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It is the largest labour group do forex brokers cheat traders kpes Hong Kong with overmembers in affiliates and 62 associated trade unions. Presided by Lam Shuk-yee and chaired by Ng Chau-peiit currently commands five seats in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and 29 District Councillors. Being one of the oldest existing labour unions in Hong Kong, the HKFTU has a long tradition of following the command of the Communist Party of China CPCthe ruling party of the People's Republic of China PRC.

It took a leading role in the Hong Kong Leftist riots against the British rule and was suppressed by the colonial government. In the s, the HKFTU took the vanguard role in opposing faster democratisation in Hong Kong with the conservative business elites during the run up to the Chinese resumption of Hong Kong sovereignty in The HKFTU leaders became the founding members of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong DABtoday's largest pro-Beijing party, in Since the late s and early s, the HKFTU resumed its independent banner in the elections with more pro-grassroots and pro-labour stances, distant from the DAB's pro-middle-class and professionals outlook.

The main slogans of the HKFTU are " patriotismsolidarityrights, welfare and participation". The group focuses on the rights and welfare of workers, supporting the workers in their negotiation with employers and to resolve labour disputes. It works to amend legislation to protect labour rights and prevent employers from exploiting loopholes in labour laws. It opposes importation of foreign labours and calls for legislation against age discrimination.

Politically it espouses a strong sentiment of nationalism. It supports the governments of the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Due to its government loyalist nature, industrial militancy has been remarkably absent from the HKFTU's action programme. It also extends to include catering, travel agencies services and credit card facilities.

It was registered as non-union "friendly societies" under the Societies Ordinance in order to avoid the restrictive provision in the newly introduced Trade Union Registration Ordinance of The union activities were under strict restriction from the government. Inspired by the Cultural Revolutionthe HKFTU escalated labour disputes into the anti-colonial government riots in Many labour activists and HKFTU cadres were imprisoned and deported.

Due to its violence and bomb attacking campaign, the HKFTU suffered serious setbacks in both public esteem and official tolerance. The democratic reform introduced by the government also opened an access to political power for the trade unions. In first ever Legislative Council election inrepresentatives from the HKFTU, Tam Yiu-chungand the TUC were elected uncontestedly to the two newly created seats in the Labour functional constituency.

Tam Yiu-chung continued to serve as the member of the Legislative Council until was succeeded by Cheng Yiu-tong in On the other hand, as the most massive grassroots organ of the pro-Beijing bloc the HKFTU also assumed a vanguard role to resist the pre democratisation. It opposed to the possible direct Legislative Council election of with the slogan of "Hong Kong workers want only meal tickets but not electoral ballots. The HKFTU's devotion to Beijing and its collaboration with the conservative business interests were challenged by some leftist unionists.

Chan Yuen-han represented for the HKFTU to run for the Legislative Council direct election but was defeated by the Lau Chin-shekthe pro-democracy labour activist representing the United Democrats of Hong Kong. Inthe first pro-Beijing party the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong DAB was co-founded by the HKFTU members. HKFTU began to mobilise supporters to vote for the DAB candidates in the Legislative Council elections.

In after the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kongthe HKFTU's representatives joined the Beijing-controlled Provisional Legislative Council to roll back several pre-handover labour rights laws passed in spring by the colonial legislature controlled by the pro-democracy camp, which included the collective bargaining. The Provisional Legislative Council also enacted new electoral rules to disenfranchise someblue- gray- and white-collar workers in the nine functional constituencies created from Chris Patten 's electoral reform.

During the early years of the SAR administration, HKFTU members ran in direct elections under the banner of the DAB. Since the Legislative Council electionsChan Yuen-han and Wong Kwok-hing ran as a HKFTU member independently without DAB and carried a more grassroots and pro-labour rights agenda. In the most recent Legislative Council elections inthe HKFTU filled candidates in four of the five geographical constituencies and veteran Chan Yuen-han contested in Trade Unions And Democracy territory wide District Council Second constituency.

In the District Council electionthe HKFTU had 29 candidates elected two under both DAB and FTU banners2 seats less than the last election. The HKFTU has risen as the third-largest political group in the Legislative Council today and had currently 29 HKFTU representatives elected on the District Councils. Note 1: Each voter got two votes in the Election.

Note 2: Before the HKFTU had a joint-ticket with DAB. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions. Politics of Hong Kong. Bureaus, departments and etc. Hong Kong Civil Service. President : Leung Kwan-Yuen. Court of Final Appeal. Chief Trade Unions And Democracy : Geoffrey Ma. Labour Law in Hong Kong. Social Movements in China and Hong Kong: The Expansion of Protest Space.

The Chinese Revolution in the s: Between Triumph and Disaster. Political parties in Hong Kong Parties represented in Legislative Council Pro-Beijing Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong 7. Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions 5.

New People's Party 2. Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions 1. New Century Forum 1. League of Social Democrats 1. Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre 1. Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union 1. Parties represented in District Councils Pro-Beijing Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions New People's Party—Civil Force Business and Professionals Trade Unions And Democracy for Hong Kong Trade Unions And Democracy Territories Association of Societies 2.

Federation of Public Housing Estates 1. Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre 5. Kowloon East Community 1. Sha Tin Community Network 1. Basic Law Article 45 Concern Group. Business and Professionals Federation of Hong Kong. Constitutional Reform Association of Hong Kong.

Federation for the Stability of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Affairs Society. Hong Kong and Kowloon Trades Union Council. Hong Kong Chinese Reform Association. Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions. Hong Kong Civic Association. Hong Kong Democratic Foundation. Hong Kong People's Association. Hong Kong People's Council on Public Housing Policy. Hong Kong Progressive Alliance. Liberal Democratic Federation of Hong Kong.

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Lam Shuk-yee Ng Chau-pei 12 Ma Hang Chung. KowloonHong Kong OverChinese nationalism. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Chinese characters. Parties represented in Legislative Council. Parties represented in District Councils.

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Trade unions were finally legalized in , after a Royal Commission on Trade Unions in agreed that the establishment of the organizations was to the advantage. Although the number of women in trade unions had increased by , 90% of all trade unionists were men. Trade unions supported the campaign for extending the vote to. Early trade unionism. Skilled workers in Britain began organising themselves into trade unions in the 17th century (preceded by guilds in medieval times).