EXPLORE OUR FAMILY HUB. Popular Phones and Tablets. Absolute rubbish, this man could not and would not accept the fact that he had been ripped off on Ebay and had a bought a console that was completely unrepairable and so he insisted and blaming us for his mistake by making very unfair remarks, a very rude and arrogant customer!. Game Consoles For Sale. Sign in to continue I have a PSN account Sign In I'm new! Probably another crap title since based on a film.

BUT i imagws in earlier and the guy at Gamestation wanted proof and said no. Went into CEX and i dont know how they do the deal as its a 2nd hand store and uncharted 2 has been out a couple of days so didnt have it in. Both stores are usless so iv put Batman up on ebay and buying Uncharted of the net cheap. Are you new here? Subscribe to this Thread's RSS Feed. Mark Thread as New. Imaves Thread as Read. Float this Thread to the Top. Add define currency put options360 to bookmarks.

Subscribe to this thread. Want to join in? Sign in to continue I have a PSN account Sign In I'm new! Accepted Solution View Original Problem Solved View Original Post. Mark Message as New. Subscribe to this message's RSS Feed. E-Mail this Message to a Friend. Sign in to add a comment. View our house rules for posts. Email me when someone replies. RattyMcClelland PM. Share Mark as accepted solution Report. Did they have any other games in the DEAL?

Nemesis PM. From what was on the poster, it looks like only Gamestation trading in ps3 images Shift at Gamestation. Game usually have a few games you can trade in - probably FIFA 10 will be one of them. I posted one earlier. Rebmahc PM. Check out this thread i made for more info. IronbruKid PM. ZOLO PM. DANTE PM. Was it really worth trading in those last 4 games for those prices?.

I just wanted to get rid of them games as I didn't play them anymore and want them anymore, it's my decision in the end. I have a backlog of FIFA and PES games that I know I am never gonna play again, but I havent traded them trqding purely because the money I would get back is so small that I just dont see the point - apart from clearing some space on my game shelf. Yeah, I know Im never gonna get much for them.

I'll probably just end up giving them away. TUCKA4EVA AM. So i just payed the full price for it. Worth it though :P. RattyMcClelland wrote: Apparently so. You have to have proof of Cex's prices trsding. You print off the relevant page from their website and take that with you. They should then match the price - providing you have a CEX close enough. Im not certain though - I only went in Fallout 3 GOTY because I already have Uncharted 2 CE. I dont know what deals game are doing, sorry.

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Tiny Angry Asian Girl Tries to Trade in PS3 to GameStop

PlayStation 3. Games Game Retail Limited. trading as fantastic-art.ru - Company Registration No: - Company Registered in England Registered Address. The official home of PlayStation 3 - the latest games and news for all things PS3, PlayStation 3 ; PlayStation Vita; PlayStation Now; Games PS4 Games; PS3 Games;. Find Buckby Gamestation in Northampton and get reviews, PlayStation 3 Repair - £ Nintendo Wii-U Repair - Only £40, THESE SHOULD NOT BE TRADING!!.