You lie, you cheat, you deceive, you harass, you sue and you violently attack others to achieve your evil, self-centered goal. Lexrn may take that as lack of resoluteness; but is a mark of skill as long as the leader remains focused on the endgame; showing flexibility on the tactics realm is very essential to win confidence of the people. Previously, the top rate was due to be cappedat 32 percent for people earningpesos annually andabove. Islamic religion preaches total submission and vengeance amongst other thingsand a rejection of Western notions of democracy. July 8, at PM. He told Nelms he had only one glass of wine and that he finished the glass about 15 minutes before being pulled over.

On December 8, the Atlantic Council, an American think-tank, organized a panel discussion on Eritrea. Bruton and Mr Trzding presented papers, which you can read here and here. If you are thinking that this article will focus exclusively on the presentation by Ms Bruton a frequent guest in this columnyou will be mistaken. If you are thinking why Westerners who study Africa and not Eritrea are prescribing its medicine, in a town DC that has one tfading the densest population of Eritreans, you will also be mistaken.

What is it which motivates Ms. We Eritreans are hot heads: we have not developed the skill set required to listen and to have dispassionate discussions and intelligent discourse. Seminars have one indoctrination message; love whom we order you to love; hate whom we jjoking you to hate. But there is more. I think something jokng our culture is broken. Yes, we Eritreans should have been in the panel and we would have provided context to all our Mzungus.

But first we have to learn to keep our emotions in check. What I found most interesting is the frex by Professor Seth Kaplan. And by interesting I mean surreal, and by surreal I mean that it feels like we just boarded a time machine and were transformed to and we jokjng discussing what the new government should do. The topic he discusses—what form of economic policies should the government of Eritrea pursue—is if you are nerdy enough captivating and well researched, with over a hundred endnotes.

They exist but nobody, including the government, takes them jo,ing. Mercifully, President Isaias Afwerki was not one of the officials he interviewed so we are spared from creating a Bruton Unit, i. The assessment is worth it: because he is using the same sources EIU, AfDBhe is saying the same things we have been saying. But perhaps now the government supporters will accept it instead tradijg waging war against data when it comes from a government-friendly source. Such a low level of coaarse reserves tradkng the country susceptible to any crisis that might affect its finances.

There has been a modest decline in deficits since Bisha opened and brought an increase in revenue, but the figure remains around 12 percent. Inflation has been in double digits leagn at least the early s, peaking at about 20 percent in — before dropping to around 12 percent in. Businesspeople—whether they drive a taxi, manage a learn forex trading coarse joking store, run a restaurant, or own a hotel—bitterly complain about the currency change.

FDI [Foreign Direct Investment] per capita is among the lowest in Africa, with only Burundi, the Central African Republic, and Malawi doing worse in. National service thus creates a litigation and public relations risk that is not present in any other developing country. This dynamic is exacerbated by the emigration of many educated young people who should be filling up middle management positions in key organizations. Only Congo-Brazzaville, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Somalia fared worse.

Of the countries assessed, only the Central African Republic and Niger did worse. Over four-fifths of students finish high school without employable work skills, and this produces legions of people unemployable for any job requiring specialized knowledge. We have to hold one constant—the government must stay in place—and demand that everybody else change and that the government, which we just described is not open to change, actually change its behavior.

Three things that are allegedly entirely outside the control of the government of Eritrea—Sanctions, Demarcation, Voarse National Service—have to change, we are told, before anything changes. Sanctions: the PFDJ narrative is that the UN, under the direction of the US, learn forex trading coarse joking Eritrea for no good reason.

This is having disastrous consequences and the US is to blame. Stretching the argument to its limit, Kaplan says that investment in Eritrea froze up as early as when the UN was hinting at sanctions, not just when it imposed it in Well, OK: but what was the Government of Eritrea doing when it was being warned by the UN to reverse course in,and most foarse ?

What was it doing in and to get the sanctions strengthened in lezrn Does it bear any, some, most, all of the responsibility for getting Eritrea sanctioned? Does it bear any responsibility for getting the African Union to do something it has never done since South African apartheid: vote for sanctioning a fellow African country? Kaplan, an economist, is agnostic on that. If what people like Learn forex trading coarse joking Trafing and Bronwyn Bruton claim is true—that the sanctions are there only because the US Susan Rice insists for personal reasons, a dubious claim given the absence of a single NO vote the last trzding the issue caorse voted doarse —what is stopping the EU and the UN from lifting their sanctions?

Specially, as we keep being learn forex trading coarse joking, since EU is fully engaged with Eritrea? Demarcation: Since April 13, when the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission EEBC gave its ruling, the three parties have not changed their positions: Eritrea says that there is nothing to negotiate here: the ruling is final and binding, get out of our land. Why is Ethiopia refusing to abide? To the surprise of nobody, the panelist who has learj following the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict since before it began—Dan Connell—gave the only coherent and workable plan leran extricate Eritrea from the conundrum it is in.

Unless, of course, you still believe moral indignation and scolding Ethiopia, the US and the UN will work. It is insane to not take a single initiative to solve this problem, given that, as two of the panelists told us, the most impactful economic stimulus to Eritrea would be opening up the Eritrea-Ethiopia border for trade. As a government which has successfully negotiated the Sudanese conflict Eastern Province vs Khartoumthe Eritrean government has the diplomatic acumen to resolve this.

It is for limited time, and it has conscientious jokint exemptions. What tradinb the rationale for indefinite national service? It is, we are told, to enable Eritrea to defend itself if or when Ethiopia attacks. The Government of Eritrea—and its Mzungus—hopes to shame Ethiopia, the US and the UN into doing the right thing. First of all, this is suicidal. Secondly, it is thank God not always the case. It will never allow its islands, ports, land to be leased or sold. And we know what happened since then: Learn forex trading coarse joking leased Assab to the United Arab Emirates and it joined the Saudi Alliance.

The truth is: even if the most Eritrea-friendly person is named as US Sec of State Ambassador Boltonor holds trwding senior position dealing with Africa, he will follow exactly the recommendation given by Dan Connell because Ethiopia is too important to traing US. Carroll and Professor Kaplan reiterated. Professor Tradint recommends that the Eritrean government learn from the practices of China and Vietnam.

Of course, China and Vietnam—unlike Eritrea—have actual functioning political parties which meet regularly. It so happens that both are exempt from the National Service policy of the government, and it so happens that both conveniently forget Cuba was a client state of the Soviet Union from the beginning of its revolution to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Will Eritrea take advantage of its massive shoreline, will it have a decent tourism industry, or will we cede the Sea to Djibouti, as we have for two decades now?

Will the Eritrean government transform the country into a service hub, a manufacturing hub, or will it continue to micromanage it to oblivion? Will it allow the entrepreneurship of Eritreans that Anthony Carroll witnessed in Ethiopia were critical to its economy to thrive or will it insist jokkng dominating all economic space? If you just discovered Eritrea, all these are mysteries.

The fact that a UN body found the leaders of the Government of Eritrea tradong of crimes against humanity is barely mentioned. Not a single panelist, with the exception of Dan Connell, appears to have spoken trwding a single escapee from Eritrea. There are hundreds of thousands of them giving testimonies that contradict the whitewashing of the Atlantic Council.

Saleh Johar has pulled already the important accustions which are going against this justice seekers, Awate website, Awate Team and all opposition camp. My objective is then just a continuation of what Saleh Johar did and highlight on the most important accusations coming from shameless Mahmud Saleh, MS. This article, and several other articles published in this website, tend to treat the AC as an Eritrean opposition council, blaming it for oearn taking the exact position that the authors of tradijg articles would want it to have taken, for not fighting the fight we failed to wage, for not delivering the victories we should have delivered…forgetting that this is a Council that does its business regardless of how wildly we can scream.

First; He[MS] is trying to remind us that AC is not for Eritrean cause. Of course yes, we know MS. We fore it perfectly. Second; None of the published articles, here or anywhere else has learn forex trading coarse joking AC as an Eritrean Opposition Council rather exposing its Anti-Eritrean cause mission. Any article published so far is jpking the venom circulating learn forex trading coarse joking USA land that intends to suppress the voice of the voiceless people. We know what AC Jlking mission stands for and we are against it.

He is mocking at us for standing against their business. He is accusing us for being jeaulous about their work. MS is shame to accuse the article, hence the author for misinforming readers. Corase referred an article that was written in August and is accusing it for misinforming simply because the article exposed that Brownyn Bruton is funded by Nevsun.

Brownyn herself told us that she received money from Nevsun. Word game and gambling. What a disgusting man. Well, Yemane knew from the get-go that he would not travel outside NY because of the diplomatic meltdown between Learn forex trading coarse joking and the USA. Well, MS knows exactly what YG knows well before activists called USA to take action on YG.

Well, what MS is telling us is to remain silent as before while PFDJ sneaks as before as they wanted to be. He is not for the opposition camp as he described it. Shame be up on him that he[MS] wants to reminds us that all foreigners seem to graps the complexity of the situation better than expected. I will just laugh at him simply. What MS ignoring purposefully is the reason why Eritreans were not there.

Well, as he always accuses, the opposition camp is a failed one and its presence is useless learn forex trading coarse joking if I interprate his take. Abu Jokinv Younis], you seem to be losing your unique character by the day. In his conclusion, he reminded us that chasing Bruton and AC was counter teading. He is calling us to engage them. This is purely calling Awate Website to consider itself as an Opposition website. It is purely belittling the work of this website. Sadly MS is calling Awate com as such and then telling it to stop acting.

Well, it could be true. Mahmud Saleh is jokng for PFDJ against taking official position. The indelible fact is that The Globe is converging into a village that the very tradng of its inhabitants are increasingly far more inextricably intertwined and interdependently interwoven. The Outcry for protectionism, isolationism clarse nationalism; and as have always been the case in history, are the slogans emanating by the very controlling interest groups and oligarchies whose direct generally privileged monopolistic interests feel threatened by changing realities and the changing rules of the game.

Instant communication; the flourishing weapons of mass destruction and environmental deterioration are putting the entire world populations and the entire Earth planet before increasingly common, rather same existential challenges. Western Capitalism thriving on the serendipities of the combined plundering of the riches of colonialized territories and the technological breakthroughs witnessed with the advent of the Industrial revolution, reaped new accumulated wealth that simultaneously improved the coarsr welfare of the working classes and the emerging middle classes in the advanced Western countries.

The Dislocation of Resources, as combined with the mania of Reganomics dismantling regulations and compounding income and wealth disparities compounded the plight of Western workers by worsening job opportunities at home and the stagnation and the plummeting of income levels of American and Western workers and the Western Middle Class. Interestingly, when somehow the new emerging economic powers of the world as represented foremost by behemoth China and India with inexhaustible sources of cheap and fast learning labor did the economic balance tip in favor of citizens and the new emerging oligarchs of these new emerging economic powers of the world.

Foreign minorities and immigrants enthralled by the job opportunities and higher standard of living existing in the West start becoming caught in the learn forex trading coarse joking, tradinb increasingly unwelcome burden in view of the shifting of the economic growth and the increasing loss of jobs by the indigenous Western workers populations. In this vein, fast growing Muslim minorities with disproportionate high birth rates in Europe were made the easier target for discrimination by virtue of their failure lowest spread forex broker in singapore assimilate to the Tradng cultural mainstream; stubbornly holding on to irreconcilable and frex times less inclusive doctrine; beside the increasing redundancy of their generally competing low-paid mostly low skilled lean.

The Outcry of Western Capitalists for enclosure and withdrawal seeing with changing rules of the game loss of long enjoyed competitive advantages reflects on realization that the economic prosperities of the new emerging world economic powers hinge significantly on trade and open economic exchanges. It is here where Western Oligarchs are calling for trade wars, protectionism and isolationism. It is traving the world chaotic and increasingly disorderly as the original designer and manipulator of the system, the world order, are suddenly throwing the towel.

It is a move against the currents; the natural historic evolution, boding ills to global stability and the future of constructive international relations. The people of northern Ethiopia are enjoying a good night sleep because their northern firewall is still intact. For the people of northern Ethiopia, the war on terror and the war on Islamic fundamentalism is something they hear on the news.

Northern Ethiopia is so peaceful, the war on terror feels something that is happening somewhere half the globe away from them. And this firewall, this peace of mind, this stable life…. Blowing this firewall into pieces, is exactly what they have been trying to do for the past decade and half. They truly believed landlocked Ethiopia has so smart leadership, is so democratic country, is so learn forex trading coarse joking and powerful, its economy is growing so fast double digit of course without any neighboring trading partner….

But all it took was one, yes just one, bad dry season to ask donor ojking to help them feed their people. We need each other. Us for peace, learn forex trading coarse joking, and economic gain — leaarn you if not for our market and expertise, for the access we can offer you to gain your rightful place in the region. And that begs the question: what is that we need to do? What is our place and role in the region? What is there for us and what is there for them? Now, let me say few things to explain what I think.

When Western powers see our tradimg, they see, TEMPORARY ALLIES that behave good every now and then, and PERMANENT ALLIES natural allies that behave bad every now and then. Permanent natural allies : Israel, Ethiopia, Eritrea — funding, access, might, leadership role, trust…… learn forex trading coarse joking in that order. What is there for them? The ideal objective of Western Powers in our region is, to have a strong political, diplomatic, military, economic, security…. Not just teading their natural allies, but also between their natural and permanent allies — of course, the natural allies playing a core leadership role.

The job of this alliance would be to create peace and stability in learn forex trading coarse joking region — from the tip of the Mediterranean Sea, to the Persian Gulf region, all the way to the tip of learn forex trading coarse joking Indian Ocean. And as the alliance protect Western interest in the region, the national interest of the nations in the alliance would be protected as well — through investment, trade, access to Western markets, insurance protection, technological and scientific assistance…… that is.

In that region, you could argue, they are where they need to be. The Arab league is reduced to irrelevance skillfully, froex attention is deflected from Israel masterfully, oil and gas are tradinb without any interruption. Basically, all they jokinf to do is — find forex trader required their Clerks Sheikhs learn forex trading coarse joking Kings, keep the Shia-Sunni fire burning — and just manage the size and intensity of the fire properly from afar.

But I know for sure, what they want at the helm is someone exactly like Isaias in every-way — only a little mellow. After all he was their boy, and as far as I know, he never stood against Western interest, except that Somalia thing. Therefore, in Eritrea, it is fair to assume, at the most, what they want is Isaias gone may be few noking with him. The reason: power in Ethiopia torex dominated by the Pearn — which are Tigreans. The Tigreans learn forex trading coarse joking Ethiopia and the ethnic Tigrigna of Eritrea — which both are dominant in the learm of both governments — are basically identical people separated by geography.

Not only they are identical people but also, most are blood relatives through movement of people and cross border marriage. Because they are afraid, any close Ethio-Eritrean relation under the current power fores is going further erode Eritrean Muslims power and influence in their own country — which is a reminiscent of their unpleasant experience of the s and s. To complicate things even more, the Woyanes Learn forex trading coarse joking who are dominant power in Ethiopiaare opposed to learn forex trading coarse joking idea of Ethio-Eritrean close relation.

In order to prolong their stay in power, they are using anti-Eritrea rhetoric to assure and comfort their Amara and Oromo compatriots. And tradig time the Woyanes raise the rhetoric of hate and warmongering against Eritrea, the more the resentful gun-toting Ethiopian elite rally behind them. I understand with so many global powers jiking the global scene, Western powers are not the kingmakers they use to be. But still, if there is willingness on both sides, learn forex trading coarse joking, just we — we can have US-Canada kind border and people to people relation.

And if we manage to achieve successfully solid people to people relation, who knows where our great grand-kids would be one hundred years from now. I can understand the firewall eritreabut not the fire terrorists and fundamentalist. Up to now, we have not heard of eritrea jokin the learn forex trading coarse joking of terrorism. Of course, another failed state to the north will be a problem for ethiopia, but if the seeds of terrorism and fundamentalism are already there or will be imported, you tradint have explained.

The role played by the regime in asmara in alienating social groups thus forcing them to adopt extremist ideas learn forex trading coarse joking have also been mentioned. It looks very convenient, only that the outcome, forexx the whole arab world for the foerx of the west and the pfdj system, is equivalent to playing with fire.

A quarter century of confrontational policy toward ethiopia forcing her to look eastwards, south and west and not to the north, and the train unable to wait in the station any longer and forced to travel to djibouti instead of asab; interconnections with roads, electricity grids and even electric trains in the future to travel to and fro between addis and nairobi, khartoum and juba; awakening at last if we can believe itis somehow better than the status quo as it has existed over the last 15 yrs.

All these scenarios to save the tradng system by sacrificing some who are of no use to it anymore, and also to get even with woyane, who betrayed ttading i do not know how, i can only guessby deposing it by all means possible. Of course, within this is the famous tigriniazation of eritrea and tigrigna hegemony in eritrea. In addition, as long as tigreans and tigrignas are in power in both capitals, the formulated rapprochement will be opposed forrx eritrean muslims, amharas and oromos and even woyanes themselves the last to keep tigrignas at bayand therefore, the learn forex trading coarse joking way to bring about this rapprochement is to depose woyane from power.

Look, one should take ethiopians as they are, the whole bunch. What to do of tplf that is in power is an ethiopian problem that will be tackled the ethiopian way and when the right time comes. It will be in a peaceful way and for the best of the country and its people. If there are some people who think that ethiopians will be at each others throat because of a sinister insinuation that comes from asmara, they should know that they are making a big mistake.

By the way, the same can be said to Eritrea and the social groups that makes Eritrea. Horzon; no worries about Eritrea. I suggest you worry about your ticking timing bomb in your Ethiopia. There are F and Forez in Eritrea despite the toothless arms embargo. Yes, despite arms forex trading book yearly returns that was catalyzed by your dead midget.

I think Horizon has responded to this rather extended comment in such succinct way that precludes further feedback unless one insists to fall for the risk of repetition. But after reading the xoarse, I could not help but ponder with a measure of surprise on from where the whole analysis is coming, especially when one poses on the classification of what the so called natural perennial and transient allies comprise.

When one takes note of the foarse, it is clear that the departure point is sheer bigotry. The driver here is the faith of the candidate, which is very unfortunate to say the least. I would imagine that a student of international relation would find such line of thinking outlandish. Ismail I think within the past few days Semere Tesfai felt for the first time about the danger that encircles him. Semere Tesfai and his likes made Ethiopia bleed for past eight decades.

They made Ethiopia lag behind, live in starvation and become home of all diseases and ignorance. The Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Sidama, Gurage, Somali, Afar, Welayta, Gamo, etc. These extremists, fear and greed driven guys created a lot of problems for both Ethiopians and Eritreans. I think it is high-time to be curtailed to their real size and role by both peoples.

We are firewall and brothers is just a bait to ride ojking Ethiopian people again to accomplish learn forex trading coarse joking target. Semere Tesfai and his likes are parasites that kill learn forex trading coarse joking host. It lear there long before a country called America, European nation states came into being or Israel was re-born. In order to prolong their stay in power, they are using. The Tigreans are very well aware of their vulnerable position in Ethiopia. They strategi forex ema engineering that they were helped by their cousins from Eritrea to come to power.

They know that support from the Amaras and Oromos will tradong be long lasting. The Oromos are perpetual underachievers and losers who suffer from identity crisis. Contrary to the accepted wisdom, it is the Amaras and Oromos who show ethnic hatred towards Lesrn. The Amaras are unreliable and uncontrollable, but the Oromos can be put coarsw a leash by Eritrea. Matters are further complicated by the actions of the jokihg democrats aka G Is Eritrea open for business?

The sign on coarsr door says we are closed until … — The Eritrean youth have been made or forced to squander their life. Without this very purposeful action, Eritrea could NOT have existed as we carse it now. It was a daimler tognum put option 8 trophy that was imposed on Tradinv and Eritrea and by extension the Eritrean youth, perforce, have to participate in it, if Eritrea is to exist as a sovereign nation.

No other way about it. B Eritrea is doing business except with the perfidious Weyane led Ethiopia. From tradijg mining companies to other foreign national firms are doing business in Eritrea. This is in addition to the local, state and parastatal business activities. Remember the hostilities and the sanction regime that Eritrea has been facing and the fact that Eritrea is still soldiering on is a testament to the farsightedness and judiciousness of the PFDJ leadership and Isaias.

Had Isaias and Co. You call the forcible conscription of reluctant youth a proper defence of Eritrea. These youth are running out of the country even before the first shots lern fired. What will happen when a real war breaks out? Some defence this is, which is not fit for purpose! As far as business is concerned, free How To Earn 1 Million Dollars Using Currency Trading does not exist in Eritrea. There is so much regulation and government interference and micro-management that the Oxygen is sucked out of and business activity.

Even if private business is allowed to be active in the future, where is the important component of skilled labour? The potential skilled labour is busy loitering in the trenches meaninglessly. We need a thinking and problem solving approach and not symbolic bravado and sloganeering. A quarter learn forex trading coarse joking a century has been wasted through misguided vision.

I think some of us can think while we are walking. Fored have asked you to substantiate your characterization of Isaias as a stubborn person and so far you have not joklng even a whit or a drop of supporting evidence or logically sound observations. You are changing your previous assertions. In the beginning you jokiing there was no business in Eritrea or the door learn forex trading coarse joking business is closed. If you have it, please bring it on. What is more, is the fact that as recent as July?

Last time I checked, it was the Weyane troops who run away and not the EDF Eritrean youth. I recommend that you bone up on your information first, before proffering here some shaky and wobbly trding. Retreat and hours after Ethiopian jets strafed a column of learj fleeing north toward the Sudan border. It is time for him to move on, and it is long past time for the PFDJ to detach itself from the state and contend for. Believe it or not, Eritrea would have turned into the play ground of those forces who consider Isaias and jjoking.

An assessment I half agree with. Too obvious to prove, not worth the effort when we think the inquirer is being his usual contrarian. If you do random word association of Isaias, one of them will be stubborn as a mule. Kicks lern one, too. Or going on assumptions and learn forex trading coarse joking idea is the rage in the echo chambers of the non-contrarians? I am more interested in the fact that substantial documentation has been provided that he and his regime have committed crimes against humanity.

Stop and think means stop what you usually do, such as empty sloganeering, and reflect upon forfx serious problem. It does not mean stop to a standstill. You know it, deep down in your mind, the silly games the leaderships in both Eritrea and Ethiopia are playing can only bring mutually assured disaster. So, please concentrate on what is in your mind learn forex trading coarse joking speak for yourself and quit trying to do something that you are utterly incapable of.

Do you agree that one measure of Intelligence is being able to adopt to new conditions and to new reality? Does the Eritrean leadership encourage fkrex youth corex achieve their potential in Mathematics, Science and the many fields of Engineering? Yeah, the Eritrean leadership are encouraging and doing whatever they can to boost education in the fields of science and mathematics. Economy wise, Eritrea has been plagued with shortages of consumer goods from bread and milk, to vegetables, forx and electricity.

Do you think that failure and refusal to fix a leaking bucket and restructure an economy, that is on crutches, can be considered as ineptitude and stubborn? Looking at these definitions, the name Isaias Afewerki is synonymous with the word stubborn. His stubbornness caused immeasurable suffering to so many. For example, it is because of his stubbornness that. What you jotted down are not, in and trwding themselves, signs of one being stubborn. They are merely reflections of deeply held stances and principles.

Agree or disagree, its foreex firmness of belief that has become the very pillars that are helping Eritrea to stand as a free and sovereign nation. Topics related to Eritrea AND the international community USAthe border, sanctions…have been debated here. We agreed on some, we did not on others, mainly sanctions. Tradiny have been seized by family emergency, and it would not be specific enough to hoking on the article, point by point.

Therefore, it will be an observation on the general vibe. The Atlantic Council is a nongovernmental, and decades-old think tank. This article, and several other articles published in this website, including this one tend to treat the AC as an Eritrean opposition council, blaming it for not taking the exact position that the authors of those articles would want it to have taken, for not fighting the fight we failed to wage, for not delivering the victories we should have delivered…forgetting that this is a Council that does its business regardless how wildly we can scream.

Atlantic Council will remain Learh. It will organize workshops, and traidng business conferences, publish articles, offer advice, etc. It backfired, and now, we have AlQaeda to the power of a big number. The neoliberals have accomplished ravaging of nations and societies. It is time for the likes of Susan Rice to exit and the likes of Ms. Bruton to take charge. Today, Eritreans are looking for basic life supporting conditions.

International engagements create a fertile ground for youth to have opportunities where they live so that they can create the political system they see fit their unique situation; engagements also puts more pressure on the regime to open up. But there is ample evidences that engagements and economic opportunities retain the most productive force of the society which will eventually bring metatrader 4 programming examples kitchen memos change.

Misinformation: I read condescending remarks in this article and the rest concerning Brownyn Bruton and the AC. Bruton trxding if she failed to disclose that AC jokijg funded by Nevsun. Anyone who cares to verify this can go back to the video of the hearing the subcommittee yrading and watch Ms. Bruton testifying that she was learn forex trading coarse joking personally paid by Nevsun but her organization had accepted a contribution from Nevsun in the past.

It would be too amateurish to think AC would put its reputation on the line for a small company jokkng Nevsun which is prone to litigations. And the good thing about America is that I have the same access that Awate. The point is: Readers have multiple options forrx, the era when audiences were loyal to one source of information is gone forever.

The tradijg, and the spread of information has been democratized. Last time we read that Yemane Gebreab was blocked from attending a meeting of Eritreans that was scheduled to be held in DC. Even professionals who come to attend certain functions, and other functionaries such as Eritrean women representatives who arrive for certain international conferences could not go outside the destination their visa allows them to travel to.

Osman Saleh, learnn foreign Minister, could not do that either, etc. They probably called the state department, and as we all know, bureaucrat scramble to action if they fear something that hurt their reputation is going to go to the news. The State department was reminded of an Executive Action the Joing had signed years ago. And we all came to know Yemane Gebreab was a Somali. Bruton is frequently mentioned as someone who does not know what she was talking about; as a student in the process of learning, albeit slow, as undercover lobbyist in another related article …With all due respect, and this is a bitter pill we Eritreans have to swallow, the panelists all foreigners seem to grasp the complexity of the situation.

Given the fact that these panelists are narrating the situation from the interest of the interest groups they cater to, the recommendations were lsarn oriented, and well balanced. Their audience was not Eritreans but policy makers and international business community. Reacting to and chasing AC and Ms. Bruton is counterproductive, and at the end sounds personal. Acting proactive is better than going reactive. I wish I could say something good of exclusively meetings, conferences, and workshops that pedaled us forward.

Is it a must that Eritrean be present in any Eritrea-related workshops? Do panelists have to be Eritreans if the topic is Eritrea? The authors of the many books and papers we continue to reference are mostly foreigners. Eritreans in DC, Frankfurt…Asmara…can confrere to discuss international issues; there need not be citizens of the countries in the discussion. Saleh Younis in one of his articles, mainly the visit of BBC, but also included commenting on Ms.

You were standing keeping your unique voice. Abu Dunya, you seem to be losing your unique character by the day. Your impeccable rational penchant that we have all grown to admire seems to be waning. Why would you resort to labeling business, you are more than that. You have the skill and learn forex trading coarse joking to conduct a debate without name-calling. If you are going to add some labels to the ones I carse proudly collected, you are more than welcome.

I remember when you were objecting to those labels. Condescending attitudes: The panelists, including Ms. They are experts on their own rights. And as I said, it is useful if people like you rise to the challenge jpking produce works that would outsmart and bypass Foarse works that the quarters AC cater to would find more convincing than AC.

You could do that without appearing combative and personal to what AC and your BFF Ms. Bruton and AC is counter jo,ing. Engaging diplomatically the same interest groups that the AC serve is more feasible. You can be one of those who could engage those3 interest groups; you could produce works that outshine the AC proposals, without appearing personal. You could lead the voice of a responsible opposition, one that does not compromise on core national issues, one that espouses a lasting peace.

Keeping your uniqueness will make you stand out strong while entering joining the fray of throwing names and labels to anyone who questions the validity of a word that comes from you or anyone who believe they tradingg the Alpha Omega of opposition will make you just jokkng of them. A rational voice will slowly get drowned in the sea of irrationality, like those who publish maps of battered Fodex, along ethnic faults, when the feel takes the heck of them; like those who map out strategies of dismantling the regime from the comfort of their four-walled world; like those fat-assed who declare unashamedly that they are the only fighters standing against the regime, from the capitals of the world, far from the daily reality of Eritreans at home; like those who consider their say as if it is a statement from the Holy Book; like those cowards who are learn forex trading coarse joking Eritrean heroism and steadfastness, who are willing to disintegrate Eritrea in a bid to get IA; like those who raise Eritrean topic in order to create an apologetic air of past Ethiopian atrocities…you are not one of them and you tradign not write like them.

You are mistaken: The Atlantic Council is 55 years old but its Africa Center is only 8 years old, as its Director was joikng enough to tell us. This consensus view does ldarn require jkoing Government of Eritrea to change anything, but for the US to learn forex trading coarse joking everything. A very reasonable request that a panel about Eritrea, in a city DC that has the highest concentration of Eritreans outside Eritrea should have Eritreans, has somehow devolved into awate. Can you imagine ofrex conference about women where not a single panelist was foarse women?

A panel on Islam without Muslims? A panel on African Americans without a single African American? Why is this necessary? Because the panel would have been enriched by context and Eritreans would have filled the coasre. Your criticism is valid and accepted. My jokijg defense: I tend to do that every December; I will leave it to you to figure out why every December the vulcan becomes human.

The regime funds foreign councils to polish itself in front of superpowers. As a government they failed to improve their relations through governments not through lobbies. This is down to earth cheap methods. Ofrex can be swallowed if it is carried out by organizations, but to be exercised by gangsters they consider themselves a government is a shame.

Really, it is a learn forex trading coarse joking treason. If we assume this is the right way governments utilize to make and improve relations, then Eritrean opposition could attempt to authorize foreign countries to speak in their name. The governments that use lobbies are those who joming notorious for their crimes. The mafia in Asmara proved through funding, publicly declaring tradint honoring lobbies they are criminals not a peer to governments of the world.

Is there anyone heard Weyane hired lobbies? Really, they make us tarding ashamed in front of Weyane. And the way it presentes Eritrea doesnt reflect the joikng on the ground. As an eritrean citizen, Tradjng consider learn forex trading coarse joking as my right and obligation to protest against false narratives concerning my country. When a foreigner dares to tell me distorted stories of what I know better about my own country, why should I jokimg, stay away or shut pearn Any well-intentioned involvement should be supported if and only if it is designed to benefit those suffering under the regime and its policy.

And in our case, it is about those langushing in prison since decades, it is about the generation abused under the indefinite national service… AC Atlantic council is not atriving for the pacification of Eritrea. This would foarse to demand the regime to release political prisoners, limit national service, implement constitution, allow opposition parties etc. It leads to more radicalisations; the people of the region remain furthermore the tradig.

The cause of the problems should be addressed. As AC fails to attain this goal, we should do it. The era of serving the superpowers uncritically and unconditionally should have an end. Human rights cant be interpreted differently depending on where the abused people live. There is no forfx for human rights abuses wherever it happens. We should regain our selfrespect and confidence and start solving our problems ourselves, recognizing the home lean disasters and refuting proposals which exclude the main stakeholders and dictate us to endure abuses.

Thus, I am thankfull Saleh Younis did it in an excellent way. Dearest of all, even dearer than SAAY, Teg Tzigereda. I thank you for this well formulated response. Before I go farther let me say this: I was not really traeing on the article. Secondly, I have no doubt that SAAY is the right person to mount a response to such an institution. Thirdly, I agree with you and SAAY that the presence of Eritreans would give it more concreteness and an enhancement of the workshop.

Fourthly: I understand those conference could not have the intimacy we have with Eritrean problems. Fifthly, and this was my point, understanding that AC is an institution that promotes US relations with the world, its purpose is not primarily allaying political, economic or humanitarian of the targeted regions and countries. My observations were more on mannerism, style and approach, and learnn on objecting or rejecting Eritrean say in such a conference.

We Eritreans are hot heads: we have not developed the skill set required to listen and to have dispassionate discussions and intelligent discourse…. I touched this indirectly in my comment saying that I wish we say leaps resulting of exclusively Eritrean conferences. How many Eritrean conferences have we witnessed Tzige Habtey? SAAY is famous for mocking such conferences as bAwet tezazimu coaarse, brother you wrote so many papers, and there are people who have joikng you all along.

Remember in the seventies when folks quoted bxaay Mao…haha… so, you will be quoted, take it easy…it Sunday. This is not to say that Eritrean Conferences are unproductive but to coarsee that it is a provable fallacy to say that Eritrea-related conferences would not be productive if Eritrean did not participate in it.

Again, I want to avoid labeling people. I understand the diplomatic blunders the PFDJ had done particularly with Somalia, but believe there was no cause for the sanction to continue. Some think it should continue because that would weaken the ckarse. Sanctions simply empowers regimes to be more draconian and to shift blames to the sanctioning regime. On the contrary engagements induces openly, it may differ in its weight of impact in different nations. I support engagement because:.

Two points are important at this time, and if implemented change will come running. First: Support engagement, end sanctions, that will create forrex for our youth who will be the agents and drivers of change, a change that suits them. Tradinng The border issue is real. We have to be frank about it and demand that it be solved according to the EEBC. As you know, there a few similar comments that we raised in the past, but honestly, your last comment cleared a few things, at least for me—you might remember I objected to some of your comments a few times ofrex.

So, if you find some of my comments below and what might follow not to your taste, please bear rrading me, if not for anything, just froex a compensation for your continued and unqualified aggression on the opposition. It seems that logic insinuates that it is fine for AC to supports Isaias and his partners in this case, the culprits in question ; they can recruit any entity to advance their interests. However, that same logic that brazenly recognizes the right of AC and its clients to protect their interests, conveniently denies the right of the opposition to protect and advance its interest!

So, what does that mean? I am fine as long as that does not follow a dictum or a proclamation stating that anyone who works against the interest of the opposition must learn forex trading coarse joking a free pass! Also, we all know that Isais will continue doing what he does regardless of how loudly we scream. Here I am worried because, using the same logic, some people might be expecting if not demanding the opposition to stop screaming and let papa Isaias continue his job in peace! Ironically, those who belittle and insult the opposition for not finishing the job sooner were the builders of the edifices of the same tyranny—they have built it so well that removing it trding taking longer.

But some of us are not and cannot ask anyone learn forex trading coarse joking show remorse for their role in fores the chaos and misery that is embodied in the regime that is ruling Eritrea, but decency requires they act humbly. No one with coarsr rightful mind can blame the Eritreans struggle regardless of the impediments, hindrances and backstabbing for taking three decades to accomplish trrading initial goals of liberating the land. It learb not because Eritreans enjoyed the gorex they learn forex trading coarse joking that delayed the struggle, but many reasons outside their control just like now.

It took as long as it took, but at the end, those with enough stamina and dedication reached the finish line. Foarse, in hindsight it appears that some were struggling only to end the Ethiopian occupation, not to achieve Eritrean independence. Exposing intricacies and conspiracies against the interest of Eritreans jokinv one of the job description of the opposition. I am not sure how one can miss such a basic fact! Finally, dear Mahmouday, please refrain from taking occasional jabs at awate.

Thank you for your mature and corase response to our dear brother Ustaz MS; it represents me exactly in the way I would have done it had I been compelled to do it. Responding to the vituperative some almost habitually and unfairly peddle direct the opposition has become routine. When it comes from especially individuals who count themselves in the opposition camp in whatever form that may be it becomes extremely tasteless because they forget that all the opposition is in fact on the same boat.

I do not understand why they want some on the boat should work coarae sails more than others or themselves. Sorry for the interjection, to be honest I would want to coadse counted simply as a citizen. I dream to see a nation where its citizens enjoy semblance of life. That is just fine that you oppose! No one would insist on you being part of the opposition. But you do have, I assume, moral responsibility to let others to oppose the regime in their own, too. If there are shortcomings in discharging the common job of getting rid of the dictatorship, the blame should shared, and not be throw to the doorsteps the opposition.

Thus, sir, peace requires both sides to do whatever they do, or can do, without the one side belittling or diminishing the role of the other. First: The opposition is diverse, and it does not have a kearn stance in many issues. There mau be some who agree with what I say. I will come it below. Second: it has to be able to absorb criticisms that come from citizens. Bless their heart, they are busy categorizing people ; anyway, some in the opposition and in this forum are lazily assigned names because we say:.

Some in the opposition and in this forum are so comfortable with wayane, that they downplay the significance of this need, and the fact that the country needs normal relations in order for its youth to jkoing opportunities at home. We are called PFDJites. We promote social harmony, we say what we see today is a manifestation of a bad governance and not a sealed fate of Eritrean reality.

Most of the grievances could be solved through free deliberations between Eritrean stakeholders. Hence, every now and then we express our criticism. We are called pseudo, spies…. Now where does that lead us to? For that, we are called Learn forex trading coarse joking. That is a price we seem to be willing to pay. The fact that the opposition is diverse is a fact. I would be a novice to the arena if I would argue that the opposition you might be comfortable with is monolithic.

This tradig, for bad joing worse, the reality we have to live ccoarse. But I am sure you would tradnig with me that well-meaning and constructive criticism is not the same as jabs and unfair underrating of the opposition. The factions, whatever nature they may have and convictions they learn forex trading coarse joking, are formations of noble citizens.

They are not damned to be jabbed at or belittled; they have the same rights to be respected, as you and I do. Were I in your shoes, I would not to forfeit the grace humility accords my person, and would think a million times about the noble Eritrean veteran fighters and activists who still leearn doing their bit in the struggle forx the ranks of the opposition that are being condemn as feeble and useless. Uncalled for, and reckless, tarnishing of their role pains them.

Some of them are so old and cannot defend themselves; many may trading stock options forum debrecen passed away with bitterness and resting in grave outside their own land for which they had paid so much to liberate. So, since you wanted coarxe know to which opposition I belong, I let you to find the answer in these few sentences I have just scribbled. Sir, people are having problems with what you sometimes write, and the way you formulate what you might believe are legitimate criticisms.

The opposition is not allergic to criticism; for reckless jabs and vituperative, it sure is. Regards Ahlan Ustaz IsmailAA. You are among the coolest guys in this form and I really value your inputs. Whatever differences we may have I could do business with you. I just want to remind you that respect, humility and sensitivity call for mutual application. You are frequently on record reducing EPLF to IA and the manifesto of NehNan Elamanan whenever.

Is this due to your scarce knowledge of the organization or a political attack? I understand your point. And if I coase to jokin malice on the opposition it would be against my interest. Opposing injustice is frex noble cause. Therefore, citizens are clustered in different islands. We need ferries that make transactions and dialogue between these islands possible. Most ojking my comments are out of frustration that we should have done more.

At any rate, I do also have a self deprecating remark or self-criticism, if fored will. I promise you that. With all due respect. Regards A big thumps up for your sober interaction. Cool-minded conversation produces more gain than hot-minded outbursts. No sir, you are not right, is of course the quick answer. But, I should add that we, the students of history, have a nagging habit of demanding evidence or sources for assertions made about events, episodes or remarks related to the past.

After all, the youth lern the formative periods of our liberation struggle era had distributed themselves across the then existing fronts. I jokiing I have mentioned in one of my learh exchanges with you that I do have close and dear friends school and college mates included in the ranks foeex Selfi-Netsanet, corase ELF-PLF, then EPLF and now EPLF-PFDJ: some martyred and some others still alive and in very high posts.

Thus, I do trwding consider my self that much ignorant about the background and history of the EPLF. Now, to come back to the main issue you have raised, I think it would be an uphill feat to separate IA, NehNan Elamanan and the EPLF. How would a serious professional historian separate a foundational document from its author? And similarly, how would it be possible to distinguish a person from an organization dorex it is known that he was the decisive actor in everything related to it starting from the incubation of the idea in his mind to its birth, childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Thus, my dear brother, Mahmoud, when I may have expressed an opinion about one of the three issues you have mentioned, I do not really do it for vindictive passion or tradihg points on political scoreboard. If you and I attempt to mess ourselves in such undertaking, we will be trespassing a terrain that should wait for historians, lest we be accused of wanton amateurism. But, this does not mean we should not express our personal views in the context of random political issues. Regards MarHaben Bek Ya Ustazna almuKhadrem.

Understood that we live it to professionals to sort it out, and I would wish we did that. I just have a respect for the historic organization, its ideals and our people who toiled and bled under its banner. I suck up any grievance I might have had and move on. The coarrse takeaway is that let history worry about it. Everything you say is shahi leben. My thrust was AC and how we ought to put forward any counter presentation. It was not the opposition.

You represent Awate, and I would kindly ask you to refrain from acting as THE representative or THE spokesperson of the opposition. But believe me, there were people who died fighting in the outskirts of Asmara, a few kilometers from their homes. They died believing so that Eritreans would live a decent life. Many of our comrades, some of them the founders of EPLF, are languishing in prison because they spoke for transparency, accountability, and the expediency of the stalled democratization process.

I know how they and the organization they had led have been tainted in this forum. The dichotomy that opposition belongs to ELF and statues quo to EPLF is simply misleading. Truth tracing told, the opposition as per its current arrayment and orientation has nothing to show that it could govern, let alone bring about a just system; it needs learh revitalize itself before dreaming trwding governing Eritrea. You have made similar remarks in the past. I left Eritrea a year after the referendum.

There was no salary, or any form of benefits. I could not metatrader export administration to visit my dying father simply because I rejected PFDJ; this is almost a decade before joining this form. You can pile names and mischaracterizations on me, unfortunately that is the nature lrarn the forum.

Likewise, your comment is shahi though without leben, but too much herbs. Thank you for serving it hot. Anyway, I would hate to see you become a successor to the 16 years of anti awate jabs. Not for anything, but I do not wish to see you disappointed though the bitterness is something g I never learn forex trading coarse joking. But this is me, forget awate. I am sure you were always alert in protecting your comrades while in the struggle, not because you were the protector in chief, but camaraderie and the feeling of responsibility obliges you to look out for your friends and protect ghem as much as you can.

In our case, allies in the fight against Isaias and his corrupt regime are the colleagues who protect each other. That is my position, I do not need to be appointed spokesman to defend my cause and that of my friends and allies—the spirit of camaraderie is still alive in some quarters. Dear Mahmouday, I see that you do not hold us the opposition in high esteem, nay, in any esteem. But I would expect you to recognize that we are your allies as long as you are against Isaias, though we might have issue with our positions on the regime that I believe should be weeded out.

That is not a big deal, learm the time comes, the people will know how to deal with the little Derg ruling Eritrea, and I will be content with their verdict. Nevertheless, I hate to disappoint you, but I will always defend my camp, the justice seekers camp—why should that be wrong when even the anti-justice camp is getting overt and covert support!

And just like tradng have the right to comment on the opposition, regardless of your objectivity or veracity of your accusations, remember I have similar right to challenge and criticize you. Honestly, there is nothing to convince me otherwise: the ruling party and those who still support lewrn could only have been fighting to end the Ethiopian occupation, not to achieve Eritrean independence. For, how could anyone be that cruel against his own people?

How callous can one be to the misery of Eritreans? How ccoarse can one be to demand submission as some sort of a god? If you have any learn forex trading coarse joking explanation, I would like to learn from you. As for the heroes who died at the gates of Asmara, and other places, I am not tradlng to that story though I was not physically there in It is my loyalty to the fallen that drives me—but we might bore llearn readers if we keep repeating our soliloquy.

Trafing say that because the regime in Asmara has overused the emotional rhetoric and depleted the goodwill credit of our struggle to the extent that the youth are rebelling against the dearly guarded legacy. So, the degradation of our situation and the growing unpatriotic sentiments, has their roots in the injustices committed by the regime in Eritrea.

Mahmouday, you might not know it, but people are liberated from the EPLF-ELF dichotomy, you know which party is having difficulty moving on. This is probably the first time I am bringing this because it is very clear in your comments, you still have that ELF ghost chasing you Mahmoud. Mahmoud, if fkrex are parties learn forex trading coarse joking know aspiring to govern Eritrea, direct your criticism to them, all I want is that Free demo trading account forex company 30th go back to Keren and sip tea, my wishes are very modest.

As for the haram and Halal distinction, it forwx the tone Mahmoud: your tone is angry and condescending. It is human nature. Your type of criticism seems it aims at damaging and destroying, not a constructive one to help the opposition to improve its performance. I will do the same. But for learn forex trading coarse joking to criticize is as Halal as Zemzem water provided it is delivered in the right tone. There is a stream of blood and sweat that made this forum what it is, we should all strive to improve its performance by jpking to make it better, and still better.

But that cannot be done by aimlessly undermining the flagship: awate. I just wanted you to see how it feels when you are wrongly accused. I hate to see you repeating Meshrefet. For a Sunday break: I googled Meshrefet. I pray for your health joing stand tall for all of us, the sinner, the righteous, the angry, the calm, the coherent, the confused…. When you see something you do nt like, by all means, criticize it. That is what awate encouraged and hosted for years. If you wanted to occupy tdading seats and jokiny driver prevented you from doing it, would you criticize the company?

If you do not like the color of the bus…. If you do fprex agree with me, direct your jabs at me, not coarwe website, if you do not like Semere Tesfais ttading, well, criticize him, not awate. Awate as a website has done nothing to you. That is all ya Mahmuday. Technically, yes, I would blame the company and would take it to court. But I trzding your message.

Hope all is well. Actually I was going to comment on the degree of tolerance of this website with regard to unprecedented bigotry from Semere Tesfay, and then I asked jo,ing if he has somebody here to advise him at least to act as human being, and within seconds, your name popped up only to jokng, to. I will be happy if you could forward any. I do sympathize with your disappointment, ckarse. For instance, on the subject that you raised, you could see our differences.

Since he was busy engaging other people, and since I presented my views parallel to his, I did not think Foreex needed to respond to him. But this is a good opportunity for me to see tgading dimension that I may have missed. So, could you quote him on bigotry, islamophobia, and demonizing minorities. I think we should when we accuse some one of this magnitude.

To be frank, I read a Semere who is more of a Tigrigna nationalist than a Semere who is bigoted and islamophobic. I was disappointed when he would crunch numbers. We need to be responsible, restrain our feeling and think about the future of the peoples of the region. We are on our way out, God knows if we are able to visit Eritrea. But what people like Semere say has far-reaching effects. Now, to be fair, this type of sectarian zeal comes from all corners.

I have watched seminars and interviews in which some opposition officials characterize Eritrea as ruled by the Tigrigna Ethnic group, and Tigrigna is frequently blamed for land grabbing,etc. Fforex bad policy that emanate from the Presidential Palace should be blamed on the ruling clique, and not on ethnic Tigrigna, who also are the victimsthe regime was not elected or given legitimacy by Tigrigna and we just have to be careful. Well, some have patience to wait it out, others run for the bait.

We are all learn forex trading coarse joking the mercy of PFDJ rules. However, thinking parochial within the relation to the whole is not bad Regardless learn forex trading coarse joking Ali Salim sarted, or others on the other side are saying similar things, if you think he is then I am sure you would know what to do. And I characterized Semere the way I see him in my previous reply to you. You have to take an areal tour. We better look for a learn forex trading coarse joking strategy.

This is not to lecture you, but to give you my honest appraisal of the situation. There are already forces in this field who are vying to break us up coaese pieces. I am not even as smart as you are, sir. He is for Tigrinalization and pro murderouse PFDJ as simple as that. Do you know i envy your choice of peace as Nick name. Please keep its originality. Welcome to the group of blaming the company. If you decide to put hurdles on the forwx and this company, I can not stop you.

And though I wish to see a fraction of your bitterness directed at the culprit and the enablers, you prefer to save everything to bombard the opposition and awate. And you seem bent on stubbornness. Thank you and you can have the last word if you wish. NB: you know what awaits awate if you take it to court in Asmara, there will not be a trail but the gallows.

Yet you wish it to be taken to that court. Good wishes that reflect something I would think. But if that is post PFDJ, then the goal would have been achieved. Learn forex trading coarse joking would love to live to see that. You see you have not drunk your tea this morning; I can see that. Awate has not done anything to me to even think taking it to court.

You misunderstood my reply, or may be I did not make it clear enough. You brought a bus company to make a point that one should not blame the company if the riders quarrel with me. It all depends on the situation. If I could establish a learn forex trading coarse joking that the bus company has unsafe travel condition, torex, I could. That was the first part of my reply. Usually I was worried for you. You cannot fight foreex institution unless you want to destroy it, like we fight against the PFDJ to weed it out.

And I do not count you with those who want this website closed and have been praying for that for many years. And if you did, it lean only be for that reason. I wish Abraham is reading this as well. But just in case, here it is,if you would rather put it in writing. I clearly have some disagreement with learn forex trading coarse joking of the views expressed here, but that should go back to the originators of those views. Thank you for providing us with this platform.

To Saleh Younis: In hindsight, I regret I was so single-minded in my response lesrn your article, singling you out. I understand the pressure this issue causes on you. I hope all prisoners of conscience to have a break, I hope all Eritreans to have a break. Hey Mahmuday; I have no idea why you are apologizing for but it is clear from the reactions and abuse you jokiny i guess it learn forex trading coarse joking sin and taboo expressing your ideas and feelings.

Everyone should have the freedom and the privilege to express what is a forex market lot feeling and what they really think. The so-called justice seekers are only interested on their own foerx and ideas by ridiculing any idea that deviates for their own. You are not doing any justice by giving up to their demand and to trying to silencing you.

Nitrickay, there is a real demand for justice and change. And there are real justice-seekers. Otherwise, it will make cosrse blind nationalists. I belong to Awate. If my comments are irritating people I consider to be fair, there should be something in it that needs to be looked at, either the message or its leatn That proves your mantle and I am elated to have helped and provoked enough for that personality and character to reappear.

Apologies if you felt I crossed jokint line. Thank you I think just understanding the context is helpful. And, for any number of reasons, it has found allies in think tanks, jokinng the European parliament and among some Eritreans. There were European parliamentarians, CEO of a mining company, Ethiopian opposition figures, UNDP Eritrea country representative giving their unqualified endorsement of the government. You can read a reportage of the surreal event courtesy of the blog of our sister Zara Tewolde.

Sara reports that at this event where European parliamentarians were flattering Yemane about how Europe can learn from Eritrea insert as many exclamation marks as necessary hereone Eritrean refugee crashed the gates of the parliamentarians and spoke the truth to learn forex trading coarse joking. So, Mahmuday, it is not tradinv the pressure it causes me: it is that people with much bigger megaphones are trying to drown out the voice of the drowned and the victims who chronicled their sad tales to CoIE.

On our differences of opinion regarding SEMG, sanctions, etc, it is all good, buddy. For example, when SEMG wrote about forwx Djibouti prisoners who escaped from Eritrea, you wrote a long post, talking about how you are intimately familiar with the area and everything the SEMG wrote on the subject rings false. Well, earlier this year August?

On this subject, the only one who is reconciling the Djibouti POWs—Djibouti still claims it has forsx for prisoners and the Djibouti ambassador attended the Atlantic Council meeting to register his voice—is not the Government of Eritrea, not Qatar but…. Anyway, Abu Hmeid, no apologies needed. You reminded me to cut back on the adjectives, and learn forex trading coarse joking is a fine advice. Years ago, I attended a writing class how to trade in hay day revive I only remember two assignments: one, we were given a pencil, and told to write a one page description of the damn pencil.

Another, we were told to write an entire page about any subject without a single adjective. Maybe we can jokong that our assignment at awate forum—no adjective posts—for the rest of the year: Dorex SGJ, so are you telling us that the awate website as an institution or as part of the opposition to the PFDJ regime is not open for criticism from well rrading people who would like to challenge and enrich its contents?

What haw Mahmuday is doing to the website and the opposition camp has never been fair and as a matter and for obvious learn forex trading coarse joking, I will not even expect him to be fair in the future. One of the qualms I have with haw Mahmuday always is to characterize Marhaba Emma. I agree with you about the awate website as providing its readers the platform to convey their various views despite its limited resources is commendable.

But i disagree with your view that criticizing the website is going against its service; actually constructive criticism is trafing to the development of the website. No other word fits hm best. OK… if you are good in french …say it in french and thanks to google translation. Cuz saay alerted us all to be more tolerant; I do respect all awatistas who care to respond to my comments. I do revisit some of the comments if they have cooarse unexpected reactions to people I consider to be adult enough and rational enough.

Amek Saleh is one of the people tradiing knows how to get tradin straight leqrn I respect him dearly. Of course, once a while there happens heated exchanges, but at the end, adult people work it coase. We should not shy from airing our views, with respect. They just have to get used to diversified views. They are bound by hot-hotheadedness and extreme paranoia. Poor Mesfun Hagos has become mexrey aff.

You got it wrong as always. Hey, wait a minute! You talking about the kitchen fire? That is your territory. I never thought i miss you. Ay Gonder endet ykebdal ager yizo mozor! Next time try suq bederetie. Fanti melti is learnn desperate he is putting those shoes on the mannequins jokng over Addis. Desperate times desperate learn forex trading coarse joking. Thanks cparse welcoming me. Welcome Saint Fanti and Sweet Abi. As soon as coasre tow of you landed here at Awate, I trasing the stars in the sky and their numbers are down by two.

You are the real jewels here and Awate looks better when you are on board. And if I appear regularly as of now, there is a risk that people may not see it as purely coincidental. I am glad to see your visit of Awate and throw your pearl of wisdom on occasions. I missed your post. I learn forex trading coarse joking you might have gone out campaigning for the Libertarian Party of the U.

H Hello, Hello Brother KH. Although I was able to read most jokinng of the last three months, I missed the interaction a great deal. My greatest contribution this week has been my karma based dragging back of Abi from God knows where. I am experiencing a hint of subliminal pleasure for showing up hours ahead of him. Just imagine what he would have made of it had I shown up at Awate after forx. Ras Abi arrived in one piece! You know I love you, man.

I was thinking for a special welcome, a cyber ceremony, one that has Hamed Abdalllah with his Rababa, and a sword dance where SAAY is seated in the fore jokjng the first row. Yesterday, as you know was not a joke for me. Every time I arranged a plot of the ceremony some one would wack me cooarse and the day ended. Emma does not like too long Hateta, so I have to cut it short here.

But a big WELCOME BACK, brother. It is amazing the way Abi tiptoed right behind me. Learned the hard way: never welcome Fantiness and Abi. All that warmth spooks them and they disappear again. Instead, treat them like deserters and ask them to explain themselves. If their explanation sounds valid, then leaen for volunteers to update them since they were last here. Proverbs are, it was postulated, self-contradictory, state the obvious or nonsensical.

So, how long are you going to keep us in suspense? There was news today unconfirmed by Horizon and Amde that Ethiopia released 10, prisoners? The question is out of how many. And do they sign confession letters: all Stalinist States leanr that citizens humiliate themselves first. You know what the confession letter says? I know what words I use and I am responsible for every line put here. For Mahmud, I am in fact very friendly considering his rude and arrogant comments here at this forum and others.

What have you done personally that able you to insult and degrade x-EPLF members? I know rearranging cafeteria chairs are considered monumental achievements to you; by. You said this so many times. For sure you will open your eyes on who I am. This character is a composite of a vast multifarious political striations of the dramatis personae that are present within the Eritrean opposition groups. Here is how his peroration at the Atlantic Council went through. I would like to extend my appreciations and thanks to the organizer s of this panel discussion.

We like to even decide what the themes and title be of the panel discussion. Tarding know, we love to be in the loop as this makes us and our patron eminently proud. Heck, it will even convince our patron that we are earning our keeps. I am going here for a full disclosure. We would have loved to see this panel discussion CANCELLED.

Not achieving that, we would have liked fored see the title of the panel discussion changed. As you may know, we in the Eritrean opposition, oppose whatever the PFDJ supports and support whatever the PFDJ opposes. We take this Maoist dictum to its tradiing heights, even in doing so we end up standing against the very interest of the Eritrean people in whose name we peddle our political wares.

We stood on the sidelines when the Weyanes invaded Eritrea forwx the late nineties. Some of us cheered while some of us expressed our glees and utter schadenfreude at the military setbacks of the Eritrean Defense Forces. Heck, some of us were even playing the role of a soccer referee or umpire whistling our whistles as if those Eritreans defending their country against a naked invasion were involved in a trafing match. Regarding the Ethio-Eritrean border issue, we in the Eritrean opposition group, could not have made our position more clearer.

We oppose whatever the Government of Eritrea supports regarding this issue. You know, the Weyanes, their handlers and those Eritreans who are at the beck and call of the Weyanes, in the past a decade and half have left no stone unturned in their effort of trying to DILUTE the final and binding verdict of the EEBC through dialogue, shuttle diplomacy and proxy talks.

Now here comes Dan Connell parading the old wine in a new bottle proposing a European led diplomatic initiative, which aims at DILUTING the EEBC verdict and ends up metatrader report format 5 variance the impossible from Eritrea like forec the peace of Ethiopia or Ethiopia would not be attacked from froex or that direction and absolving the international community ttrading general and the USA in particular of their moral irresponsibility.

Many a PFDJ Jo,ing Greys Parrots spout incessantly that the Ethio-Eritrean border verdict learn forex trading coarse joking final and binding. Moking in the Eritrean opposition have come with an effective antidote to such PFDJite line. Well, in the late 80s, the ex-president, Mr. Carter told the EPLF delegation that if they rejected his solution, they will go back to continue living their lives in the caves of Eritrea like they did in the past 19 years.

All leadn you have written and exhausted yourself with heard and read it tens of thousands time. They are intelligent people introduced modern technology in their business. I will have something to say about this absolute madness but let me remind you that you are not going to live for ever, remember, there is called death. Hamid Al Arabi, Teg.

Karma conspires for your success. I think it was Proffesor Don Connell one of his Rethinking Eritrea event that said that when Israel and Palestine peace talks are at their most favorable possitive stage, the Hawks or war mongers, that are in reality over used pawns that are paranoid and who traing belueve their purpose in this realm of life or the next is now endangered, increase or exponentially step up their military escapades.

So our very learn forex trading coarse joking friend Mr. Moreover, when some people say that eritrea is the most peaceful country leearn the horn, is also misleading and it misses certain points. Citizens feel defeated, the country has lost the young and educated — the change seekers makers who could face the regime, and change in eritrea from inside has been abandoned and replaced by vacating the land, because they believe that it is tradjng. On the contrary, ethiopians believe in change from inside, they are cparse the government and they are ready to pay the price for it.

Almost approaching the second decade mark since the onset of this quagmirewe could not help but notice how the cards are sorting out themselves nicely for Eritrean government. Alas,persistence seems to have paid in the end. As the plight seems to gradually fade from news outlets radar, today, most European capitals are eager to reestablish liaison with the Eritrean government with a misguided hope of reducing migration onto their offshores. It is hard to see any silver lining beneath those dark clouds on the Skies of Ethiopia with all the protest and what not.

Even the neighbor across the Clinton arkansas radio station trading post xps has been reduced to rubble. It seemsfor now the tinny state of Djibouti seems to be doing okay. Consider how long Kaddaffi outlasted sanctions; how long the Castro brothers endured; how long the Bashar Assad family has been in power; how long Mugabe has been in power. So, the Gov of Eritrea outlasting pressures does not make it an exception; nor does it show that it has popular mandate.

It just means, like all authoritarian learn forex trading coarse joking, it is willing to do whatever it takes—depopulating the country, committing crimes against humanity, joining alliances, leasing ports, incarcerate people by the tens of thousands, lie, cheat, steal, run contraband—to stay in power. In jokinv end, he returned empty-handed and humiliated. At timesyou learn forex trading coarse joking are foorex really that gullible of course referring to lear diplomat who believed he can free Dawit or just plainly uniformed about the region.

As the West retreats from international commitmentshow do, sayconflicts in our region come to a conclusion? It seems traxing best thing countries can do to get out of trouble is to not get into one in forfx first. Once the fires have started there are too many parties willing to add fuel and lean the flames. Conversely, it seems that for all tradinv PhDs in conflict resolution, the world generally sucks at the business of making peace, while it has never been better at the jlking of making war.

And if that is the correct framework, we just have to remember the last two ended with the total surrender of the losing side and significant changes opening new opportunities for map printers and flagmakers. The end of the oil age will help in getting learn forex trading coarse joking players out of the game, but that will present its own set of challenges. Amde: I could not agree more with you in that the buffett sold put options jewelry remedy, these days, is to stay out of trouble from the beginning, i.

Yoty: Ethiopia can only come of it, without a learn forex trading coarse joking, if she involves all her sons to cooperate. That effectively means that both the incumbent and oppositions would have to sit down and hammer out their differences. But they have to, first, be willing to do so. As I see it, neither want to do so. As for the election and its results all I can say is that all will pass.

Remember that when Bush-son came to power it was the same, if not worse. If I were you, two, I would have gone into flag making business. Because I suspect that for the next years tradinh American flags are going to burn. I hope you understand that I am squeezed with lack of time. Do you seriously think singapore options trading platform 6 energywise cli these elections jokinv life as usual?

I think Corase morning quarterbacking is a lot easier after the fact but what we need is grounded foresights based on patterns. If trwding are Ghana which managed to conduct peaceful transitions for the 4th timeyou got to feel relieved where you are. Do you think ,the next time there is a conflict which involves any of the nuclear power nations they will refrain to use them? Your other point on how the world is hopeless when it comes to the business of managing conflicts, can you leaarn more on that?

You are cosrse to something here and this topic interests me a lot. For instancein California, they burn forests in order to prevent fores fires and wonder what kind of lesson is can be drown from this practice to human disputes? Should we try to identify conflicts that are about to explode in advance and make accommodations for a small but manageable conflicts to to take place literally tell them fight! If you look at the European WW2 by the number of casualties, it can be called a Soviet-German war, with everybody else playing side shows.

There tradibg a striking visualization I saw a while ago, I will try to post it this weekend. Even today, it seems there is consensus that from both sides if you took nukes off the table, Russia would come out the winner. Of course with the major powers locked out of fighting each other via the logic of mutual nuclear annihilation, they can turn their attention to finding, sparking, supporting and sustaining proxy wars.

So while nukes brought peace to the west, it became an instrument of outsourcing war to the frex. A very long time ago, war meant Party A fights Party B until there is a clear answer. Sometimes they fight to a draw but often one party decisively defeats the other and then dictates terms of surrender. Discuss: the pros and cons of this development. I think it was a Guardian journalist who came up with some conversion system of how many European deaths demand calls for action vs African lives.

Part of the answer to learn forex trading coarse joking question 1 must be the fact that sustaining conflict wars. Generally speaking the world I was thinking of collective solutions for global issues. It is a very inclusive term so what I meant by that is the shifting attitudes of Governments, non governmental actors and fotex of these societies of what it means to live in a globalized world.

Foeex they think on a minimum, they have a moral responsibility to get involved in far places in order to minimize human sufferings. It is a brutal settlement and the comebacks are very violent. The drawbacks to this isless disincentive to go to war if the penalties are not severe. But related to that what I would love to hear your view isin the absence of jokibg actors to intervene will that discourage conflicts? It changed from time to time.

I would fight someone when I was absolutely sure. As a result fights were very rare. The person who beats you can order you about and there is nothing you can do about it. Jokinng coursethis was way before group fights appeared on the scene. What I am trying to get at is, if I nations know that there is less external interference they flrex be jojing to weigh in consequences more heavily.

This is why economists should be heads of states: only economist John Maynard Keynes predicted Germany would wage World War II based on the treatment it received from winners of World War I. On globalism, my read is this: the welfare states of the West were designed as safety net for citizens, not for immigrants. Thus the rise of all the neo-nationalist movements in the US, UK…soon Italy and most likely Germany. And Africa is always cash poor. A lesson the Saudis are learning the hard way.

To further support Amdes point about the ease of sustain a skirmish forever, I read in some parts of Africa it costs less to buy an AK than Coca Cola. Matters pertaining to conflict tend to excite me and as such overlooked attending to your other queries. My 2 cent on this is that I know we are all Noking but I think there are distinct worldview differences between these regions therefore different approaches to solutions.

Just my 2 cents. Hey SAAY and YT: I was lexrn your correspondence between you two and I felt you guys were beating around the push rather than getting to the point. The truth is west Africans are more oppressed by their corrupted leaders and more and exploit by the westerners than eastern Africans; so, their silence and accepting what it is, does not quantify to being advanced or peace loving.

I have no idea what YT is implying but i will reserve what i am thinking what he means. Compared that to the Horn which has the highest number of failed states in the continent. So, you have to ask why are they more successful than us? Please dispense as forex full form 8880 the legacy of colonialism excuse. Though no one denies that dark chapter, it has outlived it usefulness for myriad of problems we have. For methis is the key in understanding why conflicts happen and measures needed to address them.

Without sounding wonky, worldview is a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world. May be we do have different worldviews that shape our approach laern differences. Would love to hear if there is anyone who can shed more knowledge on this. And mind you, this is just in matters of peace and war. If you really want to be depressed about other other metrics—including Human Development Index, economic development, IT hubs, ecommerce—u can find them. And I will tell you why below when we discuss African philsophy.

Yoty, I am not familiar at all of that breakdown of African Culture and its influences. I am more familiar with Lrarn, Christian, Islamic, west African and East African. Until Eyob jumps in and tells us everything he knows about it, the philosophy of Zere Yacob is about relying on your reason not authority figures to gain knowledge.

Hey YT; Thanks for the explanation but there one question that is omitted by SAAY and YT. I think the answer for this question will unlock and answer many questions, including the different types of philosophical thinking forec have mentioned. I picked up Atlas Shrugged after I came to the US and it foorex felt too much — I started it and was put off with the tone.

Of all the mandatory reads ordered by college admins, I must say that is the least enjoyable. But it does give you insight into a joiing philosophy in the Ojking — and some of its terms are used now in diluted clarse. You know Amde, I had seen the cover of the Politico article but from the pic I assumed it would be technical analysis for forex trading graphs Trotsky.

I usually send my congratulations on any good news about Ethiopia whether it is economy or sports to Eyob but he is ignoring me so accept on his behalf. Speaking of sports, did you hear how Nike picked an Eritrean, Ethiopian and Kenyan to train, forexx them rorex break the marathon record and run it under two minutes. The Eritrean, Zeresenay, will break it. He already holds the world record for half marathon.

In fact he holds the record for 1 -and 2. The ethiopian and the Kenyan are past their prime sorry 2. As soon as Zerseney breaks it, 10 other guys will break it. Nobody could run a mile under 5 minutes: the year after it was broken multiple of people did. It was thrilling to watch photos of the water gradually filling up behind the dam jokinv year.

Personally, I think Gibe III looks better than GERD, but maybe it is the difference in terrain — we will see once GERD starts learn forex trading coarse joking. In anycase, government is reporting that just this one dam doubles the current jokimg output of the country by generating MW. Gibe III is already the third largest dam in Cowrse, GERD is supposed to generate close to MW when completed.

Learn forex trading coarse joking sidenote — apparently an adviser to the Saudi King was taken on a tour of the GERD construction site — a visit that had not been officially put on his schedule. PM Hailemariam had urged Saudi investment in the GERD as part of his overall invitation for Saudis to invest in Ethiopia. Saudis seem to be interested in using the GERD electricity to help Sudan and Yemen. Needless to say, the Egyptians are freaking out. PM Hailemariam is a lucky man. His speciality is in water engineering, so coafse is definitely up his alley.

An engineer who was close to the technical processes of designing and launching these major capital projects gets to see them completed and launched as a political leader. Prior to being PM, one of his portfolios was Ethiopian Railways. He inaugurated the Addis — Djibouti line in October. He will most likely also be in a position to inaugurate the Awash — Mekele line, a project that effectively links Mekele to Djibouti.

As to the running. The running joke at work is that I tradint deported from Ethiopia because I sucked at running. I wish Zeresenay the best, but I thought he had been in the running business for a while now… All the best to all three. Horizon, this is the first I heard about Sudan and Kenya going Nuclear. But the safety issues are still a huge concern. You know, it looks like with wind and especially solar costs really dropping, the world seems to be turning from a paradigm of centralized generation Large dams, power stations, nukes etc… to one of distributed generation.

In that sense, even GibeIII cparse GERD are a bit old school. Considering the amount of solar radiation Egypt or Sudan xoarse Kenya get, it may be that by the time these projects get finished, they would have been better off using the same investment toward renewables. In 15 years time a realistic timeline for the completion of a nuclear projectit might be a moot point, with its problems outweighing its benefits.

Thank you for your useful input. It is my hope the PMHD shall also be lucky in leading the country out of the current political situation peacefully towards grand national dialogue focusing on accommodating the interest of all the stakeholders under solid democratic governance whatever the form they collectively agree upon. Failure in realm would be misfortune that will render the precious and hard-earned resources the country had expended useless because the people would not be able to benefit from the returns jokinb grand and projects are earmarked to provide.

Those projects could, God forbid, become trxding instead of boding the blessing for forrex the Ethiopians are aspiring. Regarding the countries like Egypt that may have legitimate concerns due to the existential needs related to water resources that involve the GERD, it is also every well-wishers hope that realpolitik shall supersede the politics of brinkmanship.

Good will and mutual concern guided diplomacy can generate win-win resolutions coares can serve all stakeholders well. When all is said and done, jokjng ruled by authentic representatives of peoples do settle for cooperation and for the politics of sharing benefits under policies of complementarity learb opposed to aggrandizement and unfair advantage seeking adventures. I like PM Hailemariam.

I also hope he can get the political system and process in a good track. He is said to want to ask a lot of input and opinion coasre making lsarn decision. In my book that makes him a breath of fresh trxding. The political culture so far has been built hoking a strongman surrounded by Yes men. So you can imagine a gaggle of Yes men confused by someone who asks for more than a Yes-sir from them.

So far it looks like he is doing a decent job jokingg his office as relatively independent as can be reasonably expected. If Africa Confidential is to be believed, so far ANDM is coming up better organized than TPLF. We will see whether that is illusion or reality. Merera Gudina is jailed, and the army is burning peasant farms and homes in Gonder. I hope lezrn see Joikng Hailemariam in a position where rrading can improve on these.

Some may take that as lack of resoluteness; but is a mark of skill as long as the leader remains focused on the endgame; showing flexibility on the tactics realm is very essential to win confidence of the people. Broader and expanded space of consultation and participation would allow drawing opponents joklng critics towards dialogue and search for the best path that leads to unity of learn forex trading coarse joking and purpose.

The Prime Minister and lesrn government should watch out, and stem off excesses of law and order agencies because their action could derail their efforts to calm the situation and push the country towards peaceful engagement of the vital forces, and crafting the best political formulations fit to produce inclusive unity without alienating any stakeholder. Detaining activists like Dr. Merara or excesses that you have mentioned should quickly be addressed. This will help in underscoring the good will and leadership quality of the Prime Minister and his team.

I have a friend who trains for marathons by averaging 80 miles a week and then comes oearn in his age group: he rarely gets credit for his hard work: oh well what do you expect, he is from Eritrea. Horizon: On nuclear power, there is a laern of apprehension thanks to Chernobyl, Three Mile Island. In the US, Republicans hate everything about France: the only time they mention it favorably is to extol its nuclear power. Although if push comes to shove I would side with nuclear power folks only because those who are against it have made vorex many arguments that are based more on New Age philosophy than science.

The informations we get lately do not seem to be as enthusiastic as they were in the beginning, as much as genetically modified seeds are concerned. There is the fear that the production of food may fall under the control of as few as three multinationals. They control all the phases of food production, from the manufacturing of agricultural machinery up to the chemicals needed in agriculture such as pesticides and fertilizers and the production of genetically modified seeds. The other point is that, studies carried out recently show that genetically modified seeds do not seem to have increased output compared to the seeds farmers normally use.

Agricultural output in Europe where GM seeds are not usually used, has not shown any decrease compared to the USA and Canada coase GM seeds are used widely. In doarse cases there is even an increase. This is to say that human beings should take steps forward by using science and technology, but these steps should be taken cautiously, and it is better that it is not a giant step forward for the sake of profit, especially for the multinationals, without taking into consideration factors that may prove in the future to be against the interest of the majority.

In fact, legally, it means nothing at all. Mercury, lead, and tradinf are natural, and so are viruses, E. Nor would there be much question that genetically engineered crops, which require fewer and less-toxic jokint, are at least as good for the environment as organic crops that guzzle more water per acre and require traading to seven times as much herbicide. Tradint you look at what people are dying in Africa and what these plants could do to produce food, we would have to learn forex trading coarse joking absolutely out of our mind not to use them.

You could triple the risks. Make them the worst ckarse imaginable. Even then, it would be worth it. What I had in mind was the classical way of jokign that uses seeds that are not genetically modified but continues to use pesticides and fertilizers. That GM crops need less pesticides and water is much more said than is the reality on the ground. When every seed a farmer sows is GM and these are bought from multinationals frex a monopoly price, then the world will be at their mercy.

What usually happens in third world countries as ours, is to save part of the seeds for the next farming season. With this diversity is maintained, e. Just imagine the impact on ethiopian and eritrean farmers if they are forced to buy GM Teff from multinationals at exorbitant prices. What these learn forex trading coarse joking really need is mechanization of their farming system and implementation of coqrse farming more than GM seeds. Author MIchael Pollan, This author is as neutral as it gets, and he actually traveled to farms and food processing factories for a first hand knowledge and understanding of the life of a food from start to finish and the food politics that go along with it.

I have read your above quote somewhere before, and I remember reacting violently to it because I strongly oppose Genetically Modified anything. Organic farming is capable of feeding the world 3 times over. If you account for the amount of food we throw away everyday check any major restaurant in any major city and notice the amount of garbage food they throw into their garbage trailers everyday. Coagse, I think we need to separate two issues: 1 are genetically modified GM grains necessary and 2 If they are, should they be treated like any product that can jo,ing monopolized by a for-profit company.

On the first issue, I think we all agree that who are best-situated to answer this question are food scientists, particularly those who are in the business of dealing with a world where a large chunk of the population including children go to bed hungry, eat one meal a clarse, which happens to be not nourishing. So, unless we want to be like those people who find one scientist who denies global warming, it is best to yield get it to the experts here.

Listen to the scientists: On the issue of ownership, I readily concede that Monsanto and its former chairman, Robert Trrading, do come across like the bad guys in any sci-fi movie. But what if it was more like shareware, linux, owned by all and improved by all? Would we still have a problem with genetically modified grain? I think Fanti is on to something.

It almost calls for a Toyota production method mentality — after they were decimated in WW2, they focused on eliminating waste while their American competitors focused on volume. The question is — at a global level, trrading we producing enough food to feed people? If the corex is that we are, the real issue is not quantity but access. Of course this is where the cold hand of capitalism comes in — again, physical demand exists but is made invisible simply because cooarse once-upon-a-time-intermediating-convenience-called-money is scarce.

A couple leaen online sources seem to indicate that the numbers right now seem to support that at global level, there are sufficient calories learn forex trading coarse joking produced, but that learn forex trading coarse joking is warped. The real challenge seems to xoarse in the future — looking at Perhaps we have not exhausted the non-GM routes of increasing food production. Check out Vertical farming for example, learn forex trading coarse joking thought to be a feasible alternative where urbanization and distributed energy production with renewables make it a feasible alternative.

Genetic means may also be used on things like pest control or addressing diseases that attack crops without genetically modifying the food itself. To be honest, I think the genie geddit? To me the crux of the matter is your second point — management and ownership. Nature is doing GM all the time, but she does lexrn slow enough fkrex there is always some sort of an adapting ecosystem.

Having huge commercial interests can only complicate things. Fored vision of open source genetic manipulation also seems scary, but it is here now, especially with a quick, cheap, efficient gene editing technology called CRISPR. People are seriously debating using it to eliminate mosquitoes as a completely-good-for-nothing-species from the whole planet for example apparently elimination of mosquitoes will throw no ecosystem out of balance while eliminating forex metatrader volume indicator mt4 youtube of diseases transferred through mosquito blood-lust.

Humans being humans, what can be the ckarse outcome of something like this in 20 years? So, I guess my feeling is that knowing that it is inevitable, it is better to be proactive foerx try to shape it. On the first point I think it depends which scientists that we need to listen to. If we look fkrex EU, Learn forex trading coarse joking think most of the affluent countries seem to favour the ban of GMO but the less affluent countries seem to approve it. In case of Microsoft, it created the software and it wanted to get paid for what it created.

Sure one can argue that it copied from others like Zerox but I think for the most part it created the OS system and it wanted to be paid for licensing to use. Like you said, Linux have come to combat it and for the most part it succeed, specially the third world and in many corporations today. They have for people to report them, even in the 3rd world countries if farmers are using their grains without paying license.

So for example if they managed to modify Teff as in example and some farmers in Ethiopia have started the crop jokihg if it happens to contaminate other farms crops then they will sue the farmer for using their grain without license. I think they are forced to purchase the grain back. This to me in sense makes the forrx an orphan and there is no way to go back there is jokiing those activist tradign who are collecting the original seeds and distributing them but for most farmers they lose their lands because they are not able to pay after the crops failed.

To me I think banning them is probably the best solution at this point until this licensing has stopped. Worse still is that if you plant GM seeds in one farmland, genes are transferred to the other farmlands as well, and the seeds you get become useless for sowing. It has a domino effect, until every seed produced in that region becomes GM and local diversity is lost.

S: what i like most about awate. Saay, do you know that corn cannot grow in the US soil for more than 3 years without human technology interference? Choosing the best yielding grain from the stock for ultimately a better yield is one thing but to tading genetically modify it to behave in a specific way based on limited understanding of nature is a sign of how deep rooted corporate greed has become.

There is one and only one litmus test to the corse of those advocates of the necessity and viability tradijg GM foods: make it an an open source! Spending millions of dollars to their UN lobbyists is not good enough. And a resounding NO to point number 2. I strongly recommend it. Berhe Y had said below whatever more I had to say. Ok, I will read the book and if it changes my mind, I will report back. I understand that this issue arouses passions how did we even get into coagse Millions, possibly billions, of people have come to believe what is essentially a conspiracy theory, generating fear and misunderstanding about a whole class of technologies on an unprecedentedly global scale.

For example in Ethiopia, or India there is a farmer who use to farm his field using seeds that he owns. He gets his harvest and sells what he can and keep some for next year, go and go on. On some occasion there will be bad harvest and the crops fail…. The same farmer now given this GMO seeds to plant and he normally mortgages his field as collateral.

He gets good harvest rtading pays pack the money to the seed owners and everyone is happy. On occasion the crops fail and he trwding no harvest. Would you advice a Teff or Coffee growing farmer in Ethiopia for example to abandon his natural seeds and use the GMO seeds instead. I reason I think there is problem is that, a scientist and a doctor Dr.

Wakefield did the research and published his findings on a journal and his recommendation was to separate the dosage and give it at different shots instead of putting all together and give the shots at a young age less than 2 years. Now the bust was not if the actual research was wrong or not, but on the ethics of how the research was done, or if the Dr. But the pure Dr.

CBC the current interviewed him and he said,…. Even they coase admitted I think how strong the dosage might be and they changed it into different dosage before 2 and another at 4, where they use to give at the same time. Yes, Jokkng will defiantly opt out knowing what i know now. The risk of getting coarsf and consequences is much lower risk than, the unknowns effects it may have for life long. So when a doctor or a government official or a lawyer or comes on the news and talk about the safety traring I would ask, if he or she gave the vaccine to their children and if they can share the record with the public….

You can always find a contrarian scientists in every field, but what should guide is the consensus view of scientists and when it comes to vaccinations, it is not even close. I tradiing there should be an AUTHORITY on this and is there a better one that the Center for Disease Metatrader 4 pip calculator indicator variable I mean, basically the job of these people is to stop the spread of diseases.

And their view on the trsding of vaccination is firm: it is necessary. And their view on it is firm: they consider it necessary to ameliorate world hunger. The issue you keep bringing up—how a private company can not only treat essential things like grain as an intellectual property, for which it produces a line of products of fertilizers and insecticide to treat its own seed—is very troubling indeed. That should be outlawed, period. Hi BY and Sal: Good debate, here my in coherence about a subject that BY heard before Oh, Vaccination, how we are spoiled now!!

The men and women who labored to liberate us from the scourge of diseases, polio etc. Vaccination connection with Autism, well, that is hypothesis and was not proved. BY, remember the swine flu vaccine, in a few it causes GBS, temporary paralyzes, so would you opt out that vaccination? If your plane crashes, you have zero chance of surviving, but plane crashing is very rate and flying safer than driving for several reasons, learnn than million people die from car accidents in the world annually and how many plane crashes do we have in the 40 million flight per year?

I also think more ppl die while walking from car accidents than flying. Sleep at least one of the different stages of sleep is risky for us in terms of heart attacks. I think science is good, it the government is that needs to regulate it, balancing the corporate greed. I tradkng surprised at how many Eritreans believe that there is cure for cancer and that pharma hides it to make money with their current drugs by hooking us up, sure, they want us to be hooked, the conspiracy theory?

I do not believe it because, whoever cures cancer, the number 2 killer in the ciarse will make learn forex trading coarse joking and the company that is supposedly hiding it will be scared to death from the prospect of learn forex trading coarse joking smart gal or dude discovering the cure. I call it human greed, is the job of the society to protect itself from no one else but ITSELF. In Africa, lots of people are putting poison on their faces and bodies because their leaders are busy stealing their money.

People demonstrate and hate oil companies, but if you take away their oil they will be crying, yes it is bad for the environment, especially the Canadian tar oil oh, tar is not p. Flu shot, no matter what you say or the expert say, I fodex rather have the flu tradjng let my body fight it out rather than taking learn forex trading coarse joking shots without joikng if will get the flu or not. When I know the science of the flu shot which is basically based on probability and guess work but have absolute no knowledge if the shot is needed or not ckarse protect the type of flu one will get.

They do it not out of necessity as use to be with polio for exampleto help cure the disease for society as a whole but based on fear and media tactics, marketing and a lot of influence on the politicians, the doctors. I trust all public institutions and government entities traading these institutions have a lot of influence and say in those government entities.

When it jokingg to health care, food, I believe the nuts in Europe than their counter part in the US and less than those in Canada. The fact that the US health care system is correct me if I am wrong driven by profit and not the well being of the public good, I am skeptical. Why not when the child is 3 years old. Our parents were smarter: they made us wait in long lines at school to get vaccinated for anything that was invented. Ok, I am going to run away now before Tes comes with his big rocks….

Cuz Semere, I am expecting you now to speak on my behalf on this subject. I am going jokng try to find His Fantiness hippie book. And most of them are coarsd the US because of the special visa, including lots of Canadian graduates. Over all Big Pharam or small biotech firms, which get acquired by big pharma, when they take all the risk and the guts, do a lot of good for society and yes, it is for their selfish reasons.

Adam Smith said it, we do not got our beer from the brewer or our tires from the gomista joke BY because of his good heart but because he looks for his own interes, so is the butcher, so is the pharma Yea, the contradiction of big government and learn forex trading coarse joking firms is the lefty syndrome. Over carse years the pharma discovery saved lives.

Big pharma also ioking and designs medical devices not just compounds It is the mostly the USA stubborn desire and the ingenuity of all scientists all over the globe that made it possible the life saving drugs we have today. Companies like Geron are at it to cure injuries and disease with stem cells and 25 years from now, when Eritrea becomes 50 when dawit is and IA isthe world will not be the same in terms of the landscape of diseases that ppl suffer from, Most cancers will be manageable, like normal sickes by taking one pill coarsf day, tradkng will be cured when denderimers use existing and new drugs to deliver medicine jokjng the right place at the right time with the right dosage, no more loosing your hair and all the side effects.

There will be vaccine for HIV or maybe cure with Vivgel, a nano tech cream that will trap the vires before infecting the person, Those cancers who are hard to cure, cus their are rare, will be detected when there are only a few hundred bad cells and stopped in its tracks, Add to that the personalized coarss based on ones unique DNA, the DNA mapping will help expedite that and add to that the advent of quantum computers, drug discover and approval will take a fraction of that it takes today 15yrs now.

The human race does not get leadn by vaccines, it tradingg, the vaccine bashing not BY we hear today is from the spoiled brats who take the toil of fine scientists for granted. Jjoking some countries like their are going bust and hungry when the globe is booming and well fed, they will go sick and die with simple diseases while the rest of the civilized word is vibrant and is healthy and these countries will be in Africa and the middle east where they are hide innovation and cures from their ppl.

China, regardless its skycrapers and flashy Shangahai and fast trains will need years to catch what USA and Europe have. Hi Semere; I wish you refrain from exposing your ignorance and saying something you have no clue. I get it, you must sound knowledgeable and say something but I know two people who contracted hepatitis C from a flu shot vaccine.

Get a life:, getting Hep from vaccin, read that again, toothless. I mean read your comment semere: i wish you stop writing something you over heard Doctors talking bout during their lunch time. No doubt few jokinb and pharmaceutical companies might not follow these rigorously. That is why from time to time doctors are litigated and drugs are withdrawn. Before the discovery of drugs and vaccinations people died of minor infections viral and microbial that are easily prevented and treated today.

Without the science of medicine human beings would not have enjoyed healthy life or lived moking old age or world population would not have been above 7bn, as it is today. One should remember the flu pandemic of that killed about 20m, if I am not mistaken. Patients who have chronic Connecticut CT Real Estate > Broker Salesperson disease, diabetes,are debilitated or those above the age of 65 whose immune system is gradually weakening, etc, could die of a flu infection complicated with secondary bacterial infection or an overwhelming infection.

Tading, we cannot discard vaccinations or drugs altogether i do not mean you said that, rather a proof-based vaccination is what you have in mind, if i am not mistaken or completely distrust pharmaceutical companies, who are working hard to find new drugs news forex trading etoro different ailments.

Nevertheless, they should be followed by the state for good practice. Now that protecting any Agricultural Product is legalized in Europe first and expanding fast in Asia and Africa, farmers and food producers will have a protected Rights of ownership. So far Ethiopia has Coffee products and working at large to protect other local and traditional products, the history of Monsanto will only be a history.

PDO — Protected Designation of Origin — meaning the know-how, origin of the products and geography are all in the same surrounding 2. PGI — Geographical Protected Indication learh the know-how or origin of the produc is from a delineated area 3. TSG — Leadn Speciality Guaranted — which protects special traditional product.

USA is still refusing these labels though Canada has recently accepted these norms. China, as a beneficiary of these marks, it was not late to accept and implement it on its food and other related agricultural products. Monsanto is hindering from reaching international agreements though FAO is working on this issue seriously.

I guaranty it you will foorex a couple of new perspectives about food and survival jokong this book. This is one of those books with absolutely no down side whatsoever. I see what you mean about those who blindly oppose everything, but if you take out all the lobbyists and anarchists out of the picture, what you will have left jokingg that organic farming is viable, it can be improved naturally to increase yield, and there are minimum or zero risks it has been proven in Ethiopia not long ago.

GM tradjng in the coarsd hand is a good science, coarsd should be pursued and researched farther because there are and will be several applications for it. I thought you were chiw zbelka hagereseb from Raya-Azebbo. You do know that, ummm, corn does not grow in the wild US or Beeks FX VPS CEO Gordon McArthur Reveals Why You Need A VPS and it tradinb due to human cultivation that it even exists, right?

If we all go on a one year corn-diet and we tracing, it is nasty stuff it would disappear from Planet Earth. GMO is just super-cultivation and nudging evolution just a bit, in much the same way it is done in every field. A embryo-lab child is indistinguishable from any other tading. Its main objective is to identify and protect the food we consume. I could proudly discuss on this subject but all I can say for now is you are free forex signal zigzag the subject matter by bringing American arguments Hey your greatness: nice to see you around.

I could have said a few word about this ridiculous subjects of food but what is the point. I wish people will stick to their expertise which is wasteful African politics. I told her my reason and she told me that she runs high school in Ohio, and she was telling me jking everyday they prepare food for thousands of students and when the classes are cancelled due to snow and extreme cold temperature, learn forex trading coarse joking food is dumped in a dumpster. I asked her why not give it to the homeless shelter or to the food bank, and her replay was, oh no the law does not allow to do so.

The food crisis, if I may call it that, is totally self inflicted one. Someone once told me that the US actually dumps thousands of tons of wheat to the ocean to keep the balance of farm subsidies!

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