For the full year we continue to anticipate meaningful sales growth and record adjusted EPS, reflecting our expectations of mid-single digit growth in Flet, pass through of higher raw material costs, and less divestiture activity. Demonetize - To officially decide that a particular coin or. While the forces of Globalization blur all national distinctiveness, only Jewish Nationalism centered in Jerusalem emerges omnipotent. Capital Allowance - Money spent by a company on fixed assets. Normal counting is based on Enter up to 25 symbols separated by commas or spaces in the text box below.

Brother Nathanael ChannelBroVids Globalization And Jewish Nationalism. Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation! Or Send Your Contribution To:. The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box ; Priest River ID For More See: The Great Transformation Click Here And: The Jews Who Murdered Tsar Nicholas Click Here And: Will Israel Be Next World Power?

Send Your Donation To:. Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box ; Priest River ID Bolshevism may be extinct…whose goal was the obliteration of national distinctiveness…but Globalization has taken its seat. When you were in Downing Street a few weeks ago, I introduced you to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and without thinking I described you as my Rabbi.

Because over the past two decades you have been not just a leader for Jewish people, but for all of us. And ever since, funding for two World Wars laying the ground for the creation of the Jewish state of Israel; the subjugation of Third World nations via its bastard child, the IMF; and the transfer of American jobs and wealth to China and India, has been operating nonstop.

Why should Americans be mesmerized by the contest between Yellen and Summers for chairmanship of the Fed? Both are Jews set to replace another Jew, Ben Shalom Bernanke, who replaced yet another Jew, Alan Greenspan. Yellen will get it. Women—whether Jewish or Gentile—are the new shills of Jewish hegemony where the locus of Jewish power converges at the Jewish-owned Fed. Enter Globalization…of which all the levers that power its execution of international economic supremacy: FOREX, Letters of Credit, SWIFT…are in the hands of Jewry.

While the forces of Globalization blur all national distinctiveness, only Jewish Nationalism centered in Jerusalem emerges omnipotent. The Anti-Christ who will BE A JEW according to the Orthodox Church Holy Fathers will find ALL prepared for his seat of power via Jewish Globalism and Jewish Nationalism. On Another Note Less and less readers and viewers are donating to me…even those who once regularly donated to me have stopped.

Although horrible SLANDER against me is flooding the Internet, I realize that the messenger may be attacked and the slander and lies will no doubt get worse the MESSAGE endures. I think the reason why they are going so fast to take over the world is because they are racing against the black swan effect. It will be something terrible. Accurate and precise presentation. As with your other videos and articles, I will send this to 25 of my friends. If the patriots knew that organized Jewry is the enemy of humanity and that they are the instigators of all attacks against those who criticize them it should have been easy for them to figure out that they patriots themselves are carrying out the Jewish agenda by their attacks against Brother Nathanael.

Some patriots have been circulating emails about Brother Nathanael, and I have no patience for such a useless activity. Slandering his personality or saying negative things about his physical appearance cannot destroy the facts he has presented in each article and video he has done. Because Brother Nathanael does not describe his ideas and feelings about organized Jewry attacks on his personality do not have any influence on the factual matter he puts out for the benefit of people.

He is a major threat to the Jewish agenda and the Jewry will try to do everything possible to prevent his articles and videos from reaching new people. I know that some people who want to help Brother Nathanael may not have funds at this time but have his interests at their heart and would love to shower him with cash as soon as this can be done. Both will generate protest from within and attacks from the Middle East.

The only thing which will stop the invasion of Iran is for Assad, Hezbollah and Russia to win in Syria, which they might do. Iraq is under attack by Sunnis overthrowing the Shiite Iraq; US puppet government, Afghanistan, is just a matter of time to total collapse and hopefully Israel. America will go down the hole trying to patch the Middle East for Jews. In the article you posted, he linked to Daily Stormer. DS also produces some very valuable and accurate information, but those who run the site harbor a bitter hatred of Brother Nathanael as do those in the CI movement.

I saw it when it was first Trade your way to financial freedom with Fleet Forex! up on the website. Scroll down to the bottom of the DS page and you will find the smear piece which posted on July 21 by Andrew Anglin who appears to run the DS site. The interesting thing about this Anglin character is that he appears to be of mixed ancestry, which is sort of ironic for someone running a site like DS.

The CIs would have called Adolf Hitler a shill I suppose due to his long relationship with Emil Maurice and his statement about Trade your way to financial freedom with Fleet Forex!. Eduard Bloch, the doctor who treated young AH and his mother. Maybe Bolshevik Communism is dead, but Bolshdevik Capitalism is alive and well. The Jews have undoubtably disowned a once noble Catholic Church, that stood as a hinderance to the Talmud.

I have learned about lots of things I was not aware of before and am still discovering his work from to which is very rich and varied. Archbishop Kyrill over-stepped his ecclesial bounds with regard to me and thus he was out of order. And as Archbishop Kyrill is not my Spiritual Father in no position to know the state of my soul, he was out-of-order in stating that he deplored the state of my soul.

Because he was out of order, I have requested of him and am still awaiting both a public and personal apology from Abp Kyrill. Thus, I continue my public ministry with a clear conscience and with a strong sense of my calling from Christ, my God and Defender, of which calling, Bishop Jerome of ROCOR sanctions with his blessing. That filth will answer your questions.

Hint: It makes the treason of the long-nosen, self-chosen Rosenbergs look like a high school prank. OH and BTW - you may recognize the name of this Jew demon Traitor to 1. He is a vile, wicked, black-hearted criminal apostate who has carved his fate in Hell — along with faux pope Francisstein. There IS NO MORE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. At least the Catholic Church LATER repented for their unconscionable corruption — only AFTER Father Martin was forced by conscience to speak the truth of the abysmal filth that was not only approved but MANDATED BY these scurrilous false popes!

Only a miracle can now save the garbage that was once the compass for the faithful. Why do you think the Jesuits by whom I was educated were created? To INSURE that the Catholic reformation was indeed respected and watched and guarded. They are the most disciplined, finest educators in the history of the Church. They are but men — so perhaps they have sold their souls as well — I pray not, as they were the BEST of the best. For any true believer to even address this new POS false scum as the Vicar Of Christ is a grand BLASPHEMY!

Insanity has ruled in Rome where Satan is now seated! Harriet best explained the nature of the recent personal attacks on Nathanael — Paranoid old men and gossiping old hags whose loyalties are limited to whatever the latest Jew absurdities will support. I find them disgusting at best and so should YOU! This is not a game of who is best or who should make everybody satisfy everyone elses petty feelings or vying for attention for leadership status.

It is a life and death struggle for the survival of mankind. If he were clean shaven and wore a Madison Ave business suit and was boringly inanimate and clinicly oanda fxtrade wikipedia kanye, he would be criticized by those who would say he should show a passion for the Lord and wear appropriate garments as befit a man of the cloth. Let the man be himself. He is who he is and THAT is why we love him.

Nathanael speaks the TRUTH and only the TRUTH straight from the hip with no doublespeak or timidity and THAT is why we RESPECT him. There are only a handful of others who fill that bill of self-sacrifice One of those is Mark Glenn, also one of the bravest finest men I have ever known. Pray for and support them both. The future of your children AND of this Nation depends on that. Make your children PROUD — teach then the TRUTH from DAY ONE about Jews. Nathanael was not just an attack on him, but an attack on all Christians that recognize our most vicious enemy, the Jews.

Andrew Anglin, even though I support a bunch of what he says, I think he is a bit misguided and ignorant. Technically, Brother Nathanael is a Christian, a new man in Christ, and no longer a Jew. Remember, if Brother Nathanael were not genuine then why has so much harassment and many threats been made on his life by Jews? I am so glad that Joe is so supportive of Brother Nathanael and Brother Nathanael deserves all of his and our support. Where I am concerned there is no replacement for Brother Nathanael and I am very grateful to him for all of his articles and videos which are priceless.

Two other people who cannot be replaced are Joe Cortina and David Duke, and I am grateful to God for these precious human beings. Which also indicates that the Jews will want to do the Samson Option because they are being destroyed. See how well it fits in place and I mean who else could go up against the Jews? And if you look at statistics, the most powerful country in the north is Russia.

They even have a history of being slaughtered by Jews by the millions so who else has the biggest vendetta against them? No one has suffered more by the Jews than Russians and Ukrainians. The Russian people are just a time bomb waiting to explode and the Jews keep threatening and trying to bully Russia over Syria and Iran. What they do not realise the Bear is about ready to bite back.

Russia has already shown they will attack when push comes to shove, and the biggest mistake that the Jews could ever make is making the Russians angry until they explode. But this means the Antichrist has to show up before then, which looks to be soon as the 3rd Temple has all of its furniture in place from what I hear and is almost completely restored.

Are these the so called patriots that Harriet mentions in her post? Once again I thank you. Brother Nathanael is truly a man of God and a true patriot who has opened my eyes. Just a month ago on June 24th of this year, Pope Francis met with the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations. Although I have never met the man, I sense it in the quality of his work.

No other writer puts forth the names and who the players are in the evil works of Jewish hegemony. It is obvious by his personal testimony that he has sacrificed all that could have been his as a young man growing up in a typical Jewish home where Jewish racial supremacy is preached. Peace be to him and his works and deeds for they not only benefit us, his readers, but our glorious Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Daily Stormer is Andrew Anglins new website. At the moment, I think he is the only one running it. White Nationalists have a HEALTHY fear of all Jews. Look at the history of Jews who have stabbed White men in the back because they were trusted. Only God knows what is truely in a mans heart, however I think Br. Nathanael is reborn of the spirit which is truely nothing short of a miracle. I have never heard him say anything that was not helpful to White Nationalists and I have spent years listening.

Nathanael has never claimed to be a leader in the White Nationalist movement. Of course Whites need to lead their own fight. To any of you WN who are reading this, Br. Nathanael has been more helpful to us than you will ever know. The only thing that can heal the reputation of Jews is time. NeoCon is Jew Bolshevism America style. The Jews did that to England and France.

This is years ago and the Jews tried to conquer Russia with France as their proxy army. As you all know the Jew-whore Napoleon failed. With England as the Jews proxy army the Jews managed to conquer a big part of the world. After Jew world war two the Jews realized that they could never conquer the whole world with England as their private army. This is one — of many — reasons why the Jews dismantled the British Empire after ww2. What really happened was that the Jews killed the entire Russian elite, moved into their houses and hence became the new ruling elite in Russia.

Once the Jews were in control of Russia the Jews turned Russia into the Jews private army for Jew world conquest. In the Jews was so sure they had lock, stock and mt4 trade panel java of the Russian empire the Jews changed her name to Soviet. The Jew ruled Soviet attacked every single country that had borders to Soviet. Japan, China, Korea to the east and Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraina to the west and everything in between was military attacked by the Jew ruled Soviet.

Many hoped to greet it there and we have documented cases of young people who joined the northern Kibbutzim in order to be on the spot when the Red Army arrived. Hoping to destroy the British Empire, the Soviets believed the Jews in Palestine were a catalyst in this process and helped their effort for the establishment of the State of Israel.

The two main reasons are jetfighter carrier fleet and six million Jews in Palestine the so called Israel. Then there were six million Jews in America, six million Jews in Soviet and another six million Jews in the rest of the world. Now there is only one country left in the world to be the Jews private army for Jew world conquest - and that is America.

The leading Bolshevik Jews in Soviet moved to America and now they are Zionist-NeCon-Bolshevik Jews. When any country in the world is good trading forex rugi teruskanlah the Jews they get almost everything military supply from America, of course paid by the American tax payers. I, Hoff, have studied Communism all my life but I never could make sense of it.

Then I woke up to the Jews and understood what the Jews really want - to rule the whole world. And now everything that was done in the name of Communism makes perfect sense - from the Jews standpoint that is. At the same time America is giving proven real bad dictatorship all the aid in the world. Well, it does - when you get the Jew factor and understand what the Jews want - to rule the world. As a matter of fact there is nothing complicated whatsoever about Americas foreign politic - once you understand that Jews rule America - as Jews.

Just the same as the Jews ruled Soviet - as Jews. And that is where we are today; to the Jews America is nothing but the Jews private army for Jew world conquest. You can call it Bolshevism-NeoCon-Zionism-Democracy or whatever you want, all that matter to the Jews is that America does as the Trade your way to financial freedom with Fleet Forex! tell them - and America do. As many of you know, I am a former Jew who abandoned the satanic Jewish belief system Judaism is NOT A RELIGION because the JEWS WORSHIP GOLD, NOT GOD!

Satan is the REAL GOD OF THE JEWS and turned my life and my eternal soul over to JESUS CHRIST, the TRUE MESSIAH of the Jews and indeed, all the world! One of the reasons I am happy I have become a Christian is because I know that when I die, I will go to Heaven to be with our Lord and Savior, and be forever in His loving embrace.

The reason I know this is because THERE ARE NO JEWS IN HEAVEN! And until they bend their knee and repent of their sins and accept Christ as their Savior, they will forever be excluded from the delights of Heaven. And Jews will never do this, at least not most of them, because they are too proud and too materialistic, and too much in love with power and the control that they exert over other, lesser in their eyes people to ever repent of their sins.

The Jewish Heaven is on Earth. This Earth is the Jewish Heaven, because here they are in control. Jews tell the newspapers what to print, the television broadcasters what to show and say, the politicians what laws to pass, and the apostate ministers and priests what to preach. Jews are in control on Earth, and they are in their glory. Well, what a surprise they have in store for them!

Hell is the ultimate destination of the damned Jews, to be with their father, Satan. Hell is where the Jews will go. Where they will burn in torment slow. Twisting and writhing in agony. Hell is the place where the Jews will be. With their father the devil from whom they have roamed. While up on earth, we Christians will use. Our money, at last gotten back from the Jews. Those warning us of the current Jewish instigated race war being stoked up against Whites are correct in doing so.

Alex Jones is right about many things too, but it could not be any clearer now after all these years who he is really working for or trying to shield from scrutiny. I know of one CI blogger who is a very good writer and very Jew-wise. David Duke and Dr. Keep that in mind when reading what these people write, no matter how accurate much of what they say about what is going on.

Some of them also are very good historians and knowledgeable about all the aspects of Third Reich National Socialism. Just remember, if you support Brother Nathanael, you need to hang right along with Michael Chertoff according to them. However, you brought up a relevant point that I though would give us all hope in regards to Jewish oppression of our lives. As you mentioned in the Book of Revelations by St. My point, like yours is that yes, Jews are vile, but we are the pedestal of mankind, which will not collapse.

I rolling put options basics all that I own and of worth that my generation, although mostly blissfully ignorant or cowardly against Jews, already have their back against the wall and will soon have to make a stand for mankind. Thank you for your support for Brother Nathanel and thank you for your continued trust in Brother Nathanael. Some of them are too ego-centric, small minded and selfish to think about humanity and they function in a bubble while competing for attention.

The Christian Identity cult in my opinion is a front organization for Jews. The man who is the chief there appears suspicious and he can be a Jew who has taken a White name like the Jews often do. People who slander Brother Nathanael without taking a look at the informative and helpful articles and videos Brother Nathanael has done are doing a great injustice to humanity. I am grateful to all of you for your love and support for this precious person: Brother Nathanael. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, urged President Barack Obama earlier this month to consider Jackson Lee for the position formerly held by Janet Napolitano.

Napolitano left the DHS to become president of the University of California. We have to look broadly, do we not? My highest complements and thanks again Bro Nat. Usury is the destruction tool used against national sovereignty. Babylonian debauching lessons birthed the corrupt, pagan, usurious bank system we have today. It is a massively destructive theft system purposefully designed to enslave those at its mercy.

Compare a cathedral to a pyramid or obelisk and it is easy to see the Cara Buka Akun Daftar Di Broker Forex Octafx dan cara of refinement, intellect and skill of pagans. The early Church Fathers refused Trade your way to financial freedom with Fleet Forex! sanction usury and called it a mortal sin self-condemning the perpetrator straight to hell. The book has a multitude of references, definitions and historic development.

He, to me, is the image of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; in that, Jesus had also traveled the Holy Land, preaching to the people about repentance, love, and peace. This is in exact opposition to the calls for endless wars of aggression and hatred toward all of humanity. You have earned a grand place in Heaven that awaits you when your time comes. Economic recovery is here! The mighty JSA is saved by Jews and homos.

Throw in Jew instigated wide-open immigration and you have Hell on earth. Paving the way for the soon coming Jewish homo anti-Christ is just good business. Patriarch Kirill Leader of The Russian Orthodox Church vs. Archbishop of Rome I will not call him Pope on homosexuality. The latest judeolator in the Seat of Peter. Most Holy Family Monastery has a site detailing how the Catholic Church has spiraled out of control over the last sixty years - ever since Vatican II.

This first link is from that some of you may have seen. It is a brazen unashamed admission by a Jew columnist about Hollywood. Hollywood has been run by Jews since its beginning. Or is this some diversion to effect what exactly? I didnt even insult the guy, I was just calling his history into question. The universal Christian flag has a red cross inside a blue rectangle placed at the top right hand corner of a white flag. In other words, create a local economy, underground black market based on trade.

Zionist Globalism is on its way, as long as Zionist Nationalism can stay stable, Trade your way to financial freedom with Fleet Forex! to the U. I believe that the Cold War was already planned before the World War II began. WWI and WWII were intended to destroy the Christians, as many as possible. The Cold War was expected to extend the casualties of Christians through the nuclear war, but it badly failed, thanking to the Revolutions of The Cold War was possible I believe after Adolf Hitler Trade your way to financial freedom with Fleet Forex!

tricked Germans into destroying the Eastern Europe to stop the spread of Bolshevism. In fact, I believe Adolf Hitler was an accomplice to Joseph Stalin, Roosevelt Franklin, Churchill Winston, and the bankers Federal Reserve, Bank for International Settlements-former NAZI bank, the Bank of England, etc. The buildings in Stalingrad were predetermined designed for the fairly aerial bomb resistance and urban battle between Germans and Russians years ago before the Battle of Staingrad.

I believe Adolf Hitler deliberately misguided one of the Panzar division away from Stalingrad to give the German soldiers hard time. Crushing the Eastern Europe by Adolf Hitler was needed so pattern day trader rule etrade would be easier for the USSR to expand the Communist territory. Then the clash between the Jew-owned West territory and Jew-owned Communist territory would follow by building the Berlin Wall.

The bankers were hoping that the conflict would increase so it would initialize another Christian-destroying war, which would mean much worse than the WWII by using the nuclear weapons. Zionists became so desperate after that they scrambled to use the TV media to trick the Americans the contact between the U. But it was really the Israelis who committed terrorisms in different countries for years.

The globalized NSA could be an extremely useful tool for the Zionist elites and Jews to stay politically and financially profitting by spying on the business owners, employees, traders, sellers, low-rank investors, technicans, engineers, scientists, non-Zionist CEOs, low-level bankers, accountants, etc. The Red Cross on white background was the original protection symbol declared at the Geneva Convention. Into put an end to the argument of Turkey that the flag took its roots from Christianity, it was decided to promote officially the idea that the Red Cross flag had been formed by reversing the federal colors of Switzerland, although no clear evidence of this origin had ever been found.

During the Russo-Turkish War from tothe Ottoman Empire used a Red Crescent instead of the Red Cross because its government believed that the cross would alienate its Muslim soldiers. When asked by the ICRC inRussia committed to fully respect the sanctity of all persons and facilities bearing the Red Crescent symbol, followed by a similar commitment from the Ottoman government to respect the Red Cross.

After this de facto assessment of equal validity to both symbols, the ICRC declared in Trade your way to financial freedom with Fleet Forex! it should be possible in principle to adopt an additional official protection symbol for non-Christian countries. The Red Lion and Sun of Iran is also a recognized emblem of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, but is no longer in use.

However, amending the Geneva Conventions to add a new protection symbol requires a diplomatic conference of all signatory states to the Conventions. The Swiss government organized such a conference to take place in to adopt a third additional protocol to the Geneva Conventions introducing the Red Crystal as an additional symbol with equal status to the Red Cross or Red Crescent. The rules for the use of this symbol, based on the third additional protocol to the Geneva Conventions, are the following: - Within its own national territory, a national society can use either of the recognized symbols alone, or incorporate any of these symbols or a combination of them into the Red Crystal.

For indicative use on foreign territory, a national society which does not use one of the recognized symbols as its emblem has to incorporate its unique symbol into the Red Crystal, based on the condition about communicating its unique symbol to the state parties of the Geneva Conventions. For protective use, only the symbols recognized by the Geneva Conventions can be used there are only three in current use, Red Cross, Crescent, and Crystal, and the dormant Red Lion with Sun.

Specifically, those national societies which do not use one of the recognized symbols as their emblem have to use the Red Crystal without incorporation of any additional symbol. The idea of the universal Christian Flag was conceived of at Brighton Chapel on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York during an impromptu Sunday school lecture by the superintendent of Sunday School, Charles C.

Neither the Red Cross and Crescent Movement symbols, nor the universal Christian Flag had anything to do with the Illuminati, but about protecting medical workers, hospitals and wounded soldiers on the battlefield, and later expanded to also include national and international disaster relief. However, after she founded the American Red Cross, the first twenty years was primarily devoted to disaster relief.

Miss Barton did become a fervent advocate of the Geneva Conventions sometimes called the Red Cross Treaty and the International Red Cross organization, as it was known at that time, and finally was able to lobby the US President into signing the Geneva Omega options trading group names. She responded to war-torn Europe setting up relief for affected civilians.

However, you omitted Rev. There is no other who has done more to ward off draconian Jew-inspired hate crime legislation than the tremendous Ted Pike. Pike, too, is a significant player in this battle facing the dark side known as international Judaic Zionism. Globalization is the scheme of the anti-Christ, who will be a Jew according to Orthodox Christian teachings. One must resist him and refuse the mark even unto death, one becomes a martyr for Jesus Christ by opposing the Jews schemes, whether they be communism, liberalism, republicanism, democracy, or Zionism — all anti-Christ systems.

They appear to be precise emblems representing the bloodied cross over top of a white field; a field for me representing all whom are cleansed by the blood of Christ. This criticism is doubly painful to me as it comes ex-cathedra from a Church I have always loved and regarded as beyond reproach. I can only speculate, that, perhaps ABP Kyrill is acting out of fear for his Church, diocese and parish.

San Francisco is rife with Jewish and bendo militancy and the Russian Orthodox community is in their crosshairs. I cannot speak for ABP Kyrill, but would like to console you in that maybe there is more to it than meets the eye in this case. Another example can be seen with some talk show hosts or guests who say we must stand up to the Jews yet when you tell them thats what Hitler did, they immediately dismiss the fact and claim he was a New World Order stooge funded by the bankers, which is only partly true.

He did receive financial support from some Jewish bankers who hoped Hitler would do their bidding but he turned against them. So, while saying we must stand up to Jewish power, they are saying that anyone who has is part of the NWO. They also will repeat the Jewish lies and myths told about Hitler. One such example is the never Reichstag Fire that they claim was set by the NSDAP and used to seize control. Recently, I sent an email to one guest host, Dr.

Tobias debunks this myth. Tobias Fritz was not pro Hitler either. Dr K or Dr Kosher as he is referred to completely ignored it, but in his next appearance he chastised anyone who believes Hitler had good intentions as a Hitler apologist. His full name is Dr. Though Andrew Anglin does not make the same claims about Hitler as Dr K, I do put them in the same camp; disinfo agents.

You can find some information that is recent about Andre the pro-White, and pro-Hitler, versus the Andrew, pro-multiculturalism and lust for Black women and underage girls. Some links are dead but you can find them at archive. His dossier lists his occupation as the UN. So, how does this 29 year old afford to travel and live in various countries? It is said his dad has money. I get a bad feeling from those who have changed their beliefs so quickly.

This was the cleansing of my indoctrinated mind. Name: required Email: will not be published required Web site Comment. Real Jew News is proudly powered by love and concern for your soul. Just the real jew news. Search Real Jew News:. CLICK to Sign Up for Alerts. Brother Nathanael Foundation is a c 3 Non-Profit Organization. Globalization And Jewish Nationalism. Brother Nathanael ChannelBroVids. For More See: The Great Transformation Click Here. And: The Jews Who Murdered Tsar Nicholas Click Here.

And: Will Israel Be Next World Power? Follow me on Facebook:. Scroll Down For Comments. Please copy the string AdPn6i to the field below:. Real Jew News: Archives:. Why The Jews Loathe Le Pen. Naming The US Elites. Swamp Time With Donald Trump. In The Camps In den Kasernen. Trump Joins The War Party. Trump Touts War With Syria. The Amazon Book Burning.

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