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Gears of War is a video game franchise created and originally owned by Epic Gamesdeveloped and managed by The Coalition fenix fx hotel, and owned and published by Microsoft Studios. The franchise consists of five third-person shooter video games, which has also been supplemented by a comic book series and five novels.

The first installment, titled Gears of Warwas released on November 7, for the Xbox The game follows protagonist Marcus Fenixa soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments tasked to lead a last-ditch effort to destroy the Locust Horde and save humanity. He was inspired by gameplay elements from Resident Evil 4Kill Switchand Bionic Commando.

Canadian studio The Coalition developed Gears of War 4which was released on October 11, for the Xbox One hotell Windows The Gears of War games have been amongst the most popular and most played titles on Xbox Live. The planet had a history of conflict that took Sera to the brink of destruction. This shocked the people into a rejection of their destructive ways, leading to a golden age of culture, science and the arts, [13] though civil liberties and hotdl remained troublesome social issues.

The energy demands of Sera's population soon surpassed the planet's traditional energy sources like petroleum and nuclear. A search for new energy sources led to the discovery of Imulsion, a glowing liquid with near-unlimited energy potential found in chambers and veins beneath the planet's surface. This ended when COG opted to use its orbital laser weapon, the Hammer of Dawn, to ravage UIR cities. The COG then negotiated peace treaties with the remaining republics and became the dominant government on Sera.

Shortly after this, the bulk of the population was wiped out by a new threat, sentient creatures called Locust that spewed out from underground and attacked across the planet. The onset became known as Emergence Day. COG evacuated survivors to Jacinto Plateau, where the hard rock would prevent fenix fx hotel Locust from tunneling from beneath.

Those humans who could not leave their homes or refused to do so became known as the Stranded. COG then employed a " scorched earth " tactic, turning the Hammer of Dawn against its own cities to deny the Locust any tactical advantages. COG ordered its troops, "Gears", to continue to protect the Plateau while finding ways to end the Locust threat completely.

The first game occurs about fourteen years after Emergence Day; Marcus Fenix ohtel a former Gear who was imprisoned for abandoning his post to protect his father Adam, a lead researcher in studying the Locust. Marcus is rescued from military prison by his closest friend, Dominic "Dom" Santiago, moments before the prison is consumed by Locust attacks. He soon re-enlists in the Gears because they lacked sufficient forces. Marcus leads a squad named Delta Team, including Dom, Augustus Cole, and Damon Baird, into discovering the source of the Locust.

Using research fd by his father, Delta Team ignites a Lightmass bomb at this source, destroying a large number of Locust. Fenox, the Queen Locust, Myrrah, escapes, and vows revenge for the destruction. In Gears of War fenkxMyrrah regroups her remaining forces and organizes a counterattack using a giant earth-eating worm, which is called the Riftworm, to whittle the land away from the Jacinto Plateau and sink it.

Gears forces, including Delta Team, are sent underground to attack the Locust directly and stop the action. They find a secret COG research facility, as well as Locust slaves where captured humans, including Dom's wife Maria, have been forced to work. As they invade the main Locust base, they find that the Locust are fighting on another front against what they name Lambent, Locust forces that have been corrupted by exposure to the Imulsion.

Despite this, Myrrah refuses to end the war. In a hastily made decision, Marcus decides to sink Jacinto Plateau purposely, with the surrounding sea water flooding the Locust and Lambent tunnels. Though most of the Locust drown in the flooding, Myrrah and hundreds of other Locust barely escape, while a radio broadcast from Adam, heard after the game credits finish, begs to know what Marcus has done. Gears of War 3 occurs eighteen months later. Without Jacinto, COG has collapsed and remnants of humanity work to scavenge supplies while facing new threats from Locust and Lambent forces that have fled to the surface.

Marcus learns of a rumor that his father is being held at Azura, a resort island, and with Delta Team and new allies, he heads toward it. While working to acquire Imulsion for a submarine, they learn that humans can also be affected by Imulsion and become Lambent as well. Dom sacrifices himself to fenix fx hotel Marcus and the others to continue on.

Febix Azura, Marcus finds his father, secured in a former hotel, who explains that he had discovered the corruption of Imulsion before, and has been trying to find a way to eradicate it for both humans and Locust. Marcus is shocked to discover that Fenix fx hotel has been working with Myrrah. Adam explains that he found the means to cure humanity and end the Lambent threat using an energy dish hotep the top of the hotel, and while he has been desperately working to accommodate the Locust after promising this to Myrrah, he has run out of time and that the energy wave that will cure humans will kill the Locust.

Myrrah arrives and discovers Adam's betrayal. The Gears fight off Myrrah and kill her, allowing Adam to activate the device, fenix fx hotel also ends up killing him as he was his own guinea pig for the technology. Marcus takes a moment to consider his losses before joining with his friends and other humans in their victory. The fourth game, Gears of War: Judgmentfocuses on Baird and Cole during the early days after Emergence Day.

With military cadet Sofia Hendrick and Garron Paduk, a former UIR soldier, they comprise the Kilo Squad. Baird disobeys orders to use a secret weapon of mass destruction to destroy Locust forces and save survivors at Halvo Bay. Despite also killing the powerful Locust leader Karn, the squad is court-martialed because they disobeyed orders and Baird feinx demoted from officer to private. A separate campaign, "Aftermath", ffenix Baird, Cole, and Paduk in the hours before the activation of the anti-Imulsion energy wave.

The fifth game and fourth main installment, Gears of War 4was announced at E3 on June More updates would be revealed later from the developers. The new installment occurs f years after Fneix Countermeasures, and focus on JD Fenix the son of the legendary Marcus Fenix. Gears of War is a third-person shooter game, with its core concepts being derived from Resident Evil 4 ' s "over the shoulder" perspective, Kill Switch ' s cover systemand Bionic Commando ' s swinging action akin to moving between points of cover.

While behind cover, the player can fire blindly and inaccurately at their opponent, or can look around the cover and aim carefully, though exposing himself to enemy fire; the player can also slide along cover, move between nearby cover, or vault over cover to race to a new point of cover. As the player takes damage, the "Crimson Omen" appears on fenix fx hotel HUDbecoming more defined as the player nears low health levels.

The player can regenerate their health by fenix fx hotel out of harm's way for a short while. Should the player take too much damage, fneix will become incapacitated unless revived by a teammate; depending on game mode, the player may be able to recover from this state on their own, or may die after a short amount of time if not revived.

When a combatant is down, a member of the other side may also attempt to execute the downed player via a "curb stomp" or other brutal methods. As well, some types of damage will immediately kill the player with no chance of revival, such as explosive damage. There are five levels on the first two games, but they are referred to as "acts" and each act is formed into a certain amount of chapters.

Players in Gears can only carry four different weapons, with the exception of the fourth game, allowing one primary weapon slot that feix carry weapons which include, but are not limited to, venix rifles, a sniper riflegrenade launchers and an explosive bow ; one grenade slot, which may be filled with up to four grenades of a specific type Fragmentation, Smoke, Ink and Incendiaryand one pistol-type weapon. Players can either obtain ammo or swap out their current weapons with any weapon dropped by a downed foe or from those scattered around the various maps.

Most weapons feature the "Active Reload" ability: either after a weapon has run out of an ammo clip or when the player starts a manual reload, a meter is shown on screen, and the player can attempt to stop the meter in a certain marked area. If the player stops the meter in the marked area, their reload will be completed faster than if they did not attempt an Active Reload, and if the player can stop the meter at a specific section of the marked area, they will gain a temporary slight damage boost with each reloaded shot and a faster reload.

If the player stops the meter outside this area, their gun will become temporarily jammed and slow down the reload time. While most of the weapons are based on standard shooter archetypes, Gears ' s signature weapon is the Lancer, an assault rifle that has a mounted chainsaw bayonet which can be used renix close quarter combat to instantly kill fd standard foe. Most other weapons also can be used to bash opponents in melee, or in the case of grenades, can be stuck to a foe, exploding a few seconds later.

If the opponent spots the grenade, he or she can detonate it from a safe distance by tenix it. All Gears games feature a campaign mode that can be played cooperatively with one other player. The two players take the roles of two COG soldiers, Marcus Fenix and Dominic "Dom" Santiago, as they fight the Locust. In the third game the campaign allows for fenix fx hotel to four players to play together at the same time. The campaign mode features several levels of difficulty. At various times, the campaign will offer a choice of paths the first player can select; if the second player is present, they will be forced to take the other path.

The third and fourth players in Gears of War 3 will be separated between the paths of the first and second players. In these areas, all players generally have to work together to get them through the section, such as by one player providing covering fire while the second player opens a switch that allows the first player to then proceed.

The competitive multiplayer mode in Gears 1 features 8 players while fenix fx hotel Gears 2 features up to ten players split between COG and Locust forces in a number of gameplay types. Modes include "Warzone" and "Execution", both similar to a typical deathmatchand "Annex" and "King of the Hill" where teams have to control a marked zone on the map. In the mode "Guardian," only in Gears 2 one member of each team is designated as the leader. As long as the leader is still alive, his or her teammates can respawn indefinitely.

As soon as the leader is executed, his or her teammates can no longer respawn. Gears of War 3 features better AI, jotel in past games febix AI went around the obstacle even if it had been destroyed. However, Gears 3 the AI hotep recognize that the obstacle has been destroyed and are free to walk over it. It was initially released for the Xbox on November 7, in North America, and on November 17, in Europe.

Gears of War follows Delta Squad's efforts to help deploy a Lightmass bomb deep in the Locust tunnels to wipe out the Locust threat. In Aprilit was confirmed that a remastering of the game was being developed for fenix fx hotel Xbox Onewith The Coalition working on the project, after Microsoft ffnix the rights to the Gears franchise from Epic Games in It was released worldwide November 7, The game uses a heavily upgraded version of the Unreal Engine 3.

Ultimately the COG sinks Jacinto themselves to flood the Locust's home, the Hollow and drown them. A PC version of the game was cancelled by the developers, citing poor sales of the original PC version of Gears of War as well as concerns over piracy. Gears of War 3 is the concluding part to the trilogy. Originally with an April 6, release date, it was moved to September 20, to anchor Microsoft Studios' holiday portfolio for the Xbox Marcus, Dom, and the last remnants of humanity must band together to survive against the Locust and Lambent, while trying to find Marcus's father and end the war.

Gears of War: Judgment is the fourth installment of the Gears of War series released on March 19, At the conference they showed off the first trailer, mainly focused on series mainstay Baird. He is accompanied by Augustus "Cole Train" Cole and two new feix, Garron Paduk and Sofia Fenix fx hotel, [24] who make up Kilo Squad. Kilo Squad is ultimately put on trial by another new character, Ezra Loomis. American thrash metal band Megadeth recorded a song for the first games release, first as an instrumental then with lyrics.

For the third game, rapper Ice-Twho was cast as Griffin, reunited his metal band Body Count to record a song centered hotfl the Gears universe. Gears of War: The Board Game was released in by Fantasy Flight Games. Designed by Corey Konieczka, it is a cooperative game for up to four players, including the option for solo play. Each player takes control of a COG represented by a miniature figure pre-painted in redfighting their way through randomly generated maps filled with Locust soldiers represented by a miniature figure pre-painted in light gray.

These are controlled by an AI deck of cards: after each player finishes his or fenix fx hotel turn, he or she draws a card from the AI deck and takes actions for each Locust creature. Players play cards and roll die to take actions as well as to resolve shooting and defense. The game proceeds until the player team successfully completes the mission. There are seven different missions, each featuring different objectives and enemies in randomly generated map hitel.

Since its launch, the game has received one expansion, Mission Pack 1which brought more weapons, two new missions and new enemies, including General RAAM. A series of novels based on the fictional universe has been created, all written by Karen Traviss. The books expand on the games and hogel events which occur in between installments.

It focused on the history of the characters and the battle at Aspho Fields, but also took place during the events between Gears of War and Gears of War 2. Later they enter into a new conflict against the Stranded who have begun a guerilla war against the remnants of the COG. Fenix fx hotel book also detailed events 1 year after E-Day, when the new COG Chairman authorized the Hammer of Dawn counterattack.

A flashback story details a young Hoffman during the Siege of Femix Gate. The novel details the COG's struggle with the Lambent attacks on the island of Vectes, and leads directly into Gears of War 3. The novel focuses on Marcus Fenix's time in Jacinto Maximum Security Prison prior to Gears of Warand reveals more backstory on him, Victor Hoffman, and Adam Fenix. It was first announced by Epic Games and DC Comics on 18 April and was released in December The series was published under DC's Wildstorm imprint and was written by Joshua Ortegawith art by Liam Sharp.

The story fenix fx hotel followed Jace Strattona young recruit of Delta Squad who made an appearance in Gears of War 3 and Michael Barricka solo Gear found by Delta. The arc was 6 issues long fenix fx hotel ended in May fenix fx hotel Two stand-alone comic book series were then released. Issue 7, "The Quickening", followed the life of Tai Kaliso from his home fenix fx hotel the South Islands to the torture den of the Locust Horde.

This was released on June 9, The second stand-alone was Harper's Story. In Gears of War 2 there are collectibles which describe the end of Sgt. Jonathan Harper, a Gears Veteran. He was captured by the Locust during hotdl events of the Hollow. He managed not only to survive the vile deeds of hogel Locust Horde but also to escape. He helped a family reach safety, taking the bullets into his own body before falling to the ground.

Issue number 9 begins a new arc, Barrenof fehix the first part was released in September We are introduced to the "other side" of the life of humans faced by total annihilation. Birthing Creches, or Breeding Farms, filled with women who are there to just have baby after baby, and nothing else. With humanity dying out and no fresh faces hhotel replace fallen Gears, new humans are needed. The story focuses on an escapee from one of these centers named Alex Brand.

Declared to be barren at the age of 18, Brand was kicked from the Breeding Farm she was born in, sent to Boot Camp and trained to be a Gear. She accompanies Delta and Sigma Squads as hhotel investigate a mysterious beacon call from the place at which she was born, which was thought to have been destroyed by Locust. Cliff Bleszinski, the lead designer of the Gears of War video games, will be an executive producer.

Len Wiseman is no longer involved as he shifts his focus to other projects. Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark will produce the film under Universal's Bluegrass Films division, but no director or writer has been selected at this point. Fergusson also stated that where the film takes place relative to the games has been determined. IGN rated Gears of War 3 the 22nd best Xbox game, out of a list of The units were available for advanced order in July The first series, available in the second quarter ofincluded Augustus Cole, Anthony Carmine, Baird, a Locust Drone, a Locust Sniper, Fenix fx hotel Santiago and Marcus Fenix.

The lawsuit contends that elements of Cole's character, including being of African-American descent, having played in professional sports, and elements of the character's clothings were all elements representative of Hamilton, and voice analysis shows that Speight's delivery of Cole's lines matches too close with Hamilton's line. Hamilton had stated that Speight had approached him around about a video game, though Hamilton had turned it down due to the violence that would be in the game.

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Retrieved April 8, Soon after playing the heck out of games like Resident Evil 4 and Kill. Switch, we realised we wanted a game that had a fun, summer, blockbuster-feeling campaign, with integrated co-op, and a solid, if simple, multiplayer. Mastering Unreal Technology, Volume I: Introduction to Level Design. Indianapolis, IN: Sams Pub. Retrieved 27 January Archived from the original femix Retrieved 13 September Retrieved 6 April Retrieved August 26, Archived from the original on April 12, Retrieved October 5, Retrieved November 7, Retrieved October 6, Retrieved January 12, Gears of War series.

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