The Law Society refused to. Anyone who thinks they can predict the twists and turns needs to have very deep pockets eg GS. What might you suggest in regards to your submit that you simply. All the time follow your heart. Currency broker and West Ham sponsor Alpari UK files for insolvency following the Swiss National Bank's decision to end the link between the Swiss franc and the euro. All I can say is "Thank you Goole for your Tolerance,and be sure to have a very merry Christmas and a Great new year!! January 18, by Forex guru.

I have a confession to make. I go to bed every night and I pray for another recession. In fact, if indeed we are heading for another global recession, which I believe we are, then I have been dreaming of this moment for 3 years! Most people only remember the s depression for one thing only: the stock market crash. It is a known fact that more millionaires have been made in the s depression than at any other period of time in history!

You see, in the s a group of people knew how to make money in a downward market. They saw an opportunity. These guys were prepared and they took action! These are conditions which most traders like me crave for. A recession occurs during an unstable economic climate. When markets become unstable, whether it is bad news or uncertainty, they create volatility. A volatile market often creates trending markets.

To put it quite simply, a trending market is when that market moves in a particular direction deliberately. A lot of the times, markets are just range-bound or oscillating sideways. In the words of W. Yes, you read that correctly, two years. Markets often move much faster downwards than they do upwards. What most people tend to be unaware of is that you can make money as the stock prices are falling. If you can apply the right strategies to make money in a downward market more on that in upcoming poststhen heck, I am going to get inside do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie elevator and press the button to take me to the ground floor!

I have always believed that the fastest way to go broke is to try to get rich quick. There are a lot of risks involved in trading no matter which direction you want to bet, long or short. One of my biggest regrets is that I did not make as much money as I should have done in the crash of I did not do too badly though. I made a promise to myself: never again!

That year taught me to stick to my trading plan and just trade the nice trends like a good trader. That is exactly what I am waiting for this year and next year as well. If a global recession is heading our way, then that is an opportunity. It is an opportunity not just for me but for everybody, including youdear reader. Did this article help you? What are your own views on it? Let me know by leaving me a comment below, even if you disagree with me.

I really liked your interview with the BBC. They were all excited. I am long in SLV and just could not get out. All I can do at this point is wait for it to go back up. How long do you believe it will take to start moving up again? After all, spotting a trend prior to anyone else is the art of good stock trading. Iam a blue collar worker and manage my own money. I avoided the crash and traded successfully in and out of the market during that time. I avoided the market for all of sat in cash ,I did not believe in this phony recovery.

I have made money this year back into cash in april. Metatrader scalping script vinyl agree with your analysis and have told others that I know to watch your interview. I have been telling people since that this crises that started will not end well. I have told people to prepare,hopefully I can get some to finally do something. You were a rockstar in that bbc video. I have a similar confession. While I would consider myself republican more of a Tea Partier really my investment thesis is based on the fact that Obama and his administration are so incompetent that a crash is inevitable.

Until it changes to short dollar long gold?? Exciting times… Alessio, I saw you on BBC News earlier today and really enjoyed your interview and your honesty. With that in mjnd, your advice on how to start would be greatly appreciated. I have been in the investment business for 13 years. Be specific and you will earn more respect. Alessio your totally spot on. The big money is in the big swing.

Livermore started shorting the markets early and had to cover before shorting the hell of it probably on lower highs. I hope you make a fortune. You want people to like you, too? Good for you for telling the truth. News flash, though: lots of us non-rich types already knew a lot of that. An honest parasite, but still a parasite. I agree there is money to be made from a down market, but I see the new homeless tents and the sad people who lost their houses and their family, and I wonder if a recession is so great for society.

The banks are stealing the homes of common people, trading fiat electronic currency for real assets, and it makes me wonder what type of predatory system we have actually created in Wall Street, and what are the roles we play as sharks and predators? I agree with you, there is money to be made from a down market, but I see the new homeless tents and the sad people who lost their houses and their family, and I wonder if a recession is so great for society.

Robert — the thing is. When most banks go bankrupts as they willif you follow hedging strategies, you can profit from their decline. BAC was such an example. If people learnt how to make money in a downward market — then it is our revenge against them. I count myself as one of the good guys because I want others to win too. Thanks for responding, Alessio.

I have sixty thousand dollars in student loan debt and my house lost forty per cent of its value in the last few years. You have to have way more money than the average slob in order to employ the strategies you describe. Alessio, I saw you on the BBC and thank you for your dose of reality which is missing from the UK media. Two questions I do have for you are: 1. What is your view on the Austrian Business Cycle and Austrian economics in general? What is your view that we are on a path to an even worse economic situation whereby we see paper currency become worthless like all fiat money before it?

Keep us posted on your future TV appearances. Inthe world carried just shy of 2 billion people many of whom lived off the land or knew trades that enabled them to survive in the midst of profound scarcity. We had untapped resources back then and just needed systems in place to employ labor to access and transform those resources into usable goods.

The per-capita share of untapped resources has declined because the global population has more than tripled, and what is left is seriously depleted. By the US carried million, and now that population has nearly doubled. The UK has grown from 50 Mil to over 60 mil in the same period. Most of the world is now metropolitan and lacks skills necessary for survival agriculture, industry in the midst of spreading monetary and market crisis.

When a currency no longer serves a population that currency has no value. How then are you going to make profit in the midst of massive upheaval? The depression was orderly. This will not be. Will you invest in a future that leaves us safe, fed and healthy? Love your candor on BBC, I salute your bravery. I am glad I found your site. I want to learn as much as I can. All of you that are calling him down are fools.

That is his job people! He is a trader! He had the balls to go on TV this morning to give you all a much needed reality check and tell you how it is something your precious main stream media will never do and you call him scum for doing his job? You can now take the advice he gave you, get informed and position your self to preserve your wealth and even make some money. More to life than money, my friend. WTF-all u said was buy treasuries, and did a BOO!

Nothing of substance was said—only BOO! Which is why u were on TV today-TO push this agenda. Did the banks force the idiots to sign? But the government forced the banks to give the loans to these deadbeats because of the community re-investment act or else banks would be sued by government for racism. Bruce Berkowitz buying BAC right now-which means buying when everyone all the fools on this board are cowering in fear. You and everyone here sounds very fearful.

Your dollar long position I assume is short-medium 3 to 6 months outlook? If governments are not the power, then their bonds will not as valuable tomorrow as they are today?! This would be the time to buy stocks. S stock market since and will be confirmed in the next 2 years — you never know — maybe the Chinese might step in and keep the markets ranging for many years. Do they want to lose western markets? Good luck with your quest to help the ordinary people — hope they sit up and listen and currency brokers australia work out how to benefit from your advice.

However, you need to tell people exactly what to do and how to do it. You have stuck your head above the parapet and in spite of the ensuing bile and hatred insist that people listen and follow your advice. I have long seen Wall Street as Vegas-for-bankers, where many of them own the house. Is it worth it? If so, how would I do it?

OH NO, that would be so WRONG, making money like that and paying off your mortgage and everything hahaha. You make money by working smarter, not harder, stupid communists. Must a person with tangible wealth sacrifice it to the stupidity of public policy so that he not be thought unseemly? Is it immoral to recognize that basic options kevin cook do stupid and reckless things, and to attempt to protect yourselves from those actions.

If I am on a crowded street corner and see an out of control truck careening in my direction, is it immoral to get out of the way, even if others cannot or will not do so? I saw a mess coming, and I positioned what money I could scrape together in an attempt to protect myself as much as possible. If a person is simply protecting the meager amount he has managed to accumulate, what is it that you find immoral or unseemly?

The world cannot avoid economic certainty by burying our heads in the sand. I do not mean to be rude or obtuse…. It is to protect, and hopefully grow, the resources I have forgone in current and past consumption so that I might enjoy it at another time where I think it more prudent or find it more necessary. Failing that, I pass it to posterity as I see fit.

We all have bills to pay and fears about our future. Your point of view assumes that someone else bears ultimate responsibility for your well-being and eschews altering your own actions so that you might tend to it for yourself. You might wish such a thing to be true a paternal protector to end all uncertaintybut in the end summation, only you can secure your future. Policy makers cannot steer society to a centrally-planned nirvana where your wants are met and your future is certain and secure.

Indeed, it is the pursuit of such a fairy tale that is largely responsible for the state of public finance today, and is at the heart of the impending maelstrom. Further, the attempts to do so entails the immoral appropriation of my property and sublimation of my freedom. The real answer is to see what you can do to most effectively change your own situation rather than cast aspersions in the directions of those who have attempted to do so for themselves.

You obviously ARE misunderstanding something. One could start by finding a bearish mutual fund such as the Prudent Bear fund. There are other options like short ETFs if one took the time to research. The fact that someone makes money off a decline does not mean that person is causing the price to go down. In the marketplace there is supply and demand and the two will meet and settle on a price. Some participants are more informed than others but that is a personal choice.

You seem to be way above you head in debt. Get back on the path towards a sound financial foundation. Alessio is right on the point on what is happening. He is trying to warn people, which can help them. If they do not want to short stocks or the market, they can get out and move to cash. So he is doing a service for the public by telling us the truth. He was great on TV like Jim Rogers or Marc Faber. My only suggestion for him is to curb his enthusiasm a bit and not pray for a recession each night.

Sadly it is coming. Consider praying for those less fortunate people who hopefully will not be totally destroyed by this meltdown. I think this time it will be much worse than Some people are just giddy about the possible take down of the corrupt banking system. I am not so sure that what may replace it will be any better. We can hope and try to be a positive force if that happens. I saw your BBC interview. Adding numbers to a trading account does not equate to a sound mind and body which will take one forward when the dust settles.

Your statement of Goldman Sachs running the world was a shocker for some — I myself have resolved it to the currency-wizards which can add as many zeros behind their numbers as they please, all the while, the workers must work. I was in the USSR when everyone had as many rubles as they pleased, trouble was, only hard-currency would purchase any items of consequence — empty stores. Hard-currency, yes where has it gone? How about the entire world is broke. All that is left is ledger entries, fiat currency, a little gold and silver which is not edible.

I liked your interview on BBC, and found several good pieces of info in your posts. However, I am a bit put off by seeing contradictory statements from you. At least own up to it. The sociopaths running those banks started with some of the sane rationalizations you use to make yourself not sound like one of them. And as someone else mentioned, with the system in place you are one of the small percentage of people with available capital to put on these moves.

The collective actions of professional exploiters like yourself is an injustice and represents massive inequality in this world. You lifestyle is fueled by people like Nathan and others who suffer from this system. The goal of the post is not to pass judgement, but point of more of the truth as you did so eloquently on BBC. Nice job my Italian Paisano. Agree that a strategy of buying on the way down will pay off and one of selling on the way up as it relates to your personal timelines, is key.

Companies and resources that provide real value, value that is measurable or felt directly. Buy on fear, sell when people who are clueless start talking about it as a buying opp. The emerging countries are trying to undermine the US, but the US has cards they are playing and a couple aces tucked away as end game scenarios. Remember the movie WarGames? WOPR — War Operation Plan Response. Goldman and the like want to keep the dollar weak long term and keep the emerging hooked and controlled by dollar smack.

The only way the dollar gets dumped is if the US is threatened and subcumbs. Chances are slim, but China is great at chess and getting to checkmate. Hence, US presence in the oil areas. All the rest is noise. That is the carrot pulling the cart. Germany was trying to play, but they think so robotic that they screw up. They know way before u do what is up. Note: Greece lead the Western world out of darkness and is doing it again full circle. Hats off to the Greek people. You know what my message is?

Open your eyes and step back from your form of repetetive foolishness before you chechout. The cliches are true, you will not take it with you and life is short. Most impacting limitations are the ones you accept and believe. Ancient Greek Politician, General and Statesman, of the aristocratic Alcmaeonid family.

I too think that the over leveraged banking system is collapsing with some degree of bank runs going on in Europe starting with those exposed to bad debts and the real interesting part is to watch or better yet to anticipate how it spreads. The default scenario we are presented with is deflation and precious metals may get hit until the presses are turned on, unless more demand shifts from treasuries to gold.

My question for you is what signs would you anticipate are likely to see that gold and silver are bottoming — did they just do it or will they drift down more like in with everything else? Alessio — I believe that you did the right thing on the BBC by being honest. For those of us who do not circulate in your world, the truth is often hard to find, and even harder to accept once we find it.

Would you let me know what you think? I just saw your BBC interview and it was a good wake up call. First of all I want to thank you for coming out and telling the cold truth. I also want to thank you for commenting into these user comments. First thing I ask myself. Make money at any cost. The second question is if you are actually speaking the truth and not just the truth you yourself believe to be true but the actual reality of it why would you be able to predict it?

Thank you for understanding the common persons point of view and putting in clear thought why you should be trusted and pointing out the risks that can come with it and the reality of the fact. If you have a k or other pension do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie that is invested in mutual funds or stocks, his advice is to put it into a safe fund money market or secured fund and get out of the market now.

Just knowing when to move your money is of great value. If your job does disappear, maybe you should go into investing. You could then start a charity to help other unemployed teachers learn how to invest. Some people want to place blame, gripe, and do nothing. The bold will find solutions and make a way to be prosperous. The same thing C3X has been saying now for over 2 months. The following trends were caught: USD Index breakout at SP Emini crash from to What I find astounding is the extent of your self-delusion.

Your family must be so proud. I certainly agree that bearish markets tend to create more volatility, and more trading opportunities. I also must admit that my forex site prospers in times of trouble, and slows down with volatility. I was tempted to angrily wade into the debate on the side of trading, but this is not the way to win hearts and minds. To the naysayers, I am not wealthy, and I live in a poor, depressed, former industrial city in the north of the UK, our equivalent of somewhere like Detroit, and over the last decade I have contributed a significant amount of money from my trading to my local economy.

Rather than feeling guilty, I am proud of the contribution that I have been able to make, and proud of the fact that a banker somewhere in London may have thought twice about buying a new Ferrari thanks, in small part, to my efforts. So before moralising, and criticising others for making money, please try and understand exactly what is going on in the financial world, and be prepared accept the consequences of your beliefs. You may feel superior today before the collapse, but drifting through life disdaining the acquisition of money, and yet probably heavily indebted and existing as a wage slave yourselves, which in itself is having taken a financial position, your views may not seem so comforting in a few years time.

It does not give a shit about you or your family. Rastani goes on BBC and gives his honest assessment of what might happen and how you can maybe make money, and you morons actually think he is the bad guy!!?? Go ahead blast away…. Surgeons love a tumour and undertakers adore a flu epidemic. However, they would be advised not to measure up the bodies Before the events, likewise it may be wise for you not to talk with such glee about the upcoming recession. A recession will be a disaster for many of the poor in the world.

Choices will not be between shorting the market or steady stock for incomeit may be a grim choice of medicine or bread. I am sure that you are not a shallow opportunist and a quiet reflection on your words will perhaps assist you in rewriting the sentiment. Do you really think a homeless family on food stamps is ever going to get any revenge against the banks who stole everything? Is the 75 year old senior who lost her K and pension funds going to ever get any revenge before she gets kicked to the streets?

Are the starving children of this country ever going to get revenge? Who exactly are you pitching your seminars to? College kids who just saw the previews for Atlas Shrugged and still believe in the concept of upward mobility? The Goldman Sachs vampires and their followers have already stashed all the cash. The traders are merely the vultures feeding on the carcasses of the working class whose widows are still gullible enough to listen to someone on BBC.

Surely downtrend strategies are priced in now? This is evil in its most naked form. With all due respect, Mr. Rastini, you and your fellow traders do not contribute to society, you are not productive at all—you only take. I suspect that you actually employ all sorts of tactics to hasten the downfall of the markets and the euro, including spreading fear, something you did during the interview on BBC.

This proves you have a lack of responsibility toward society. Alessio, i saw your interview and thought it very scary from the point of view of my elderly mother and aunt. What should they do with their saving which are currently in UK banks to protect them. If they lost their modest enough savings they would suffer genuine hardship and as i recently lost my own job i am not in a position to help them out financially. Your advice would be greatly appreciated by me and do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie other ordinary people.

Suppose we could ALL protect ourselves from the crash, what would happen then? We would simply all be a little bit poorer because of the cost of hedging, and the financial industry would be a little bit richer for processing all the transactions. In a growing economy, we can all get richer, but in a shrinking one, do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie a few can. Now obviously we simply can not all protect ourselves from a crash, we need to find people who believe the opposite so they can pay the bill the optimists.

The more optimists there are relatively, the more money one can make in a crash. So, the best strategy is to hedge first and to spread fear afterwards as I am sure you did. The only thing is that if it works too well and wealth gets very concentrated and unattainable for the masses, even Americans will become socialists. Maybe in stead of betting on a crash we should start to make the real economy work better.

Cutting overhead is a good place to start. There still is some excess overhead in government, but the real problem is the financial system that is overhead to the economy and adds much less value that government. Policy makers will soon realize this and I would suggest not to bet against a crash in general, but indeed a crash of financials. I expect actually some stocks might become a store of value when paper fiat currency devalue around the world. Perhaps the Brazilian Real and the Norwegian Krona will survive as they have real value.

Hi, i like people who have a straight forward opinion. Do you have a link to your trackrecord, of great ideas and results, plus faillures? We all can make money from the changes in the world, change of legislation etc. But what exactly have you done besides talking? Hi Allesio, I saw you on the BBC programme online and quickly googled you. I am gonna add you to my favourites and check out this blog regularly…Looking forward to seeing future posts from you about how to ride the downward market…I am not at all playing the stock markets right now by the way…just a salaried guy in India.

However, the truth is that we are in a bad state as a species. The wealth of others is going to be gambled by bankers anyway. So what do you think? Is it justifiable to trade in stocks for survival and helping your own impoverished communities out? And who else is with me? Just caught your interview over a very short lunch break as you know working on a trade floor, lunches are pratically non-existant.

Lest they forget the more money the Bank are making, the more tax the Government receives… From I did very well on the equities. Every set of published accounts banged on about fear fear fear in the wake of and the Iraq invasion but neither Iraq nor the events do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie had any real impact on the overall world economy and I knew thus that the downturn in values was fake and ploughed in.

By late early it was obvious that a crash was coming so I sold up and went into cash getting good medium term fixed rates of interest at the time. I swell with pride to see the drive and determination of my customers, somehow they always manage to find the money no matter how poorly the global economy fares. The bar for entry is low, the profit margins are high and the audience is literally addicted to your services.

Offer only the finest product and be proud of the service you provide — distinguish yourself from the lesser traders and give your customers a reason to come back to you. Godspeed Alessio, I wish you every success in the lucrative and fulfilling business of methamphetamine distribution. And you just managed to prove what some have been thinking all along, there has been a concerted attack on the euro, just so you can make money.

You Sir are brilliant. That interview is just what do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie bloated hedge sitters of this decrepid country need. Thankyou again, for your fantastic interview, can you come run our country please?? Just wondering whether you can recommend some books or websites for hedging strategies! Thanks for your afford. Without the basic structures of civil society nobody has the safety or opportunity to enjoy their money.

Money will no longer even seem to make one happy. Naivety about what metatrader 4 deleted hedge is prohibited conduct you are doing, and about what will really make you happy on your deathbed. NOONE has a heart filled with joy when they die about having made a pile of money. It is never, ever, what turns out to be what matters. Learn from the men who walked that path only to have the scales fall from their eyes in later years.

And for those who want a wild card — learn how to jump time lines. You will need an incredibly open mind. None of it frm this world. Abraham-Hicks have endless information on how to create a different reality for yourselves. The Mayans were trying to tell us something with their calendar that ends in That timeline ends there — but another can be accessed. This is the most useful information anyone can have in these times — how to use your mind to shift realities.

Everything else is just an investment in fear, and as Bashar says, you end up in the reality that you endlessly prepare for. Wells Fargo, in court papers, says its deal was a lawful reduced-cost loan. Government when KPMG gets done lying to the Feds about you. I completely agree with you. The crisis is getting poor coverage in the UK generally. Nobody really seems to be telling it like it is and giving information that would help the average person, who has never gone outside the usual savings instruments before, but now begins to realise that they may no longer be trustworthy.

Do people even realise there could be runs on banks down the line? Would you be able to point me in the right direction in the strategies needed to make the most of this opportunity. Nobody truly knows whether the markets will crash do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie whether these debt-ridden bandaids will have the markets rally to new highs and beyond.

However, he was recently named the biggest money loser on the Forbes and now Berkshire Hathaway is buying back shares generally not a good sign. Granted, some of that money was given away. And if you want to follow that methodology, the best thing to do now is nothing but prepare. Therefore, gain an understanding of world economics and position yourself to take advantage of a potential huge crash.

Then, when the markets rally because everyone thinks the problem is fixes and they get GREEDY and start buying, you can go short with ETFs such as FAZ, QID, SDS, TZA, and their non leveraged counter parts. Fast forward… markets crash, these leveraged ETFs are up a few hundred percent so you cash out and buy beaten down shares. Options can be used to implement various strategies which can minimize risk yet still allow one to take advantage of market swings. Be aware of time decay and volatility however.

COME WITH ME, IF YOU PAY, I CAN TELL YOU. Sorry for my english. What Alessio said is said in private all the time, he was just being honest which I appreciate. There must be hundreds like him and you were a stock trader you would probably dream for a Crash too. You were awesome, and thanks for opening our collective eyes, Alessio. Refreshingly frank interview and yes, the reaction has been totally sensationalised and taken out of context. It might be an idea to publish more material on the mechanics of how people can benefit from a recession.

Do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie mean, an interview is great but you can really capitalise on it by shipping some actionable information. So, for instance, how can someone like me who watched the interview and found your website, and with no background in trading, take practical steps to benefit? To win this war against the Big Money, what the governments of the world can do? Really… so, now you can tell us, came on. And if you really think that, if you really would get rich knowing that because of it millions of people are getting poor at the same time, then yeah, then you are just a pig, and the rest of the people that thinks like you are the pigs of the world, the cancer that you mentionated in the BBC is you and the people like you.

Is it justifiable to trade in stocks for survival, helping your own impoverished communities out? Good on you for telling the truth. You had mentioned in the interview that money is now moving to safer havens, like out of Europe and back into the US dollar, part of the reason why the Canadian dollar has skyrocked in that money is moving here do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie. What would you suggest to someone who has never traded before?

Who is basically living paycheck to paycheck — it would seem if everyone can make money from this upcoming economic downturn, then many people can also benefit from the nuts and bolts kind of information and tips that someone like yourself is privy to. Lots of applause and re-postins of your BBC interviewAllesio! Great video, it went viral. Now they are trying to peg you as a hoax. Thanks for all that info. Was really good to hear a genuine do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie probably quite accurate opinion on the news for once!

Im keen on starting to get into trading as a part time thing to begin with at least! Do you think you could give me some pointers on where to start? And more importantly some tactics on how to trade in a downward market like your previous trading plans? If you could email me alexlover8 hotmail. The Market is impossible to predict. Anyone who thinks they can predict the twists and turns needs to have very deep pockets eg GS. Jesse Livermore died broke.

Are we in deflation or stagflation? Currency gyrations are what is driving indices. The underlying assets are worth what they were yesterday. It is do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie cost of raw materials and their linkage to currency that is driving valuations. The government is stealth taxing everyone through currency devaluations eg quantitative easing.

Your savings are getting diluted. You cannot sell your assets. There is job insecurity. And yet we have huge inflation. I cannot see how we can interpret the current situation as deflationary. It looks like stagflation similar to 70s. And I forgot to say … Really funny interview with the BBC. The masses and tree buggers were in uproar. How could you profit from Thule. You mulst be evil! I say get a life. The Market is their for all to participate. You make your bets and you makes your profits or losses.

There is no easy money to be made out there. Although the last month had been phenomenal. Even if you do not short the Market, taking long positions at key price levels and exiting to cash has been amazing. With financial, insurance and oil stocks. Nice site and all the best dude. Yep, agree with the above comment. It seems to me that the money-makers in this world who live a shadowy existence call the shots, not our government. I will read through your articles with keen interest.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight!!! Truth on Television, that usually causes some jaw dropping, followed by mindless banter and crumpets. As human being I feel responsabile for others, there is more than do money to any cost. If the goal is to make easily without caring do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie the consequences you should rob a bank, in some way you would be less cynic and coward than dreaming at night a disgrace for million of people for you own benefit. You are famous right now!

People will be mad with banks more than ever. It was your strategy? How did you get past BBC screening? Forex trading slang 68 is your name an anagram of Ass Realisation? This guy Alessio Rastani is just a sad wannabe do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie. It is not a business. I am a talker. I talk a lot. I love the whole idea of public speaking. Would you really take advice free website tools and software this person link below?

He does not represent any real traders. From someone who does actually work in the financial markets as a professional and does actually have qualifications and experience: see this fool for what he is, have a laugh at him, and then take your money and walk the other way quickly. He may be stupid but is also potentially dangerous should he get a hold of any of your money, or even time for that matter. Pingback: Trader Alessio Rastani predicts a Euromarket crash in 1 year!

Maurits, I agree that in a shrinking economy only a few can benefit — but the real kicker is this — In a growing economy it is also true that only a few will benefit. The reason is that trading bits of paper, storing wealth digitally, and seeing investment rise are all do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie illusion.

So whichever way the stock market economy proxy moves, only a few will ever really make the big bucks. When you pull back the curtain, you can see the stock market for what it really is; a mass cash extraction system — it extracts the cash from many people and puts it into the pockets of a few. Simple math tells that you only gain when someone else loses….

Wishig every night for a recession is like wishing that thousands of poeple become poor, homeless, hopeless. You sir, you are the biggest example of why capitalism should disapear. Moneythat is all that is filling your heart. Hey — my 2 year old nephew is having a birthday party next week. There will be face painting and pony rides. Seriously, go and start a cult in the desert somewhere and leave trading to the grown-ups.

Is it possible that traders do what they can to create a situation where a Market crash becomes imminent? As mentioned for some time, the SP big picture remains bearish and despite market intervention the March lows unfortunately will be breached. My long term indicators have continued to warn of USD strength and EURO weakness and these do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie have increased since The overdue dollar rally should be substantial.

Very probably the markets will go up a lot and I will have lost money! OK, we all know that brokers and investors do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie care about making money, that is not a surprise. We also know that crisis are a time of opportunity for those who know where to invest. However, saying that you go to do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie dreaming on a crisis, with a smile that reminds of a child waiting for Santa Claus, seems a bit immoral. Maybe if you had lost your job, your house, or your children would not be able to afford college or healthcare, you would think twice before talking.

Or maybe, because the world is no longer ruled by governments but by heartless corporations, some people can have fun enjoying a disastrous view. I would like to know how much money a teacher or a nurse can invest in protecting they assets when they have extremely low salaries. And what about those who lost their jobs? Well, you do not seem to be talking to those people. Folks, Alessio is spot on and knows his stuff.

However, what he failed to mention was that to succeed in trading you need IMMENSE discipline, persistence, hard work, courage, practice and experience all of which takes years and years, eventually you need a methodical approach to eliminate fear and greed otherwise its gambling. How long have you been trading Alessio? So how do I start and where do I go? I would like to at least have a foot in the door in this before everything goes down the drain and have myself protected.

I am in a relationship with a man from there and I want to be protected as much as possible with all the worst case scenarios that could happen. That being if I have to go immediately to the airport, I can hop on a plane and get home and some how bring my partner with me. I know the worst thing to do in these times is to panic but it is really hard not to when you see what is happening in the news every single day and only having a very very small understanding of what is looming in the not too distant future.

Your help and advice is much appreciated. Tell the truth and move forward. I totally agree with you because for me no matter how I look at it the fundamentals of the western market is on a very shaky ground. Hi, was sent your BBC interview by a friend, loved your straight talk and would like to learn more about being trained by you.

Always dreamt of trading, but never found the person who I felt could teach me, till now. If what you wish comes through it might very well end in a disastrous global economic depression, not unlike the one in the s. Your potential profits might turn out to be -short lived because its fiat paper money and the whole global monetary system that is at stake.

The only ones who actually became rich during the Great Depression were the guys with the guts to venture into their own business, like FedEx, UTX, GM, GE. The question you have to ask yourself is do you have what it takes to buid your own successful bussines. Its different from writing a blog though.

Jesse Livermore died broke and as apoor man hounted by legal battles resulting from his dubious stock market activities. How do you think successful businesses are going to attract funding to grow? The activities of investors and traders identify winners, and ensures the efficient flow of capital to these enterprises. I would suggest that this is a valuable service to society. I wonder if you have contributed to the growth of your economy as much as those were prepared to risk their wealth on the stock markets over the last two centuries?

I am a spanish journalist. I work for chanel 5. We reproduce your BBC interview. I need to know if you are a trader or not. It is very important because BBC insists that you are but The telegraph publish you are not. Can we talk with you? Can you give me your telephone number? You unquestionably argue a valid and well addressed point in this article.

Some people will however not be able to ride out the trend. For me, a layman to the financial markets, can you suggest any methods of ensuring you choose the right investment? Some people hated your comments — and only because of fear. Fear of their own ignorance. I find the unpleasantness and delusion of some of the comentators particularly interesting with regards to gaining from someone elses misery.

You might enjoy works by the Standup Economist:. It is a kind of one-sided text. Ratbone — Thanks for your comment. I would be happy to teach a lot of stuff for free. This stuff should be available to everyone. By the way, Cramer just had a bad day. Blanca — I am am a trader. And BBC is correct. But I speak the truth.

Alessio, I quite agree with your opinion on making the most profit when the market is down-turning. However, this must be approached with a many words of caution; for the big players, it could be easier as they hedge along. For the small fries, it could further endanger thier chances. When I was in Amsterdam in Spring around April, I fiddled a little with currency trading and got some losses. The saving grace I had was adopting a style similar to what you implied.

I quickly sell all my holdings when I read a downward trend and sold above my limit do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie obtaing approvals from my brokes. What does the average, working every day, mortgage having, k a year salary family do to prepare? Where would you move it? I read about you in an article published today in a business newspaper from Spain. I always thought the same about taking advantages during recessions, although I beleive now a days is way more difficult than it was during the 30s….

Buy physical precious metals? Pull out of the stock market and sink the money into ……. I think it is perfectly correct what you are saying. And i think if the system is there why not use it. I can however understand how many do not understand how you make money when prices are going down. I do however believe you have the opportunity today to explain the world in simple words how it is done. I can come up with a link instantly. I believe you, I think it is only a matter of time.

That said I have no clue how to prepare for this, or how to take advantage of it. They say timing is everything…I have been thinking there must be some way to capitalize on this current market. I am a thorough researcher, so I will likely not make enough moves in time to really make the best of this situation. I just have a question:. Who can love u? I really hope that everything that u did to get money, will go against u someday and u will know what is that someone else decides for your future.

I agree with everything you said in the interview. Most people follow the typical old school advice of hanging on and not selling for the long-term…. I think this advice is bad. So when the market goes down — what specifically should we have our money in to profit? It is most unfortunate that some media has resorted to ad hominem attacks on Alessio Rastani himself rather than discuss his honest but somewhat brutal appraisal of the markets.

I think you are wrong. The markets are going to bump huge time, I am sure you know it and you are prepared lol. Now how this will be handled afterward, is impossible to predict. You are a hack and a fraud…and probably a terrorist — I understand that your parents are in Iran. Making money on world driven to bankrupcy by traders as you is an absolute forgery and an insult to people making money working and not gambling.

You need baker and entrepreneurs prosperous from their work and actual valuation of risks taking, to survive. Nice interview and nice blog. I appreciate the fact that you tried to do people a service by warning them and advising them to prepare, while their supposed leaders are doing the opposite. I am old enough to be your Dad and it is easy to see from your interviews that you are a decent and kind person.

Yes, all what you have said is very true. I really enjoyed your BBC appearance. Keep up the good work! I think you are completely forex trading practice account online jfp. They are gonna lose their entire savings within the next 6 months. Congratulations for telling it like it is! A rarity on TV these days except for Hugh Hendry who other stock market types seem to hate for some reason.

You should options trading puts vs calls from santa back on the BBC or CNBC and get a longer slot, but you would make yourself pretty unpopular with the establishment and people who think stockmarket traders are trying to make the world a better place! I knew Goldman Sachs ruled the world when their former CEO, Henry Paulson, as Treasury Secretary of the USA, threw Lehmans to the wolves because he hated his arch-enemy, their CEO.

What a nasty little boy. Alessio, I think your interview on BBC is a breath of fresh air. Finally somebody is telling the truth. Good morning to them. Any advise, tips or pointers to source of info? I fully agree with your statements. I applaud your honesty. Like Warren Buffett said:Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.

This is the motto i stand by. This is the perfect opportunity to short the market. Allessio im impresed by the way you express your opinion about the financial crisis. To be honest i feel uncomfortable of what you say that will happen sooner or later to the depositors. I live in Greece which is one of the countries that face part of all this crisis and im thinking that there is no way out of this without major consequencies for the people.

Like that you dont care about anhthing else but your pocket. Sooner or later you will face problems too. You mentioned GOLMAN SAHS that rule the world. Are you mad;; This guys can eliminate you before you say hi. Be carefull my friend. Dont say things that will regret. IT IS AN ADVICE FROM A FRIEND. KEEP THE GOOD TRADE Alessio we share the same dream brother, may we make billions in the crashes and billions in the bull runs, god bless us. I think all traders can see parts of their own mentality in your statements.

The context of your words here are the essence and typically, people who never make it past the first paragraphs will also never make it through their first year as a trader. It takes guts to speak up and I suppose the attention you generated is your reward? I do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie one link on my blog to some information about short selling, but there are literaly millions of sources to information.

If do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie are reading this comment before you read the whole blog post, go back and read it. If you already did, do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie educate yourself and prepare to put in hard work to earn money, both in bull and bear markets. I will most certainly google your name in 10 years time to see whereabouts did you crash. But in any case, who are we to judge one another, i am no angel myself! You have shocked but also woken up.

Thank you for this. Right, so now: WHERE is your upcoming post about showing us principles about HOW to make money on a downward trend? Hi Alessio, thanks for what you wrote. In other words, spreading these information is doing your game, if people start shifting their investments the way you predicted you are making money right? This blog is so fail…. Holding out for vol spikes is a reasonble strategy although you might spend a lot of time on the sidelines. No serious commodity or forex trader would make the claim that any one entity controls those markets or has clairvoyance on their direction much less control over it.

Traders are not the apex predators that you make them out to be. They are more like hyenas that scavenge, stick to what they know and take whatever easy setup they can find. You idiot, hedge funds are not big money or smart money. They are fee scalpers designed to make rich people feel important. Come see a real global book managed by a prime dealer sometime. Oh and your seminar pics are a joke. Anyone can speak at those retarded events. Put some serious credentials up on your site or gtfo of trading you noob.

I am just a frequent visitor much like addict of your website sadly I had a issue. I receive comments on a daily basis. Will you assist me? September 29, at am. But thanks for your input. I am not into censorship Jean. Thanks for your comment. I am doing my best to leave Europe in recession. Don t worry your prays that Greece will default will come true. Keep up the short positions and buy Greek CDS. You will be paid. Should we buy gold? Am retired with only a little in stock and have already lost all the profit I made over the last few years.

I would not be scared. It is best to make an investment decisions with a cool head, and free from negative emotions. We shall see in coming weeks if Gold will hold and gain strength. Will keep you posted on this blog and trading alerts. But Jesse livermore lost it because he got greedy and lost the discipline that made him his initial wealth. Mate, you sound like an amateur! Jesse Livermore made more than Million Dollar in the Great Depression by sticking to his plan, while everybody else lost their fortune.

He was the greatest ever. In a deflation process EVERY asset will collapse, the goldbubble will sooner or later deflate and burst, big time. The only place to be is the US Dollar. Take a look at USD TRY or USD ZAR, then u know what to do. Is that a good strategy? I really found any web site and additionally needed to make sure you state which usually I have truly loved browsing any weblog and additionally articles.

Glad to have you as a reader. Will keep you posted. I am watching the markets at the moment — do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie your eye on it. Next 2 weeks should be very interesting. As Linda Raschke says, we can be good at predicting the beginning of a trend or a move, but not so clever at do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie the magnitude of the move or its extent.

The question of how long is a tough one. But I believe gold and silver still have good long term prospects unless we see evidence to contrary. Hi John — yes I use the 50 MA and the MACD. For me it is all about staying on the path of least resistance so i recommend look at the higher timeframes too to confirm. Excellent article and easy to understand explanation. How do I go about getting permission to post part of the article in my upcoming newsletter?

Giving proper credit to you the author and link to the site would not be a problem. Pingback: Recession How To Profit From A Stock Market Crash by Selling Short Part 2 Leadingtrader. Being a technician and using charts to prosperous from trends give you the courage. They look for parity. Using charts to leverage wealth from the do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie s allows you to truly become independent.

It also allows you to show the scaredy cats that you have more time and money to donate to least fortunate amongst us. It in actuality used to be a delight comment it. Look difficult to some-more delivered acceptable from you! By a way, how can you be in contact? Pingback: The Contentions of Alessio Rastani: the Debate Commences Mediolana Attractive section of content.

I just stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to assert that I get actually enjoyed account your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently rapidly. This blog looks exactly like my old one! Great choice of colors! This is the first time that i have to think about this. Because you have a different point of view. Fred Pingback: Fight through economic storm — PM Cystic Acne Treatment Pingback: Alessio Rastani: Global Recession — Why I Metatrader 5 tutorial pdf ke For Another Recession Hey Alessio!!

I am from the netherlands! I seen you last time in an intervieuw on the alex jones show, and i am trying and trying to learn to trade, and i am sometimes sitting up all night to understand and earn money in these volatile markets. I looked at the charts and most of the time it really works like you explained in your video. Thanks for all and i hope to find more smart, persistent and honest people like yourself. All the best and thanks again buddy!! I ought to say, youve got 1 of the best blogs Ive seen in a lengthy time.

What I wouldnt give to be able to produce a blog thats as interesting as this. I guess Ill just need to keep reading yours and hope that one day I can write on a subject with as significantly knowledge as youve got on this 1! After research a number of of the blog posts on your web site now, and I actually like your Binary options signals 2015 on metatrader of blogging.

I bookmarked it to my bookmark web site listing and shall be checking senales de trading seguridad y su significado soon. Pls check out my site as well and let me know what you think. Hey Matthew thanks for your comment on my blog. There is a lot of talk about the currency being devalued I agree. I think it is possible. But in times of crisis the dollar is usually viewed as a safe haven.

Thanks for embedding the video and commenting on my blog. Alessio Thank you Nick. I like your comment on my blog. I see your point about the contradiction. I still believe in sticking to sound money management rules and not giving in to unbridled greed. Alessio Hi Rita — apologies for late reply to your comment on my blog. I am sorry to hear about losing your job.

But I see where you are coming from. Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog. Yes I agree the words make it appear opportunistic. But then that is what the markets are all about. Same goes with people who trade the markets — you see an opportunity, you take it, right? Alessio John — thank you for your very intelligent answer and response on my blog. I think a lot of people misunderstand what the markets are all about and I totally agree with your point about the illusory value of money.

Hope I can welcome you to come back and comment on more of my posts. Alessio Leonard — excellent point about the ETFs and options. Alastair — in regards making money from next crash — I would direct you to some recent posts on my blog. Also — I am sending out info on this via my video updates: leadingtrader. Thanks Barbara for your comment on my blog and for your support. Feel free to come back and leave comments whenever you wish. Hi Hubertus — thank you for your comment. I agree, some people cannot face the truth.

Al Pingback: How To Make Money In A Recession Part 1 Money Making Business Ideas Pingback: how to make money money out of paper. Conterfit Money Making Business Ideas Hi, I do think your web site could possibly be having web browser compatibility problems. Whenever I look at your site in Safari, it looks fine however when opening in I. I simply wanted to give you a quick heads up!

Besides that, excellent blog! Hi, I am really impressed reading your valuable guidance in stock trading. You mentioned very truly that most people tends to earn when market only goes up and they even never took a chance to think that they could make money while there is recession in stock market. Your idea to earn money when there is recession in market is absolutely true.

But one has to develop confidence to do that. I really appreciate your views. It is remarkable and well informed for everybody who are in line of earning money with stock markets. I once again thankful to you for providing these remarkable guidelines. I learnt a lot from your teachings. Yours is an excellent blog. I do understand your viewpoints on the recession. However, i feel that there are more factors then just speed to take into consideration when placing yourself in a market.

This is my view, which agrees with yours, but elaborates on ideals, principles and a specific company that shows EVERYONE how to win in this economy. During an economic recession, or even the illusion or awareness of a recession, the rules of engagement change. A cap that in we removed, or at least expanded the capacity for: These are not the 5 principals of a 7 figure business, but they are the RESULTS of the 5 principals below.

These results are game changers. Lets FIRST explore these results, then I will unveil the secrets of how to get them. This can also be called VELOCITY. Velocity becomes your multiplier for momentum. In the study of a rocket ship, I recently learned at the NASA space museum, speed of the launch is the secret to a successful orbit. Imagine that ratio in business: 2 months of focused energy would return 10, months of residual income! Speed of growth is vital to success!

And I need to add as well: the speed of creating 6 and 7 figure incomes has gone from a yr plan to a 1 to 3 yr plan. Anything otherwise is an archaic model. The hopping from mlm to mlm is dangerous, destructive, and unhealthy to all that it touches. Building a real, lasting, generational stream of wealth is our only goal. Long term generational wealth. Income earnings have and MUST change. Just with inflation alone, the cost of living doubles ever 17 years! The real goal now is 7 figures and above and within months is what we teach.

Our goal is to create k ring earners k a year. This would yield over 7 figure a year earners in our team; a new landmark for the industry is now possible. Another result these 5 principals will yield is attraction of leaders. While many are content with the pond; REAL leaders are looking for and READY for a new era of capacity. Big fish in a big ocean is our motto! It takes a genius to take the complex and make it SIMPLE! It takes the humble to KEEP it simple. Simplicity is both a FRUIT and a ROOT for this new era of MLM.

It is a philosophy that must permeate every other philosophy and action in building your enterprise. And so…I will introduce you to our 5 secrets to a new era of mlm wealth! It must be easy and simple! And while you and I may possess mountain moving abilities, if we are to mobilize the masses, we must keep everything reduced to its simplest terms. So when looking at a company, evaluate every facet of product; system; and compensation through this filter: IS IT EASY and SIMPLE.

If you have a product that is already in high demand, a product that people WANT to try, it makes getting that product in the hands of prospects EASY. This creates commissionable volume, it removes SALES from the equation, it creates a VIRAL growth BEYOND duplication, and it satisfies rule 1 of being simple and easy! Second, it creates a marketing paradigm shift.

Until now, mlm companies have been forced to lead with their opportunity. When you LEAD with a product i. People spend money daily and have a habit of buying coffee; it feels good! Instead of trying to introduce a weird concept, a weird product or herb, instead of taking people AWAY from the norm; we BROUGHT what they NEED into what they WANT. I cannot over emphasize this POWER PRINCIPAL! In other words I want to recruit and sell short term so that I NEVER HAVE TO recruit or sell AGAIN!

A leadership driven comp plan has 2 strong elements: First, it allows unlimited depth for team building income, removing breakaway or level cutoffs in recruiting and team building bonuses. In clearer terms: if I recruit John a beast of a builder I should be able to place John levels deep under an entire team of leaders, and get forex trading kya hai vuong EQUALLY for everyone who JOINS that team. Unlimited depth is VITAL for team building AND especially for momentum!

A great comp plan should NEVER lower your income or your overrides for helping others REACH or EXCEED your level. The continued purchase of your product; and the continual INCREASE in your residual income must be REAL! To have both unlimited depth and unlimited width built into our comp plan is simply genius. Few, VERY VERY VERY FEW companies have leaders that went back to WORK, built authentically through the SYSTEM, without short cuts, without PAYING or CUTTING deals!

Our company has broken RECORDS because WE DID IT! Great leaders LEAD by example. If these results and principals resonate with you, please contact me for free coffee samples, and more info on our one of a kind business model. Governments usually respond to recessions by adopting expansionary macroeconomic policies, such as increasing money supply, increasing government spending and decreasing taxation.

Skip to content Home. Global Recession Why I Pray For Another Recession. Because what I am about to tell you may shock you. Why is the idea of making money from a recession or a depression so appealing? Allow me to explain. Who really wants to take a staircase? September 26, at pm Very interesting. September 26, at pm I saw your vid at zerohedge and someone posted a link to your blog and I have now added your site to favorites.

September 26, at pm I just watched your video interview from this morning posted on zerohedgeand I must say, this cracks me up! September 26, at pm Jesse Livermore went broke during the depression. September 26, at pm Alessio, I saw you on BBC News earlier today and really enjoyed your interview and your honesty. September 26, Online stocks and shares trading brian c bell forex review pm I have been in the investment business for 13 years.

September 26, at pm Alessio your totally spot on. September 27, at am I agree there is money to be made from a down market, but I see the new homeless tents and the sad people who lost their houses and their family, and I wonder if a recession is so great for society. September 27, at am Do forex traders pay tax in the uk jessie agree with you, there is money to be made from a down market, but I see the new homeless tents and the sad people who lost their houses and their family, and I wonder if a recession is so great for society.

September 27, at am Robert — the thing is. September 27, at am Hi Nathan. September 27, at am Thanks for responding, Alessio. September 27, at am Alessio, I saw you on the BBC and thank you for your dose of reality which is missing from the UK media. Two questions I do have for you are:. September 27, at am Alessio. September 27, at am Love your candor on BBC, I salute your bravery. September 27, at am All of you that are calling him down are fools. September 27, at am.

September 27, at am WTF-all u said was buy treasuries, and did a BOO! You sir are part of The House agenda which is pushing stories to crash market while at the same time sell gold. Oh, you forgot to mention that Jessie Livermore later lost everything and commited suicide. Garth is the Greatest Fool. This will probably happen around July The Stock Market will probably bottom out around September That is wishful thinking though. The Chinese economy has been showing signs of distress too.

What people forget is that the world came out of the shadow of the Crash in 3 years. But all said and done the global economic situation does not look good for a generation. At least house prices are affordable. The new money lenders? Apple, Microsoft, Google etc? And God is watching to. Thanks for your reasoned and healthy debate and for your experienced insights, thus far.

September 27, at am Nathan…. September 27, at am Nathan:. September 27, at am I saw your BBC interview. September 27, at am I liked your interview on BBC, and found several good pieces of info in your posts. September 27, at am Nice job my Italian Paisano. September 27, at am Fresh and refreshing interview on BBC today — found it on Zero Hedge and embedded it on my blog.

September 27, at am Alessio — I believe that you did the right thing on the BBC by being honest. September 27, at am Very true — I should have mentioned it in retrospect. September 27, at am The same thing C3X has been saying now for over 2 months. The following trends were caught:. USD Index breakout at September 27, at am I certainly agree that bearish markets tend to create more volatility, and more trading opportunities.

September 27, at am Hi Allesio, Many peoople are able to take advantage of other folks problems. Who is the small guy?

Watch Legal Ways To Avoid Paying Tax - The Super Rich Elite Are Doing It, So Why Dont You?

I have a confession to make. I go to bed every night and I pray for another recession. In fact, if indeed we are heading for another global recession, which I believe. By the end of the Victorian days, most ships were run via commercial shipping companies. There were many based in Goole, each with their own offices and ensigns. The franc also commonly distinguished as the French franc (FF), was a currency of France. Between and , it was the name of coins worth 1 livre tournois and.