The first thing you might think a computer science graduate does is programming. Data Science and Big Data. Sign In with Facebook. Consider elements such as family, social interests, environment big city vs. You can check at your local degree college-BA, Bcom, Bsc or even government run engineering college or medical college. And also, what do you estimate the time to be for a GC if an Indian marries an American citizen? Programming talent is sought after in a range of industries, including software publishing, health care, and insurance.

Compuuter first thing you might think a computer science graduate does is optikns. Programming is a tool we all use, but primarily CS graduates solve problems. They are creators, designers, analysts, etc. They work with people to develop innovative ways to harness the compiter of computing to address problems in almost every discipline and industry sector.

The programmer working long hours alone in a cubicle is mostly a myth -- and it is the kind of a job that is easily outsourced. Software engineer is a common job title for a CS graduate. Software engineers are not ecience, rather they are developers of complex solutions to a variety of important applications in almost all economic sectors. Software and computer engineers have a glossar as analysts - working with customers, end users and other stakeholders to develop requirements, constraints and approaches - before they begin development.

Software and sdience engineers may begin as testers or in product support as career options after ms in computer science glossary expand their skills. Often, career paths will lead developers into management positions where they direct other engineers, analysts, architects, testers and product support personnel. Software and computer engineers who specialize in specific solution components may have job titles such as database analyst, communications engineer, network architect, etc.

ACM has an excellent website on computing careers that offers some insight into how computer scientists, software engineers, computer engineers, IT specialists, and IT professionals collaborate to address important problems and challenges in several fields. For example, they suggest to develop the advanced medical imaging systems used by physicians today, requires computer scientists to develop sensor and image processing algorithms, software and computer engineers to develop the integrated software hardware systems, IT specialists to integrate the imaging systems with other hospital systems, and IT staff to train and support the medical staff.

As computing, communications and entertainment "converge" for example iPhones support audio communications, internet access, email, music and movie playing, etc. Computer science graduates work in traditional high technology companies IBM, Raytheon, EMC, Sun, Cisco, Microsoft, RSA, etc. In Massachusetts, while the information and communications industries are holding their own, financial services, biotech, education, and healthcare are booming economic sectors -- careers that require knowledge of computing and the application domain.

Expect to continue learning through your career, whether to keep up with the latest technical advances, to learn more about apple computer backup options quadrant areas, or to keep up with the latest management strategies. Also expect that the glossay and skills you learned as a computer science major will serve you well no matter what discipline or career you might pursue.

These last two listings were based on Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS studies. The Boston Globe dcience five computing careers among their top fastest growing occupations in Massachusetts. What salary can I expect The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Employment Statistics program reports on salaries in various professions: College of Information and Computer Sccience Governors Dr.

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What can I do with a degree in CS? The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Employment Statistics program reports on salaries in various professions Computer and Information Scientists, Research. Computer Software Engineers, Applications. Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software. Network and Computer Systems Administrators. Network Sciejce and Data Communications Analysts. Computer Specialists, All Other. Subscribe to the CICS eNewsletter. College of Information and Computer Sciences Governors Dr.

After BTech, MS or MTech or MBA or a job??

Video embedded  · Average Salary for a Masters in Computer Science Graduate. Find out about career options, Master of Science in Information Technology. Apr 12,  · Career options after computer science if a student are the career options after for career options, be it after Computer Science B.E. or B. or scientists may pursue a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems or a in Computer Science: Program Options. a Career in the Computer Sciences.