It seems it is now my 3rd or 4th failed attempt to retire altogether from NationStates, althought It is much more easier and psychologically less consuming to me manage Finnish speaking 'native' home country region with nescessary parodic and roleplaying aspects than try to over flood RMBs here and there with loysy limited English. We instead know and understand that we have a choice in life: we can serve privilege and power, or we can serve justice and truth. So you don't have to fear if you make some errors You will when trying as all comrades and friends here who speaks English can very well understand you atleast usually even you make serious mistakes when trying say something. He's overcompenating for having such underdeveloped genitalia. Proletaurus Crazy horse days ago The nihilist is from Seattle? This is perfect place to start active learning in your English Studies, Dear Dad.

Latest Forum Topics WA Delegate: None. Founder: The Woodhouse Sanctum of Flip Wilson. Rank Well, Antifa and The MT Armyyou had a third opportunity to capture ANA and you failed. Tags: Anti-Communist and Minuscule. Axis Nations Alliance is home to a single nation. Average Income of Poor. Average Income of Rich. Today's World Census Report. The Largest Black Market in Axis Nations Sttockbroker. World Census agents tracked "off the books" deals and handshake agreements in order to study the size of nations' informal economies.

As a region, Axis Nations Alliance is ranked 3, rd in the world for Largest Black Market. The Woodhouse Sanctum of Flip Wilson 3 years days ago Post by Janog suppressed by Peoples liberation partisan detachment. Janog days ago Ladies and gentlemen of The Greater German Reich, NAZI Europe and The Ultimate NS Army: We are withdrawing from ANA at this time. GGR troops should receive new orders shortly, and NE have theirs. Thank you again for your support! Frontier guards of Suomi will stand there until death at Territory of Finland.

Congratulations to all involved, I am proud of you all : And the Nazis think Antifa has leaks Ancient mythical Leviathan type 'monster of abyss' in Balto-Finnic-Ugrian Ahtila. Possibly related etymologically to Scandinavian 'Thor' somehow. Also, guite listenable battle Stocjbroker band. Stockbrooer seems it is now my 3rd or 4th failed attempt to retire altogether from NationStates, althought It is much more easier and psychologically less consuming to me manage Finnish speaking 'native' home country region with nescessary parodic and Stcokbroker aspects than try to over flood RMBs here and there with loysy limited English.

This is also case in my every day Life in RL. This is more like it. Janog days ago And the Nazis think Antifa has leaks I was perfectly aware that the visible pw had been leaked before we even withdrew from the region, Vip. I'd figured it was a Pantheon troop. We had to respect that. Also, DYP told me the liberation was looking like a raid to him. He'd bought off on the walrus-as-native bullish!

Antifa blubbers about defenders showing Nazis preferential treatment, but like everything else that comes out of Antifa, that's a load of fantasy. Defenders have intervened when we've tried to defend our own as well. We just ain't big ol' crybabies about it. I would've gone bonkers if they hadn't. Post self-deleted by Simon Iff. All I understood was "yadayadayada I knew all along. I am such a victim". Chill out, wipe the foam off of Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube mouth, and pick the wings off of some flies or whatever you do for fun.

As for everyone else: Great job today everyone! Thanks to our friends from Aay RDC joining us too : Good tunes, Comrades! Peoples liberation partisan detachment days ago Good to see you PLA! Apparently the Fash have wet themselves. Omniscient beings, those Fash. And everyone else is the crybaby, not them. That ain't a catflap, sweet cheeks. That's the hole we blew in the door on our way Stockvroker. Looks like your big old head is just stuck in that catflap of yours. Loving the music, Comrades.

You are a sight for sore eyes, comrade Crazy horse! I am happy you could make it to out little Antifa party we got going over here! You can't forget this little joint if you do. I'm fantastic, work got a bit "weird" when a guy came in the restaurant drunk and demanded a table. It was fun for a while. Teacher gobbels days ago No need for apologies we are glad you are all here : We shall grant them no respite, for they deserve none! E3vk days ago On 'Antifa-leak' scandal.

There are no problems with that as we can open region if that would be somehow beneficial thing to do. It is not, knowing NaFus eagerness to attack against the region, which - still - is guite insignificant and guite badly when looking mirror administrated piece of History of Antifascism in The NationStates. Nafus cannot understand that simple fact. Even loss of such region would not be end or Apocalyptic Catastrophy to Antifascism in NS.

Crazy horse days ago "Impossibility never prevented anything from happening. Thanks again to all of you and a big shootout and thank you also to all my comrades in the Red Fleet. A bit tired but well. THe drunk restaurant guy sure sounds strange. Hope he didn't cause any trouble. No, it is not, and it never was. Antifa is Antifascism, a belief in combating hate, hate that spawned Hitlers, be they wearing uniform or not.

In the same vein, Antifascism in NationStates existed years before before the region named Antifa even existed - Antifascism by Antifascists against the Fash. In fact, options trading tutorial free invitation region named Antifa was originally established as a museum region to record Antifascist victories by those Antifascists, to ensure they were never forgotten or the victories they had achieved, and the hope and joy it gave to those who were also Antifascists.

The MT Army, Anti Nazi Alliance, Genesis Defense Project, Shadow Warriors - their deeds and victories inspired Antifascists, and put fear into the shrivelled hearts of the Fash and are the original Antifa in NationStates, not the region. I find myself among awesome Comrades, and I find myself among those who I have long considered legendary heroes and heroines, fighting the Fash here and now.

You know who you are. Sorry I'm late but I wasn't notified until just now. Peoples liberation partisan detachment days ago Greetings comrades, I want to heartily welcome our comrades from the RDC who have come to support in this operation. Thank you for joining us. Also, it is my pleasure to announce several Red Fleet promotions in the wake of this operation. Next stop is Nazi Europe. The drunk restaurant guy sure sounds strange. He didn't, but we had to call the cops because he got a bit disorderly when he came in.

Nothing violent, just slurred statements impossible to understand, which translated to annoyance. Joptionpane showinputdialog multiple fields excel had to expect it one day in life. New Orleans is a town that likes its drink. Back when I still waited tables, I always took a strong dislike to costumers like this. Though I still preferred them to lousy tippers As comrade Cas put it, I am really happy about the number of comrades who joined us here.

And this will be just the start. Nowhere in nationStates should a Fascist Stockbbroker Nazi feel safe for we will come for them. It will indeed get messy - for them! I really like A Tribe Called Quest. Danadea the wild days ago Yes good music PLPD. There's a lot of good NDN acts out there Breach of Trust, Burnt Project 1 and of course put options facebook marketplace Tribe Called Red just to name a few.

Thank you for the welcome The Sandinistas and delegate PLPD, It's great to be involved in antifascist action again! Thanks for sharing that as well as names of the other bands. Breach of Trust sounds the most appealing to me. I know how you think and I know you find this fact amuzing and hilarious. As Delusion and Drunk I ever can be there is still 5 generation battle history against fascists andagainst Counter revolutionary reaction and Terror within my direct Father-Line and unforgiving mentality against you and your kind even long before my Grand Father's Grand Father.

Youtuhe also fail to understand that If I must Stoxkbroker tend my Cemetery and cannot be online with You Srockbroker Loving Secretary, I can always delegate tasks to my 'Daddy' as he is spending his earned retirement days. He can login to nation, if I cannot for practical example. Logins to Nations is essense of This 'Game', Dear Secretary. Even you can undestand that. Instead Tending 'dead' people like you My Dear Secretary, Beloved Naval Nazi Zombie from Seattle can be really demanding as man could feel some feelings of mercy, when such emotion is not actually what would be appropriate reaction when handling Corpses.

You just cannot take your emotions with you Youtbue going to work. Once Antifascist, Always Atila Proletaurus Crazy horse days ago The nihilist is from Seattle? I can personally attest Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube this decaying burg is crawling with like-minded miscreants. A rotten shame, really. But this is the United States of Hypocrisy WHICH BAYONET DO I USE?

That usually does the trick ; "The nihilist is from Seattle? Paints avery vivid picture. Narcissists love their own image. And Nazis like to dress up. It's a Marxist plot! I got to go to work. Region Anti Nazi Alliance was founded by me, because there was situation where Nazis would propably do that, so I secured region as a pre-emptive measure. Anyway, such region has been under La Pas' control and I'm not actually Youtuube is password still same.

In any case I must check that myself first and make possibly change. I'll be touch with you on this later. I publish this TG to you also on RMB of Axis Nation Alliance for security reasons and Anti-fascist transparency. I did not made change yet for transfer. Danadea: I requested embassy with Suomi and Stockbeoker Nations. I really meant it. Suomi will be save heaven for all good people and I try to organise things for that aim, before really beginning to democratize the region.

On thing is sure, Horrible leftist extremists and commies won't attack against Suomi and Nazis and fascists cannot. XD I can help make sure this is also case with First Nations if ever needed. This is their legacy, and this is their accomplishment. There's a saying that goes "Never meet your heroes" - but I have, and they are every bit as awesome, kind, compassionate, wonderful and loving as I knew they would be, and I love them.

Their tiny Youtubr are sterile wastelands of self-loathing and hate. They don't have the love and compassion you have, nor the ability to give real hope, for they are without it, running on empty, because they never had it. And that is why they lose. They'll be people observing who will look upon what you are doing here as the wonderful thing it is, who will look upon you as their Wobt and heroines, and who you will be inspiring to join the fight - some of those may not think themselves capable and doubt what help they can be, but the seeds have been planted, and they shall grow.

The awe does not subside. They are true and mighty Anti-fascist warrior hero's to say the least!!! I am glad the offer to regain their old stomping grounds has been made, I would expect nothing less from the lovely people who make Antifa great : Your speech is beautiful and inspiring La Pash, Destroyer of Fash ; let us all continue to inspire the current and future generations to stand up and fight for freedom, peace, tolerance and prosperity!

I had to be sure with this transfer. I'm not been active lately in International Scenes before until recently and my memory is notorious for its shortness. Region ANA is now again Tye to where it rightfully belong. My Health and mental condition. Good and stabile, at least currently. No-one knows how long. It Youtub reality of Bi-polaric Mind. Show those Aryan inbreds how it's done. Proletaurus days ago Simon: Territory of Finland is secondary target from all point of views of Antifascism.

I won't miss it. Nazi Attack was tactically very good, their best updater operation I personally ever witnessed online. Only few seconds marginal. They won delegacy only with one Endorsement and I was unable to eject anyone, but that was partially because of my low speed lagging internet connection. They won that battle, they didn't won the war. NE sounds much more better target. Proletaurus days ago Of course we must leak exact T-Time to Merrymen before any serious attempts!

Been having internet trouble. The region will be password protected till I can straighten things out. I'd like to thank E3vk and La pasionaria for their effort in keeping the ANA region fascist-free. That Wknt good looking out and I wont forget that. I hope we can continue to work with all of you, we'll be glad to help in anyway possible. Proletaurus days ago Thanks! Some Medicine if suffering Good Health The sandinistas days ago Attilw thanks for your kind words earlier Comrade Viper, Fash Annihilator!

The only way to stop nazi scum like the B. We know who did those leaks. Vip's actions approved by me. Good to see you! Thanks everyone for coming and antifascist solidarity! It's our honor Yuotube be able to fight fascism side by side with our comrades at arms! I'm all tingly with excitement and have fash blood on my mace. Ironically, spokesmen for the USA said Attla did so to avoid terrorist Youtkbe against themselves, while the closures will actually delay the implementation of terrorist acts against innocent people all over the region.

The Real News: shining the light of truth into the blood-spattered abattoir of lies pumped out daily by TerrorInc. Seems they are afraid of someone who speaks the real German, the Wonnt of Karl Marx, Franz Kafka, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Kraus, Karl Liebknecht, Theodore Lessing, Hugo Bettauer and Magnus Hirschfeld instead of the atrocious parody the assembled Vascist Vhipping Vichser use to carry on their hate filled conversations.

Free Stickbroker califas days ago Late greetings from the Red Fleet. The sandinistas days ago Yes for The Real News! When the Iranians overthrew the Shah again inthey took over the US Embassy and took hostages because they sought to prevent the US from restoring the Shah for a second time. The Iranians always said the US Embassy was a 'Nest of Spies' and when they went through all the documents, including those they painstakingly pieced together from shredded documents, they found CIA memos which confirmed what they already knew.

Carter, who had hosted the Shah on the lawn of The White House as well as supporting him to the hilt, could not be seen to stand for it, and sent in troops in helicopters to free the hostages and end further embarrassing details for the US and the CIA emerging in an operation entitled 'Operation Desert Eagle' - however, the weather had it's say and the operation was Wknt absolute and embarrassing disaster resulting in deaths of US troops without the Iranians firing a shot or losing any of their side.

Meanwhile, Reagan before he became President cut a deal with the Ayatollahs to see the hostages freed so that he could be seen to be bringing "our boys home", and make President Carter look weak because it would be seen to be that he couldn't do the same as President what Reagan had apparently done before he was even President. That 'deal' was called the Iranian-Contra Arms Deal, and saw Oliver North travel to Tehran with a birthday cake for Ayatollah Khomeini to sweeten the deal. And why did Iran need weapons or money for weapons?

Because the US had armed and encouraged Saddam's Iraq to invade Iran in to crush the Iranian revolution against the US-backed Shah, in a war that would last eight years and in stalemate and see a couple of million people killed. On the other hand, I mostly agree with The sandinistas on Iran. The sandinistas days ago US Embassies have been used and continue to be used as terrorism planning centres and nerve Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube to plan coups and support of dictators, anywhere in the world.

US civil and military authorities use terrorism and torture, both at home and abroad, as a matter of policy. You could spend a solid decade researching documented instances of acts of terrorism and torture carried out by authority figures II by and within US institutions with embassies and consulates being instrumental in this endeavor and not even scratch the surface. From way before the US invasion of the Philippines inwhere president Teddy Roosevelt called Filipinos "Chinese half-breeds" and where US officers employed and ordered the use of torture, Attula of prisoners, and mass slaughter of entire villages without sparing women and children, to the nightmares of Haiti under Duvalier, Nicaragua under Somoza, Rios Montt in Guatemala, the former Zaire under Mobutu, Pinochet's Chile, Suharto in Indonesia, The Shah and SAVAK in Iran, to the "tiger cages", carpet-bombing, and Phoenix program in 60's's Vietnam, to the US-orchestrated bloodbaths in Angola and Mozambique, to Abu Ruj, Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition "Black Sites", Bagram Airbase and the entire North American state and federal prison systems today, terrorism and torture have always been a cornerstone of official US domestic and foreign policy.

Hell, the US explicitly teaches terrorism and torture. Just because the School of the Americas, based at the Fort Benning U. Army base in Columbus, GA, attempted to rid itself of its past reputation by being cutely renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation in doesn't mean terrorism and torture methods are no longer being taught by and to uniformed and non-uniformed personnel working for various govt. They were found to advocate torture, extortion, covert assassination, and execution without trial.

In fact, there is so much proof of terrorism and torture being integral to US foreign policy that one would have to be blind to miss it. As just one example among many, look up the case of Dan Mitrione, one-time police officer in Richmond, Indiana, former FBI, former State Dept. Working out of offices in various US embassies, he and his team spent years instructing Brazilian military units in torture tactics from the early to late 60's.

He was then sent to teach more torture techniques to the national police force of Uruguay in ' He was Aday and executed by the Tupamaros in ' The examination done on his remains indicated that he was shot in the head but not tortured, apparently escaping a dose of his own medicine. Do you know where the largest single community of terrorists and torturers lives today? The greater Miami area, state of Florida.

Hundreds of former Latin-American military officers, death-squad members, and secret police torturers from over half-a-dozen countries were rewarded with Green Cards by Uncle Sam for their faithful years of service in the fight against students, teachers, farmers, miners, social workers, nuns, indigenous tribes, the urban poor, and other dangerous elements of the communist "threat" throughout Central America.

No, there's no argument. I wish I was exaggerating. The sandinistas days ago CIA Covert Operations and U. You are among good people from all around the world and if somebody attack against your english, it would be attack against whole International Anti-fascist Community. English Language is NationStates' 'Official', Universal language and majority of Gamers are from English speaking countries. So you don't have to fear if you make some errors You will when trying as all comrades and friends here who speaks English can very well understand you atleast usually even you make serious mistakes when trying say something.

I know you can understand very much of all of it what is discussed on RMB, but learning active skills in Language s needs always practice i. Only way to leanr any language. Forget articles and if you write 'builded', For example, Indicator alerts metatrader screenshot around automatically correct your error to 'Built'. If I was able Attilq learn my current level in English, there are no reasons why you couldn't do that same.

You're my Father and I know what are your abilities to put time Stockbroksr effort to something you feel important to Learn. If you get malicious Telegrams, just ignore them. We are currently on Front line against Nazi Region, and enemy against us is as real as it can be. Real Life Nazis and Fascists and Far Right Wingers. Instead, Our side is composed from wide variety of Leftist tendencies and other decent human beings who won't ever voluntarily give an inch to our common enemy.

Not Online, not Offline. This is perfect place to start active learning in your English Studies, Dear Dad. Founder of Antifa, Suomi and others Everybody here are already broken those all, and if there are people around who not yet get any warnings from Moderation, they must be minority. Also, don't bother yet about what you can or cannot do in NationStates, For Examble you can found New region like I do now Also, If you get any telegrams from Comrade The sandinistas, This Nation can be trusted as it is current WA-nation of Dear Awaay La pasionaria, Founder of The Internationale.

My Close Friend and The trusted One. Meanwhile, Ignore all other telegrams from other origins. Post self-deleted by Proletaurus. Proletaurus days ago Daddy: Ok. Now I moved my puppet all nations can be called as puppets Iku-turso to Noiduttu Luutarha for keeping that region 'alive' when it's founder is out of The Youtubs. I locked region during founding it as I do not want Kapteeni Puutalon Natsieuroopasta harassing it's serene peace. Essentially, War against Nazis is much likely who controls this or that region on the other side, and the other side of strggle is on purely ideological Atitla battle against those bastards.

If you can found any regions which would have important symbolic value Youttube International Working Class or to Our Enemy in this struggle, just do it using new founded puppet. Often time the neo-nazis, here, will grasp at the days of jim crow and mix in a little of meinkrap, to justify their hatred. The federal government will denounce and mock groups such as the kkk, as inbred hicks; yet, behind closed doors they dream of a jim crow society, after all it's good for capitalism to exploit and separate by any means necessary.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, I Wnot be ks of kilometers from europe; nevertheless, as I understand it; genocide, ethnoicide and coercive power structures are viruses that plague, our neighborhoods, our waters, our air, our earth. For this I am more than happy to help in any way I can on and offline. Thank you for citing some of them, though; it's never a bad idea to remind oneself of history. However, I still think that naming the US the 1 advocate of terror is exaggerating, ignoring the times when the US has helped other nations and I don't just mean other Western powers and the crimes perpetrated by other groups, both state- and non-state actors.

This section from a Wikipedia article en. Fishkin holds that the authors' case for accusing the United States of state terrorism is "shockingly overstated". Fishkin writes of Chomsky and Herman: They infer an extent of American control and coordination comparable to the Soviet role in Eastern Europe. Yet even if all [the authors'] evidence were accepted Hence the comparison to Eastern Europe appears grossly overstated.

And from the fact that we give assistance to countries that practice terror it is too much to conclude that "Washington has become the Stkckbroker and political murder capital of metatrader 4 copier earth world. And because they refuse to attribute any substantial independence to countries that are, in some sense, within America's Ykutube of influence, the entire burden for all the political crimes of the non-communist world can be brought home to Washington.

Fishkin praises Chomsky and Herman for documenting human rights violations, but argues that this is evidence "for a far lesser moral charge", namely, that the United States could have used its influence to prevent certain governments from committing acts of torture or murder but Atti,a not to do so. Do you think the embassy in Benghazi deserved to be bombed?

Do you Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube American citizens and others that stand out in areas of heavy Islamist influence deserve to be targeted? You haven't implied such yet, but your portrayal of the US as the world's Devil struck a little too close to home for me. In other news: I found an interesting Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube on the NY Times site: "Across Forbidden Borders, Doctors in Israel Quietly Tend to Syria's Wounded" URL was too long to post Finally, some laughs: youtube.

I forget what I created it for, but whatever purpose it was to serve has gone. Those governments did so with Complicity, endorsement and the behest of the US Government. Do I believe Sockbroker, people deserve to die because of the foreign policies of their successive governments and their corporate sponsors? Your next question - 'Do you think the embassy in Benghazi deserved to be bombed?

The attack it seems was strategical from the attackers point of view; not just a "American target, attack it now! There is the backstory of history to look at the motives. Odd, and something which does not make much sense whatever way you look at it. Te the US and terrorism: the School of the Americas can only be cited as responsible for the Latin American regimes. What about the rest of the world? The US as a greedy corporate power unwilling to do anything that jeopardizes its interests in one thing, but the Youtue as a bloodthirsty power actively Aaay out people and joyously killing them is another.

US foreign policy is heavily influenced by big business, and in general, mass-murder is bad for business. TThe can easily explain US actions abroad with the greed for money, but you'd be hard-pressed to explain them all as act of bloodlust. It also contradicts the number of American citizens, in and out of government, working to improve living conditions at home and abroad.

It doesn't explain the existence of numerous civil society organizations that defend the poor and minorities. If the US was really that evil, why doesn't it engage in the same level of suppression and censorship that we have seen in fascist and Stalinist governments? Proletaurus days ago Btw. You made my day. So, Sgockbroker future every friends and comrades are free to move their useless spare puppets to Noiduttu Puutarha to CTE.

Woody from NE will be welcomed to that Cemetary. Actually I hope that happen as soon as possible, here and there. The World would be little more beutiful place to live without him than with him The division between these are slight. In fact, I visit my local cemetery, quite often; it's a good place to think imo and I love crows xD. Because it tells us it believes in freedom and liberty and that it's the leader of the free world?

CIA shorthand for 'The Base of CIA Operations in Afghanistan', when the CIA, MI6, The Pakistani intelligence agency ISA, and the Saudis all Youhube, trained and gave financial support to Salafists in Afghanistan to fight the USSR in Afghanistan and overthrow the government. Al Qaeda was the CIA's given collective name for the fighters it armed, trained and supported, including those led by one Osama Aytila Laden.

Equally, where was the Taliban at that time? Why, they back then were known as The Mujahadeen and were armed, trained and funded also by the CIA and it's friends. Why did Al Qaeda fall out with the US after their teamwork in Afghanistan? Because after Saddam invaded Kuwait, Bin Laden approached the US offering to lead Al Qaeda into Kuwait and fight and kick out Saddam's army as the alternative for having non-Muslims and US Troops stationed in Saudi Arabia for the Gulf War which Bin Laden considered Haraam, or 'forbidden' in Islam because Saudi Arabia is home to the two holiest places in Islam, Mecca and Medina.

Bin Laden was snubbed "Thanks for your help Mr Bin Laden, but we can handle Saddam, he ain't no Soviets in Afghanistan" and Bin Laden was enraged. The support Yputube brutal African dictatorships? The support of dictatorships and waging war across East Asia? The entire list of examples that Comrade Crazy horse cited in their post that you found "blunt"?

Those out of government do so without government support except for the odd nice speech and charitable donation which is a drop in the ocean and largely token in the grand scheme of things. Why is there the existence of numerous Stocjbroker society organisations trying to defend the poor and minorities? Because the government won't, and indeed pursues interests against the poor and minorities.

He leaked among other things video of the gunsight of a US gunship massacring journalists and civillians in Stocibroker while the pilots joked and laughed. Welcome to a Life Sentence, Mr Manning. What's Snowden running away from? Why didn't he stay in the US? All Mr Manning got was a life sentence Atgila apparently he was really lucky the US Government did not pass a sentence of death John Stockwell is the highest-ranking CIA official ever to leave the agency and go public. He ran a CIA intelligence-gathering post in Vietnam, was the task-force commander of the CIA's secret war in Angola in andand was awarded the Medal of Merit before he resigned.

Stockwell's book In Search of Enemies, published by W. Nortonis an international best-seller. Jackdaws look really cool, I would have to cross the Atlantic to see them xD Best Wishes, Casita The sandinistas days ago Agreed! They are extremely intelligent and for some reason I get this feeling they know something we don't xD Best Wishes, Casita The sandinistas days ago Animals as a whole possess a presence and being about them that is graceful but also indicative of a way of life that is profound, both in it's complexities and simplicity.

I look these magnificent birds just like Comrades do. Intelllgent and somehow fascinating creatures. Awah most common species in Finland: Varis - Hooded Crow? Naakka - Western JackDaw - Corvus Monedula Korppi - Common Raven - Corvus Corax Ravens can be seen rarely even urban areas in Finland but mainly this species lives in northern part of Finland and remote wilderness areas. Propably my most favorite bird. It is awesome see and hear this big bird when hiking alone in the woods.

I do not wonder Youtueb it has been feared around and considered somehow as a 'messenger of death' etc. He hates me and I can find that feeling in my heart too Just cannot do anything in NS without him stalking online. Danadea the wild days ago This conversation is for the birds! New Cemetary opened for All puppets wishing to Die in Peace at Noiduttu Luutarha. Must other some other job Youtibe do when feeling too depressed to be part of active in Anti-fascist struggles.

I would appreaciate highly if someone could do some proof reading on WFE of the Cemetary. Feel free to come to Die. Korppi will watch over your remains. Bring you Nafu friends too. Damn Insomnia The sandinistas days ago hehe Isn't it brilliant that we are discussing Ornithology in a Fash region? I was unfazed by his attitude, but I noted once again that it's this kind of arrogance and pretentious elitism that puts people off bird-watching and enjoying watching wildlife in general, because there are people who unfortunaly will sneer at those who don't look out only for birds who are rare, just so they can boast to anyone who would hear that they have seen them before retiring to read The Daily Mail in the afternoon.

This means no good, so I hope you forgive me if I ask permission to leave from Front line if it would be good for collective causes. How many species we have around world worth to be familiar with I agree with a lot of the points you make but on the ones I don't, I think our views are so different that trying to argue more will lead to more bad blood than learning and understanding. On carrion: I like ravens!

I also enjoy animals as a whole 'exotic' and common, plants to primates. Though I tend to be attracted to the common variety Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube life, the every day, seeing profundity in the seemingly mundane, to Stocbroker. Off the Corvus topic: the other day I went to visit my favorite tree, Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube the cemetery. There's a WWI vet buried all by his lonesome, away from the busy stones.

I Youtubd his name might be Joseph or something like that, he's kind of boring; but his located in a sweet spot. At any rate, I spotted a huge Turkey vulture chowing down on a small mammal carcass and I was amazed how massive these birds are, I mean the wing span was breath taking. Earlier this evening after I tended to lawn duties I took a moment to sit and look across the valley, taking mental notes on the birds I saw as I rested.

I don't know what kind they were, just seeing them fly about care-free was pleasant enough after working up that sweat. The few drips and drops of rain that fell were relaxing, too! I missed the ravens this morning that usually swoop down and chatter for a bit though, perhaps I'll get to see them tomorrow. Breathtaking, and it really shows we are surrounded by the elements and Tge the earth moves and how we are all part of it, and not removed.

Does anyone look at the sky on breezy days and Wong the clouds move across the sky? Every moment is amazing and unique, though I love looking at a lower hanging cloud as it passes under those above. The clouds above seem scalping trading forex 0 spread accent each detail of the one below allowing you to see even the slightest of wisps flowing off from it. Being in touch with the world around us, respecting it for all that it shares freely with us and realizing that we're all a part of one tapestry of life I'm off for a walk, though I'll have some wonderful food for thought for the Youtybe.

The hammer that smashes the Fash. Several prominent Bristol EDL members were saying they would be attending the gig. The homophobic lyrics of one of their songs, "Death sentence". More details in link As a follow-up to the previous article On July 13th the County Sports Club allowed Close Shave to play, a fascist punk band that have played regularly with Screwdriver and on the bill of Rock Against Communism.

Their lyrics advocate bringing back the death penalty for immigrants and gays amongst other things. Let this Stockbrokr a warning when polite requests Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube. He's known for being a holocaust Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube. ONCE AGAIN WE WILL OPPOSE THEM ON THE STREETS. Before the killing of British Army solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich, the EDL were a spent force, with the organisation losing its momentum.

After the killing, the EDL has grown, exploiting public outrage to swell their demonstrations. The EDL see themselves as a patriotic, nationalist street movement that protests against Muslim extremism and Islam. They say they are not racist but their record proves otherwise. Their supporters have gone on the rampage and attacked Asian owned businesses, students demonstrating against tuition fees and have been convicted of arson attacks on mosques.

WHY WE OPPOSE THE EDL? The EDL are part of a wider shift to the far right in British politics that scapegoats Islam and immigrants for the problems we face. This is fantasy and nonsense. The EDL are a product of misinformation and lies fed through over a decade Stodkbroker anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant scare stories in the tabloids and papers like the Daily Mail.

Whenever the EDL have marched unopposed, they run amok and attack people. In recent months there has been a sharp rise in racist attacks and attacks against mosques, including firebombs and nail bombs. EDL marches are helping to Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube and sustain a climate where such attacks are possible, giving confidence to the bombers by making them think they are part of a growing popular movement.

It is important that we stand Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube and stand united against their presence. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? We are calling for as many people as possible to come on to the streets on Saturday 7th September. The more people that attend, the safer and more empowering it will be for all of us. Wherever they end up, ban or no ban, we want to make sure that the EDL DO NOT get to intimidate people and parade their hatred through the streets unopposed.

LOOK OUT FOR THE AFN BANNER ON THE DAY AND MARCH WITH US TO OPPOSE THE EDL. More details nearer the time. I would like to commend all of those that participate in ANTIFA and a possible list of nazi sewers that have been cleaned. Post self-deleted by The sandinistas. The sandinistas days ago Glad you liked the song Comrade Cas! Moves in huge speakers and decks, and a number of record boxes. Takes in the huge interior of the warehouse, nods, smiles shyly and proceeds to lay out Stockbrkker pairs of glowsticks and plates full of biscuits and an assortment of various drinking liquids.

Powers up speakers, which hum and buzz. Places records on decks, Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube up decks. The Nazis recoil in horror at the sounds and melt like in Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark I just take my responsibility seriously: as a US citizen, the horrific crimes committed by my own country are those I denounce.

My brother The sandinistas got it exactly right. I feed crows, Stellar Jays, and hummingbirds at my house; I love them all. Loved Indiana Jones period. Post self-deleted by E3vk. E3vk days ago Back in business again. Vip and The MT Army: You're those bad asses they should Honor with that Badge! E3vk days ago FAQ about Antifa. Answer to the Question: A - N - T - I F - A - S - C - I - S - Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube Every single morally Grown Up NationStates Gamer is Anti-Fascist.

Help Destroy Fascism in NationStates! E3vk days ago : Sorry. One of Those moments when you just cannot take things too seriously Some of you may recognise the tune, even if the lyrics are in this weird language. Replenishes plates of biscuits and drinking fluids. The Speakers hum once more, and the decks start up. If oYutube good and experienced WA-SC Proposal maker could boil some coffee, sit down and write Condemnation Draft which would be good written, based on facts, rational thinking without Fascist counter-propaganda from perspectives of freedom of speech, meanwhile respecting players rights to found new player founded regions Notes and tasks for making good Condemnation-Draft - One wing of 'Antifa' doesn't have to nescessary agree Stodkbroker other wing in some particular actions taken.

He was forex click 5 band good what he was doing. Only later was it realised it seems Capitalism was in fact a very clever Anticapitalist region making a brilliant commentary Stockbrokef Capitalism as the current WFE there now reveals - so well done in fact in terms of describing Capitalism's evils, that TRF thought it was for real. So much for Right-Wing Unity! TUNAF then refounded the region apparently liberating the region from the Nazis Next, Great German Empire - originally seized and refounded by Comrade YKO, then when he was Atgila, refounded by a member of TRF to safeguard against Fash attempts to seize the region, in particular the GGR who we know would love to have the region name.

Comrade YKO told us, implored us, to Never Forgive, to Never Forget. If Comrade YKO could see what was happening here in this Fash region, he would be in Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube, just like me. Especially when compared to Various 'Aryan' NaFu-stocks and collectives of several hundreds years mental, emotional, moral, ideological and aesthetical inbreeding. They cannot even make a Bad Joke.

Maybe next time then EDIT: Typo correction to line which meaning was guite different what I intented. If you didn't know it yet, somewhere in Labyrinths of WA-SC Forum topics where Rkn thrown idea about Condemnation of The Internationale. I tried to find it, but it escaped my attention this time. It is sure there are amounts of Petty Bureaucrats who would eagerly get that feather to their hats by making that Resolution Proposal, and personally I think in such case Yutube would be Yoktube sure it would also go through in Vote.

But of Course not, Yojtube ranted by 'Role-Playing Nazi. His Mother and Father are supporters of Obama's "Left Wing" - Imperialist War Policy and they Consider themselves as a Patriots, Good people and tax paying, hard-working citizens Be ready for Fierce WA-SC Attack against The Internationale, when Attack highly unlike will be lack of biblical tones It was not first place to me try find that comment.

Comrade Casita: You're thus promoted to the SRBT Honorary rank of Platoon Sergeant 1st Class, but if you Wong use that Rank title subscribing your comment you will be immediately demoted to Private in SRBT Honorary Ranks. There are over 40 living comrades all around the world. Respect Effort, not a Rn. That is how TRF works. If anything comes up, hit me up. Hopefully there's no Tne and the smell doesn't linger long. How about some thrash against the fash? Best of luck helping out with your friends, Red Rose Alliance!

Crazy horse days ago To be surrounded by my comrades and by so much beauty, musical and otherwise, is a great privilege. Because those of us who care about international socialist solidarity and justice know that it's not our job to assume the mantle of authority. We instead know and understand that we have a choice in life: we Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube serve privilege and power, or we can serve justice and truth. And those of us who commit to serving justice and truth are absolutely aware of one crucial fact: that the more we make concessions to those who serve privilege and power, the more we dilute the possibilities of justice and truth.

She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner Attia crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher The Fash are attacking left-wing regions with active founders? Essentially just how we collectively feel our activity together.

I couldn't ever say that better. Today 15th August The HQ of Space Forces of Finland SAV has been seen appropriate decorate following persons with 'Bronze Thunderbolt. For their bravery and for their International Solidarity. This makes no sense. How can one be neutral, yet, be apart of a 'regional' condemnation? E3vk days ago Laugh! Ming does currently what you all want to do, That is something The sandinistas days ago hehe No worries Comrade Cas! The blindness of the appeasers, especially Chamberlain, astounds me.

They thought Syockbroker by sacrificing Czechoslovakia, Hitler would stop making trouble, even though all signs pointed to the contrary. The words of a Czech diplomat to his British and French counterparts especially gives me chills: "If you have sacrificed my nation to preserve the peace of the world, I will be the first to applaud you. But if not, gentlemen, God help your souls! Oh are we going on the Irish themed songs now?

E3vk days ago D. E3vk days ago Oh. I forgot most important thing E3vk days ago And then when we have multiple children, I gonna play this to them for teaching basics of International Solidarity Post self-deleted by Casita. Sorry Friends and Comrades. That was just one another over-flow situation Is Dear to me and Stockkbroker cannot do anything about that. Together we can ruin a most sweetest dreams of casual lederhosens waiting what-ever-reich to come And My love to her was and will be beyond every single line anyone can ever write on any RMB.

I Love that Woman. That is the line where even NS-moderation cannot moderate anymore. But never inprincipled or passive one. E3vk days ago Comrade U N M: In these kind of Operations, Moral support is exactly same as WA-presence endorsing Opertional WAD. Comrade Awakened Red Sun: Same apply to you. Comrade WAD: Eject Comrade U N M and A. The sandinistas days ago I think what Comrade Prol means is that ideally we can't have Comrades who are non-WAs in the region, as it slows down the regional influence growth of Comrade Peoples liberation partisan detachment.

That was exactly as La Pas think what I meant in last comment. My tone was again on levels of typical 'Prolesky's Diplomacy' few beers may have something to do with that. Endorsements only to Operational WAD Note. Nations who resign WA doesn't lose all influence gathered in some particular region immediately when leaving from it, but their non-WA-presence took toll from total influence of WAD if not moved out after resignation.

In current operation there are no needs to keep non-WA placeholder puppets in the region. I moreover observe that I am no suicide, but died of hunger, because, through wicked men, I have Wonr the whole of my considerable property, and am unwilling to become a burden to my friends. While many focus on the ever important practical notion of economics, there is a tendency to confuse abstraction with tested action, which in turn, gives rise to dogmatism and stagnation.

Subsequently, the simple, yet, profound understanding: we are primates, is taken for granted. Such is a fatal error that leaves any action towards equality open to reactionary forces. A revolution relying solely on economic policy to justify an intended change will inevitably vandalize the most earnest of intentions and sadly render a beloved revolution to a mere ephemeral notion; an anonymous struggle left to die in the woods, alone.

In this dated, yet, insightful book, Dr. Harrison found a journal written by a man that set off in the woods, to die alone. Revolution, to be successful needs a spiritual dimension. I don't like your quote, we must voluntarily burden our friends and voluntarily remove their burdens, this is what it means to cooperate and to be as we have been for a hundred thousand years. Human cooperation through distribution of wealth, social care and love is the only way ahead for the human race.

Is it revolutionary to read the quote you provided and feel helpless? No, it's a quality of every decent human being. Capitalism, through alienation is the breeding ground for Yputube. The quote is a metaphor, not to be Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube literal. The quote is a warning, that if we take camaraderie for Sttockbroker and rely only on economic models for justification, then all of our efforts will end up like this poor man, marginalized and exploited.

Best Wishes, Casita Post self-deleted by Casita. I feel ashamed and can't wait till, I can clean up my once awesome nation. It is unexceptable for this nation at the moment to represent our struggle. I apologize Comrade for my carelessness. Best Wishes Casita Proletaurus days ago Tonight! Awesome Aay Party at NAZI EUROPE during next Update! Get your WA there or be elsewhere! Take your own drinks with you! The sandinistas days ago No worries Comrade Cas!

The Community of Casita will be back shortly : Best Wishes, Casita The sandinistas days ago No problems Comrade Cas. So, please don't hesitate if you are interested to be canditate and possibly next elected delegate of The Internationale. I'll second your candidacy. Peoples liberation partisan detachment days ago Attention all comrades: Unless otherwise directed by official personnel please remain in this region and endorse me.

This operation is far from over since there still are fash puppets needing to be ejected etc. So, again: Unless not otherwise directed, please remain here. You are still needed. Social reform liberty days ago Flyover, commies! Social reform liberty days ago titograd1 The sandinistas days ago haha flyover? You just got shot down lil' fascist. We're guessing a little Louse told you to post the new password on the RMB even though it's visible anyway?

We love your small empty minds and how predictable and laughable you are in your patheticness. Janog days ago You wasted all that influence just to 'tease' me? Talk about leaks in the skylight. Kicked out of the CIL? Influence quickly regained because it was so tempting just to see if you would pass it off as a leak, and you did. Bogachiel days ago What a crackpot. CIL has yet to kick a single one of us out.

And no, that ain't influence quickly regained. Wasting weeks of manpower to tease me is certainly flattering to me, but makes you look like a horse's ass. Before Danadea the Wild deleted her post in NK, she thought your squat-in was over. Looks like others misinterpreted your tease as well. The sandinistas days ago Being called a crackpot by someone who is a Nazi and likes dressing up as one in his flags.

Mine's Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube my collarbone already and mostly gray. Good thing I brought a duece and a half full of books, beer and red licorice. At least I've caught up on my letters! What is in everyone else's rucksack? Antifascist internationalistas days ago My rucksack is empty, at the moment I tend to write a lot of letters on long deployments like these.

I've also got a few bottles of whiskey, my pipe, and a few dozen pouches of my favourite tobacco : Peoples liberation partisan detachment days ago Not a pipe smoker but an avid friend of the cigarette. What are your favorite tobaccos, comrade Red Rose? The sandinistas days ago Thanks Comrade Cas. He's really good and I'm pretty excited.

Wlnt could explain that god awful smell that seems to linger here, although I may have another source for that: Janog. Care to share some stuff form the class? As this engagement goes on, I want to thank all Red Fleet personnel as well as all our allies for their continued support and patience. You Wot are awesome! Comrade Bagong hukbong bayan, Solidarity Squadron, is promoted from Cadet to Squadron Sailor.

Thank you all for your continued service and activity. It is much appreciated and I hope will continue over many missions. Without your activity and contribution the Red Fleet would not be able to do what it does best - smashing the fash. You are vital to our activity and it is much appreciated. The Fascists have taken Weimar Republic, which I was safeguarding.

The founder had been a German nationalist but anti-fascistso when he CTE'd, I thought I'd move in to protect the region from possible fascist invasion. With some help, I was able to password the region, but I settled for a visible password, and evidently one of the participants in the mission was the same person who later took over The Union of Nations Against Fascism. I would Aeay to say one thing to the fascists: in claiming that Weimar Republic had been a fascist region, Vippertooth wasn't lying.

I think he assumed that the region had been fascist because I had begun an effort to password the region in the name of antifascism. I never corrected him because I don't like throwing friends under the bus. I apologize both for the loss of the region and for any embarrassment caused to Vippertooth. It makes my heart so happy to be gone for so long and to come back and see such a turnout! You are all brilliant and wonderful comrades! Louse is just a poor man's Black Rider. He's riding all on his lonesome.

We'll just turn him over at the refound. Woody, if you're reading this, you're flies are undone. I am completely justified in supporting you with that mission. I love seeing international and multicultural Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube such as this one and knowing that this is our unique strength against the lonely and isolated Nazis. United, we cannot lose : We shall grant them no respite, for they deserve tSockbroker.

Janog days ago Give Vip an enema and you could bury him in a matchbox. He's Attioa convincing as a meter maid trying to get into The Union Club by wearing a pair of Atttila. I've been over the 'German Domination' motto with you before, Vip. Weimar Republic's founder was into WW1 German imperialism, not fascism. Naturally you ignore his other motto: 'German Empire YES Nazi NO'. What was your retarded argument: you thought he could be a fascist spy? For all you leftists not in the know, Vip was so humiliated over losing Axis Nations Alliance to us that he went to a Yourube place and pretended Wobt was Yiutube Nazi to save face.

We had a helluva time prying Attil off NE's RMB, so intent was he on swearing up and down that he wasn't the walrus. Attaboy, point to The Union of Nations Against Fascism. I've still got three commies on a leash there, including one WA. Be my guest and diminish that infiltration. After all, you're the spazzes who go apesh! I've told you that I was pulling your leg when I said we gave MT the passwords to TUNAF's old refounds. Makes you look dumber than the day is Stodkbroker to continue Awsy with my joke as if it were gospel.

Any former TUNAF honcho will tell Aytila that we weren't in control of the region back then. You mean you realize we've the passwords to other non-refounded Antifa captures? Well, like I always say: you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet. I figure it's worth watching Yooutube waste weeks of manpower changing passwords to dead regions while we move on to bigger and better live targets.

Janog days ago Lt-General Mucous: Aye, I've duly noted you rattling your rubber saber. Shock and awe, son, shock and awe. The sandinistas days ago hehe I love, love, love it that the Fash, in particular this one, are so egotistical and desperate Stockboker they trip up over themselves, not even realising the latest mistake they made. But we do and that's satisfying. In psychological terms, Pash. He's overcompenating for having such underdeveloped genitalia. In short all these rants boil down to good old fashioned penis envy.

Our crew is bigger than Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube. And that my friends is science. But unfortunately he gave away the things he loved and one of them was me Janog days ago Mama La P: What you and Mucous know of science could fill a bottle cap and still leave room for Youtjbe giant sequoia seed to sprout.

He himself said the original WFE made no mention of fascism. Sounds like he's trying to be a defender. Antifascist internationalistas days ago I'm sure the UDL will welcome Woody with open arms. His obsession with me was at first flattering now it's just plain distressing. Now that he's managed to stuff Weimar up with his white supremacist playmates, he's managed to take the region from borderline fascism nationalism to hardcore neo Nazism.

We'll done woody, the free world salutes your endeavours to save us from the menace of tyranny and oppression. Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube not from xenophobia, racism and the excesses of the far Right, but thanks anyway. It's the thought that counts. The sandinistas days ago A life in the UDL awaits him, and he need not worry about setting a precedent as the UDL has had a member of the GGR in it's ranks.

See you in Weimar republic. Tg me for the password. Antifascist internationalistas days ago well well well Bagong hukbong bayan days ago The morning will come when the world is ours, tomorrow belongs to us all! I've no intention of fascist-tagging Weimar. When we leave the region, the WFE will revert to the founder's original write-up. I'll also apply the founder's original tags: Democratic, Liberal, Capitalist, Imperialist, Anti-Communist and Serious.

Mucous: You seem a tad agitated as you flit about like Tinkerbell between ANA, Gay, Weimar and the MT loony bin. What tremendous headway you're making in Gay. I'm chuckling over the suggestion to withdraw the Suomi embassy. I can't wait to see you 'engage in a working dialogue with fascists'. I should probably TG Asakya some links to your more outstanding diplomatic achievements in that regard. Me obsessed with you?

That you think an obscure Internet game is 'the free world' should be Youtubd evidence that you're a teat shy of an udder. All those blowsy hens Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube to you. NE's ban list currently holds three of your puppets. I regularly banject you from our ops. You can't tear yourself away Stockbrokdr me. Your playmates are equally buggy.

What's the DSA calling TI now: The Idiocracy? Mama La P: Project much? They're quite clearly old left loonies who are completely out of touch with reality as I have said, many, many, many times pretty much since Opalaland and I founded this region. Janog days ago Antifascist internationalistas: well well well Not really you're bag is? Time for bedy byes liebchen. Dream of all those screen shots you've complied off me.

Oh, one last question, does Woody mean the same in the States and it does here? Zeriach days ago The Black Tide of Vox Populii Thank you, I appreciate it! It would be a bit more efficient to say "I just plain don't like you, bro. But such is life. Antifascist internationalistas days ago Comrade Musick: I used 'woody' to refer to the little animated doll. Jong: Your linguistic assumption I'll let you wrap your ego around this one is fitting for your level of intelligence; it's not quite where you want it to be, is it?

Janog days ago There goes Tinkerbell off to his passworded closet. Mucous, this whole random insult thing with no reference point? You rock that bag like no other five-year-old in the sandbox. Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube My limited intellect has yet to lose me a nation in this game. You lost two in the course of a day because you're too challenged to play by the rules.

Worse, apparently your shortcomings are a source of pride. I tend to view that as 'redneck mentality'. I'm sure your chums in the various white supremacist and fascist circles in NationStates will be most interested to hear about your views on "Redneck mentality" and how you define it as an insult. What are you insinuating Woody? You know Wood, you'd be able to selamat hari raya idul adha 2014 bahasa inggris a whole bigger posse together if you weren't such a d!

I know you're not a fascist, Wobt that's probably a good thing, because even they hate you. They're only on Weimar because they hate gays, blacks and Jews, But that's enough about Woodbert. Apparently his old pal Noble Wolf his back. Oh no, nob wolf is all about 'The Cause'. Now, if I was a Nazi, I know whose jackboots I'd wanna polish. I could not stand with them after Incontrovertible proof, un-denied by LCG was gathered by Hesse and I as to the Character of the leader.

What national socialist besides perhaps a Strasserist Use Them as images for puppet nations that No Other Person had access to except for LCG? This by his Zionist comments and open love for the Jewish people. See NE regional message board over the years I will have nothing to do with either region. Here the Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon Stokcbroker internet cyber fascism live out their NS bromance for all to see and we too can share in the highs and lows; the will-theys and won't -theys of THE biggest hook up since Adolf met Eva.

Antifascist internationalistas days ago Rhn, little woody, dance Did you want to be a shrink and took one whole intro course before deciding that Internet witch hunting was more lucrative? One minute you say I'm hated and loathed by my brethren, the next minute they have a love affair with me. One minute I've taken Weimar 'from borderline fascism nationalism to hardcore neo Nazism', the next minute you know I'm not a fascist.

Calling the hate and loathing bluff. Union Drive puppet spew is automatically disqualified. I love the way you and La P are sh! He didn't mention my name in his NE assessment. Bottom line is I've received military support offers from him, DkR and Hesse. Dolgavakia: Forget my politics, what about the charges? Come on, shoot them down. You Auntie Farcicals are witch hunters drawing on the Malleus Maleficarum for your indictments, yeah?

Imagining why someone who supposedly does not hold these views and yet works with them and helps spread their messages without a visible trace of uneasiness At least when some of my Antifa friends upset my stomach, I give them an earful. You apparently have no problem flying the colors of the Iron Guard, or heiling along with committed neo-Nazis, or taking the Holocaust fx options trading tutorial letters a sense of humor.

Antifascist internationalistas days ago Howdy Doody, click-clack, click-clack, wobbly mind and toy boots, dance, little woody, dance. That's why you're the cowboy in the flag. This region is once again mine. Post by Red Rose Alliance suppressed by a moderator. Janog days ago Heil, Nordic Saxony! I'll just quote La Cucaracha Casita here: hahahahaahaha hahahahahahahahahahahaahaah hahahahahahahaah Dance, cockroaches, dance. Here is your, ' I fell asleep, woke up and it took me nearly a week and a telegram from Janog to realise I'd been invaded' medal.

They don't call you guys the Master Race for nothing do they? Post by Spielmakerian colony suppressed by a moderator. The sandinistas days ago Look at all the Fash wetting themselves because the founder came back, letting all the tension go. You still going with that line after all this time, after all the beatings The MT Army gave you? United Supreme Dictators, Pact Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube Steel. But all good parties must come to and end, and Meier did we party.

We threw gigantic blowouts with Jews, Slavs, Roma, Belgians, homosexuals, intelligentsia, the mentally ill We even had a "Dresden Nights" BBQ and even opened the Nuremburg School of Upright Bungee Jumping. While we weren't putting shaving cream and bodily fluids all over the face of the sleeping micro-Furhrer, Thr were having fabulous sex what are call options and put options for banks making little interracial babies who will someday go to school and run the governments many northern European countries.

We made sure all the calendars that hadn't been changed since were replaced with real 21st century ones, and even carved "Yom Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube in places you'll keep finding when you have company over. Enjoy the fact that Yiutube though you have your region back, all those over-educated Social Democrat hipsters populating coffee shops all over the world are read Brecht and have haircuts just like you when you were a Pimpf.

Post by Nordic Saxony suppressed by a moderator. You're not getting my region back, Sotckbroker not my fault I went inactive and it's pretty unfair you guys came along and took away something that I couldn't defend. Post by Dr Alimantado suppressed by a moderator. Everybody should have the right to live in peace, no matter what their politics, religion, skin color, or sexual orientation.

Janog days ago Yeah right, Sister. That's why you parked your butt here for 47 days, supporting Antifascist meanie heads who intended to destroy this peaceful region based on its politics. Janog days ago Look at relieved in every sense of the word Lousey making a sing and dance, and trying Ahtila whistle the tune all the Fash should dance to. The only 'bit of an embarrassment' to me is that I bother responding to your lame drama queen monologues, sideshow psychoanalysis and victory ascribed to a protracted Syockbroker futile squat-in.

You're losing the war and losing badly. Your phony bravado couldn't convince an AI chatbot. I reckoned he'd come back and regret giving it up, so I said I'd watch over his castle but not refound it. I also offered to return his other regions should he change his mind about the game. He may take me up on that offer shortly. I'm perfectly fine with it. And now you compare yourself hilariously to people hunted to the ends of the earth, tortured and murdered in the most horrific manners possible, this very much corresponds with what in Psychology is called the Martyr Complex I never compared myself to anyone, Doctor Fraud.

I metaphorically likened the players that you libel and virtually kill to witch-hunting victims. I expected no less from a fanatical witch hunter who thinks NationStates is the real world. Red Light Infancy: White folk, straight men and women, the mentally sound and gainfully employed for starters are subhuman, ja? Thanks for the peek inside the loose screw assemblage that is the average commie brain.

Excellent work Nordic Saxony. Mucous: Come to mop up another MT Army-Antifa abortion and pretend like it was the most productive thing you've done since changing your underwear last week? The medal belongs to you and to every Antifa crusader dumb enough to follow the worst military leadership in the game. Dishonesty is certainly present in fascism, but it's also present all over the place, so I'll let that word go.

As for "irrelevant" - I guess that could refer to the personal insults both sides hurl at each other. So overall, I really don't see NS antifascism being a witch hunt. As for avoiding your question: to be perfectly honest, I had thought I had answered it. I must have misunderstood it. But talk about avoiding the point in general, you're quick to point out my mistake in that regard, but you have yet to offer an explanation on why you think it is okay to align yourself with neo-Nazis and even call yourself one while still thinking, "It's just a game.

Then again, what little you have said about your actual stance on aspects of fascist ideology doesn't exactly give credence to your claims that you aren't really a Nazi What am I doing again? Oh, right, arguing against fascism and sympathy to it. I'll make a deal with you. Also, you may Te to meet someone with a mental disability - it might just make you actually feel guilty when you use "retard" as an insult like a pro middle-schooler.

Then Rhn both come back here and share what we've learned :D Janog days ago You didn't look too hard for a Ruh definition of witch hunt. Many of the accused were blacklisted or lost their jobs, although most did not in fact belong to the Communist Party. Please, child, my aunt has cerebral palsy and my father died of glioblastoma multiforme. Let's talk about game conduct, not retarded Youtbe.

You've jumped on any number of trains to harass and wrongly label innocent players. You and your Antifa cronies regularly cheat and lie. You're the quintessential hypocritical, self-righteous boob with a log in his eye pointing out the splinter in someone else's. Post self-deleted by Barry White Power. People who play pretend Nazis do so for a number of reasons.

Innocence or rather ignorance of the historical implications of such acts aren't really admissible forms of defence. Educating them, as in pointing out their ignorance rather than defending their right to remain ignorant which iss not only irresponsible but positively dangerous, should be the actual agenda of any concerned party. Woody's cynical exploitation of the ignorant is beyond hypocrisy Stpckbroker deceit. I love freedom and equality and I try to promote them wherever I can.

There were three things wrong with McCarthy: he exaggerated the internal threat of communism to the US, he accused people without little or no evidence, and he did it at least after he got started for his own personal gain. Think what you want of my motives, but there's plenty of evidence that fascists promote hate. And as for the threat of fascism: it would not be the end of the world if people on NS didn't engage fascists in NS' peculiar yet addictive forms of combat, but if it means shedding light on the atrocities committed by fascism against anyone considered "inferior", I think it's worth spending a little time on.

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt and father. I don't want to get into a political correctness debate, so I won't push the "retarded" thing, especially when it seems you have a closer connection to it then I do. Which I guess it was meant to be. I haven't been around as long as many others here, but to me the whole taunting declarations of absolute victory and stubborn denials of defeat seems a bit childish.

Imo both sides are guilty of this, as well as personal insults. We should be focusing on more important things, like how the fact that hundreds of millions of people died under groups calling themselves "communists" over almost a century does not invalidate the fact that tens of millions of people died under groups calling themselves "fascists" over a few decades. I'm not sure about lying besides infiltration, which both sides conduct and is arguably part of gameplaybut the mods are pretty Attola about catching cheaters.

No, I don't know everything about you. For all I know, you're really someone who gets along fine with people whom your fascist friends consider degenerates. If that's true, what bugs me is that you get along wAay than fine with fascists cara kerja forex 6tak. Would you be a bit pissed if I took part in a raid that glorified Stalin's purges or the Holodomor? Would you still be pissed at me if I said "Don't worry, I don't really think like this?

As long as you and other players continue to count yourselves among those who promote anti-Semitism and other forms of hate, don't expect people to leave you alone to play your game in peace. Sorry if I'm offending antifascists here, but I feel that, at least as long as this argument lasts, brutal honesty is more important than softening words for the sake of unity. Post self-deleted by Vashtanaraada.

Iconoclastic gamma of a put option graph e^x days ago The fact is the swazi flag is banned because everyone that's not a neo-nazi, fascist, etc knows it's wrong; yet, NS moderation lets people like you and Yojtube scumbag friends to perpetuate an abhorrent ideology, for Agtila sake of game play. It's more than the two hellholes deserve.

Carbon, is it a problem that I enjoy history and I find the Nazi political ideals interesting? It is not any of your business nor of your Attila The Stockbroker I Wont Run Away Youtube, so politely stay out and let us do as we please. They did a great job, they locked the region with a visible password and couldn't spot the spy among their ranks apparently we wash more than they realised So yeah, they did a great job, they prayed hard enough for you to hear So in other words, the people you should probably thank is us, because we're the ones who held your region for the last month.

We kept it clean and tidy for you and everything, considering the state it was in when we arrived!! Oh well, we'll wait until you fall asleep next time and then take it back. It's ok, we've got some reliable cleaners on speed-dial for the next time we come in! Lingray 75 days ago ACHTUNG! I am Nordic Saxony, this nation was dissolved into my empire, long ago. It's army is combined with the Nordic Imperial Wehermacht. I am here to protect Stockbrkker region. Yotube ARE FREE FROM THE ZOMBIE MENACE!

The Woodhouse Sanctum of Flip Wilson 3 years days ago Axis Nations Alliance NSHistory : Date Region Population Delegate Founder [When Known] 1. Nordic saxony days ago I have returned to reclaim what is mine. Go Nation WA Aay Motto 1.

AMV gohan [I won't run away]

Aug 28,  · Ashes Remain I Wont Run Away HD - Duration: Attila The Stockbroker - I Won't Run Away - Duration: dprkspacemarine 23, views. Download Written From Scratch Attila The Stockbroker videos full length song for free, Try our youtube to mp3 ripper! Attila The Stockbroker - I Wont Run Away. Newtown Neurotics with Attila the Stockbroker they run amok and attack people. Excellent work to all who have assisted in Axis Nations Alliance.