January 25, at pm - Reply. You then wait for price to show you the trend is resuming. The robot was tested in the special tester on real ticks. The indicator is a complex four-line histogram. The dynamic range boundaries default - The mefatrader can help traders to assess in advance the number of Lots, Balance and Equity, if the price deviates from the current levels. Losing trades are possible when in flat, but they are well covered by a caught trend.

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MetaTrader MT4 Channels-Indicator V2.0

May 18,  · I am mostly a trendline trader with 2 indicators in I also recently added a custom indicator found and back tested from another site that has Auto Refresh. How to Earn on Forex. % Financial Success. Learn More - Highly Recommended!. In other words, MetaTrader 4 can relieve you from routine trading and market MetaTrader 4 supports an entire infrastructure to enable users to create and use.