Nothing he said in his endorsement is true, Eddy says, adding that he no longer does testimonials. Financial Advisors Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, industry trends, and advisor education. Direct Cash Project Investment. Spreads as low as 2 pips. If you want to invest in a socially responsible way, green bonds may be for you. Mandal viewed video testimonials by satisfied customers, including one who said he had watched his investment grow for years, preparing him for a stress-free retirement.

Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Individual Forex Trading Account quickly tradibg accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world. The first time Rajibuddin Mandal, a family doctor in Birmingham, England, tried his hand at trading currencies online, he lost 2, British pounds.

From that experience, he concluded that the foreign-exchange market was too big, too complex and too hazardous for amateur investors like himself. He decided he needed help from the professionals. One site he found on the Internet in early seemed to be speaking directly to him. Secure Investment said it offered something greeen It made trading decisions for investors and investmennt their principal. The company said it posted all of its trades every day, showing which ones were winners and which were losers.

The site said investors had averaged net gains of 1 percent each trading day during the past five years. Mandal viewed video testimonials by satisfied customers, including one who said he had watched his investment grow for years, preparing him for a stress-free retirement. Following instructions from Secure, they then wired the money to banks in Australia and Cyprus to open their accounts. Mandal says he decided to withdraw some money in March.

It cited issues with the U. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which is a Treasury Department rule that applies to U. The March 5 e-mail said Mandal would get the money in a few days. It gave me psychological pain and stress. I feel very embarrassed. Geren Carl Levin, who is chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations and became aware of Secure Investment when asked about it by Bloomberg Markets. Customers in 11 countries on five continents say they have seen their money evaporate with Secure.

Twenty-five investors interviewed say Secure, which was incorporated in Panama inhad instructed them to wire money to banks in Australia, Cyprus, Latvia and Poland. Secure Investment lured customers by creating its own good reputation and by publishing a seemingly successful trading record on its elaborate website. It was trqding a lie. Iinvestment least some of its so-called customer testimonials were actually delivered by actors. The deception inveshment -- for a while.

Secure crafted a tangled financial web to harvest and hide investor money by setting up companies with different names incorporated in Belize, the British Virgin Islands and the U. Secure asked clients in e-mails to wire money to bank accounts held by those firms. By using related companies, Treen obscured the paper trail of investor funds that would end up with the firm.

The only public evidence that authorities have looked into Secure Investment comes from Panama. The regulator also said Secure Investment listed tradkng false Panama City address as its headquarters. All of those were at sites run by international office leasing company Regus Plc. One testimonial is from a bearded man wearing a jacket and tie. After introducing himself as Michael, he praises Secure in an second video.

They take all the stress out of it. Nothing he said in his endorsement is true, Eddy says, adding that he no longer does testimonials. He told viewers he easily withdrew money from Secure. Federal Trade Commission prohibits false endorsements and requires disclosure if the advertiser pays for approbation. A two-minute animation distributed by Secure depicts a chance meeting between two friends stuck in traffic on a highway.

Pale-faced Vreen, driving a beat-up brown subcompact with a dirty windshield, pulls up beside his tanned friend Nick. He sports a pompadour and an unbuttoned red Hawaiian shirt. My money is managed by professionals invesmtent Secure Investment. The details of daily trading results, the pitches in the videos and the testimonials won him over.

He, his wife, another physician and two residents tend to 5, patients. I think they should definitely be put into jail. David Compxny, a Houston oil industry technical support manager, says he found his way to Onvestment because he had tradiny trusting bankers and brokers after the financial crisis. In an interview on March 10, seven weeks before secureinvestment.

Secure wired him his cash through a money-transfer company, Mayzus Financial Services Ltd. By May 13, two weeks after the website shut down and two months after his first interview with Bloomberg Markets, Kane had a different view. What is most bothersome is the loss of the dream. Two weeks later, the Secure website was gone.

I feel like a fool. A Secure infomercial on the Web featuring Sterling begins with an exterior shot of the New York Stock Exchange. It shows gray-bearded Sterling compqny his excitement about Secure. Sterling then addresses Secure employees at their modern office building, as meetings in glass-walled conference rooms are shown. Interspersed through the infomercial are 30 more scenes of Manhattan, including Wall Street, Times Square and the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

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