UN marks World Day for Safety and Health at Work…. For instance if 2 people bout stock in the same company but one bought 50 shares and the other bought shares at the end of the year which of the 2 will get more back? They outlined four steps the village needed to take in that time span:. I then found out that the advisor was also an insurance agent who would be selling the whole life policy. We believed if we saved enough, opyion if he payyoff enough, we would have enough to survive comfortably.

Airmont and the Hillside project. RLUIPA and Adult Student Housing ASH. Wikipedia Directory of Villages. Photo Courtesy of Sky. Preserve Ramapo News go to the new website at. This website will remain up. Ramapo: Proposal fails to get into state budget. April 1, "Rockland. Ken Zebrowiski, D-New City, who was advocating for the measure along. David Carlucci, D-New City.

Zebrowski said the lawmakers will. Century-old law may derail bi-state Pilgrim pipeline, groups say. Rockland legislator wants Judge Eisenpress' donations probed. Ramapo eyes Hilton across from ballpark. March 25, " The. Town Board on Thursday unanimously approved transferring 25 wooded. Town Board member Pat Withers said the RLDC. Withers added: "I know people were upset about how the ballpark got here. He criticized the town for holding the public hearing. March 25, " Just.

Read the complete story on Journal News. Ramapo Yeshiva Provided no Proof of Bias. Ramapo yeshiva that had accused several villages of anti-Hasidic bias. The latest decision will. Pomona, Chestnut Ridge, Wesley Hills and Montebello and their officials. The case was entirely based on. March 23, "For over. One side talks about not having sufficient resources; the. Both may be right. Meanwhile, the state performs periodic. There is a sad sense of deja vu to those of payoff structures of call and put option positions for volleyball who.

Indeed, the connections between the two. County Exec Day moves to foreclose on Patrick Farm, other. March 22, " Rockland. The developer agreed to pay. Attorney Thomas Humbach said. Journal News Editorial: Room for payoff structures of call and put option positions for volleyball in Ramapo? FBI raid in town, with another round of accusations that federal.

Ongoing tension over zoning. The distrust continues in the. East Ramapo school district, where years of. Tensions have run high in town for a while now, and it's only getting. Some leaders in the Orthodox community. Neither passes the smell test. The Orthodox payoff structures of call and put option positions for volleyball must not blame every. The general community must not blame all Orthodox for. And everyone must figure out how communities with such disparate needs.

Read the full text of the editorial. FBI probe raises questions about yeshiva funding. March 20, " Chutzpah. County Executive Ed Day. In it, I expressed. Both Senator Flanagan and his colleague. Jewish community leaders to steal millions of dollars from federal. Federal prosecutors said the four men and others submitted phony. Ramapo raid targets area with more yeshivas planned. March 17, " Planning.

Board considers three more school in the Highview Road-Spook Rock Road. OHR Yochanan went into business. The school has yet to get final. No one has been. Watch the ABC coverage. March 16, " FBI. The raids began to spread in the. A group of FBI agents were seen outside a. They would not comment. High School of Monsey on College Road on. A reporter was asked to leave. Students in the backyard tossed a. Routea dark brick building with a small circular driveway. FBI-led raids are part of an investigation into whether.

Some of the raids were also carried out in the ultra-Orthodox community. New Hempstead's election revolved around concerns. The two seats were for four-year terms. In Hillburn, Trustee Bonnie O'Blenis. O'Blenis received 65 votes, which was enough to beat. There was a single write-in ballot. Scott who joined the.

Ellen Jaffee Announces Re-election Bid March 10, Channel 12 News. The timing and number. And Frank Sparaco explained that he was not an informer and has not seen. Town Hall off Route Colucci, 46, who owns a construction company. Attorney Preet Bharara's office and the. Councilman Samuel Tress arrested. March 3, " Councilman. Samuel Tress was arrested Thursday afternoon for. Rockland District Attorney's Office. District Attorney's Office detectives had.

Lawrence declined to comment Thursday on his running. The grassroots political party Preserve Ramapo. Monsey still Calling the Shots on Development and Zoning in Ramapo. Want to know why Monsey and Spring Valley are so rapidly becoming. There you will get the answer to another question, as. They say their vehicles and gear. February 13, " Elia's. East Ramapo and that the state Education Department.

Anti-Semitism: A Label Too Often Used as a Shield To Fight Off Scrutiny. Cultural Yiddishkeitan. Attorney, an Advocate, and a Mother. This letter addresses comments. Legislature, as well as. This letter seeks to establish a format. This letter hopes to give people currently silenced by the shield of. Thousands of ill-educated yeshiva boys--They Deserve Better NEW YORK.

February 7, "Each year, approximately 32, boys in New York. Alarmingly, when these boys turn 14. An estimated 17, additional boys attending schools in Rockland and. Orange Counties are subjected to the same. Ramapo: Officials close to signing new contract with police. February 8, " Ramapo. Empire Center for New York. He was the highest-paid local government employee in the state. News Briefs: Mayor Noramie Jasmine and the Minisceongo.

Ex-Spring Valley Mayor, Noramie Jasmine. The reason was scheduled surgery, and there was a second. Now, with the surgery accomplished, she has been ordered to. The size of the property in the Minisceongo. Golf Club sale has been reported and rumored to be anywhere from 60 up. A check of the Rockland County records lists the following. Ivy LLC with a home address at. Congregation Ribnitz, Inc, Binyan Torah, PO BoxMonsey, NY.

The district has not allocated. Pictures were shared on social media last payoff structures of call and put option positions for volleyball of water leaking into. Parent David Curry, whose daughter. He criticized the school board. Read the complete Journal. New York filmmaker Menachem Daum reports on. A lawsuit alleges that some of these religious. English, math, and science. Groundhog Day at the Patrick Farm Hearing. They had all been there before, the planning board, the residents, the.

It was the third time the developer Yechiel. Lebovits was bringing the application to the Ramapo. The meeting room was packed at as Rice and Rocks. January 21, "Spring Valley's. That false certificate allowed the businessman to get sizeable tax. Rockland County District Attorney's Office detectives and Spring. The homeowner and businessman, Rabbi Jacob. Gribetz and Deborah Loewenberg. Read the complete Journal News story. Google street view of 9 Zeissner Lane, Spring Valley January 21.

January 21, " A. Golf Club, but what it plans to do with. The limited liability company owns a 78 percent. Ivy LLC was created on Jan. The property, complete with. Seek Court Order for State Intervention and Corrective Action. On January 14, parents of public. State Supreme Court in Albany, asking the court to direct the New York.

State Board of Regents and the State Education. Department SED to take concrete remedial action to safeguard their. January 17, " A. Rumors of payoff structures of call and put option positions for volleyball sale had been circulating for months. News of the sale sent a. Pomona Mayor Brett Yagel. Editor's note: This site is in unincorporated Ramapo, and any. East Ramapo hires lobbyist despite controversy. January 14, " The. East Ramapo school board voted late Tuesday to rehire a powerful Albany.

The vote came after an hour-long executive session. All board members voted in. Sabrina Charles-Pierrewho abstained. Many parents said that the. The group met local lawmakers who pledged their. Ellen Jaffee, D-Suffern and state Senator David Carlucci. Rockland County Executive Ed Day and newly elected. Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann, both Republicans.

Read the complete Journal News coverage. January 4, " The. East Ramapo school community is mourning the death of Patricia Simmons. Elementary School in Chestnut Ridge. Simmons, 63, died Dec. She had been principal at Fleetwood Elementary since. Speaking on Sunday, daughter Dara Simmons said her mother had a strong.

At Fleetwood, that meant celebrating diversity and pushing academic. Greenberg, called for passage of state legislation that would create. Orthodox Jewish community claimed that their community was " stabbed. Both are likely to be disappointed. Read the full text of Bruce Levine's. Deputy Mayor Lance Millman will become acting mayor until the Board of. Trustees holds its next meeting on Jan. Other environmental initiatives Oppenheim helped enact include the.

The village also adopted a law reducing permit costs. Senate Majority leader, Flanagan is blocking legislation that passed the. NY State Assembly, and that. Governor Cuomo has said he would sign. This legislation is a compromise. I think he is wrong, and I hope he will change his mind. From Steve White's Power of Ten. Judge Alfieri rejects request to stop Ramapo's land sale at. December 28, " A. Justice Victor Alfieri ruled in favor of Ramapo this.

Public safety codes are routinely ignored inside Rockland. Rockland's fire coordinator Gordon Wren says local religious schools. He says the fire codes are ignored by dozens of private schools. Many fire safety records were outdated, incomplete or. Investors Service has affirmed the Baa2 rating of East Ramapo Central. The outlook remains negative. Was the Fix In? Every once in a while the curtain goes up by mistake, and the dirty.

Aaron Wieder and New York State Assemblyman Dove. Hikind is one of those times. Monitor can protect East Ramapo school board, too. Town Attorney Michael Klein. A hearing before Alfieri is. David Goldberg, 39, who lives near. This has always been part of the park," Goldberg said of. In July, the board finally replaced a high-priced law firm. In October, Superintendent Joel Klein, who. The board also appointed.

But that is too little, way late. Walcott saw all aspects of. The monitor team will remain, for now, in the district. Legislature must pass the needed bills asap. This time, there can. David Carlucci, a member of the Independent Democratic. Conference that's at times snuggled up to Senate GOP leadership.

Carlucci pledged clear support, but also warned that it won't be easy:. Department, the Board of Regents and the Governor. December 14, " A. A Forex breakout trading strategy 18v on the East Ramapo. Monday to the Board of Regents, detailing how the district. The Board of Regents. The panel offered an hourlong presentation on the troubles at the.

Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia said she would expect the. For a copy of the payoff structures of call and put option positions for volleyball recommended. Prosecutor Preet Bharara now 8 for 8 in the Corridor of Corruption. Preet Bharara took less than two weeks. Senate Majority Leader Dean. Skelos was found guilty last. Assistant Building Inspector Jackenton Lavalasse. Shem D'nitra, said Rockland County Executive Ed Day. Before the CO was. Brower retired in September.

Thomas Cokeley ranked seventh. Rockland County Executive Ed Day. Epoch Times December 2, Rabbi Joel Loeb, named after. The committee members say they are pained by the antagonism of their. He estimates at least December 2, " The. Ramapo's Subterranean Budget Approval Process. The Ramapo budget was approved and the Tax Cap will be exceeded. Obvious efforts were made to keep the process as far from public view as.

Office failed to honor Freedom of Information Act requests for copies of. The meeting time had been changed. But it didn't really matter because without. Demeza Delhomme pledged to vote against all building permit applications. Asked whether he would vote. Delhomme later said, "I swear to God. Any Jew that comes in. Delhomme refused to answer a reporter's questions about the roughly. November 22, " Filed. Assemblyman says Spring Valley's Delhomme interfered in. Zebrowski, D-New City, said the mayor's chief.

Noramie Jasmin's prison date postponed by surgery. November 20, " Former. Sepsis in Albany: As ex-leaders on trial, no ethics reforms planned at. Even as the two former. R-Nassau County, and his son, Adam — as the separate trial of. United Water in Rockland, Westchester now named Suez. November 17, " The.

Spring Valley Water to Hackensack Water and then United Water. Rockland after the state Public Service. Commission nixed its plans to build a desalination plant and ordered it. Potanovic of Stony Point, a frequent United Water critic. It was the first official act of Supervisor St. The meeting time had been changed, but it. Most certainly, the bad. November 11, " New. York received a D- in. New York, which is mired in the corruption.

The report, based on an assessment the group does nationwide, found that. New York ranked last in the U. Spring Valley: Mayor says inspection records now in order. November 5, " Facing. Mayor Demeza Delhomme said Wednesday that the village was getting its. York Division of Building Standards and Codes. They outlined four steps the village needed to take in that time span:.

Provide an up-to-date list of properties for. Documentation that the village. Feds: East Ramapo discrimination claims founded. Ed Department said district discriminated in out-of-district. November 3, " The. In a letter this week to the Spring Valley branch of the. NAACP, the department's Office for Civil Rights, or OCR. Yiddish-language classes were offered more frequently than Spanish- and. Thanks to all who worked on the campaign. Results from the Rockland Board of Elections.

Proposition to add additional Trustees. Tress, a Democratic candidate for the Ramapo. Town Board, has a federal mail-fraud conviction and, when questioned. Tress, currently a member of. He later clarified, "I'm not denying that I live in New. Jersey, but I am. He was sentenced in March to three years of. Lakewood, New Jersey-based remediation company, owns a home in Lakewood. Zoning Board of Appeals for years.

Why are Kiryas Joel Building and Real Estate Concerns. Politicians fund their election campaigns by soliciting donations. The money is cerita lucu novel raditya dika by PACs. Lawrence has two such PACs, one that the. Both PACs are managed by Nathan Oberman.

Lawrence have this second secretive bankroll. The answer lies in who. October 26, " The. Provident Bank Park ; and an. Lawrence shrugged off a question about the FBI probe into the town's. They wanted to review information. We're awaiting any results. NOTE: The reporter incorrectly. Romanowski as appearing on the Preserve Ramapo line. Spring Valley house fire reveals more illegal apartments. October 20, " A. In addition, there were no fire alarms in the house.

Building Standards and Codes issued an order on Oct. State warns Spring Valley to enforce building and fire codes - or else. The Division of Building Standards. The county also is collecting housing complaints and publicizing. Task force chairman John Kryger said Wednesday that the state. Spring Valley and, potentially, Ramapo. October 14, " Dozens. That warning was delivered. October 10, Community View in The.

Spring Valley NAACP president says East Ramapo board's lack of. Read Willie Trotman's complete editorial. York State laws and regulations requiring that all children receive an. In East Ramapo in particular, administration was acutely aware of. As I explained on the public. Ramapo chief Joel Klein resigns, effective Oct. October 8, " The. Comptroller Checks Ramapo Books and the Worst gets even Worse. Inthe New York State Comptroller declared that the Town of Ramapo. At that time, Ramapo had racked.

Lawrence turned the lights off in. Unfortunately, that had very. Mayor Ordered Yeshiva Approved Without Inspections. September 25, " The. Mayor Demeza Delhomme's order that Assistant Building Inspector. Jackenton Lavalasse issue a certificate of occupancy for Yeshiva Oholei. Shem D'nitra came under pressure. September 25, " Residents. Copies also have been. The school board president at that time was Nathan. Elected by the ultra-Orthodox bloc vote, he did not need to provide the.

Only after he was convicted and. The Voice of a Veteran. Nonagenarian David Lipman, a veteran both of. East Ramapo and World War Two, slowly made his way to the podium. Here are his prepared. Many East Ramapo Yeshivas Fail to Prepare. Students in Secular Studies September 20, The Journal News. Results--Sept 10, pm Summary Report. Georgine Hyde, Holocaust survivor, ex-E. Ramapo board president dies. August 31, " Georgine. Hyde, an Auschwitz concentration camp survivor who became an.

Educating children and adults became Hyde's passion after. She also served as president of. Board of Cooperative Services. The influence of public. I think I wanted to participate. Was There Election Fraud in Ramapo? Letter to the Editor of The Rockland Voice. The results were as follows: 1. The machine vote tallied. So it is obvious that the. The Strange Results of the Ward Vote Count. Officials from the Town of Ramapo and the Rockland Board. It came as no surprise to.

Spring Valley residents fed up with 'king'-sized turmoil. Residents in this diverse. Island Spice restaurant on North Main Street. That's all it is. In it, Delhomme asks the Board of Trustees for. He starts to argue with Trustee Vilair Fonvil, a frequent. Yeshiva owns building used for anti-E. East Ramapo school district as "racist," town police said Tuesday.

Adolph Schreiber Hebrew Academy of Rockland has had. Police are looking to charge the graffiti-writer with criminal mischief. School Board is racist and persecutes students History repeats. August 24, " After. Christopher Sampson said it could be only a few days. Elections to tally the final vote, including voting machine. A date for the count hasn't been set. July 29 at Town Hall.

Pro-ward activists have said they're ready to hold another referendum in. November if they lose. As Seidman noted, the deadline. August 19, " Mayor. Demeza Delhomme and Building Inspector Walter Booker are at odds. Booker recently returned to work after. Delhomme recounted, for the first time, how. The exact date of that raid. Both Delhomme and Booker maintain they were. Valley has been faulted by state and county officials for failing to.

Charles from the East Ramapo School Board. Then a video showing wife. Brendel hurling profanities at some of the good citizens of. And now, with a press release today. August 14, " East. Community members expressed hope that. He said he'll make unannounced visits to. Walcott pledged, to cheers. Read the full text of the coverage. Clarkstown seeks 6-month ban on residential development.

August 11, " Citing. Supervisor Alex Gromack and council members Shirley Lasker and. Stephanie Hausner, fellow Democrats, endorsed the building ban at a. They were expected to pass. A final vote is set for Sept. Departments time to review and overhaul zoning, possibly imposing. The town ofgrew by 1, people last year — the. Chancellor Merryl Tisch and Commissioner MaryEllen Elia to make. East Ramapo announcement Thursday. August 10, " State.

District and have invited the public to attend. Chancellor Merryl Tisch and Commissioner MaryEllen Elia are slated. Ex-Spring Valley mayor gets 4-year sentence August 7, District Court Judge Colleen McMahon told Jasmin. Attorney's Office and the FBI, according to. The recordings have been blocked from release since Feb. Attorney's Office'srequest to intervene to prevent. In a heavily redacted court document dated June 30. Attorney Preet Bharara asked Seibel for another three-month. The approved request extends the stay until October.

Ramapo board president responds to new lawsuit: update. August 5, " East. Ramapo school Board President Yehuda Weissmandl said that a new. The new civil complaint, filed Tuesday in state. The new lawsuit names current and past board members as well as. New York City-based Proskauer Rose — as tips for stock trading rooms. It calls on the. Ramapo: Ballot checks continue in ward vote count. August 4, " Officials.

September's contested ward system vote are valid. Since they started on July 29employees at Town Hall have gone. Why Juan Pablo Ramirez Warrants a Little More Public Scrutiny. When the news broke that the newly elected East Ramapo School Board. Juan Ramirez quit after just one meeting, the move caused quite a. Steve had to say about this very odd maneuver. Board Member Resigns after Just One Meeting.

July 29, " The. Town officials on Wednesday. Officials said the paper processing could take days. The vote, which took two years to get to referendum in the face of. July payoff structures of call and put option positions for volleyball, " The. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Bucaria determined the. Nancy Cutler: Keep eyes on Ramapo ward vote count. July 26, " On.

The count will be done publicly, in a room in Town Hall. Ramapo Town Clerk Christian Sampson. July 20, " Maybe. Whatever the reason, only three of And only one —. The June 9 letters that went out to officials from Ramapo. Clarkstown and Orangetown demanded that. District Court, Southern District of New York Manhattan — filed. If the case goes. Ramapo set to count ward system vote Wednesday July July 19, " The.

Ramapo Town Board members authorized Town Clerk Christian. Full text of the Journal News story. Sources: East Ramapo superintendent to lose post. East Ramapo school district will soon remove beleaguered. Superintendent Joel Klein from his post, almost a. In recent weeks, the school board has faced. The district, while not confirming that any action was imminent. Complete Journal News Coverage. Zebrowski pressures state on fire safety enforcement July 16, Kenneth Zebrowski, D-New City, also pressed the New York State.

He said 60 schools are. Rockland Health Department inspecting. The state agency investigated and visited both communities before. Zebrowski said he also wants the state. In his letter, he told. The department's review of aid applications from private. Zebrowski proposed legislation in Illegal shortcut on Ramapo-owned land remains in use. July 16, " People. Bushes were cleared and trees were taken. The Journal News first reported on the path in January. The case is pending in state Supreme.

Court in New City. The next court date is set for Sept. Eichenberger, another neighbor, echoed Cohen's sentiment. Journal News to ERCSD: Fire. Joel Klein and Stop Illegal Special Ed Placements. July 12, " Calls. Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch — must be heeded. Klein last year blamed older immigrant students coming to the. They want free lunch, breakfast. They know they cannot get a. Klein has said his words were. In a district where most. Politicians and the East Ramapo School District: Profiles in.

In John F. Kennedy won a Pulitzer Prize for writing Profiles. State Senators who did the right thing despite. In New York we. East Ramapo schools hire new law firm July 8, " The. East Ramapo school board is parting ways after six years with. Minerva and D'Agostino, the pricey. Long Island-based law firm that many say added to an already. New York City-based Harris Beach as its new legal representative.

Tuesday at a 7 p. Hudson Valley's representative on the state Board. Joel Klein and Yehuda Weissmandl, who was appointed for another term. The Journal News reported last year that. When the firm was hired in. D'Agostino has stood as a symbol of the. July 7, " A. Monsey-based energy company accused of ripping off people by falsely. The office found HIKO lured consumers with false promises of lower.

Ramapo and donated to the campaign funds of. Lawrence, Daniel Friedman, and Ilan Schoenberger. July 6, " The. The tax delinquency dates to. The Monsey-based builders appear to be trying to pay off. They entered into a two-year. Those parcels house the stables and land. The rent paid by the county to. Patrick Farm owners' current tax debt includes Rockland, town. Patrick Farm builders operate under the companies Scenic Development. LLC and Scenic Development SM LLC. East Ramapo board must do the right thing.

July 5, All of our state legislators were united in their. School District with powers to act in the interests of the public. They agreed that the district should get more money for. Money was set aside during the budget process for this very result. It was the opponents of the bill that "left money on the table. Expert: United Water system, and its books, leak badly July 1.

Water's Rockland County system has been leaking high amounts of water. Conservation and efficiency expert Amy. Vickers also said water demand in the county. Preliminary estimates showed about 4. The day after the New York bill. At the same time. Republicans who had refused to bring. Also Friday morning, the Wall Street. Journal reported that the Chancellor. Two days later, on Sunday morning, a large group. Standing on the side through all this.

No state monitor for East Ramapo schools. June 25, " The. The sides have been at odds over the monitor in. The Legislature won't return to the Capitol until. Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski, D-New City, also acknowledged that a deal. He put the blame on the Senate for not supporting the bill that passed. However, recognizing the Senate's opposition, we attempted. But at the end of the day, the Senate refused.

Zebrowski and Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, D-Suffern. Appeals court: Count the Ramapo ward system votes June 24, " A. Division panel overruled Supreme Court Judge Margaret Garvey's. September vote, Garvey ordered a new election based upon allegations of. Before the September referendum. Romanowski and Parietti had battled for nearly two years. Parietti and Romanowski challenged. They also objected to. Read the Appellate Division ruling:. Desmaret sentenced to three. June 18, " Former. Spring Valley Deputy Mayor.

Joseph Desmaret was sentenced Thursday to three years in. Desmaret showed little reaction as he was sentenced by U. Judge Kenneth Karas in U. District Court in White. Desmaret's boss, former Spring Valley Mayor. Noramie Jasmin, and New York City politicians were also involved in the. Jasmin was found guilty of corruption. She will be sentenced Aug.

Karas will not be sentencing her. Complete Journal News coverage. Ex-Spring Valley trustee Desmaret wanted to aid feds. June 17, " Former. But prosecutors and the. FBI determined Desmaret had nothing to. Desmaret, 57, a computer technician and accountant, faces a maximum of. East Ramapo bill passes state Assembly June 12. Assembly members Ellen Jaffee. East Ramapo school board loses special-education court case as legal. East Ramapo school district has lost another round in its fight against.

In a ruling late last week, a state appellate court in Albany upheld the. Department's determination that the district. Jewish leaders support E. Ramapo oversight bill June 7. Representatives from the American Jewish Committee. Rockland Clergy for Social Justice, Uri L'Tzedek and Reform Jewish Voice.

East Ramapo School Board Loses another Lawsuit—ADL Supports the State. June 7, " New. York's highest court has ruled against the East Ramapo board in. The school board was cited by the education. June 3, " NEW. YORK STATE has a proud tradition of local decision making in public. Merryl Tisch chancellor of the New York State Board.

An Immoral Use of Jewish Power in Upstate New York. I was shocked and disgusted. The public actions of this school board over the years. The Torah we share demands over and. The leadership of the school board to date has. This is not the way to. Illegal housing crackdown initiative stalls in legislative committee. Frustrated first-responders walk out after Soskin and Schoenberger delay.

May 22, " A. Ramapo school district is. The Nyack school board, Nyack Schools Superintendent James. Montesano and Nyack Mayor Jen Laird-White. Wednesday night to discuss sending its own letter to Gov. Executive Director Pam Frederick said that, so far, four of the eight. Central and South Orangetown. Committee, an international Jewish advocacy organization, called it "an. Association and a statewide education lobbying group.

The Alliance for Quality Education. But in Albany, the legislation has. School Board Election Results East Ramapo. East Ramapo Central SD: Yonah Rothman, Jacob Lefkowitz, Juan Pablo. Ramapo Central SD: Clarke Osborn, Theresa DiFalco, Teresa Monahan. New York City Bar Association Supports Appointing. Monitor for East Ramapo Schools. Rockland County to 'BBB' from 'BBB-' and gave the county a positive. Ramapo's debt rating gets 'negative outlook'. May 14, " Citing. The FBI raided Ramapo in May The materials confiscated from Town.

Hall are still being. Zoning, Planning and Housing Crises. Land use zoning laws have been an accepted part of our environmental. In New York City zoning began even earlier in It has also had a terrible impact. An open letter to State Senator John Flanagan from former DA Michael. Second Shoe Drops in Albany—Skelos also Charged by the Feds as. Dean Skelos, was arrested. Silver and Skelos indicted, that leaves the.

Governor perched atop an unstable, one-legged stool. Are people still looking at how the Governor shut down and shoved the. Moreland Commission on Public Corruption out. And when are the prosecutors going to schedule a second round. And can they make that a. Skelos surrenders on corruption charges. Weldon McWilliams IV and Rabbi Adam Baldachin.

EDT May 2, Rockland Payoff structures of call and put option positions for volleyball Department and other county agencies are launching a new. The Rockland Codes Initiative. Worst Landlord Watch List in an effort to. We cannot allow a. Ramapo Town Board approved paying the legal fees of municipal officials. Securities and Exchange Commission probe into the town's. The SEC probe began last year.

Office seized dozens of boxes of documents and computer. SEC subpoenas were issued. May to Ramapo, its Local Development Corporation, the town's. In Ramapo, when you don't have a. Complete Journal News story. Bare-knuckle Politics in East Ramapo. Hudson River will be honored at April 24 ceremony. Champion Award, the highest recognition presented to the public by the.

Members of the coalition will be. Prosecutors 6 for 6 in Corridor of Corruption. Moses Mark Stern had entrapped his client, and that there were no good. FIOS Newsbreakers Discussion of Religious. Tensions in Rockland April 20, Chris Day was interviewed on the. Topics covered in the discussion included. East Ramapo, overdevelopment, the inherent right to politically organize. The broadcast consisted of two parts and you can watch them. One 9 minutes and. Part Two 18 minutes. Noramie Jasmin trial verdict Monday.

April 17, " A. Mayor Noramie Jasmin after closing arguments were delivered Friday. Jasmin is accused of extortion and wire fraud. She was arrested two years ago. Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin was portrayed alternately as a. Jasmin was allegedly taken in by a. Jasmin is charged with wire fraud and extortion; her. By midday, McMahon was beginning to listen to audio tapes.

Global Markets Realty in a deal to build 11 shopping malls. Ex-Spring Valley mayor goes to trial Monday. Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin with taking bribes from an FBI. Judge Colleen McMahon in White Plains. A grand jury charged Jasmin with. Reality as part of a scam to build 11 shopping malls down South. Steven White and Irv Feiner among 7 Inducted into Rockland County.

Human Rights Hall of Fame. The honorees were Judith Johnson. Earl Miller, Dwaine Perry and Steven White. In addition, those honored posthumously were Harry Edelstein, Irving. Feiner and Bayard Rustin. April 6, "I remain deeply troubled by a video released last week. County to conditions faced by Jews the 's. Within minutes of the. New York Law Journal's coverage of the Nike Base lawsuit.

Zebrowski explains basics of East Ramapo bill. March 8, " Recently. David Carlucci, Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee and I formally. Since the bill's introduction, much of the Rockland community has. However, others have visited Albany. Feds: Ex-Spring Valley mayor Jasmin wanted to rig election. Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin did more than sell her political.

District Court in White Plains that Jasmin met with. FBI, and asked him if he could help eliminate dozens of absentee ballots. March 3, " Melissa. She is accusing town Supervisor Christopher. Lawrence of damaging her reputation during a recent radio show. According to the notice, written by Reimer's attorney, Fred Lichtmacher. Lawrence stated during his Feb. Lichtmacher said by falsely alleging that Reimer didn't report all the. The lawsuit is pending.

I got a great idea! And their long-term track record? Multi-million-dollar new debt layered over the existing debt. You would think the three would have. The metatrader seconds chart xle is dramatic — and it is needed. The legislation calls for a. The district could appeal. The stakes are high: The district.

Zebrowski and Ellen Jaffee announced. Read the full terms of the oversight in the. February 16, " Over. My executive team has been working. Patricia Ruppert and Fire. Because our plans involve certain New York. State health and building codes, I've personally engaged directly with. Elements of the plan include. Andrew Cuomo said Friday that he expects the state Legislature to pass.

Lawmakers are now working on a. State-appointed fiscal monitor Hank Greenberg's report to the. Ramapo is as broken as its buildings. A Journal News editorial February 7, " It. But the bond drew very few voters and was. Some public school advocates who distrust the Board of Education. As one reader commented on lohud. Resounding Vote of No Confidence in the East Ramapo School. Joel Klein and School Board President Yehuda Weissmandl.

East Ramapo Special Election. The unofficial voting results were no to yes. Update: The Ward Petition Vote. January 25, It has been four months since Judge Garvey. Ward System in Ramapo. The matter is now before a panel of judges. Also, you can read the. Actually, the only thing that kept us out of last place last year was. Well, this year an.

Thank you Buying put options spy 007 St. And Preet, before you start clearing out the State. Legislature, could you please finish the business you have here in. Neva Court to 9 Quince Lane. After being alerted by residents. Gieta Metal of 1 Neva Court, Charles Zuckerman of 9 Quince Lane. Town Attorney Michael Klein said, adding that when town officials. January 19, " Three. Court papers filed with the state Supreme.

Court's Appellate Division in Brooklyn on Friday spell out numerous. Local elected officials in New York can't be. Under the state Public Officers Lawhowever, citizens can petition the. A new petition from. Betty Carmand and Steve White says the school board secretly. Letter: Meyers, Day do their jobs January 10, For many years Rockland was. County Legislator Ilan Schoenberger. Joe Meyers was a thorn in their.

He was a strong independent voice. Mayor Demeza Delhomme said Sunday. Valley Board of Trustees to hire four more part-time fire inspectors. Ramapo and Spring Valley, a 2. The state codes bureau has inspected. The state has yet to take action after months of work. The fire started on. January 4, "A. Spring Valley yeshiva dormitory that was destroyed by a suspicious fire. The dorm at 2 East Funston Drive belongs to Yeshiva.

An earlier inspection had found mattresses in the attic, according to. Unfortunately, here in Ramapo. East Ramapo debt rating takes new hit. December 24, "Moody's Investors Service has downgraded the. East Ramapo school district's debt rating one notch. The district's overall outlook remains negative. A Baa2 rating indicates a mid-range "average. Analysts cited rising costs for special education. Ramapo in court again on special-ed placements. Ramapo officials are taking the state Education Department to court —.

The school board has. Education officials have cited the district for violating the law. That this practice by the majority. Orthodox school board has helped decimate the public. For the complete Journal News coverage click. Said to Hurt in a District Where Most Go to Yeshivas. East Ramapo school board. The school board fired back. Civil Rights and the East. County Legislator Wieder is. Read the complete post on.

Bruce Levine's Response to Aron. Wieder's Comments on Civil Rights in East Ramapo here. Robert Rhodes' Comments on the. Public Relations Officer in East Ramapo here. Education the door was closed—they were in Executive Session. In the letter, Weissmandl tap-danced. Back-Door School Vouchers: What Money and Block Voting Buy. What is Andrew Cuomo's top legislative priority now that he has been. Healing racial and ethnic divisions. Repairing crumbling bridges and roads.

Economic growth and jobs. All of the above. None of the above. Ramapo board may be on hook for legal fees. December 2, "Current. In a page decision issued. Friday, Commissioner John King upheld part of a petition. White and Betty Carmand. Ed Day blasts proposed Ramapo zone change. November 30, " Opponents. Clarkstown border have been joined by Rockland County Executive Ed Day.

But Ryan Karben, an. The acre site, called Pascack Ridge. Two of the site's property owners — Alex. Goldberger and Charles Collishaw — are seeking to change the. Rockland County Planning Department recently issued its findings. State sets training deadlines for East Ramapo leaders. State will require diversity, open meetings law training for school. November 26, " State. Education Commissioner John King on Wednesday directed.

Board members and the. The monitor, Hank Greenberg. East Ramapo legal costs 'absurd,' monitor says. November 25, " State fiscal monitor Hank Greenberg gave authoritative. East Ramapo sells Hillcrest for use as yeshiva again. November 25, " It's. Yakov by the district, where. Hasidic and Orthodox Jews who send their children to private schools. The school board's appraiser later. Attorney General's Office charged the appraiser as part of an ongoing. Avir Yakov to falsify his appraisal.

School officials haven't been charged with wrongdoing related to the. Allegations they were involved with the theft of public. Crafting East Ramapo 'watchdog' bill no easy feat. November 23, " Early. County's legislative delegation to craft a plan that New York's most. Or at least that they. All eyes are on state Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee.

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski and state Sen. The three met Instaforex mobile trading 4 you and plan to. Department officials to begin drafting a bill that would give life to. Greenberg suggested," Jaffee said. Racism in East Ramapo, New York: It's Time to March. Huffington Post " I. I am not talking about.

I am talking about institutional practices that appear to be condoned at. It will be hard to disagree. East Ramapo covered on Brian Lehrer East. Ramapo is covered again on the Brian Lehrer show. In the aftermath of Hank Greenberg's report. Chancellor Tish from the. NYS Board of Regents. East Ramapo School Board Is Criticized by New York State Monitor.

East Ramapo School District. Instead, he proposed that the Legislature pass. State Calls for East Ramapo Watchdog. Schools need long-term entitiy with veto power over board decisions. Hank Greenberg, would be the most dramatic intervention in a school. He said the new. But he also stressed unity and called on community leaders. East Ramapo Fiscal Monitor's Report. The company filed its request to charge more to deliver. Under the plan, which would take effect Nov. The figure is for a. Ratepayers would see their monthly gas bills increase by about November 14, " The.

Rockland County, halting United. Water New York's plan to build a controversial Hudson River water. The state Public Service Commission also blocked. It was the latest blow for the company, which is under. Michael Pointing, the public face of the project, was fired along with. The PSC ruled Thursday that there was. The PSC also denied the. Frank Sparaco charged with falsifying GOP petitions. County Legislator Frank Sparaco was arrested and charged Monday.

He faces up to seven years in prison if convicted. He was also charged with two misdemeanor counts. Full coverage on The Journal News website. Suffern probes retired treasurer's accounting practices. Suffern probes retired treasurer while stripping him of medical. But the treasurer, Thomas Zordan, says Suffern is trying to.

The issue could be another setback for the village that has been trying. Un-neighborly: Clarkstown blasts Ramapo high-density zone. Clarkstown opposes Ramapo's proposed zoning change that would allow. The site, called Pascack Ridge. It's currently zoned medium-density residential allowing about three. Two of the site's property owners are seeking to change. Goldberger, vice president of Monsey Lumber, wants to build about Charles Collishaw, owner of N.

Road, is hoping to build 27 apartments on 3 acres, according to the. Ramapo town attorney's office. The site contains roughly 5 additional. Ramapo must appeal ward ruling by Dec. Appellate Division this week ordered Ramapo to file its appeal by Dec. In response to petitions filed by two Ramapo activists raising questions. Posted in The Rockland County Times. Lawrence, contains a stipend payment to a board member above and.

There will be a public hearing on. Brendel Logan, over and above the pay she receives for serving on the. This additional salary is provided to Logan for her services. Councilman Daniel Friedman asserts, Logan has never, in the two years. Housing Authority issues, nor has anyone at the Housing Authority ever. Lawrence has persisted in maintaining this.

Our Endorsements for the Election on Tuesday Nov. Unofficial Results from the Board of elections. Ernest Buonocore for Suffern Village Justice. Lon Hofstein for County Legislature. For New York State Assembly. Dan Castricone United Monroe in the 98th. Ken Zebrowski in the 96th. Zebrowski 19, Brennan 10, Ellen Jaffee or Robert Romanowski in the 97th.

Jaffee 15, Romanowski 11, S House of Representatives. Lowey 36, Day 33, DiNapoli D for New York State Comptroller. Dinapoli 40, Antonacci 26, John Cahill R for New York Attorney General. Schneiderman 38, Cahill 29, For Governor we strongly recommend a No vote for Cuomo. Cuomo 35, Astorino 31, Vote No on Questions 3 and 4.

All 4 Propositions were passed. Ramapo has 6 months to appeal ward vote decision. October 25, " Voters. In her recent decision. Garvey also ordered a new election. Ramapo Town Attorney Michael Klein said the town, which has filed notice. Developers' influence in Ramapo. Many Journal News subscribers have read about Ramapo Democratic Party.

Chairwoman Mona Montal's remarkable request for. Why would Supervisor Christopher St. Unfortunately, the answer is obvious. If you have the. Just take a drive through Monsey. Ramos of the United States District Court for the Southern District of. York ruled in favor of the borough in a federal Clean Water Act lawsuit. Stressed or 'scare tactic'? Examining Ramapo's financial audit.

State investigates United Water after VP's departure. United Water New York workers terminated. One such response, on file with. Government Files Suit Against Kiryas Joel Slaughterhouse. This legal agreement and fine will help protect the Ramapo. East Ramapo apology 'not enough,' Latino protesters say. He needs to resign," said. Kaser: Fire-damaged house awaits inspection. Fire officials say they found possibly a dozen illegally converted units. Bill Press, who also is the Kaser.

After the fire, a Monsey Internet site issued. Press said he believed that family was living in the. Rockland Fire and Range trader forex trading robot 82 c097 Services Coordinator Gordon Payoff structures of call and put option positions for volleyball. Monitor Hank Greenberg Questions East Ramapo Compliance on immigrant.

The glimpse into Greenberg's behind-the-scenes work in East Ramapo was. Chuck Szuberla in a rare email response to community activist Bob. Kurkela, in which he copied members of the media Sunday. New City, wrote to state Education Commissioner John King Sunday. King last week ordered an investigation into the. Ocotober 18, " After. In a letter addressed to district parents, mailed Friday. The statement comes days before. Klein wrote that he was to blame for not "choosing my words more.

Suffern Mayor Trish Abato. Orange Avenue Associates is one. Goldstein, who is known for his ties with Gov. Sirota, Cuomo's campaign treasurer, is a partner on the project. East Ramapo: Klein's dropout remarks prompt new protests. It's the message being sent from. Tuesday's board meeting was lobbyist Patricia Lynch's first public. Meanwhile, the New York Civil Liberties Union is talking to Latino.

Like many other modern political scandals. Both are related to the disastrous recent. The two principals in the story are highly compensated. Lawrence, who, currently is the subject of. Journal News Editorial-- Ramapo's. Town Board should stop its appeal of a state Supreme Court judge's. We would posit that the way Ramapo ran the Sept. Nothing short of a do-over for Ramapo's referendum vote — with the. Rockland Board of Elections in charge — will suffice.

Ramapo says judge prematurely voided referendum vote. Judge Garvey wrote Sampson's mistakes were "so egregious. Journal News coverage of the St. Lawrence's appeal of the Garvey. Judge Tosses All the Returns of. October 7, " State. Supreme Court Justice Margaret Garvey on Tuesday invalidated Ramapo's. In her page decision, Garvey cited the confusion. She didn't offer a.

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