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CAPP - Cardinal Only. The purpose of this section is to provide your organization with information and facts about the Commonwealth of Virginia's. Financial Electronic Data Interchange FEDI program. FEDI was implemented in May This program allows for the electronic. FEDI combines Electronic Funds Understanding Trading accounts EFT with Electronic Data Interchange EDI capabilities to electronically transmit.

EDI is a low cost alternative to the traditional paper check method of. EDI electronically transfers funds from the Commonwealth's bank account to your organization's designated bank. These electronic payments are processed through the Automated Clearing House ACH network. The EDI process allows. When considering all of the costs associated with check processing, ACH payments are actually less expensive to process for both.

Remittance data can be obtained via:. The Commonwealth of Virginia is responsible for the following processing costs:. Origination of the payment. Transmitting the remittance data to the bank; and. Posting the remittance data to REDI Virginia. Note: Your organization is responsible for any fees related to electronic payment processing charged by your bank.

Functional Org Chart [PDF]. Agency Risk Management and Internal Control Standards ARMICS. Strategic and Service Area Plans. Information Technology and Systems. Electronic Data Interchange EDI. Virginia Department of Accounts.

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