Boston is reportedly going to try to trade for an elite player as soon as possible, with DeMarcus Cousins being the prime target. Toronto eliminated Milwaukee in Game 6 on Thursday. George Karl is an experienced, proven coach and if that is who they chose to coach this team, I will support it. But there is hesitance to deliver a high pick when there are questions about whether Cousins would behave better under Celtics coach Brad Stevens and the overall impact he would have on a locker room that Boston decision-makers have worked hard to make a positive and nurturing environment. The question is when they'll actually have an opportunity to do so.

Brian Robb has covered the Celtics and the NBA since the season. His work has appeared on NBA. NBA trade deadline week is here, which means reports and rumors covering a variety of names are popping up all around the league. As the February 19 deadline approaches, the Celtics have been linked to quite a few players, including Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson. Additional potential targets have started to DeMarcus Cousins If available should Boston Celtics trade in the past 24 hours.

Who is reportedly on the Celtics wish list? Sam Smith of NBA. We'll start with the bigger name here in Cousins and ask some relevant questions before drawing a conclusion. Does it Celtcs sense for Boston to go after Cousins? He's a year-old walking double-double who is locked on a team-friendly contract for the sgould few seasons. He's also shown frustration with a dysfunctional franchise in Sacramento. Do the Celtics have Celticz assets to trade for him?

If Cousins is available, the Kings would demand a high price, likely at least three first-round picks and some promising young pieces. Luckily, the Celtics have both of these assets stockpiled in bulk right now. Should Boston fans get excited about the possibility? Does it make sense for the Kings to trade him? No, and that's why this rumor is a pipe dream. Cousins is the face of the Kings franchise and that franchise just hired a new experienced head coach in George Karl. Can you envision any scenario where the Kings would give up a year-old All-Star, barring Cousins forcing his way out of town?

Even with a huge offer of appealing picks and players, it's just not happening. Players of his ilk are just too hard to come by. If Cousins grows frustrated with losing, he may eventually want out of Sacramento, and the Celtics will be waiting with Bostoon big offer if that does happen. For now, you can bet Danny Ainge's inquiries are being DeMarcus Cousins If available should Boston Celtics trade. The other name that Smith DeMarccus in his report, Kanter, is a more realistic possibility for Boston on the surface.

The fourth-year center told local media last week that he wished to be traded, after losing playing time to emerging big man Rudy Gobert in the Jazz frontcourt rotation. Despite the fact that Kanter is set to become a restricted free agent at the end tade the season, Utah's front office has still set a high asking price for their seven-footer. Executives say Utah has significant threshold for Enes Kanter deal - including young player, 1st rounder, etc - but several teams pursuing.

Kanter is a scoring-minded big man who hits the offensive glass well and posts However, he would not be an answer to Brad Stevens' desire to have a rim protector in the middle of his defense, as Kanter struggles on that end of the floor. So for now, these targets don't appear to be realistic possibilities. As the trade deadline approaches, we'll continue to sort out the legitimate rumors from the idle speculation whenever the Celtics are involved. Separate multiple Cdltics with a comma.

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DeMarcus Cousins NEEDS to be Traded NOW

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