Mohon pencerahanannya Pak sedangkan yang 2 lainnya itu onlinee berbahaya daripada foreximf itu loh, karena dia broker asing tapi nggak teregulasi benar. Overview of Trading Divergences. Pak, kalo Victory International Futures, gimana? Tetapi Investasi juga bisa aman dan untuk masa pensiun kelak jika memilih dengan […] Memilih Broker yang Benar Pusing brooer memilih perusahaan broker yang benar, ataupun bingung dengan dihadapkan pada beberapa pilihan broker yang anda tidak tahu harus memilih yang mana? Kurniyawan - April 24,

Forex brooer robenayetter97 Search this site. Artical daftar broker forex 4 digit. For some reason new traders never touch upon the subject of money management during Forex training and once its too late, they realise it is a factor they should have considered from the start. Money management is as important as Forex trading strategies themselves. The reason is because it is the only skill that will save traders from burning out their account i.

Forex trading strategies do not work all the time. Reasons range from market conditions suddenly turning against the trader or simply because of human error. The reasons are irrelevant. What is important is that with every strategy comes a maximum losing limit. A new trader with no dorex or even knowledge of money management will most likely invest a higher amount of capital after the first loss in hope to recover that loss only to find that the next 2 losses have eaten up most of the account.

This is one of the most standard occurrences with new traders. Sign in Recent Site Activity Report Abuse Print Page Powered By Google Sites Forex 5 robenayetter97 Search this site.


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