The charge goes up and up. This will allow developers to run …. Just please make it stop. He refused to access my customer file so he could see my other emails so he could understand the problem and would not listen to what I was trying to tell him. Respect the system, but do not be intimidated by it. Devastated and annoyyed was not the words at this point!

We asked for your most bizarre, awkward wrong number calls and text messages and, boy, did you deliver. Even with smartphones and caller ID, wrong number calls and texts still happen all the time. It was a wonderful example of someone talking around the obvious. For months, I got calls — often multiple a night — from women who were very displeased to hear a woman answering the phone.

Most of them would just hang up when I told them there was no longer a Greg at this number, but a few became quite hostile, apparently convinced that I was purposefully hiding Greg from them. Years ago, Dallas had only one area code, Eventually, they expanded and added a second area code, and thus they began requiring digit dialing instead of just 7 digits. If you forgot to dial the area code and just dialed the last 7 digits, it was random as to whether you would be connected to the or the number.

That was about the same time I got my first cell phone. My newly issued cell phone number used as the area code, but the exact same number for the area code corresponded to Dallas Police Internal Affairs You can imagine the number of interesting calls I received and I would have to inform them they needed to dial the area code first. I kept patiently explaining that this was my number, could someone please update the number that he was giving out Just please make it stop. After about 9 months, I was finally able to get it to stop on my own.

The one with Sharna, from TheRevanchist : The other wrong number was a recurring one. Usually at 1 or 2 in the morning, one man crying and asking for Sharna to come back to him. No one ever picked up the phone after 10pm in that house, which led to us listening the next day with a good intense laugh at this guy.

Then, we had the best laugh ever! The one with the faux professor, from Mixeddrinks : I got a text from some person thinking I was her professor, question about a paper they are suppose to write for me I will answer all of your questions in class next week, now go to name of restaurant by campus and celebrate. Thanked me and mentioned that she really enjoyed what she learned in class etc etc.

With a bunch of words of praise. She said that she was doing ok but was not looking forward to continuing the treatment and that she was really scared of dying. I offered her my condolences and prayers and encouraged her to reach her friend again. She texted back that she was sorry to have bummed me out but appreciated my concern. I dropped my phone in the toilet. Can you get this? The results are pretty amusing: The one with the porn scam, from Cheve : Indian guy assuming from accent berating me for taking his money at some porn website I 7 call option put series talk phone not even joking.

Apparently he 7 call option put series talk phone 5 7 call option put series talk phone on some obscure website and then found my new number there. These two still drive me crazy. Maybe the pope knew of the market collapse? Woman 1: Its really good for your heart because it stimulates your circulation and it makes your bits tingle. Do you not get that? The one with the little old lady looking for Rose, from Jhamin : I used to get a call at am every Sunday from a little old lady who wanted to know if her friend Rose wanted to get lunch.

Every weekend she would wake me up I was always up late Saturday, I was in my 20s. Every weekend I would tell her she had the wrong number. Every weekend she would be really embarrassed and apologize. Every weekend she would promise to get it right next time. Then the next week the call would come again. In the grand scheme of things there are worse ways to be woken up Sunday morning and she seemed like a really sweet lady, so I just sort of accepted this was a thing that was going to happen in my life.

After a year or so we developed the sort of friendship you have with the guy who rides the elevator with you every day at the office. You are each on your way somewhere else and are just passing by and you wish each other well. I still receive calls and texts meant for him sometimes. Yep, it was our boss. Cue the hysterical laughter.

Boss said it was a text meant for his wife, whose name started with the same letter as mine. Turned out—when he was fired for sexual harassment with an official veneer of failing to do his job—it was actually meant for another manager in the store, whose name also started with the same letter as mine. The one with the early morning vent session, from Evil Closet Monkey : When in college midsI received a phone call at 4 a. So began a 5-minute long explanation of the worst day this young women had ever had.

It has been too long for me to remember everything that happened to this poor girl, but I do recall gum getting in her hair at some point during the day She broke long enough to ask me if I was still listening at least once. Finally, she paused long enough. The one with Mrs. Smith and her friend Patrick, from Kaffine : This was a few years ago, I had just 7 call option put series talk phone into my old apartment from a bad day at work.

I hit play on the answering machine and go to take a poop with the door open. I have 24 messages—which is definitely high. Then I noticed the time stamps. They were all like 3 or 4 minutes apart and had started about an hour before I came home. My pockets were emptied onto my mail table hastily, my suit coat shirt and pants were nowhere to be found, and my crummy tough mudder sneakers are gone.

She startles to see me, pushes past, and goes into my guest bedroom. I hear footsteps over my bedroom other end of the apartment and then nothing. Minutes go by and nothing. I go to grab some sweats when I hear a little throat clearing from the ceiling Looking up, I can see Mrs. We meet at the ladder and I help her down.

It seems Patrick was Mr. So she kept both. And she was a classic kink who liked to be watched. So, when I asked her to keep a key in case of emergencies, she thought that meant she had a free access pass For the two years I had lived there, she would hook up with strange men This time, her gentleman caller had to wait for his little blue pill to take effect. Hot and heavy foreplay lead to an early arrival, so he left, and she was unfulfilled.

So she went down to her room to await Patrick, who never showed. Which I have kept until today. Thanks for all the submissions! Think you have a story that tops these? Feel free to share it in the comments below. What's the Most Awkward Wrong Number Call or Text You've Received? What's the Most Awkward Wrong Number Call or Text… Even with smartphones and caller ID, wrong number calls and texts still happen all the time.

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