Mathews, Base Radio Section, RAAF Amberley Qld. If so and if this person was convicted and jailed he may well still be in custody. Hear of the event? Aircraft was in the Ansett Airways hangar at Essendon CofA expired. Struck a fence during a.

Every SIDS mother told me their babies were healthy prior to vaccines and then deteriorated and died after. A commenter to a Blogger post joked they wanted to throw rotten fruit at Meryl. Another commenter warned her of the obvious currency the AVN would get from this. Nonetheless, our stalker-at-large, Liz Hempel had the persons details in moments. Chris Savage is also an ever-helpful conspiracy theorist and antivaccination devotee.

He chimed in; The purpose for this diversion? His Statutory Declaration includes SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Predetermined agendas on the part of QLD caboolture police station trading hours rotten, illegal conduct on the part of QLD police, apparent planting of evidence, supposed denial of facts by police and more. Why did Savage not report corrupt conduct at the time? One event — tampering with a prisoners property — applies to the rights of all prisoners, regardless of the cause for arrest.

What was Savage thinking? If so and if this person was convicted and jailed he may well still be in custody. The man was charged in September This dear reader, is way beyond joking about throwing fruit. Was there no autopsy? Did they make it up on the spot as Savage seems to infer? To be sure he intends to convey a link between vaccination and dangerous adverse reactions.

As do countless others. Yet, what we have entered into oath are accusations that go to the very heart of the integrity of QLD police. To the very basis of justice. Below is the apparent sworn oath. I, Christopher William SAVAGE of Amamoor Dagun Road AMAMOOR in the State of Queensland Australia being duly sic make on oath and say:. I joined the Queensland Police Service in at the age of 27 years. My training commenced at Oxley Police Academy in June and was completed on Friday the 19th day of January One a previous Friday in October our Squad members were told to line up for Hepatitis B vaccines.

I joined my squad members and we received the Hepatitis B vaccination at about 11am that day. After that I went to lunch and in the afternoon I participated in the third of four Physical Training Tests. At the conclusion of the test, which lasted 40 minutes, I was totally exhausted. A short time later we all went home. I lay in bed for the next two weeks with no energy.

I could barely get up and drag myself to the toilet. Could it have been the Hep B vaccine? I was given a medical certificate but no medication. I then went to a Naturopath and was given large doses of ascorbic acid and after a few days I felt my energy return. I then returned to the Academy to resume studies which included the promotion of the Hepatitis B vaccination program but nothing about the issue of investigating the impact of vaccines when babies die.

On the 19th day of January I was sworn in as a Constable of Police. I was posted to Gympie Station from January to January After that I was transferred to Caboolture Station and then to Zillmere station from April In JulyI clearly recall being called to an incident involving the death of a six month old baby boy in the division. I was tasked to attend the Prince Charles Hospital where Queensland Ambulance Services had transported the baby.

I observed the deceased baby at this hospital. The baby had a pale white skin and a darker skin tone patches below the eyes. I completed details of a Form 4, which is Sudden Death information sheet for the Coroner. I also collected vials of samples of bodily fluids and arranged for these to go to the John Tonge Centre. I then went to the residence of the mother. When I first met her I sensed she was in a state of shock and of bewilderment.

I took possession of the sheets, mattress and also medications. I also arranged for the mother to attend Zillmere Station so I could obtain a witness statement from her. Around that time I spoke to a detective in the Juvenile Aid Bureau JAB who advised me to ensure blood samples were taken. I confirmed this had been done. In one of the days that followed I met the mother at the Boondall Police Station.

I asked her to describe her life from the time that the baby was born. He cried through the day. I could see that the mother was beside herself with tiredness and frustration. That was about 5am so I then went to sleep too. When I woke up at about 9. I called the ambulance. They seemed to take a long time. The statement ended up being about 6 pages long. She signed it and I witnessed her signature. Over the next month I received a Certificate of Analysis from the John Tonge Centre.

I also made submissions that whilst the mother appeared to have given the baby medicine slightly over the prescribed amount. At the material time the mother was suffering extreme sleep deprivation and also administering medications during the night. The mother day forex online system trading managed forex forex joe also confused by the variety of medication and treatments, which lacked continuity.

I had no further dealings with the matter. A few months later I read a report that the JAB detective I had spoken to about samples for testing had actually criminally charged the mother with Manslaughter killing without intent. About a year later I received further information that the DPP had decided to not proceed with the charge of Manslaughter. I was relieved by this information for the sake of the mother. In SeptemberI transferred to Biloela Police Station and remained there until October On his return he told me something.

I became aware that Detective Sergeant Roger Lowe had decided not to charge the mother from Moura who had suffered the loss of two babies. I am not aware of his reasons for taking this action. In OctoberI was transferred to Townsville Station and to the Townsville Watchhouse in December The baby had died after complications that only appeared after vaccines were administered.

They were accused of shaking their baby but had denied doing so. In AugustI was promoted to Sergeant at the Ipswich District Watchhouse. In SeptemberI was on duty as shift supervisor working from 3pm to 11pm at the old Ipswich Watchhouse. At about 6pm in the evening two detectives brought a male person, about 45 years age and charged him with manslaughter of a 5 year old boy. I read the facts from the Court Brief.

The 5 year old child had died after he succumbed to a brain injury which had occurred at the age of 2 years. The police were alleging that the defacto husband had assaulted the child however there was no indication of there being any investigation of symptoms before and after vaccines. The father had denied assaulting the child. Medical evidence of Shaken Baby Syndrome was adduced.

One of my colleagues put a copy of an article by Dr Vera Schreibner into the property of that prisoner. Tendered and marked exhibit…. I workbook pages online it was my experiences and suffering post Hepatitis B vaccination during my training has led me to believe it is necessary to objectively investigate all evidence, especially vaccines and to encourage parents to speak out without fear of prosecution and persecution.

I ceased employment with the Queensland Police Service on the 21st of October at the rank of Sergeant and Registered Number I understand that a person who intentionally makes a false statement in a statutory declaration is guilty of an offence under section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Actand I believe that the statements in this declaration are true in every particular.

Declared at Gympie Qld Australia on Monday 2nd day of July …………………………………. He alleges at point One of my colleagues put a copy of an article by Dr Vera Schreibner sic into the property of that prisoner. Whilst that publication and Scheibner herself are both thoroughly discredited, one cannot ignore the accusation being made. Although the chronology as to when this occurred is unclear, Savage claims that one of his colleagues placed an article by Scheibner into a prisoners property.

Why did Savage not report this absolutely black and white breach of conduct at the time? Did he observe the event? Hear of the event? Either way accessing a prisoners sealed property should occur in the presence of the prisoner or an independent witness. Why was the article placed in the prisoners property? Was it done at the request of the detectives who arrested the prisoner? These are very, very serious accusations.

Savage can apparently remember conversations from 19 years ago. No doubt then, he can recall very fine details from just three years ago. After all he stated under oath: I understand that a person who intentionally makes a false statement in a statutory declaration is guilty of an offence under section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Actand I believe that the statements in this declaration are true in every particular. So what will it be I wonder? His colleagues are corrupt and as far as we know from Savage sought to destroy the life of an innocent man?

That they planted false evidence in a prisoners property for what appears to be a self serving abuse of justice? The evidence of Shaken Baby Syndrome was used without legal justification? Did Detective Sergeant Roger Lowe secretly watch the vaccine conspiracy video Savage gave him and, duly influenced by this video, fail to charge a mother from Moura over the death of two of her babies?

Or, Chris Savage deliberately made a false statement under oath and is thus guilty of an offence under Section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Act ? If so, what are we to make of the rest of his Declaration? No doubt the intellectual repugnance of the SIDS and Shaken Baby myth will deeply offend those touched by these tragedies. From individual parents to medical staff and support agencies the impact is one of universal disgust. That vaccination is associated with a lowering of SIDS cases is widely known.

Whether Savage gets what he deserves or what he needs, it would be very helpful if he soon got some due attention. Filed under Anti-Vaccination LobbyHuman RightsLegalScam. Tagged with anti-vaccinationChristopher William SavageMeryl Doreyskepticismvaccines. Apologies for the overt racism in there. This is far from the neatest example but it does show how persuasive first impressions can be.

To divert attention away from her role as an antivaccine lobbyist. Simply claiming to not be antivaccine is rather caboolture police station trading hours rotten however. Years ago circa the proud antivaccine conspiracy group Vaccine Truth made a mockery of the USA NIIC phrase. Meryl took the opportunity to lift the same phrase straight from them. Before becomming the Australian Vaccination Network inher group of antivaccine lobbyists was the Vaccine Awareness Network.

The misleading name has secured media attention and a cornucopia of false balance. Genuinely concerned and in-need parents have been fooled. People have donated money believing advanced safety testing of vaccines was an AVN priority. They scored a Charitable Fundraising Authority. Life was quite comfortable until Stop The AVN formed and exposed schemes, scams, fraud and theft. This led in part to an investigation by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

The HCCC public warning was forex spot trading phone. The AVN disclaimer is available herewhich essentially covers the points sought by the HCCC. There is thus no doubt. The AVN is an antivaccination lobby group. Recently as Dorey promoted her latest conspiracy-themed seminar series there was renewed focus on the salient point in question. Last weekend a suitably tabloid themed heading from the Sunday Telegraph carried some further developments.

Doctors unite to smash the anti-vaccine group : NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner and Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts have been urged to force the change on the NSW-registered group in a letter signed by Associate Professor of La Trobe University Dr Ken Harvey. His call is backed by experts from the Australian Medical Association and the University of Sydney. As the AVN is registered with the Office of Fair Trading the government can in fact order a name change.

She must have been delighted. As in restriction of international trade? Subsidising locally produced goods or produce? Taxing imports via the application of tariffs? I think, comrade, that Meryl has been hanging out with her fellow freedom fighters at Conspiracy Central a bit too much. Which gets to the reasons a name change has become more and more an issue of public safety.

The AVN has become less and less about opposing vaccines and merely spreading fear and confusion on the topic. This is the result of a hard working group of volunteers, concerned GPs, medical organisations, certain journalists, reputable parenting forums and the self sabotage of the AVN by Meryl Dorey herself. Today Meryl Dorey can be found on conspiracy podcasts playing laser tag warriors with some of the more unhinged members of society.

Let me choose one example to drive home how antivaccine Ms. On July 6th, the ABC also reported criticism from the Victorian coroner regarding inconsistent warnings. Almost half of all sudden infant deaths involve co-sleeping. The coroners criticism was welcomed by experts in the field. Quite so, and this is simply one example that carries a single insight into how far out of step Dorey is with safe advice. More so, the AVN is less and less representative of adherents to alternatives to medicine and even genuine vaccine opponents.

As polarising as certain choices clearly are, few Aussies accept there is a war to be fought or that General Dorey is their leader. Something in ancient Sanskrit maybe? Filed under Anti-Vaccination LobbyHealthLegal. Tagged with activismanti-vaccinationAustralian Vaccination Skeptics NetworkKen HarveyMeryl Doreyvaccinationvaccines. As it so happened the AVN were delighted with the interview, discussing it on February 3rd. They immediately set to work sculpting an armour for Dr.

The AVN had no doubt. If you support alternatives you would never vaccinate, their president reasoned. Doctors hate the competition. They know that people like yourself have left mainstream medicine because you have found something that works better. This is what we are fighting against and it has to be all of us — healthcare consumers and healthcare organisations. If you use a natural health practitioner, get in touch with them and ask them to find out what their national organisations CAA, ATMS, etc is doing about this situation.

MD The day Dr. Phelps and Dwyer were on air Dorey published on healthcare choicefalsely accusing FSM of seeking to shut down alternatives to medicine and drive consumers into the prison of her imagined Scientocracy. Nonetheless… In what may be mistaken for a description of Mordor under the whip of Sauron she began: There is an organisation in Australia which hates every natural therapy. Worst of all, they hate anyone who chooses not to use vaccines! That is the ultimate heresy, as far as they are concerned.

This group, the Australian Skeptics, has been instrumental in setting up the organisation, Stop the AVN. Now, they are working on a new initiative — and this one is more ambitious then just stopping a small, parent-run community support forex trading over weekend alcoholic. Now, their goal is to stop anyone in Australia today Australia — tomorrow the world as far as this bunch of ratbags is concerned from learning about or using natural therapies.

Their mad campaign is getting plenty of publicity too! This organisation ultimately wants to shut down homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, herbalism, ayurvedic therapies and on and on. In their unspeakable arrogance, they claim that there is no evidence for therapies which have been used safely and effectively, in many cases, for thousands of years. Instead, they say, we should all be forced to exclusively rely on mainstream medicine with its dreadful record of poor safety and effectiveness!

By February 17th, Dorey was using Kerryn Phelps as a proxy figurehead for this nonsense. Phelps on many non conventional medical issues. Was Dorey serious or just ripping off Dr. Predictably, Meryl Dorey had forged a fiction around Dr. It must have chafed somewhat to be reminded Dr. One is either against the evil of medicine or a skeptic and actively involved in a plot to enslave humanity to illness.

Could it possibly get any worse for Dorey? Poor Meryl has to absorb someone with extensive experience could be a GP, proponent of non conventional medicine and conventional medicine, opposed utterly to the AVN whilst actively supporting and promoting vaccination. Still Dorey peddles homeoprophylaxis and is fanatical about the long dead association between autism and vaccination.

Havenr64 is convinced vaccines do cause autism and took umbrage to an article Dr. Most importantly however is that Kerryn Phelps is a real doctor, with actual research and a life time of genuine experience backing her. Those questioning vaccination, and not trusting their GP, would also benefit enormously from seeking advice through the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association. The last person to trust is Meryl Dorey or her Australian Vaccination Network.

Dorey profits from ensuring you will not trust vaccination. Nicola Roxon and Jenny Macklin announced the Stronger Immunisation Incentives last November. It was a poor read of the antivaccination movement. Dorey seized immediately upon the option of conscientious objection not being promoted as the primary variable by the government. Still, today Dorey has exhaustively promoted how to receive the immunisation incentive without having children immunised. Everyone has a line they will not cross.

The line for informed consent gets very blurry when it comes to the proxy consent provided by parents on behalf of their children. Parents have been encouraged through various government incentives to have their children fully immunised before starting school. However, from 1 July the system changes. One of my colleagues told me last week that she intends to be a conscientious objector to conscientious objectors. I must say the idea appeals to me.

When parents request that she fills in the government form indicating the child is exempt on the basis of parents being conscientious objectors, she will politely indicate that is against her principles and advice, and will refuse to provide the documentation. Yet with vaccination, rejection of this nature is not a choice, but a clear mistake. A cursory grasp of the manipulation at play to scare parents off vaccinating their children is caboolture police station trading hours rotten.

An understanding of the entire abusive scam should be regarded with caboolture police station trading hours rotten and disgust. Presently parents are objecting because many feel there is this attack on their freedom of choice. Forces seek to control. Why is the default position vaccination? You are being told what to do. Loss of health choices… etc. Vaccination is cast as a mockery of individuality, of democratic freedom. Phelps is a voice of reason at a time when false dichotomies are used to fool those who seek more natural choices, to also fear vaccination.

False balance need no longer be the only choice. Most natural therapy organisations recommend conventional vaccination. Chiropractic and homeopathy are two that mislead clients about vaccination. What we certainly lack is a public voice bridging the unnecessary gulf between vaccination and non conventional medicine. It caboolture police station trading hours rotten certainly time to detach the choice of alternative medicine from refusal to vaccinate. Filed under Anti-Vaccination LobbyBig PlaceboGeneralHealthHuman RightsScamScience.

Tagged with Alternatives to MedicineAudioAutismChild Health SafetyKerryn Phelpsscienceskepticismvaccinationvaccines. Leave a comment The bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae is the cause of pneumococcal pneumonia, causing 1. Pneumonia-like illness is in the top 10 causes of death in Australia. More women 1,die annually than males 1, In the previous post we debunked a concerted attack on the pneumococcal vaccine by antivaccine lobbyists Meryl Dorey and Caboolture police station trading hours rotten Beattie aka Gregyl.

Brian Martin — intended to undermine public confidence, there are separate myths that also apply. Filed under HealthScience. Tagged with immunisationPneumoniavaccinationvaccinesVideo. Both episodes are below, with a final credit scroll examining the activity of anti-vaccine GP, Giselle Cooke, which led to a NSW Medical Tribunal hearing. Filed under Anti-Vaccination LobbyHuman RightsScience. Favourite Tweets of advodiaboli Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Losing In The Lucky Country. Skeptical musings on the denial of evidence. Tagged with anti-vaccinationChristopher William SavageMeryl Doreyskepticismvaccines. Tagged with activismanti-vaccinationAustralian Vaccination Skeptics NetworkKen HarveyMeryl Doreyvaccinationvaccines. Tagged with Alternatives to MedicineAudioAutismChild Health SafetyKerryn Phelpsscienceskepticismvaccinationvaccines. Tagged with immunisationPneumoniavaccinationvaccinesVideo. Tagged with anti-vaccinationAustralian Vaccination Skeptics NetworkChild Health SafetyimmunisationpertussisvaccinationvaccinesVideo.

Subscription caboolture police station trading hours rotten clinically proven to have a gentle, drug free yet vital effect on your quantum essence linking you harmoniously to the boundless energy of the Cosmos. Join other followers. Australian Skeptics National Convention. Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network. National School Chaplaincy Association. Thimerosal is not mercury Twitter Updates. I'm at The George Swinburne Building GS in Hawthorn, VIC swarmapp.

Public hlth enemy, M. Dorey uses straw man of vaccine fatality to taunt about deciding if children live or die. If your parents didn't vaccinate you it was likely due to deception as in this image. Steps to now take… twitter. AVN Money Making Machine. Friends of Science in Medicine. Skeptical Science: Short URL's. The View From The Hills. Create a caboolture police station trading hours rotten website or blog at WordPress.

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