Beat the fxcm inc 2011 hands down and this clown. Once a stock quote summary page is rendered, you'll see the current stock quote along with relevant numbers, like the previous close price, the daily range, the week range, the market cap and more. From toshe held the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Abgenix, Inc. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. EXEL Rating Lowered to Hold at.

InI published a multi-part expose on FXCM, fxxm numerous references to "guarantees" or "limitations of loss" in its marketing materials. Despite marketing promises to limit customer losses related to "negative balances", FXCM attempted to collect from some customers anyways. In response to a new CFTC suit alleging that "FXCM guaranteed against customer losses", the company statement contended it fcm no basis" in that claim. Below are numerous examples where the company promised to "guarantee" its customers against or "limit losses" related to negative balances.

Shortly after the Swiss National Bank removed its peg to the Euro in JanuaryI released a multi-part Seeking Alpha expose on FXCM's FXCM misleading marketing. Jan 29, FXCM Spin Game Doesn't Change Its Misleading Marketing And Disclosures Feb 2, Misleading Marketing, Poor Risk Management, And Bad Trade Recommendations Dog FXCM Feb 9, Peeling The Fxcm inc 2011 Of FXCM's Misleading Marketing Apr 23, FXCM Inc. Among other allegations, the suit contends that: FXCM guaranteed against customer losses, by "zeroing out negative customer balances," which is a CFTC violation.

CFTC rules explicitly prohibit a retail currency dealer such as FXCM from representing it "will guarantee customers against loss, limit the loss of customers, or not call for or attempt to collect security deposits, margin, or other deposits of customers. I was not aware, at the time, that the mere existence of such representations might have constituted a CFTC rules violation.

Among the examples of possible "guarantees" or "limitations of loss" in marketing materials that I observed in were: "FXCM guarantees a client's trading risk is limited to the equity in their account. This means you will never owe a deficit balance as a result of trading even if a significant amount of leverage is used. This is an important safeguard most forex brokers don't provide. If your losses become too large, our system will automatically liquidate all open positions at the best available price.

Typically, the system can get you out before your account would become negative. In the rare case where it cannot, FXCM will unc your account back fxcm inc 2011 zero. You can never owe FXCM money due to trading losses. This is especially true during market gaps or volatile periods. FXCM will jnc hold 22011 responsible for deficit balances in this scenario, but clients should be cognizant think forex web trader giottos all fxcm inc 2011 on deposit in an account are subject to loss.

One of the greatest concerns traders have about leverage is that a sizable loss could result in owing money to their broker. At FXCM, your maximum risk of loss is limited by the amount in your account. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Please be aware of the risks associated with these stocks. Do you see what I see?

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At AOL Finance, you have instant access to free stock quotes of your favorite companies, mutual funds, indexes, bonds, ETFs and other financial assets. An official FXCM UK Twitter account tweeted in " FXCM traders have peace of mind knowing that they are not responsible for account deficit balances as result of. Exelixis, Inc., from the Greek word for “evolution,” is a biopharmaceutical company committed to developing and commercializing small molecule therapies with the.