If you disable this setting, the LLTD Responder does not run. How common is it? Downloader's guide to Google Play. Discuss the Microsoft Community Site. If Windows 7, go to.

I computer notepad option group not use Notepad. Somehow my files and info open in Notepad form that is not readable. When I try to download anything, the Notepad box hotepad up and there is no way to download from there. It will open up to 15 Notepad files in seconds. I have to close. How do I computr rid of Notepad and get my optipn back normally. I can't download security programs like Windows Defender, Norepad Essentials, anything.

All I get is that stupid Notepad box. I am not good at computer lingo. Can someone PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Once done, do the same thing for the LNK entry. That should restore your programs. If Windows 7, go to. If XP, go to. You may be infected with malware. Update and run a full notpad with whatever security products you use. Also proceed as follows: Try the following programs if you haven't as they may help.

These may or may not remove the infections, but will probably not repair any grpup. Even if they computef your current AV softare seem to work or indicate you aren't infected, you shouldn't completely trust them and need to continue with the recommendations that follow so it's up to you if you want to potion them first or just skip. Even if they work, I'd suggest the following anyway, commputer we may as well start there you can ignore.

It will scan and try to fix some of your system files. Hopefully it will complete with no corruption it could not repair if there is such corruption post back here or try to analyze it to find the problem file s. Try to post details about any corrupted files here so we can see if they can be repaired. It will want to schedule itself to run at the next restart. Answer yes and then reboot to run the program. It will scan and try to fix any corruption or bad sectors on your hard drive.

By using this site you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Microsoft Health and Band. Discuss the Microsoft Community Site. Meet Our Community Leaders. Also proceed as follows:. Try the following programs if you haven't as they may computer notepad option group. Please follow these recommendations compliments of JimR1 - MVP:.

Are you running Microsoft Security Essentials? If you are in North America, you can call for free help from Microsoft for virus and spyware infections. If that doesn't work or they can't help, try one of the following malware-removal forums compliments of PA Bear - MVP:. Let's check for corruption which may have been caused by or actually caused this problem:. I hope this helps. Be the first person to mark this helpful. This site in other languages.

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