June 6, at pm. Members of StockCharts' Extra service can run scans against daily data that is updated on an intraday basis. In many cases, these gaps tend to close before traders in Tokyo join in. So what is a weekend gap? You will not find fpr the tops or bottoms of a stock's price range, but you will be able to profit in a structured manner and minimize losses by using stops.

Alex du Plooy 0 Comments As you know Expert4x currently focusing on Market Behavior Price action Forex trading methods. These trade often do not require technical analysis or fundamental analysis. You would just enter immediately once the Market behavior has been identified. This is what makes these trades so attractive to many Forex Traders. Even complete beginners can do these trades. The Mother of ALL Market behavior trades we traded them for cpurse 12 years is the well-known WEEK END GAP trade.

Measured market behavior proves that a very high percentage of weekend gaps close after they happen. If fact dedicated traders keep such good records of this what they can tell you exactly that there is a So this also falls into the classification of statistical Forex trades when you are Trading the MT4 Forex Weekend Gap trade. This trade has been mentioned in a number of our courses and we have religiously been trading it Monday after Monday.

You would be crazy to enx this opportunity. So what is a weekend gap? Your broker closes trading over a weekend and opens trading on a Monday morning. There is often a Gap between the closing price on the Friday evening and the opening price on a Monday morning. The Forex Market does not sleep is active 24 x 7. Foex in certain countries are open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Economic and political events happen over week ends such as the Greek crisis. How this trades works fore very simple. It is so simple that this is in fact the course of how to trade this trade. Enter a trade back to the Friday close price on a Monday courxe. It ffor easily be done wwek. Manual trading becomes complicated when there are many currencies involved and the Brokers Monday morning is in the middle dorex the night for some people and spreads are not stable.

The EURUSD made a nice gap which was soon closed during the Greek Crisis. These gap occur regularly in varying sizes Most Brokers widen their spreads during the weekend. On a Monday morning these spreads remain high until the broker opens operationally. So entering is not that best course for forex trading week end gaps and needs to be monitored continuously so that you are not exposed to these high spreads. So if you are wanting to trade this trade using a number of currencies at the right time on a Put option picture love it is best to automate the trade — especially the spread monitoring side.

Here are some of the results achieved by using a Weekend straddle EA gaaps some selected currencies. Please note that there is a big difference between using gor EA for personal use and making it available commercially to be used on any broker and any MT4 platform in any timezone. If there is enough interest this EA, it will only be available in 2 to 3 weeks. Notify me of new posts by email. Get news about new Free Forex tools, techniques, indicators, EAs, special deals, trades and Alerts The Good Vibrations EA The Couese Trader EA The Trade-able RSI EA The Divergence Finder EA The Degree Forex Indicator The DOUBLE in a Day EA The HAPPY EA PowerPunch EA Weekend GAP EA The Grid Trend Multiplier The MAGIC MA The No stop hedged Grid trading EA Good vibrations indicator Multiple MA indicator Broker spread indicator Simple-N-Easy Forex The activities on this website will bring your besr to many Forex trading services, products and tools.

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Channel Trading Course ; Free Expert Advisors & Indicators is the well-known WEEK END GAP trade. Trading the MT4 Forex Weekend Gap trade. What Are the Weekend Gaps in Forex Market? In: Trading Of course for a Bullish Abandoned Baby we need a Doji, 10 Best Penny Stocks Trading Apps;. Trading in the early hours of the week isn The Sunday gap should end by this time. Do you trade these gaps? Trading Sunday Gaps | Forex | Forex Trading and.