FBS at social media. Download our Mobile Apps. Advanced Charting and Tools Premium Account. Bisnis Online Internet Free - Cara Deposit Forex. Always look for extremely strong turning points; they are often high probability price levels.

Chat with us: info tradeciety. Price ActionTechnical Analysis. During a trend, price moves up until enough sellers enter the market to absorb the buy orders. Then, price falls until a new balance is created and buyers become interested again. Supply and demand drives all price discoveries, from local flea markets to international capital markets. When a lot of people want to buy a certain item with limited quantity, price will go up until the buying interest matches the items available.

It is reasonably safe to assume that after price leaves an accumulation zone, not all buyers got a fill and open interest still exists at that level. Supply and demand traders can use this knowledge to identify high probability price reaction zones. Here are the six components of a good supply zone: A supply zone typically shows narrow price behavior. Lots of candle wicks and strong back and forth often cancel a supply zone for future trades. Good supply zones are somewhat narrow and do not hold too long.

A shorter accumulation zone works better for finding re-entries during pullbacks that are aimed at picking up open interest. The spring looks like a false breakout after the fact, but when it happens it traps traders into taking trades into the wrong direction read more: Bull and bear traps. Institutional traders use the spring to load up on buy orders and then drive the price higher.

This point is important. At one point, price leaves the forex trading free ebook icon zone and starts trending. A strong imbalance between buyers and sellers leads to strong and explosive price movements. When When price goes from selling off to a strong bullish trend, there had to be a significant amount of buy interest entering the market, absorbing all sell orders AND then driving price higher — and vice versa. Always look for extremely strong turning points; they are often high probability price levels.

Each time price revisits a supply zone, more and more previously unfilled orders are filled and the level is weakened continuously. This is also true for support and resistance trading where levels get weaker with each following bounce. The Rally-Range-Drop scenario describes a market top or swing highfollowed by a sell-off. The market top signals a level where the sell interest got so great that it immediately absorbed all buy interest and even pushed forex trading free ebook icon lower.

The amateur squeeze allows good and patient traders to exploit the misunderstanding how market behavior of consistently losing traders. After identifying a strong previous market turn, wait for price to come back to that area. If a false breakout occurs, the odds for seeing a successful reversal are extremely high.

To create even higher probability trades, combine the fake breakouts with a momentum divergence and a fake spike through the Bollinger Bands. Supply and demand zones are natural support and resistance levels and it pays off to have them on your charts for numerous reasons. Combining traditional support and resistance concepts with supply and demand can help traders understand price movements in a much clearer way.

And while the support and resistance trader is being squeezed out of his trade, the supply and demand traders knows better. When it comes to profit placement, supply and demand zones can be a great tool as well. For stops, you want to set your order outside the zones to avoid premature stop runs and squeezes. Forex Trading Academy Your email address will not be published. Tradeciety — Trading tips, technical analysis, free trading tools Forex Trading Blog And Trading Academy.

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