Just keep your MetaTrader on to let fapturbo work its magic! There are many reasons why price action tends to lead the news and other market fundamentals; big market players like banks and hedge funds who really can move the market have access to information and tools that retail traders like you and I do not. Joined LTTM and learnt to trade PA. All you need to have is the will to succeed. So, yes, count me in.

Is it possible, as a forex trader, to go from nothing — start from absolute scratch, zero funds — to being a millionaire in 18 months? Well, I think I can safely frading you this much — It should certainly be an interesting journey finding out. Well, I already did that part. By taking paid surveys online, every day for a month, making about a whopping one dollar a day for what often took several hours of work dojble day.

Now, HOW are we going to accomplish this? Specifically, I plan to utilize a trading strategy that I have used profitably before, trading primarily on the minute time frame. If you need a strategy if you want to try to make a million also. You can also pick up Winners Edge Trading Strike Momentum Indicator that helps to find market momentum before entering a trade. There will probably be some gambling involved. Trying to make a million dollars in 18 months necessarily means taking some risks.

However, I will hopefully stick with the basic trading strategy I have in mind. Now, how can you follow along the way? I definitely want your input and help with this. I mean, this is basically a pretty crazy idea, so someone injecting some sanity into the project will likely be helpful. So, do I really believe this is possible? If we pull off this miracle, it will be best site forex trading xiv the grace of God. I hope for success not just for my sake I could use a quick million — pay dougle few billsbut for doouble sake, too, for all of you reading this and coming along on this journey with me.

Sounds like forex trading double bottom jack to me, but what do you think? J Here is the next post in which I outline my million dollar strategy. Learn Our Best Trend Trading Strategy. Jack, I am certainly excited with this challenge. I will certainly follow you through the entire process and win or fail I admire your generosity and your trading passion. Then I read how you have raised your initial capital, so its no longer a question of trading from nothing. So,d Bkttom think you can get from 50 to a million?

Would I have believed you if you stated you were going to go from ten thousand to a million? Why do I believe you could increment two zeros but not four? So, now having examined my perceptions I realise they are totally illogical. Paul Is this similar to the wonder of compounding? Of course it should work, providing iron discipline is employed. Gee, that sounds like fun. I have my MSI indicator and my 50 bucks tfading to rumble.

If you manage to pull this of it will be sending shockwaves around the whole world of traders and beyond! Though I do not believe to reach the target of a million in 18months. I project a realistic safe figure of 10, Well, this is a great site to help you learn forex trading. I will watch intently to see what i can learn. Everything will cost you something, even reading this cost you time invested, and Time is one of the most valuable possessions we have.

So if you are thinking about not costing anything you have the wrong mindset already. But reading articles on this site are free and always have been but it is still going to cost you something. I hate turning a profit in a demo account — it always just makes me want to kick myself for not doing the trade for real money. Not impossible, but annoying. Which is a bummer since post NFP often opens up some nice spaces for trades.

When I get back we should email about tradimg. While my US accounts are chugging along in the positive, it is VERY VERY slow going with the leverage. If risk capital content of this venture does not change I will sure be interested in participating. Rrading seems nuts enough to botttom What could possibly go wrong? Instead of Turtle Traders, we could be Rabbit Traders! I think we would probably be the most interesting traders in the world. Oh, come on, starting with is practically like cheating.

Indeed, I look forward to discussing things with you further in the future. I hope we will have the pleasure to dicuss these topics infuture. I intend to follow it as close as possible. If you could even make the 10 to 20K mark in the 18 months, just think what is then possible in 5 years. You have my respect! I am very interested to get in on this. Been day and swing trading for a few months and have not been too successful yet.

Any plans on when you are going to start it? Are you planning on having instructions for those who would like to follow along? I am happy to know that someone go for this kind of tradding. I am absolutely sure it is possible. Hopefully he can make much more but time will tell. Keep me posted please. LOL I am with TIM!! Thanks for your wishes of success. This is really a fantastic idea, that many people most probably will encourage you to do.

Will we be able to join your trades? Which 2 strategies will you use? Just know we really want you to succeed in this project…. TK Thanks for the post, This is only a case study showing how Jack will do it, this is not a signal service just to be clear. Robert we may do a Myfxbook account but this is a Case Study to see if it can be done this is not a signal service. However if he pulls it off we just might start one!!!! LOL I would definitely be interested in following this as it progresses.

I think this is probably what we all secretly want to be able to do… turn very little into a large sum of money. I only have a small trading account and would like to make it grow big in a similar time scale. I will be watching closely to pick up any tips and hints on how to be a better trader. Go for it Jack. Very exciting idea and goal!! The trading room is looking forward to following you on this massive yet exciting challange!

Me, I worry all the time. Ah, a man after my own heart. Yes very interested in tradihg idea, I wish you luck and would love to jump on board, I look forward to hearing more about your strategies. I am interested to be part of the experiment. I consider it relatively easy for the first few months, but while the balance increases the. This will never work…its insane…its crazy…only a nut case would throw money away like this.

Hi What about hooking your trades up with an auto or mirror trader, so that every one would be on the same page per say or at lest end up with the same amount in all accounts at the end. It could certainly resolve my financial needs and I would like to participate. Anxious to see it happen. Make me a BELIEVER! I agree with Jack and believe Forex can help us make an income.

I have in this trading for about 10 uack. In forex I agree to start with small capital and see it grow. Tho I burst many small accounts but I believe I can make it big one day. Now I trade with more confidence. I am in Jack thanks Haha — I like it…but slow and steady is, paradoxically, what will rapidly grow profits. Who would not want in with a name like yours if nothing else!

Maverick: an unorthodox, independent-minded person — risk-taker. Story of my life both good and bad! Speaking for myself, FUN and profitable. Regards I do look forward to the idea of starting very small and potentially gaining big. And apparently there is! Working on the principle…when you are down — the only way is up! I surely would like to follow your experiment.

I would like to see your strategy of running the bank up. I just started with the SMI software in a demo account this weekend. Who knows, if you do win this will be the most inspiring story for years to come. I would jjack definitely interested, but need to know the proposed specifics; What session would we trade follow you on. Will this cost us ANY money other than a small amount fouble begin with to trade? Basically what are all of the specifics on this?

Yes, I am very interested in seeing and doing. I know there are many people that make a living trading. They also have a the funds to do it. To start and fund a trading account with dollars is in my league. Look forward to hearing more and going on the journey. Any event, give me a few days to get things set up and rolling — there will definitely be follow up columns from me on this.

I am hungry for aboslute freedom that a cool million would forex trading double bottom jack, Lord willing of course. So, how soon can I take part in this here venture. Oh, well thank God there are only TWO problems. I feel much more confident now. You raise an interesting point, Ayaz. The growth rate assuming the trading plan works will be exponential, that is, growing faster and faster as we progress.

Steve — Thanks much for your input. And I agree with you that it DOES sound like fun. When you will have an account bigger than k depending traading your risk tolerance you need to accept loses of 7k 15k or even 20k on some days, and than you will need to make profits bigger than k daily. These will be the problem, how to realoses of 7k 15k or even 20k on some days, and than you will need to make profits bigger than k daily. These will be the problem, how to react on ajck big price oscillations!

In fact, so crazy that it might just work. Initially may be it hack take more time to from from 50usd to may be 1, or 10,usd but I will call this victory even if fkrex can get to esp fx 360sm review. What mostly we do not realise is the patience invlove to grow from very small to medium… By the time u r near 10k or plus ur strategy forex trading double bottom jack trading experience will be so much that it will become absolutely possible once u cross 10k barrier….

But remember this, your countrymen put a man on the moon! Looking forward to joining you on traxing epic voyage. Thanks for sharing tradihg. Harry McPhie Born again optimist Yes i think this would be very interesting, and i think it is acheivable because many pro traders have done this in a year. A very good idea Casey, keep everyone posted LOL! Jack- I AM NOT laughing AT you! Rouble guess I assumed that most people who have digital products and services knew how to do such traading, or had staff that were technical and could set it up.

So long as you remember three words, patience, discipline and consistency…. My favourite saying is based upon the most basic law of geometry that we were all taught in school. Simple is good, simple is clear, have a starting point and a destination, keep a straight line. Good Luck with your project, I will be following closely. If you have that, then yes I believe it is quite possible and would be very interested in following along, and By the way, uh, if anybody could slip me the next monthly NFP report a couple of minutes before it comes out, that would help.

I am intrigued by the Break Even is the worst result strategy espoused by Joe Nemeth using hedging techniques. This might be an opportunity to test it out. Very interested in following. I believe it is possible to be profitable in forex trading, but not there yet myself. Would like to see the trades posted as they are placed live to see when entry and exit is made by a trader that knows more than myself.

So, yes, count me in. Well, metatrader tws cruise ALL day. Seriously, about the longest I ever trade is the entirety of the London session — but usually I try to just work either the London morning session OR the New York forex trading double bottom jack session.

I am able to hedge my broker is outside the U. Timmy — Totally agree with you obviously on the need for people to take personal responsibility for their financial well being. Steven — Watch for an update here in the coming days — As I noted in the article, I wanted to see if there was genuine interest before going to the trouble to set everything up. Any event, we should all learn some helpful trading lessons along the way.

As i believe it is possible maybe not a million i love to follow and might shadow trade. I also wonder if tradinf are able to hedge in your dorex and if you plan to consider it. Sounds like an interesting experiment. As long as it does not implies working on the screen all day. And I am on GMT so that tradinv make it a bit hard botton me. Assuming you are not on or close to GMT I am sure it is possible and I am already working on a trading plan to achieve this.

I believe that forex trading is extremely simple buy we humans make it extremely complicated and difficult including myself. Its all about discipline and patience and taking the word greed out of the equation. If you catch a great trend it may be possible but the risk of blowing up is going to be hard to overcome and that is one risk you will definitely have to take, at least initially. It would be great if you have a process european put option bond trading notifying those who want to follow the trades as they happen text, email, discussion board, something else real time so we can truly participate with you.

Looking forward to seeing more about this endeavor! WET team is growing and Jack is new member of your forex trading double bottom jack But sometimes the craziest ideas are more successful then the common ones. I will definitely join this program if WET will launch it. For me personally it will be huge experience and great success reaching even I am VERY interested, Jack.

All I have to start with is Thanks for the comment, Actually your comment about making trading simple. That is truly what Winners Edge Trading is all about, so please hang out and enjoy the articles. If you bottom need any help, we are just a question away via comment or email. Sounds like a crazy ride. Not the sensible forex way, but fun and just crazy enough to work. I will be looking forward to hearing your next steps. I am so glad you touched upon this for 1 main reason: Americans, and everyone else for that matter, need to take personal responsibility for their own financial well being.

NOT reliance on government, but reliance on financial astuteness and thus investing. Ideally, Forex trading double bottom jack wish you had a simple system of indicators or proprietary software that would indicate where to get in and when to get out. Once we get confirmation we will get a myfxbook account as well as sharing the strategy that Jack will be using.

So I take it your interested? Thanks for jumping in here. Actually yes we do teach safe and sound trading principles in forex and we truly believe in them. However, we also believe that diversification is important and that traders should have low risk accounts as well as high risk. With that being said it is doublr to transfer funds made in high risk account to a low risk account.

Just remember as Jack states he is conducting an experiment with low starting capital. Experiments in trading are also extremely important as long as you have your doublr methods setup in advance. Or maybe I just need to loosen up a little bit. Disclaimer: Trading forex on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you.

Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent fodex advisor if you have any doubts.

Written by admin on October 13, Comments. Can This Guy Really Make A Million? Jacj following flrex tabs change content below. Latest posts by admin see all. Definitely interested to see this and learn. Very curious to know what the 15 minute strategy is you are talking about. Only saw that this was infact a year forex index journal classifieds. Casey Stubbs and winnersedgetrading is a fraud and scam.

So keep me posted I am interested. When are we getting started? Or… have I missed something? Is this similar to the wonder of compounding? As Ben Stiller says. Yes thats true Gordon we can always learn something. Good point, Allison — trying this with only leverage would be, well, annoying. This sounds like an awesome idea! Adding a bit of spice to life never tradiny wrong. I like that — the rabbit traders. This should be a very interesting project. How can I follow the trades? Yes Im keen to experiment.

Im interested but I dont have any experiance. Is it complicated to understand what to do? I will definitely follow this! Thanks for the comment. We will be posting weekly or bi weekly updates. Sure make sure you keep us updated in the comments as we continue posting Jacks updates. How would you split the profits Jack is the one doing the trading? I would definitely be interested in following this as it progresses. Interesting and if successful, mind-blowing experiment!

Leigh, you are now officially in charge of positive attitude for this journey. BrilliantI will definately follow alongpositive attitude all the way! Definitely would want to be a part of the ride. As always for me its holding my nerve when profits build to a substantial amount. I am in Jack thanks. Haha — I like it…but slow and steady is, paradoxically, what will rapidly grow profits. If you are truly Maverick I am Goose. I have a need for speed. I would like to follow you.

Lord willing — Amen. I do look forward to the idea of starting very jacl and potentially gaining big. Stay tuned here for specifics — as I said in the article, I wanted to see if there was real interest in this before proceeding. And my trading principles ARE safe and sound. Gee, I hope I follow them. I would love to follow along. I think its a great idea, I will not only follow I intend to beat you to 1 million. I agree that the idea is crazy. Sounds like it will be quite the ride!

Harry McPhie Born again optimist. Count me in I would be able to be with my handicapped son full time. Yes i think this would be very interesting, and i think it is acheivable because many pro traders have done foorex in a year. A very good idea Casey, keep everyone posted. If you have that, then yes I believe it is forex trading double bottom jack possible and would be very interested in following along, and.

By the way, uh, if anybody could slip me the next monthly NFP report a couple of minutes before it comes out, that would help. Glad to hear that! Definitely will join this project if you launch it. Go for it dude — The journey will be worth the time……………. Crazy, fun, low risk and probability! CASEY, did you see this? Assuming you are not on or close to GMT.

I am sure it is possible and I am already working on a trading plan to achieve this. Very cool, looking forward to the experiment. We are releasing our simple trading dashboard in the next month or so. SHOW ME DA MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So where is the link to myfxbook account so we can track progress?

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