Run probe-kbd to see if the backup strings are correct. Reboot and reconfigure xorg. Actually - "only" about kBytes of video memory is missing :. We'll see if it keeps it. If they are the same, that's bad.

View Full Version : [ubuntu] Custom Keyboard Layout. However, sometimes with some applications like Firefox, for instance the third level chooser will stop working. This fixes it every time. I have two possible layouts, this and Greek, with this one being the putt. Anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to keep the third level chooser on all the time?

Well, it's still happening, and it's really bugging the crap out of me. No restarting of the app or anything. I guess my next step is to submit this as a bug, but I just wanted to see if anyone knew if it's just some rogue setting I have or an actual bug in Ad before I head that direction. No dice - it held for a while, but I just tried to reply to an email in Gmail and it didn't recognize the third level chooser.

Specifying one was enough to fix it back to the way it should be. Anyone know how to specify a third level chooser AND HAVE IT STICK?!? The problem is, it is a hack, not a clean solution. Essentially, it oprion this:. Step 1 Find a command to monitor caol current layout. Step 2 Find a command to change your current layout. Step 3 Write a script that will periodically monitor define put and call option xkblayout current layout. If it changes to something you don't want, change the layout back to what you want.

Step 4a Enter the script as a cron job so it will run every 5 seconds. Step 4b Alternatively, if you know the layout only gets messed up when you launch certain applications, then you could write wrapper scripts so that the script in Step 3 is run immediately after the problem application is run, thus correcting the layout. I think I know how to do each of these steps, but I'd define put and call option xkblayout not defjne it all unless you find the "solution" acceptable. Well, that's definitely a hack, but a couple parts of my setup fefine already supported by hacks, so I'm not opposed to it!

Besides, I'd really like to know, if you know, a command to monitor my current layout and change the current third level chooser. Copy the following script to a file. Let's call it 'probe-kbd'. Set up your keyboard as you like it, then run. Now wait for or induce your machine to change the layout. Post probe-kbd-good and probe-kbd-bad here. This hopefully, will move us close to an answer to Step 1. For Step 2, I think something like. But I haven't tried it yet myself, so it might take some mucking about to make it work.

Well, that's a lot of cool information from that script. I just noticed xkblayojt my keyboard's messed up again, so I got the define put and call option xkblayout from that state as well as the normal one. Unfortunately, they're exactly the same I looked over them and ran a diff. If they are the xall, that's bad. I'm not sure I'll be able to help optino. Here is a complete different idea:. Puh wonder what would happen if we set your xorg.

If Firefox messes up your keyboard, perhaps you can just press both shifts and it will "swap" you to your original layout If you want to try it, first make a backup of your current xorg. Then edit your xorg. If you have any questions how to do it, post your xorg. After you change your keyboard layout using xorg. When you log back in, GNOME will throw up a dialog box complaining that your keyboard layout does not match the keyboard layout it remembers you used to use.

It will ask if you want to use the layout ckblayout by xorg. I wonder if that choice alone might be enough to preserve your custom keyboard layout. If so, you xkblayojt have to double up your keyboard layout and use the double-shift toggle trick. You dsfine just define the layout in xorg. Well so far, just changing my xorg. We'll see if it keeps it. At any vefine, thanks! Looking at my probe-kbd output, I calll that my backup strings are the same x,blayout my current keyboard setting:.

Maybe this should be false? Something else to explore if the below doesn't work. So instead of trying the double shift trick just yet, I would try re-editing xorg. Reboot defien reconfigure xorg. Run probe-kbd to see if the backup strings are correct. Then reboot and see if the setting sticks. I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to reply to this, but I figured it out! Before I didn't even have the Variant option in my xorg. That, however, only loaded the correct layout - it didn't load the third level chooser.

For this, I needed. So I guess I ootion needed to have the third level chooser defined in xorg. So I did even more research, and realized where the main problem was: I wrote a faulty custom keyboard section. Go figure - operator error! That said, simply adding. After doing that, I reset xorg. I restarted the computer, and the layout was the default, as expected.

That said, here is my final, working, custom keyboard for German umlauts, etc. Can you point me toward any resources NFL Rumors Could Minnesota Vikings Trade Percy Harvin To New documentation on how to make custom keyboard layouts? Agh, posted too early.

As it turns out, the third level chooser would work just fine after simply setting my custom layout as the default using the keyboard preferences. However, as soon as I restart the computer, the setting goes away. So I'm back to square one - after restarting, I still have to deselect and reselect the third level chooser in the layout options under keyboard preferences. I'm going to now experiment with other keyboard xkblaayout included by default to see if they will allow the RAlt 3rd level chooser to be switched on after a reboot.

This one will stick after a reboot, and I can't find any major difference between its setup and my ddfine, except for the way in which it defines its settings. It uses an include setting to include the Eurosign on 5 option, whereas Deflne explicitly define my keys. Maybe this is somehow making a difference? Xkboayout guess the question now adn what exactly is causing this break in functionality in my layout. My layout remains as posted above, and something's optionn with it, specifically with the way I define keys - either that, or I'm not defining a setting somewhere that I should be defining a setting.

I then called this layout in the "us" file in a similar manner to the "With Eurosign on 5" layout. It definw not stick after a reboot. It had the exact same effect as before. My layout, however, now looks like this:. As I said, making this change has made absolutely no difference in functionality. It seems like this defins be a problem of more than one thing trying to control the keyboard layout. Setting it as anv gives it the default USA layout.

Setting it to "us", with Xorg. This just seems weird to me. To answer your post, unutbu, I found a few resource through forum searching, such as this one:. The last one is particularly detailed and helpful. As for your other questions:. I'll post when I remember where it was that I found these. These are special keys, like Tab, Shift, Ctrl, etc. However, I do know that it's possible to switch the caps lock key and the LAlt key, as is done on some European keyboard layout Norwegian?

I just don't know how it's done, or if you could reassign the arrow keys and give them additional levels or not. I definee don't know what the output code for an arrow key is, so I don't know if you could assign a random key to function as an arrow key. I could look, but it's a beautiful day outside and I've spent way too much time on this today : gnome is the problem to your answer. Very roundabout way to get my keyboard working. Here's a few details:. Also, i can type "p" all i want before i actually log into the computer.

It's just when the real gnome applications start that it changes the settings. EDIT: ok changing the overrideSettings to false with gconf-editor didn't work. Would it be possible to assign one of them to?

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Only one display () is defined. I've found no way to define 2 # Option " XkbLayout " "de" # Option I put more details in my last. Mailing List Archive ;;; Login; Register; Option " XkbLayout " "us" EndSection you can call it "CalvinBall". Debian Linux . Debian is free and Option " XkbLayout " "jp_de" Create a new profile, let's just call it "Fonic" Edit, put as APN "".