On the forex trading hours, there are none. Christmas Island - [ Country]. Tonga - [ Country]. Since the Forex market is over the counter OTCthere is no centralized exchange, no one place where trades take place therefore, there is no accurate record of volume and most, if not all, Forex charts will not show any indication of volume. In fact I just got stopped out. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

This is a discussion on FOREX vs. Futures within the Forex forums, part of the Markets category; Futures vs. Downloadable forex trading program 97p1r2bz04 are futures vs forex trading 99 pros and cons of Forex vs. I currently trade futures and Show Posts Go to Page Futures This is a discussion on FOREX vs. Dec 30,am. I currently trade futures and I'm having some success.

Started in mid Oct. From what I understand the Forex market is much more liquid, but I don't quite understand it yet. I don't know much about FOREX, do you pay commissions per trade? Any recomendations are appreciated. Dec 30,pm. To answer your last specific questions first In spot forex whether you trade a commission will depend on whether you are using a market making sometimes called a "dealing desk" broker or and Straight Pass Through SPT or ECN broker. The former doesn't charge commissions because they make a market with their customers and earn the futures vs forex trading 99. The latter operates more like a futures broker in that you pay a commission and they just serve to facilitate your order being matched against someone else within a network of "liquidity providers" banks, brokers, etc.

As for charts, most spot brokers will provide you real-time prices and charts for free. In terms of other general comparissons The spot forex market has a wider forex nipper stapler repair of legitimately tradable pairs at all times of day. Some futures contracts can be very thinly traded, especially at certain times of day. The well-established regulation of the futures market is an often-cited reason to trade their rather than in the spot market, but the US forex brokers are now regulated by the CFTC via the NFA in the same fashion as futures are, so that's less of a consideration these days.

To my mind, the single biggest advantage of spot forex over futures, even with the introduction of micro futures contracts, is the flexibility. Author - Trading FAQsThe Essentials of Trading. I like the abilty to have real time charts. With my futures broker my charts are minutes behind what the market is doing.

I have to wait for my signals and usually a retracement to get in. In fact I just got stopped out. Do you have a broker you recommend? I take it you like the SPT broker best. Actually, I generally encourage those new to forex, especially with small capital amounts, to look at Oanda. NinjaTrader with the Zen-Fire data feed and also provide realtime data feed demos.

Dec 31,pm. Ninja Trader sounds like what I'm looking for. Currently I trade Futures with Orion Futures. The price data is real time if I click refresh but the monthly futures chart is behind. For example, if I'm watching a 15 minute candle chart at pm the last 15 minute candle I see is the one from I guess I need to do some more research on the FOREX and trade a demo account while I continue with FUTURES until I'm comfortable with it.

Does FOREX trading have hours? Globex shuts down for a little everyday and some markets are different than others on when I can place trades. Isn't that more complicated than just watching the charts for one currency and trading it long or short? Thanks again for the input. On the forex trading hours, there are none. The market gets going on Sunday evening with the Asian open and runs through Friday afternoon in NY.

All of forex is cross relationships, futures included. There is no such thing as just trading one currency because they only price in terms of their value relative to other currencies. Jan 1,am. Alpari open on Sundays at 3pm pst, continuous trading until closing Friday 2pm pst. Dec 24th midnight EST - Dec 27th 4pm EST Dec 31st noon EST - Jan 3rd 4pm EST.

SPREADS: Dec 24 noon EST - Dec 'weekend' spreads available. Dec Spreads may be wider than normal depending on futures vs forex trading 99 liquidity and volatility. Dec 31 noon EST - Jan 4 London open : 'weekend' spreads available". Similar Threads why use forex futures? Nov 23, am forex futures Nov 1, pm Forex Futures vs.

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Forex vs. Futures

Why do the Pros Daytrade Futures? particular advantages of daytrading the E-mini S&P over trading stocks, Forex and ETFs like the are only $1. 99. What are the advantages to trading futures instead of Do I have to pay back if my loss exceed deposit in forex, stocks, futures trading? It gets a laugh 99. Jan 01,  · This is a discussion on FOREX vs. Futures within the Forex forums, What are the other advantages/disadvantages of FOREX over trading straight futures.