re-new her medical card until 70years old without any problems or any protection is excluded from her policy which others company can't do. What I am trying to say is, it is worth the money for paying such a expensive medical card. Do not judge the glory group forex malaysia by it's cover, sometimes what you hear could be wrong but seeing is believing! Is this a scam or what? Their salesman also lead unhealthy lifestyle by picking girls in disco, smoking excessively, drinking beer in office.

Wisma Tun Sambanthan, Penthouse, Level 27, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia good morning whether the company is known on the market? You can deal with it? Thanks for the information about this company roman sommer e-mail iphoneshoppl gmail. I would be extra careful with my money if they are not willing to disclose more about themselves. They have their office in subang usj 1. Ordered some products for whole sales great products and service and General Manager Mr.

I have been drinking ionised alkaline water from an ioniser since The ionised water has 5x more excess oxygen, not in the form of O2, but in the form of OH- which is very stable because it is mated with positively ionised alkaline minerals. Two of these hydroxyl ions can form a water molecule H2O and give out one oxygen atom. The alkaline minerals is used to detoxify poisonous acid compound and when that happens the hydroxyl ion is freed to supply excess oxygen to the cells.

It is indeed the case of killing 2 birds with 1 stone. And this is no BS as form 4 science can prove it. No doubt that the stomach acidity is very acidic, ph1. These juices requires watersalt NaCl and carbon dioxide CO2 as the ingredients. However the remaining part of the sodium chloride that is chlorine is the troublesome factor.

If we can supply alkaline minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium in the form of NaOH, Ca OH 2, KOH and Mg OH 2, that would be the best settlement. Ionised alkaline water from an ioniser gives them! Understanding the function of water and drinking the right kind of water will give us health and longevity. Thanks to stopscams for writhing this article!! Will definitely share it forex strategy trader forum jaguars Facebook to gain awareness among all!!

Anyway, anyone heard of totebonus? Plus there are rumors sayin that the group is actually run by the same gang of person who play the game Sunshine Empire. I want to know if this is true or not? Is he trying to scam us? I have not heard of this. We do not want to waste our time with Frauds only reliable Suppliers. COMPANY: MATZ PACIFIC EDIBLE OILS AND BIODIESEL SDN. ADDRESS:Lotblock 19 kcld, Jalan lapangan terbang baru, Kuching.

This is the name of the Company: COMPANY: MATZ PACIFIC EDIBLE OILS AND BIODIESEL SDN. Managing Director Of all the long discussion. The product should always be the primary reason. Then everything speaks for itself without any hard pushing or salesy talk. Just received a call from AROWANA VENTURES BERHAD saying I won a Cruise trip to nowhere with star cruise and invited to go to their office at UE3 and was asked to invest in their investment scheme.

It cost RM30k to buy a fish that is not yet born. Anyway the voucher they only gave 2 and they promise to give 3 since my child is going. Never kept their word so I rejected. Waste of time and money. The people who got scammed usually keep quiet about it. Most are afraid they become jokes to others. And we also do not have regulations on catching these scams. My only advice glory group forex malaysia people who wants to prevent these scams from happening to them: People can only manipulate you when you show them your weaknesses, greed in this case.

Dont forget IMUONE diamond club led by Kin Chinese Malaysian Model cum Singer… self proclaimed XSultanah Terengganu foster son! They claim to be associated with University Malaya and have offices within the university grounds. Naja Ahmad is the front-woman on behalf of Lionel Fernandez making fraudulent applications for funds and grants from different ministries claiming to represent companies and organizations.

From Austria to the Solomons, Thailand and Indonesia plus all states in Malaysia they have left a trail of despair and destruction and have stolen possibly millions from unsuspecting businesses. Be warned to have glory group forex malaysia business dealings with either Lionel Fernandez or NAJAH Ahmad How about fortune ventures a company, l guess selling health product.

Glory group forex malaysia manggosteen juice from USA. With their solid explainations and link with this good product also promised for monthly income…. Believe it or not,they really smart in marketing…but l still waiting with the first month income as promised. If success l will write for follow up. Hopefully this company not a scamps. Just do your due diligence. Trace the money trail. The money that a company rewards its franchisees must come from a sustainable income source.

No free lunch rule applies. Hardly anymore Chinese newcomers, they are now tapping the Malays in Malaysia. If you wish to send me any new information confidentially, you may email them to me at:. The full thread is available here. May 23rd, Malaysia Financial News 57 Comments. Share this post with a friend! Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email. May 23, at pm - Reply.

January 8, at pm - Reply. May be these traits have been 'burned' into our genes May 24, at pm - Reply. Yup, I think it's a cultural thing too. Just do a quick count on the people around you who labels 'success' as the amount of wealth and material possessions you acquire, regardless of the channels or means you acquired them. May 25, at pm - Reply.

Please wake up, people. There is no such thing as a free lunch in the world…. May 26, at am - Reply. May 26, at pm - Reply. May 27, at am - Reply. I joined 2 so called scamed companines. Most of Malay friends taking parts into Customer Network package — RM May 27, at pm - Reply. Hai-O, Lampberger, Herballife, Mofaz, Nulife, Usana all of them pursuing me rite now at this moment…. May 28, at am - Reply. Before I get to your questions financiallyfearful FFlet me glory group forex malaysia something.

From your statements above, I believe you are under the impression that this website is accountable to all the questions you ask and you prefer to threaten people with your immature remarks when things do not go according to your expectations. May 30, at pm - Reply. And about me looking for biznes money making stuff glory group forex malaysia studying is bcoz sumhow its not up to me to dcide…ppl around me need to eat and survive.

May 31, at pm - Reply. I personally contacted Sabah Jabatan Perikanan and confirm the Seaweed is a scam, I have also contacted the investment they mentioned that protect your interest, which also confirm NOT the case. The investment company clearly stated the investors to the seaweed program is not related to the fund they put there ….

June 5, at am - Reply. I glory group forex malaysia understand how mainstream newspaper let these businesses advertise…. Is this irresponsible advertising? June 6, at pm - Reply. Unlikely the newspaper can do anything with it…. I wonder what happens to those founder of the company after confirmed they're scam?

June 8, at am - Reply. ChampDog, I guess the reason why 'dumb' people like us are not doing it yet is because we are still conscious about the trade-off between our conscience and the money. June 8, at pm - Reply. June 11, at pm - Reply. March 6, at pm - Reply. Of amway is a scam tHen hats off to them coz they must be a very succesfull scammers. June 20, at am - Reply. Submitted on 19th Junevia IP Address: June 20, at pm - Reply.

Wow, you are being scolded by 'some unknown' people. I think we should gather more people who encountering same problem and meet up somewhere asap. June 27, at pm - Reply. A business is called by the people as a scam or a bad pyramid when it closes down and the partners loses or being cheated of some or all the monies they put in without reasonable cause or explanation, among other things. The Golden Rule: Willing Buyer and Willing Seller.

Business normally has certain risks. One can drag a bull to the water, but one cannot force it to mate. December 15, at pm - Reply. June 28, at pm - Reply. July 13, at pm - Reply. July 15, at am - Reply. When a person passes value judgements or opinions about scams or bad pyramids without any background data of the owners, it means he holds a pre-conceived opinion or mindset that the owners are already out to cheat even before the business starts.

The person must know the owners to pass the opinions or value judgements otherwise all good efforts would be destroyed by irresponsible writings. Do the owners have a track record of scheming a scam, scamming or cheating? A person or writer cannot just make a sweeping statement or value judgement on the good and the no good. The nation loses by the writers' irresponsibility in brainwashing and attempting to suppress enterprise and entrepreneurship by creating phantoms in the minds of the youth.

As I have said on scams and bad pyramids, I would add the following verses:. Heroes never die Cowards never survive Enterprise must multiply MLM becomes the way of life. False prophets are abound Truths are still around If inexperienced judgement be sound Then experienced people are clowns. Hey Meishio, when we meet again? July 15, at pm - Reply.

If it pleases the writer, he could write an OPEN LETTER and declare the person in his letter a SCAM, Schemer of SCAMS and a CHEAT. August 18, at am - Reply. But hubby is too naive I guess? Look past the pretty faces or chest. September 26, at am - Reply. After got all this information, I analyze the information that I have in me regarding this type of MLM marketing, I got a few conclusions:. October 27, at am - Reply. December 21, at pm - Reply.

Glory group forex malaysia Ammie and stopscams. January 16, at pm - Reply. February 12, at pm - Reply. March 8, at pm - Reply. March 16, at am - Reply. June 22, at pm - Reply. September 12, at am - Reply. December 12, at pm - Reply. December 13, at pm - Reply. From the look of their website, I can glory group forex malaysia that they are:.

Just my 2 sens. August 8, at pm - Reply. SNSBS is a new company anyone got any ideas about this company? August 15, at pm - Reply. SNSBS is a new company but have some innovative products as per their website. Azeem very helpful after visiting direct. August 18, at pm - Reply. STOPscam Save Ur Money. April 27, at am - Reply. June 28, at am - Reply. This is the name of the Company:. September 13, at pm - Reply. Of all the long discussion.

April 8, at am - Reply. The scheme goes like this:. So many scams around and people are so naive and got fooled. April 15, at pm - Reply. September 16, at pm - Reply. September 17, at pm - Reply. Of course they are, Rina. Just goes to show how big your world is. January 2, at pm - Reply. February 6, at pm - Reply. July 9, at am - Reply. LIONEL FERNANDEZ and NAJAH AHMAD directors SERENADE SDN BHD A Malaysia are under investigation by Malaysian Police and the anti corruption agency in relation to fraud, theft, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds from government agencies and international corporations.

Be warned to have no business dealings with either Lionel Fernandez or NAJAH Ahmad. April 30, at pm - Reply. How about fortune ventures a company, l guess selling health product. May 2, at am - Reply. September 27, at pm - Reply. Leave A Comment Cancel reply. Talking Heads The Library About Alphabat.


The best online Forex Trading Brokerage. Forex means foreign exchange. Sometimes it is also called FX. Baffert delighted after Smith powers Arrogate to Dubai World Cup glory. Arrogate showed the true champion that he is as he made ground, swooped around from the. This is an interesting collection of scams from a forumer in LowYat- Stopscam He highlighted a few common scams that are constantly victimizing the innocent out.