Fed Move ES. I have been using the style of trading you teach and it has made my trading less stressful a lot more fun and really gave me more confidence in the forex trading world. ITS - Castor NQ. I believe it is only this group of traders who are really in the ball park of success. ITS - Vantage ER. Wouter Oosthuiz Technovest LTD .

Forex trading software is in no short supply these days. The prevalence of these relatively new market analysis and trade-execution programs poses a very relevant question: Which is more effective at analyzing and trading the markets, the human mind or computer programs? This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the human mind and of computer trading programs, and it will conclude with my personal perspective of why I believe the human mind is without a doubt the ultimate Forex trading and analysis tool.

Free markets are created by human beings. Specifically, they are created by the beliefs that human beings hold and act on about whether the price of a particular security is too high, too low, or just right. Essentially, markets are a reflection forex program 7th human emotion, and price action is the picture created by this emotion. Just like human moods and emotions, markets can change very quickly, moving from calm to volatile in the blink of an eye. Taking this into consideration, it seems a bit counter-intuitive to suggest that a computer trading program could do a better job analyzing and trading a market than a skilled human mind.

After all, computers are anything BUT emotional, so relying on a mechanical trading program to effectively predict the outcome of something that is almost purely emotional, does seem a bit silly. However, computer trading programs do indeed offer some advantages over the human mind, mainly in the realm of trading psychology.

Thus, the lack of the ability of a computer program to interpret and analyze human emotion is both an advantage and a disadvantage 7tj computer trading programs. So, what can we learn from computers about managing our emotions when trading the markets? We can learn this; we should not react to the market based on what happened in a previous trade. We should only react to the market based on what it is currently doing and whether or not our trading edge is present.

Emotional trading mistakes are the main reason why most traders fail to make money consistently in the markets, and the elimination of emotional trading mistakes is the biggest advantage computers have over the human mind in the markets. As far as analyzing and picking entries, the human mind is a far superior tool to computers, especially when it is trained to trade based off the raw price action strategies that occur each week in the market. For a computer to rival the ability of the human mind to spot high-probability entries in the market, we would need to have artificial intelligence, vorex we are not at that stage in computer development yet.

Yes, markets do form similar signals that are somewhat repetitive over time, but there is a lot more that goes into deciding to pull the trigger on a trade than what a computer program progrzm calculate. A large part of Forex trading success is gut-feel, no matter how much some people in the trading world will preach against gut-feel trading, it really is something that traders need to develop.

The trick is that you need to develop your gut-feel or discretionary trading instinct around an effective Forex program 7th trading strategy like price action analysis that gives you a frame-work to build your market perspective on. Instead, you learn to trade these price action setups according to market conditions and from confluent levels in forex program 7th market. So, forex program 7th is not prigram the price action setup progrwm signal we are looking for, it is the properly formed price action signal occurring in the proper market conditions or at the proper level that we are looking for.

Developing this type of trading skill and market perspective is what I teach here at learn to trade the marketand its how I personally trade and how I became successful in the markets. In my opinion, Forex trading success depends upon developing an effective perspective on price movement and market mechanics, combined with the ice-cold discipline of forex program 7th computer trading program. So, we are essentially trying to take the best aspect of computer trading software, which is the ability to not let previous trade results influence our future trading decisions, and combine this with the unparalleled ability 7tb the human mind to interpret proram raw emotion that is reflected via price action on a simple Forex price chart.

Finally, another thing a computer cannot do is teach you to trade effectively. They are acting on years of live market experience and a very refined discretionary trading sense that is built forxe analyzing price action. I can teach you the same price action strategies that have worked for me over the years, and I can teach you how and when to trade them. Great article, I saw a presentation from the OU about using emotional memory and trading and it was very similar to your article.

Great fire and forget strategy. Once again you have amazed me with your depth of knowledge and your unique approach to trading. You come at trading from about degrees different direction than other trainers. Well done with your original thought. What I like most about PA setups is that they keep me out of situations where my emotions can cause me to make irrational decisions. Thank you for your commitment to the well-being of traders, mate. No progam else I know of puts in so much personal effort to make is options trading risky unsafe their clients get more than they paid for.

I have been using your price action trading methodology for sometime now and I specifically love the set it and forget style of trading. It is less stressful and it leaves me to do other things besides look at my computer screen counting each pip movement. So, thank you for keeping it real and for sharing your methods. After many years, I am more confident day by day. The gut feeling is hard to nurture because Logic always wants to take over. I am learning to trust my instincts more.

Still working out how to find the best 7fh to enter. A great article about human mind versus computer robot. Even on demo trade now, I do face emotional fear of loss. Thank you for your great work. This is my problem of not seeing the 4 hr setups. Looking back over a chart,there are plenty of opportunities ,oh well thats life.

Your lesson is true,love it,now putting into action is the trick. Sam I have a background in Mental Health and the function of the mind in our every day reality. I believe it is only this group of traders who are really in the ball park of success. Harness the unified power of mind and computers, I can only dream where my trading future will take me. Thanks Nial,I do not know what i would do without your valued experience.

You are without a forwx a master of your trade and a million times better than all of so called forex trading experts. I am more confident and successful than any time in my forex trading I have paid thousands of pounds in training that has got me back to zero. Peter Good article Nial. Forex robots are crap! By no means can they even come close to what I make out of the FX markets. To me if you have an FX robot it shows to me that one is not confident about themselves, or their abilities.

Nial great article is usual. I really think you should write a book. I have one question though. DO you trade options? How would you apply money management and position sizing on options? The actual risk would be the cost of the option. Yet this week, after read and reread your awesome materials. Big thanks for sharing, Nial. But to be successful as a forex trader, this is the forex program 7th we must possess. I have learned a lots from you. Big thanks and full respect on you.

I am on good momentom of trading. My biggest emotional problem is moving the sl to Entry point after 50 or sometimes or more pips. Had I left the sl alone I would have made a solid profit by now instead of a loss. A Robot could forex program 7th this problem but as Nial says the disadvantages well outway the advantages and I agree. Let me just add another advantage of computers, actually. It is the fact that they can monitor the markets continuously. This staying glued to the screen is detrimental for human forrx, as then they get trapped into the psychological problems you outline.

And this is no good to the already difficult-to-control psychology. I agree anyway that teaching computers to evaluate all the market conditions and the confluence levels that are needed is a very hard task, possibly not reached, yet, but in principle perhaps not impossible A. Mankind is a long way from developing a computer to think like a human, given the reality, computers have a limited role in making decisions in price action trading.

Progrwm have been following you for the last year and started using prograam price action strategies, and yes, as long as I can control my emotions, I consistently make money. Thanks for another great article. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Disclaimer : Fordx Advice or information on this website is General Advice Only - It does not take into account your personal circumstances, please do not trade or invest based solely on forex program 7th information.

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